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2009 Easyriders Custom Motorcycle Show

Tuesday, January 13, 2009
The Easy Rider Captain America  or at least a replica.
Captain America rides again! Our Managing Editor, Bart Madson, saw this cool replica at last year's show.
Easyriders. Don't think Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda will be at this weekend's 2009 Easyriders V-Twin Bike Show in Sacramento, CA, but I wouldn't be surprised to see a replica of Captain America there. Seeing how this is the first custom motorcycle show of 2009 for me, I'm stoked. Didn't catch the IMS show in Long Beach, but that event caters to a different crowd anyways. I'm ready to see some serious one-off craftsmanship, see some old school designs with contemporary components, and to search for the up-and-comers who haven't been discovered yet. Bart Madson had a good time at the Portland Easyriders Show last year, and did a feature on both the Detroit Bros and Nash Motorcycle Company after meeting them in Portland.  

This year's show has Erick Ackley and Dave Sekman of Tempest Cycles, Jerry Burrow of Roadhawgs, Shannon
Wouldn t be an Easyriders show without some eye candy.
It is, after all, an Easyriders show, so we expect to see a little of this in additon to cool custom motorcycles.
Davidson of The Chopp Shop, John Dodson of Gangster Choppers and Bruce Mullins of Skunkworx on the list of featured builders. I also know that Jim Guiffra of AFT Customs, whose work we recently featured,  will be on hand with some of his custom metric motorycles and hopefully a few of the beauties from his other enterprise, Powersports Modeling Agency. It looks as if the energetic and entertaining Purrfect Angelz are scheduled to perform, which is always a crowd-pleaser, so I'm hoping it will be a good show.

It will be interesting to see how many custom builders attend and to see what the turnout is like. According to a blog post by Easyriders Events President, John Greene, the Pomona show last week was a big hit. There were 210 bikes on display, up from 90 last year, and attendance was up by 25%. As he put it, that's "A little good news for the industry." I hope the turnout for the show in Sac is the same if not better. Check in next week as we'll have video as well as plenty of killer photos to go along with our event coverage.
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RK -dissappointed customer June 23, 2010 05:00 AM
Bruce Mullins of Skunkworx does not know how to build a bike
He screwed me and he screwed my motorcycle up. I've had to take it to another mechanic to fix his mistakes. Do not have him work on your bike. It might look pretty, put that doesn't get you home!