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TMZ/Jesse James Closes West Coast Choppers

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Jesse James gave MotoUSA a magazine cover exclusive for our latest issue.
TMZ reported that Jesse James is closing down his West Coast Choppers shop in Long Beach, California.

Empires rise, and empires fall. In the not so distant pass, the Maltese cross logo of West Coast Choppers could be found on the chest of seemingly every other person at biker rallies. WCC’s list of celebrity clients was long, as people like Shaq, Kid Rock, Keanu Reeves and wrestler Goldberg shelled out $100,000-plus for a Jesse James custom motorcycle. But those days of excess are gone. And, apparently, so is West Coast Choppers. TMZ, the celebrity news and gossip show, reported last night that Jesse James is closing down his Long Beach, California-based West Coast Choppers.

Jesse James first entered the public eye in 2000 when the Discovery Channel made him the subject of the documentary, Motorcycle Mania. This would lead to the Discovery Channel offering him the host position for the show, Monster Garage . His fame would continue to rise through other projects like History of the Chopper and Iraq Confidential with Jesse James. Concurrently, the West Coast Choppers shop continued to expand and develop, helping to rejuvenate a Long Beach neighborhood. He even opened a burger joint, Cisco Burger, an eco-friendly establishment featuring Angus burgers and organic veggies. With philanthropic efforts around the city, James became a fixture in the Long Beach scene.

James popularity reached its apex when he starred in SpikeTV’s Jesse James is a Dead Man. He had made the transition from garage builder to household name. But his fall from grace was even more meteoric than his rise. His highly publicized extramarital affair on wife and Hollywood darling Sandra Bullock was drug through the mire of tabloid headlines. Negative publicity replaced a positive perception.

Now James is reportedly closing the shop that helped him stake his claim to fame. But WCC motorcycle frames and parts are supposedly still going to be available through Daytec and Belt Drive LTD (BDL).

As for James, it’s said he has recently moved to Austin, Texas, and wants to focus on his business there, Austin Speed Shop. As far as the fate of his popular eatery, Cisco Burger,  TMZ reported today that it is “kicking ass” and that he wants to open one in Austin and is contemplating franchising it nationally.

Attempts to contact West Coast Choppers have been futile. Phone calls and e-mails to WCC have both gone unanswered.

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b6677 November 21, 2011 07:32 PM
OCC is a great company they have made bikes for the some of the best companys in america for ten years you cant do that without talent. They build great bikes that have amazed clients for years and in this economy if these companys could of got their bikes cheaper for the same quality they would have it just proves that OCC makes some of the best bikes in the world. Jesse James however is a peice of shit low life straight out the trailer. I mean wtf converse dickes and greasy slike back hair im not sure if he just likes looking like an idiot or if he wants to be a vato but really he gives both them a bad name. he is a cheater, lier, and a pussy i mean jesse james is a dead man was the worst show i have ever seen he sucked at everything he did what a fool. its funny how OCC'S show has lasted ten years and jesse douchebags show lasted one. In the end jesse is all talk he gives bikers and americans a bad name it sucks people like him live in this country without him and people like him this country would be way better off.
medowlodge -motorcycles? November 7, 2010 03:36 AM
Teutuls, James,you wear that logo trash I feel bad for you,Sr is a cantankerous old dude,James is a self centered tattooed guy that cheats on his wife!People actually support that?
OttO -IMAO October 26, 2010 08:18 PM
In my arrogant opinion JJ is a phenomenon boosted by Discovery Channel, in the same category as Teutul's OCC.. that's ok with me. I just wonder what kinda herd souls some people are by buying a bike which has a lot of air in its price just due to the owner of the brand is so famous. Ev'ryone can't or haven't time, space etc. to build up a custom bike but who da fuck likes for instance Teutul Sr's old school crap... Well, somebodies like the style (old school) but.. never mind, anyway I'd keen to see a film document deals with this steroid charged walrus riding from Orange County,NY to Sturgis,SD and back on his ol' skoolar. For me the function is important concerning bikes. As well as shoes and shoe laces, if the laces have been made of a motorcycle chain it's pretty tricky to open them by using scissors or a knife. So I wanted to say that the wheel has been invented already, the originality is just a word and it shouldn't mean that a bike ought to be uncomfortable and poor to handle. I saw a picture somewhere and 'twas a joke. On that pic were two Maltese Crosses (probably Jesse James' air filter covers) and one of them said something like this: "I don't even know where da fuck Malta is." Right, that's all and sorry for those grammal and spelling things, English ain't my first language and the second either. Ride on, OttO
BaggerChris -Jesse James October 22, 2010 08:08 AM
I dislike this critter for what he did to Sandra, but I remember years ago him saying that he was tired of West Coast Choppers and wanted out and was going back to doing what he does the way HE wants to in a small way. I am not surprised by this at all. After all, he has moved almost all of his operation to Texas anyway. They say that "water seeks it's own level" and in this whole sordid thing with Sandra, he has proven that his "level" is low indeed, and after all, he is just a small time punk with no integrity or values.
W1LLPOW3R -yay! October 21, 2010 11:03 AM
...wish the whole poseur Cruiser Crowd goes the way of the Dinosaur!