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SolidWorksModel: How-To Design a 3D Chopper

Tuesday, July 6, 2010
SolidWorksModel chopper
SolidWorksModel is a tutorial program that will show you how to design a 3D chopper step-by-step, in small, easy-to-understand blocks. SolidWorksModel chopper designing program
There’s more than one way to design a motorcycle. Some guys are old school and piece it together based on the parts they salvage from junkyards or swap meets. They might start with an old Paughco frame, find a rusted-out Peanut tank and maybe a taillight off a 1957 Chevy and go from there. Others at least draft out the initial concept on paper or the back of a bar napkin then hit the garage to start piecing their vision together. Then there’s the new school of thought who embrace the computer age and utilize computer-assisted drafting programs from start to finish. With CNC machines capable of cutting complex patterns based on the coordinates punched in, programs like SolidWorks 3D CAD Mechanical Design Software can be a valuable tool.

Especially if you’re using the SolidWorksModel tutorial package created by a young automotive designer from the Netherlands, Jan-Willem Zuyderduyn. The program he has created will run you through the process of designing your own chopper, from drafting up a rough model to assembling the parts to customizing it with paint and graphics. It will help you learn how to complete the 3D modeling process, including how to make photo-realistic renderings of your chopper.

The SolidWorks E-book package consists of a series of tutorials with a varying degree of difficulty. Each tutorial focuses on one part of the chopper, starting with the easy stuff and building up to putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. It promises not to overload users with information and opts for small, easy-to-understand steps. The first five will familiarize people with the program while undergoing the initial model preparations, followed by designing the fenders, kickstand and transmission belt. The next five tutorials run will help you design the oil tank, wheels, peddle (foot controls), and chain at a medium level of difficulty. The final series, said to be at an advanced level of difficulty, is where the chopper will start to come together as you choose an engine, chassis, fork, fuel tank and run through the assembly tutorial.

“The readers will learn how to model, assemble and render a complete Chopper using SolidWorks. It will help them to discover the most important features of SolidWorks in a creative and innovative way. All the exercises together will form a complete chopper. This practical way of working makes it challenging and fun for the participant and is one of the greatest strengths of SolidWorksModel,” said Zuyderduyn in e-mail correspondence.

The 15 E-Books, consisting of 350 pages, will be downloaded as zip files. After uncompressing the files, they can be viewed as either normal PDF or SolidWorks files. They can also be printed out if you prefer to have a hard-copy manual for the shop. Sells for 49 Euro or roughly $62 US.
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Tim B -Great deal! July 7, 2010 09:44 AM
$62 for all this guy's time and work is a steal. SolidWorks is a fun program to work with along with being such a powerful engineering tool.
Simon -Amazing Chopper! July 6, 2010 12:23 PM
The Chopper looks great! Amazing design and render work!