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2014 Suzuki GSX-R750 Street Comparison Photo Gallery

Can the Suzuki GSX-R750 beat the competition on the street? See photos in the 2014 Suzuki GSX-R750 Street Comparison photo gallery. Read the full review in the 2014 Heavyweight Supersport Road Shootout.

2014 Heavyweight Supersport Road Shootout Torque Chart.
2014 Heavyweight Supersport Road Shootout Horsepower Chart.
2014 Heavyweight Supersport Road Shootout.
The Suzuki offers the most stable and predictable handling. Though we wish it was a hair more responsive during turn-in.
The GSX-R750’s Inline Four was the least powerful in terms of peak power. However, it had the broadest powerband which made it easy to ride on the road.
Experienced riders won’t miss traction control and ABS. However it would be nice equipment especially for riders that are just getting into sportbike riding.
The Suzuki’s cockpit is the most comfortable and the most adept at all-day rides.
The Bazzaz quickshifter helped increase the GSX-R’s acceleration performance allowing it to capture the highest trap speed through the quarter-mile.
The Suzuki’s brakes worked well on the street but don’t feel quite as sharp as the Ducati’s or MV’s. They were effective in our stopping test however.
The Suzuki has a surprisingly amount of character and engine sound for a Japanese bike. It’s a fun ride but not as exciting as the MV or Ducati.
The Suzuki proved to be our overall favorite street bike due in part to how easy it is to ride and its high-level of comfort.