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Bikinis, Bobbers, and AFT Customs' Kemosabe

Friday, April 30, 2010
Tired of the same old bike builder show rigmarole? Me too. But if you’re a hot-blooded guy who never tires of killer customs and hot babes in bikinis, then I might just have the show for you.

Jim Guiffra of AFT Customs and the girls of the AFT Customs Modeling Agency have been busy lately working on their latest creation, Kemosabe. While they’ve been working, the process has been being filmed for an upcoming TV show. But instead of the same old stale approach, the girls have injected the pilot with a bit of their undeniable sexiness. Nothing wrong with a little sex appeal, right?

Jim just sent me a clip of the show to check out. The production is high quality, shot professionally at colorful, well-scouted NorCal locations. Jim is cool and confident in front of the camera as he talks a little bit about the bike, Kemosabe, a bad-ass bobber based on a Honda VT750 and about the girls’ role in building the bike. Beyond their obvious physical assets, the girls work in the shop with Jim learning the trade. He introduced them on to wrenching and welding and recently they’ve upped their game when an instructor from Miller Welding came over to help the girls refine their TIG welding skills. The girls use their bike-building knowledge to represent companies at industry shows, proving that you can have both brains and beauty.
The trailer for Kemosabe is light-hearted and funny. And the girls, let’s just say they wear their bikinis well. They’re funny and flirty in the clip, so if you're into babes and bobbers, be sure to check the YouTube video by CLICKING HERE. They’re also featured in our downloadable calendar, so grab you a wallpaper for your computer why you’re at it like the one's below that features Sara with another one of Jim’s award-winning builds called Er Hed.

AFT Customs Sara with Er Hed
                If you like what you see, then you'll definitely like AFT Customs' trailer for a new show it's marketing.

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