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O.N.E. Reaper Hoodie Leather Jacket Review

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
O.N.E. Reaper Hoodie
The O.N.E. Reaper Hoodie is made of some of the supplest leather around, is stitched together solidly, and lets its design instead of an over abundance of styling speak for itself.
O.N.E. Reaper Hoodie Leather Jacket
There’s a few things I really admire about the way Outlaw Network Enterprises (O.N.E.) goes about business. They make things to order, requesting chest measurements before handcrafting their motorcycle vests and jackets. O.N.E. only uses materials of high quality, from leathers to threads, and is so confident in their product, they back it up with a limited lifetime guarantee. They also have a knack for creating sharp-looking products. Case in point, their latest motorcycle jacket we’ve been testing, the Reaper Hoodie.

The O.N.E. Reaper Hoodie is made of some of the most supple leather around. The naked cowhide is ultra-smooth to the touch. Because of this, it’s ready to wear right out of the box. It bears no badging, opting to let the styling speak for itself. A durable YKK zipper in antique brass runs up the front while black snaps cinch up the cuffs. There’s no venting except for small eyelets under the armpits, but the jacket isn’t overly thick so excessive heat hasn’t been a complaint. Contrarily, it’s a solid summer jacket but not the best for cold weather because we’ve had to layer up on chilly morning rides if the thermometer drops below about the 50-degree mark.

Storage comes in the form of two front hand pockets that are exactly that, hand-sized. A small chest pocket on the upper left of the jacket is just big enough to slide in a cell phone. Two pockets are sewn inside the jacket, both lined with leather. The one on the right side is oriented straight up and down and is about the size of a biker wallet, while the one inside the left is slit vertically, has a snap, and is called a “gun pocket” because it’s designed for quick, easy access and is about 9mm size.

As far as protection goes, O.N.E. leaves it up to the leather. There’s no armor or options to add CE-style armor padding. This might dissuade some from purchasing the jacket.

But the styling might persuade others to buy O.N.E. It’s a handsome jacket, jet black leather with double-stitched front pockets, thick cuffs, a soft nylon liner and slick drawstring hoodie. It’s a hit with my wife, versatile enough to wear on an evening out or to Sturgis. Living in an area where we see more than our share of rain, the hoodie serves a purpose beyond styling. I’ve never noticed it flapping in the wind while riding, either.

After wearing the O.N.E. Reaper Hoodie for the last three-and-a-half months, its stitching is still holding up strong. I’ve gotten plenty of compliments on the jacket and inquiries about where people can get one because not many people make leather hoodies. It’s a great summertime jacket made of some of the smoothest leather out there. It fits like it’s tailored to my body because it is. We wish the Reaper came with the option of being able to slide in some CE-armor, but there’s not a better looking jacket in our closet full of gear. Made to order, guaranteed, and solidly stitched together here in America, the O.N.E. Hoodie is one of my favorites for blasting around town.

The O.N.E. Reaper Hoodie is available from Outlaw Network Enterprises - MSRP $390
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sololobo   July 2, 2013 04:16 PM
Good price for a custom made Jacket. I would of loved to see a couple good photo's of the actual jacket. This looks a lot more like an add for the Star Bolt.
Piglet2010   June 28, 2013 06:49 PM
Not really my style, but if I was buying one I would send in measurements taken while wearing one of these: http://www.motorcycle-superstore.com/14/67/909/10600/ITEM/Alpinestars-Bionic-2-Protection-Jacket.aspx