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Steven Tyler Dreams On with Dirico Motorcycles

Wednesday, January 28, 2009
OK, I'll admit that I'm always incredulous when celebrities hop on the marketing band wagon. Usually they slap their name on a product with dollar signs in their eyes but don't really represent who that product caters to. How many A-listers out there think they're fashion or perfume designers? So generally I dismiss celebrity-endorsed products as the rubbish that they are.

But when I heard that Aerosmith's front man, Steven Tyler, was starting up his own small factory-custom production house, now you're talking my language. This is Steven freakin' Tyler, man, not just some poser. The man's been riding as long as he's been rockin.' A self-professed long-time fan of The Motor Company, it was during an outing on his Fat Boy that inspired Tyler to create a motorcycle the way he envisioned a motorcycle should be. So he hooked up with friend and reknowned mechanical engineer, Mark Dirico, and Stephen Talarico of AC Custom Motorcycles and began putting the pieces together. A couple of years worth of designing, engineering and testing later, the trio finally had a finished product ready to debut. In 2007, Red Wing Motorcycles introduced two motorcycles to the general public, a 'Pro Street' and a 'Retro' model. Tyler lends his artistic eye to the design and obviously spearheads the marketing angle while Dirico and Talarico take care of the production side.

But of course, when you hear the name Red Wing, what do you think of? The Detroit Red Wings or Red Wing Shoes, right? Well, seems like too many Red Wings spoil the broth, so Red Wing Motorcycles now operates under the name Dirico Motorcycles. And I just found out that Dirico Motorcycles will be at the upcoming 2009 Cincinnati V-Twin Expo. They will be attending the Metzeler Roundtable Discussion I am attending and I've signed on to talk with Stephen Talarico and check out their motorcycles after the event. Which is cool, because I've been curious to see them up close since I heard about Tyler launching Red Wing. Maybe we can hit them up for a test bike and review in the summer. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Of course I'll still be sporting my air of incredulity about the bikes until I actually ride one. Can't help it, it's just my nature. But I respect that Tyler's been riding motorcycles for over 40 years. And though we've never met, I feel like I know what the man is about. Maybe it stems from listening to  'Toys in the Attic' through the walls between my sister's room and mine as she played the LP over again and again on her record player. But it's cool that he not only talks the talk, he 'Walks this Way' and inspired a bunch of 'Sweet Emotion' in a puberty-stricken boy, so it's refreshing to see him continue to 'Dream On' with his latest project.
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