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Nick Anglada Sourcing eBay to Sell Custom R6

Tuesday, April 13, 2010
Nick Anglada custom R6
Just got an informal education on eBay. There's a lot more for sale there than odd trinkets and old collectibles. Master builder Nick Anglada is offering up this beautiful custom 2009 R6 on the online and shopping website.
My wife sells stuff on eBay. She takes it seriously. I’ve watched how she meticulously arranges and photographs what she’s selling, seen how she anxiously tracks her listings, then studiously packages and ships items out once they are sold. It’s been a great way to supplement our income, but up to this point it I never had any interest in it. I mean, c’mon, I’m a biker. What could they have on eBay that would interest me?

Boy, was I wrong. Found out that world class custom bike builder Nick Anglada is selling one of his originals on eBay. It’s a 2009 Yamaha YZF-R6 he built with 40 of the only 46 miles on its odometer put on by AMA road racer Eric Bostrom. It’s a beaut, an original one-off that some lucky person will soon place the winning bid for. Whatever it goes for, it’s going to be a steal. I know that Anglada’s bikes in the past have gone for six figures. Nick is a true talent in our industry who uses sportbikes as a canvas to display his talents. I’ve admired his work since I had the opportunity to interview him while he was customizing wicked street machines for Custom Sportbike Concepts. To better understand what the man’s all about, here’s a quip about his philosophy towards building custom motorcycles.

“My customizing viewpoint is simple. Customizing is a work of art, but ultimately it must be built in harmony with the customers' revelation. I like Picasso. Picasso is viewed as a great artist. But not everyone wants a Picasso hanging on their wall. When you tell people you build bikes, they instantly envision some big sweaty mean guy covered in tattoos and coveralls. I despise that vision. I am first and foremost an artist; my canvas just happens to be a large fast machine.”

At first I thought, “Damn, Nick must be hurting if he’s selling his work on eBay.” I figured it was just another sign of the times. But that’s not the case. He’s busy working on bikes for the 2011 show season already and there’s no shortage of requests for his work. It’s just a case of out-with-the-old, in-with-the new. He needs the space and the bike is expendable so he’s putting it on the eBay blocks. Here’s a little more info gleaned from the eBay write up for anyone that might be interested.

Every year Yamaha puts on the Boz Bros Custom Bike Shows at the US MotoGP rounds. This is a competition between custom builders to show their talents. In 2008, Nick Anglada won the Pro Builder division and was presented a stock 2009 Yamaha R6. The only catch was that he had four weeks in which to build the bike to unveil at the Long Beach International Motorcycle show.

The custom R6 has been on the cover of 2 Wheel Tuner Magazine (March of 2009) and has also been featured in Streetfighter Magazine out of the UK. According to Anglada, this bike is in immaculate condition with the exception of one scratch that was put on the very tip of the tail section during transport between the shows. The bike has 46.4 miles on the odometer!! Of these miles at least 40 were put on the bike by Eric Bostrom himself during a photoshoot for 2 Wheel Tuner Magazine. Here is what Eric Bostrom said about the motorcycle:

“The bike is beautiful and really my style. It’s classic looking, captures the nostalgia in the paint and keeps the performance, I love it,” Bostrom said. 

2009 Yamaha R6 (partial list)
Built by Nick Anglada formerly of Custom Sportbike Concepts Inc
Paint by Gator Customs
Carrozzeria wheels 17x3.5 front 17x6.0 rear
Gregg’s Customs swingarm one-off boxed in
Gregg’s Customs turn signals
Gregg’s Customs mirror delete plates
Gregg’s Customs front sprocket cover
Gregg’s Customs license plate mount
Beringer hand controls and front brake master cylinders
Beringer Aeronal cast iron front brake rotors
Beringer Aeronal radial mount front brake calipers
Yamaha GYT-R Harris rearsets
Yamaha GYT-R oil cap
Yamaha GYT-R air filter
Yamaha GYT-R passenger seat cowling
Yamaha GYT-R frame sliders
Yamaha GYT-R dark smoked windscreen
Leo Vince custom GP Pro full stainless exhaust system
Racetech re-valved front and rear suspension with springs set up for 190 lbs rider with gear
Graves Motorsports clip-on handle bars
Graves Motorsports rear master cylinder return spring
Graves Motorsports billet stator cover
Graves Motorsports billet ignition cover
Galfer steel braided superbike brake lines
Clear Alternatives blue tinted integrated tail light
GPR VR-4 steering stabilizer
Dunlop front and rear racing slicks
R.I.S Designs billet brake fluid reservoirs
Seat by Kustom Seats Kreations
Harris gas cap
Bazzaz Performance ZF-I Traction Control
Bazzaz Performance ZAF-M kit
Bazzaz Performance quick shift
Listed Price - $17,999
This bike is for sale locally and I reserve the right to cancel the auction at anytime unless reserve is met. Anglada is based out of Winter Garden, Florida.Should anyone have any questions please feel free to ask.

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R -Lord Of The Flies May 17, 2010 03:24 AM
Your comment,
'I mean, c’mon, I’m a biker. What could they have on eBay that would interest me?'
Are you serious?
Only about a million bikes and parts for bikes for sale worldwide, that's all.