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Dr. Frazier Going Native Ride Photo Gallery

Dr. Frazier heads to Thailand for another ride on the 1148, though this time around it's unlike any other he's experienced. See photos in the Dr. Frazier Going Native Ride photo gallery and read the full account in the Dr. Frazier Going Native Ride report.

My choice for a “going native” adventure motorcycle was a seven year-old Kawasaki Kaze ZX130. The 130cc single cylinder pumped out a claimed 9.79 HP@7500 rpm.
A wind cutter, the Kaze 130cc Kawasaki before outfitting with wind pushing saddle bags.
Waterproof saddle bags from Aerostich (www.aerostich.com) easily attached to the rear of the ZX130.
An Airhawk seat from The Motorcycle Superstore (www.motorcycle-superstore.com) made the hard and narrow stock ZX130 seat comfortable for 6-8 hours of riding every day.
Left is pictured a spare liter of petrol, middle is a half liter of engine oil and right is a can of chain lube, all three of which were stored under the seat of the ZX130.
A self-made tool and spare parts kit, stored under the seat of the ZX130. Another spare not showing was an inner tube.
Best and latest paper maps designed “by motorbikers for motorbikers” for our area of adventure: the Nan Road and Off-Road map and North Thailand Road & Off-Road Map distributed by The Rider’s Corner (www.riderscorner.net) in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Ready for adventure, the loaded Kawasaki ZX130 and adventure seeking pilot at departure.
Adventure riding buddy Jeffrey McCollum and his 125cc 2012 Honda Wave F1. Both he and I are over 6 feet tall and weigh in or around 200 lbs. Big boys on little toys or gorillas on footballs?
Early morning at the beginning of the famed road 1148.
Road 1148 winds up and over the mountains in the background.
Nicely cambered and banked curves made the 1148 one of the top motorcycling roads in Asia, described by one enthusiast as “tire sliding knee dragging fun.”
For the adventure rider who likes twisties the 1148 offers memorable jungle adventure riding.
The Kawasaki ZX130’s brakes easily handled the high speed downhill curves of the 1148. The motorcycle driver in the photograph had not overshot the curve, as driving in Thailand was on the left side of the road.
The Kawasaki ZX130 was as adequate as any enduro or dual-sport motorcycle off the pavement doing jungle tracks or trails.
On the highway 50-60 mph was about top speed for the 125-130cc motorcycles. The shoulders of the roads in Thailand were motorcycle friendly, meaning police did not write tickets for motorcycles driven on the shoulder.
A village gas station was gasoline hand pumped out of 50-gallon drums, octane level unknown, but at least 91 octane.
I ran out of gas 2 miles short of a gas station and had to use my spare liter stored under the seat.
Been there, rode that road, got the T-shirt, here being a souvenir T-shirt from the www.GT-Rider.net website.
“I rode the 1148 NAN Thailand T-shirt.”
Pictured is global adventure rider Franki Yang from Hong Kong as he tried a Vespa as a possible adventure motorcycle.