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Dennis Goodson and David Uhl's Knucklehead

Thursday, April 29, 2010
Got a message from Zack and Scott, the indy filmmakers behind One World Studios and producers of cool documentaries like Choppertown The Sinners and The Harbortown Bobber, about a clip they posted on YouTube featuring the Knucklehead Dennis Goodson built for artist David Uhl. Goodson is best known for his air cleaners, but in the video his full talent as a custom bike builder is on display.

The bobber Goodson built is a wonderful period piece. He used as many salvaged vintage parts on the Uhl Axe as he could, like taillights from a 1937 passenger car, an old syringe circa the ‘30s that he converted into a license plate light, and a brass switch from WW II that turns on the running lights . He even cut down the tanks and inlayed them with art deco graphics that were just gaining popularity around that time.

Goodson has been building bikes since most of us were still running around with runny noses and having mommy wipe our butts. Zack and Scott got to hang out with Dennis and Irish Rich when they were in Denver filming a segment of The Harbortown Bobber. It’s one cool ride, a bike I’m sure that an artist like Uhl can appreciate the craftsmanship that went into it. Like Knuckleheads? Then check it out.

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milwaukee mike -goodison April 29, 2010 07:46 PM
That guy is an artist. One of my next project bikes will have one of his air cleaners,...for sure.