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2009 Tour Master Coaster II Jacket Review

Thursday, October 22, 2009
Tour Master has been manufacturing motorcycle apparel for almost three decades, so when it said that they were
Tour Master Coaster II Leather Jacket
The styling of Tour Master's Coaster II Leather Jacket is clean and subtle, the leather is thick and stitched together solidly, and it has ample rider protection.
sending the 2009 version of its Coaster II Leather Jacket my way, I had high expectations. With a name like Tour Master, I envisioned rugged gear that will last for years. The new leather smell filled my office for a week before it was time to head to L.A. to pick up the 2010 Harley-Davidson Dyna Wide Glide for a run across the Mojave Desert to cover Las Vegas BikeFest. The approximately 600-mile round trip would serve as a good initial testing ground for my new jacket.

The first thing I noticed when I picked up the Coaster II is its weight. It’s a heavy jacket made of thick, durable top-grain leather. After a few thousand miles of wear, riding through wind and rain storms, the stitching is solid and shows no sign of wear, which means that Tour Master’s 6-ply bonded nylon thread is doing its job.

An XL fits me snug in the arms, making it a stiff bend in the elbows. It’s so narrow at the end of the tapered sleeves that it’s easier for me to undo the zippers on the sleeves to get my hands through the small opening. Otherwise, it fits comfortably in the shoulders and chest, and the length is perfect, right at my waistline in front with a little overhang in the back.

Two small cinches at the waist with Velcro fasteners mean you can adjust it a tad for fit, but there’s no other adjustments. Though I read a few reviews suggesting that you order a size larger than normal, an XL is my standard jacket size and I like the snug fit of the Coaster II. On my way back from Las Vegas, there were 40 mph Santa Ana winds whipping across the desert. While I saw numerous riders whose loose jackets were pumped full of wind, the tight fit of the Coaster II came in handy and kept the wind at bay. I did wear gauntlet-style leather gloves to help keep air from shooting up my sleeve, but the jacket sleeves taper down to a thin opening and have a zipper and Velcro tab that don’t allow much wind up them even without gloves on.
2010 Dyna Wide Glide
It might say Tour Master, but the Coaster II Leather Jacket suited me just fine when I set out for a cruise on the H-D Dyna Wide Glide.
The amount of air the Coaster II circulates is impressive. Dual mesh-lined, 12-inch-long vents run vertically down the back and serve as exits. There’s one zippered vent on each arm to scoop in air, about five-inches in length. The two hand pockets are mesh-lined and offer more ventilation if opened, at the expense of no longer having the contents of your pockets zipped safely away.

It’s got a modest amount of storage. If you travel like me, then almost every pocket is stuffed with something. The Coaster II only has two outside pockets and one zippered pocket on the inside of the left side of the chest area, and none of them are very large.
Between the heavy duty leather and armor reinforcements, the Coaster II provides above average rider protection, especially for a jacket that sells for a little over two bills. It is reinforced in the shoulders, elbows, and back with CE-approved armor. Hard plastic bits protects your bony shoulders and elbows, while the back protection is thin and pliable.

The styling of the Coaster II is clean and simple. Molded Tour Master logos raise slightly on each arm, but otherwise the styling is classic and subtle. A white racing stripe with 3M reflective piping runs across the chest and back. White panels on the shoulder and arms make the jacket visible to others when it’s dark, according to my riding partners as we traveled up the Oregon Coast on a recent sport-touring journey. It was during this trip that saw the jacket hold up admirably against light rain and 45-degree cold, but when it really started coming down I opted for protective rain overgear.

Inside, it’s comforting to snuggle in to its 100% polyester liner that zips out easily for warm weather rides. Even without the jacket liner it has another soft, mesh layer. In the back it’s got a full circumference and an eight-inch zipper to connect to a pair of Tour Master riding pants.

One complaint that was mentioned enough times in the Motorcycle Superstore Customer Reviews that it bears repeating were with the zipper, which has a habit of coming undone in the middle. Then riders had to go through the hassle of finagling the zipper down, realigning it, and zipping it back up. Fortunately, I’ve had no problems with my Coaster II zipper, though.
Clean and classic styling in a thick, durable leather jacket with above average rider protection means that I was not disappointed with Tour Master’s Coaster II. Throw in the fact that it sells for only $215 and it gets my endorsement. Just be careful with size, because the zipper issue is probably because those riders who experienced zipper problems tried to repeatedly squeeze in a jacket that was too tight across the chest. Or gut, depending on physique. But that’s just speculation. My Coaster II zipper held up fine, and I’m looking forward to putting it on for my ride home today on the Honda Fury.

Buy it now at the Motorcycle Superstore!

Tour Master Coaster II Leather Jacket MSRP $215.99
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Gary Thornhill -Coaster Jacket  October 22, 2009 05:37 PM
A few months ago, after 45 years of riding, I was involved in my first major accident. While travelling at about 45 mph, I had a woman (on her cell phone) in a Ford Expedition pull out in front of me. I impacted her at the front wheel, was knocked unconscious, and was then ejected over the vehicle, sustaining some relatively minor injuries that healed over the next 3-4 months. What saved me that day was my gear and a little luck. I was wearing my full face helmet, armored gloves and pants, boots, and my Coaster I Jacket. I am convinced that the Jacket prevented major damage to my upper torso. The amazing thing is that the jacket had almost no damage. I had no broken bones or road rash anywhere on my body. Unfortunately, the EMI guys cut the jacket off me, which really upset me. What a great leather jacket, especially at the price. I also love the way it vents and I had no problems at all with the zippers or any other quality control issue. Fantastic jacket!