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2014 BMW R nineT First Ride Photo Gallery

See photos of BMW's modern classic in action in the 2014 BMW R nineT First Ride photo gallery. Read the full review in the 2014 BMW R nineT First Ride.

Whether the gold anodizing on the front forks was a good choice became a much debated topic within our group of editors; I am on the side of thumbs up.
The 2014 BMW R nineT has a more muscular rumble from the twin Akrapovic-built mufflers than the tin-like tone of GS models.
Rowing through the gears is effortless with a light shift lever that never misses its mark.
The thing about the R nineT is that it is not high-powered or sharp-edged. It’s just fun and that is the most important part of riding a motorcycle.
Sitting on the flat two-piece seat, reach to the ground is easy and with your feet on the pegs the bend of your legs is comfortable and slightly sporty.
The wide aluminum bar is set back just enough to give you a slight lean forward.
Turning effort is light with the help of the straight and wide bars, and once in the corner the ride is stable.
Braking performance is decent but not as good as it could be. The four piston radial mount calipers have strong bite and excellent feel, but first you have to get through the first half of the front lever travel.
The only electronic aid on nineT is the BMW standard ABS, and it works well although the rear is a bit too intrusive for my tastes.
Every time I got off the motorcycle I stared at it and thought about what I would do to personalize it to my taste.
It’s a joy to get the nineT up to speed with low and midrange torque that it easy to use and satisfying.
Jamming out of corners is a blast grunting through the midrange all the way to the top-end rush that begins to taper off at around 8000 rpm.
There might not be as much adrenaline, but it is a more enjoyable experience than most any other bike out there right now.
After a day dreaming about a custom R nineT, Roland Sands put the John Player Specials 1970 F1 livery to paper for a look as what could be.