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2006 ATK 450 Enduro Photo Gallery

We took the 2006 ATK 450 Enduro out on our 2006 450 Enduro Shootout to see if it had what it takes to take the top spot. Check out how the ATK did in our 2006 450 Enduro Shootout.

As we found during our MX testing, the ATK is willing to jump if you have the sack to get 270 pounds up in the air.
Covered in dirt, the grey ATK blended in with the overcast surroundings until Chamberlain uncorked the ear-busting exhaust note.
On a trail like this, who doesn’t want to wheelie?
JC probably has the most seat time on the ATK out of all of our testers, and the more he rides it, the more he appreciates what the American bike has to offer.
Wheelying through this g-out caused several of our test bikes to bottom harshly, but the ATK handled the sharp impact with relative ease.
Massaging the hydraulic clutch to the top of this slimy hill gave our forearms a better appreciation for the cable-less system.
Hopping up vertical ledges was simple with the ATK’s predictable handling and relatively jump-friendly suspension.
The enduro kit is comprised of several components that can be purchased for any bike like the Acerbis DHH headlight assembly and Trail Tech Endurance computer.
ATK owners should be prepared to bust out the jumper cables at some point. While the battery held up well under normal conditions, leaving the lights on will leave you stranded.
Ken, an oddball himself, found plenty to like about the ATK.
Hecker leaves his mark in the soft Oregon soil.
Known for his one-wheeled abilities, Brian couldn’t help but show off for the camera. Hoisting the ATK’s considerable front end was no challenge for BC.
When you ride with hooligans like Darin Hecker, gratuitous wheelie shots are bound to happen, it’s all part of the mullet lifestyle.
The motor was more to our liking in the off-road world than it was on the motocross track.
How many times have you seen a roadside rock quarry that you only wished you could ride? The simple addition of a license plate was all it took to make the ATK a legal roadside quarry hunter.
JC wound up with the short straw when it came time for the front-facing impact test. As it turned out, his knowledge of the subject and real-world experience made him perfect for the job.
Watch out for that tr…
Combining aggressive knobbies and long stretches of pavement with the ATK’s engine vibes made for fast-numbing hands. Luckily, the whole point of dual sporting is to break up the pavement with dirt segments, which spelled playtime for the 450.