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O.N.E. Outlaw Motorcycle Vest Review

Thursday, December 9, 2010
O.N.E. Outlaw Leather Vest
Each of O.N.E.'s motorcycle vests are handcrafted based on buyer's input. They don't start working until you tell them exactly what you want. The Outlaw Vest is solidly constructed out of thick leather and has fresh, modern styling.O.N.E. Outlaw Leather Vest  backside.
Leather vests have a long-standing history with the cruiser set. They also serve as a palette for patch-wearing club members, from the Christian Motorcycle Association to the Hells Angels . Some bikers would rather die than defy the colors on their vests while others decorate them with patches from rallies they’ve ridden to over the years. The words Sturgis, Laconia, Laughlin, and Daytona Beach become badges of honor in the brotherhood of bikers on vests that have become hallowed gear.

I have a confession though. I’ve never been a vest guy. Most vests you find at motorcycle rallies are cheaply made, one-size-fits-all and won’t last more than one riding season. To me, the look was played out. So when Nick over at Outlaw Network Enterprises (O.N.E.) asked if I’d like one to review, I was incredulous to say the least.

The first thing that impressed me was that they didn’t start stitching my vest together until I told them specifically what I wanted. Each O.N.E. vest is handcrafted based on buyer’s input. You get to pick out whether you want it with or without a collar, pocket style, liner color, material, length and size. These things aren’t sitting on a dusty rack in a warehouse waiting to be shipped upon order. In these days of mass production, having the option to have a garment tailored to my personal tastes was refreshing. I went with the Outlaw style with no collar, two small chest pockets with a black liner in XL.

The O.N.E. Outlaw Motorcycle Vest is made from heavy duty leather. It’s cut slim in the waist and snug in the chest. Five buttons run up the front with brass snaps that fasten easily, even with gloves on. There is a thick, overlying flap on the buttons to keep air from penetrating the front. The top snap sits right at the base of my neck and if unbuttoned, it rubs right above my Adam’s apple at speed when sitting in an upright cruiser position but didn’t ride up as much if I buttoned it all the way. The Outlaw Vest is a touch longer in back and I never noticed it riding up. The thick cowhide fits me snug but comfortable and keeps the body core well-protected against wind and cold air.

O.N.E. Outlaw Motorcycle Vest
Pockets are minimal, by my own choosing. There are two small chest pockets with snaps that are about the size of a pack of smokes. Inside the vest on the right side is a vertical, hand-sized pocket lined in leather. On the left side is a larger leather-lined pocket with an easily accessible sideways opening that’s perfect for personal protection. I slipped my 9mm in there to test it out and it fit perfectly.

The guys at O.N.E. pride themselves on quality and it shows. Every detail of the Outlaw Vest, from the leather to the stitching down to the buttons is quality stuff. Everything’s handcrafted here in the good ol’ USA and every vest comes with a lifetime guarantee. Lifetime guarantee! Who the hell does that anymore? It costs more than your average vest, but it's worth it. The Outlaw I’ve been sporting is the same one the guys from the show Sons of Anarchy wear. But that’s not why I like it. The Outlaw Vest fits me like I stood in their shop while they broke out the tape measure and fitted me personally. The styling is fresh and filled with machismo. It’s just now getting broken in and the leather is supple and taking on more character. The guys at O.N.E. convinced me that wearing a vest can be cool. 

Outlaw Motorcycle Vest
MSRP - $330 
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FRIAR   September 6, 2011 01:03 AM
My O.N.E. Choice vest arrived yesterday, and it is outstanding! I am done with cheap vests, and this is what I have been looking for.
Don B. -Patch Holder  December 14, 2010 12:10 PM
A vest when used as a cut in a M.C. is important, there is no frilly b.s. and it is very straight forward. No crap patches no dilligaf no riding for whoever... nada... if your gonna do that go buy a 50 vest and patch it up with 400 sew ons... all the pins and metals, ect,

Espinoza's makes a nice vest also in the same vein.....

nothing like a nice vest though....

don't buy a harley, build your own bike and make it right...

scootrbum -trouble maker  December 14, 2010 11:00 AM
For that kind of money I would rather go find a jacket and have it altered into a vest with zip off sleeves. What a waste of money.
Ray -Not bad...  December 13, 2010 03:39 PM
I saw one of these vests the other day and I have to say their built really well. We'll see if these guys do anything else...
Mark -Harley bashing!  December 12, 2010 08:16 AM
Stop bashing Harleys or these guys will start riding real bikes. Always say that they are the best, coolest, rides around.
proud41american -Lions and Tigers and Outlaws, Oh My!  December 9, 2010 09:36 AM
Another cute piece of costume for your weekend banker/pirate. "Aaahhh, be afraid of me--I'm wearing my Outlaw vest!" Pathetic.