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Memorable Motorcycle: Velocette KSS Photo Gallery

The Velocette KSS was a technological marvel and pricy item in its time. See photos in the Memorable Motorcycle: Velocette KSS photo gallery and read Melling's review in the Memorable Motorcycle: Velocette KSS.

The Velocette KSS features rare, heavyweight Brampton girder forks...$4000 a set to you sir.
The Velocette KSS's single overhead cam engine was state of the art for 1937.
Velocette, always an evocative name.
The Velocette KSS with alloy cylinder head and dynamo electric lighting - the KSS was cutting-edge for 1937.
The KSS's magneto ignition is simple and reliable.
The Brooklands Can fishtail silencer was only barely legal, even in 1937.
1930s instrument panel - manual advance and retard friction steering damper and manual fuel richening.
The KSS weighed in at around 300lbs wet and so a genuine 80 mph was available to sporting Velocette riders.
Behind the neat engine is the gearbox and clutch – and this is a veritable minefield of joy and sorrow.
The frame construction follows that of the great majority of vintage bikes. Mainly straight tubes are joined together via cast iron lugs containing brass which “glues” the tubes in place.
There is no rear suspension but the rider is protected from bumps by a sprung saddle which bounces up and down in a very horse-like manner.
On the beautiful Lake District roads we used for the test, it was all too easy to half close my eyes and drift back to those halcyon days before the Second World War, as the KSS romped up to 50 mph and the road disappeared effortlessly beneath the Velo’s precise handling
If you are suitably wealthy and privileged – a nice KSS is going to cost you a solid $25,000
There is something strangely anthropomorphic about seeing the front forks bob up and down over the road surface.