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All I Want for Christmas - 2012 C3 X132 Hellcat

Thursday, December 23, 2010
2012 Confederate Hellcat
I could see myself riding one of these. Of course, I'd have to take out a loan on my house and sell a couple of internal organs, but hey, it's Christmas. Damn the consequences, I just want one. HoHoHo!
There’s something about Confederate Motorcycles that speaks to me. Maybe it’s because I know it’s a lusty piece of exotica that’s beyond my means. More so it’s the hardcore industrial design. The bikes are so raw and elemental. In the words of Indian Larry, I appreciate the “mechanicalness” of them.

So here’s my Christmas wish for that jolly old guy with the ZZ Top beard and the fly red suit. All I want for Christmas is a 2012 Confederate C3 X132 Hellcat with its screamin’ pushrod-operated, 132 cubic-inch Copperhead beast of an engine suspended in a bullet-proof powertrain casing machined from a 400 pound block of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum trimmed down into an indestructible 37 pound core case. Form a backbone and downtube from 120 Wall Hard Steel . Throw on some high performance pinchers, a dual Brembo package to put the stop on the slick carbon fiber wheels. Add some clip-on bars and mid-set foot controls so I’m in the crouching tiger riding position and add a seat that looks like it will give me ‘roids - I don’t care. I don’t care if I can only go around the block before I burn up all the gas. I just want one. Matt Chambers, you listening?

We all got our wish list, right? Happy Holidays to all.
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spewy98 November 29, 2011 12:02 PM
I just bought a Confederate Hellcat,the G2 model from 2004, a limited edition with a 125 CI Patrick Racing motor putting out more power and torque than the X132. In my opinion the G2 looks much better than this new one. This was my Christmas present to myself, got it with 900 miles on it and less than half price from what it was new. I fell in love with these things back in 2004, took a few years, but I finally got one. Bike #8 in my stable, and growing.
Mitch -Confederate Christmas December 24, 2010 08:27 AM
I hear ya on the Confederate bikes. There is just something about their minimalist industrial design that makes your eyes wonder whether they are witnessing something from the past of the future. I hadn't seen the new Hellcat till now though. It looks like it would be just as at home at a post modern museum gallery as it would bike night. I would put it on my list for Santa as well although I doubt I could ever be THAT good! =) If Saint Nick doesn't pull through maybe Mr.Chambers will grant you a test ride. I think the readers would be interested to hear about it. Happy Holidays.