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What a Sight - Cruiser Guy on an Electric Bike

Thursday, February 25, 2010
Zero DS Electric Dual-Sport Motorcycle
Hopefully, this will be me next week. Though I've never ridden an electric motorcycle, I've been very curious to sample the new technology. Thanks to Zero Motorcycles, that curiousity will be sated next week as I get an opportunity to ride the Zero DS Electric Dual-Sport Motorcycle in Daytona.
I’m an old school motorcycle rider. As the Cruiser Editor of Motorcycle USA, I like my engines big and my pipes loud. I was riding before there were such things as noise and emission regulations, when everything was either chopped or bobbed and straight pipes ruled the highways.

But that’s not to say that I don’t embrace technology. On the contrary, I love new gadgets. So it has been with great interest that I’ve followed the recent rise in popularity of electric-powered motorcycles. Sure, it was easy enough to dismiss them as the exploits of Steve Jobs wannabes looking to gain coolness by breaking out from their uber tech-geek mold. But the damn things aren’t going away. Indeed, it seems to be just the opposite. Electric motorcycles even raced at the Isle of Man last year and have established their own racing series this year. To keep up with the times, you’ve either got to evolve or risk becoming a dinosaur.

So when an offer to ride Zero Motorcycles Electric Dual-Sport came my way, my emotions fluctuated between excitement and consternation. I mean, I’m a cruiser guy. I enjoy the sensation of a beast of a V-Twin vibrating beneath me. I love the sound of good pipes. What if my friends see me? Will my credibility be damaged?

Hell no! I look forward to riding an electric motorcycle. To me, two wheels is two wheels. Street, dirt, sand, I don’t care, I like to ride just about any bike on just about any surface (except ice!). So now I’m really looking forward to Bike Week where Zero Motorcycles will be unveiling all four of its 2010 models. The Zero Motorcycles’ crew will be showcasing its bikes at the Cycle World IMS at the Ocean Center and will have a small course set-up outside for demo rides. I’m penciled in for a spin next Thursday. It should be a blast!

I hear they’re loaded with torque. My greatest fear is that I’ll loop Zero’s DS bike on my first ride. If that happens, at least Eric will be there running video so we can share my follies with the world. One last thing keeps going through my head, though. Do I have to make my own Vroom-Vroom sounds while riding?
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