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Best Eats at Sturgis' Buffalo Chip - Porky's BBQ

Thursday, August 12, 2010
Hungry anyone  Theres no better place for a late-night munch than Porkys BBQ at the Buffalo Chip. This king-sized pork chop was melt-in-your mouth good.
Hungry anyone? There's no better place for a late-night munch than Porky's BBQ at the Buffalo Chip. This king-sized pork chop was melt-in-your mouth good.
Most bikers aren’t the vegetarian type. We ride hard, play hard and consider good BBQ an art form. So after a full day of riding motorcycles we don’t just want to belly up to the table for a bowl of mixed greens. We want hearty, stick-to-your-ribs type grub.

The other night we had just finished watching the ZZ Top show at the Legendary Buffalo Chip after doing the Sturgis Legends Ride that afternoon and had a hankering for some grub. The aroma of meats roasting caught our attention. We followed our noses to the first vendor to the right of the stage at the Chip, a joint called Porky’s BBQ - Hot off the Pit.

Eric, our videographer and I were staring at the assortment of meats behind the glass counters like kids looking into the windows of FAO Schwarz the day before Christmas. Porky’s has the biggest pork chops I’ve ever seen. It was a carnivores' paradise, blocks of brisket next to piles of pulled pork, slabs of ribs big enough to fill up Fred Flinstone, King Henry VIII-sized turkey legs and, oh, those pork chops.

The decision was difficult but we went with a 23-ounce pork chop and some shavings of the melt-in-your-mouth brisket, grabbed a roll of napkins and plopped down on picnic tables lined up with bottles of Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauces. We did our best Man vs Food impersonation as we cut the chop into chunks, stuffing it into our hungry mouths with our fingers. No need for utensils here. No need for the BBQ Sauce either, because the meat’s so damn tasty you’ll want to savor the hickory-smoked flavor.

I’ve wanted a Porky’s pork chop ever since last year when some guys from Rapid City we were partying with at the Buckcherry show threw a munch on turkey legs and pork chops. The fact that the locals love it is always an indication it’s going to be good. I wasn’t hungry then, but it looked so tantalizing it made me hungry. Now I know it tastes even better. So if you’re partying at the Chip, be sure to check out the eats at Porky’s. You’ll love every bite, but be sure to bring an appetite, ‘cuz it ain’t called Porky’s for nothing.
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