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Dr Frazier: Search for Limitless Horizons Photo Gallery

See photos from the 2014 Horizons Unlimited Campfire and Ride Meeting in the Dr Frazier: Search for Limitless Horizons photo gallery. Read all about he event in the Dr. Frazier: Search for Limitless Horizons feature.

Nearly 100 adventurers from throughout the United States registered to camp and ride the Rocky Mountain passes surrounding the Grant, Colorado private campground and event center.
The camping area was used for tire kicking, comparing adventure motorcycle models and accessories for overland travel.
From 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM the focus was on riding the roads, tracks and trails in the mountains surrounding Grant, Colorado. The campground was empty of all motorcycles and travelers during the day.
One tenting option was to unfold a tent from a trailer. To the astonishment of many sleeping on the ground and inside much smaller tents, inside the trailer tent was a king sized bed.
The Campout gave attendees an opportunity to try their camping gear. Rain two nights allowed for waterproof testing.
Ed Haywood demonstrated how he cooked and ate affordably while on the road through Canada and to Alaska’s Arctic Circle, saying “I’m not cheap, I’m budget conscious.”
Secrets were exposed in the campground, like who was carrying what in their panniers.
John Ogden’s daughter was distrustful of what her father had concocted for breakfast drinking, saying it “looked like coffee made from dirt.”
This BMW with extra large panniers had several attendees asking, “Is your kitchen sink inside there?”
The owner of the extra large panniers on a BMW joked that he could carry not only the kitchen sink in the panniers, but had room left over for his porcelain toilet.
This Kawasaki KLR owner had found in inexpensive option for carrying his travel gear, soft sided back packs.
The glacial-fed Geneva Creek flowed through the middle of the camping area allowing for the sound of a bubbling brook as campers slept at night, often drowning out the sounds of tired campers snoring.
There was no need for campers to pack large coolers as the temperature in Geneva Creek was just above freezing, perfect for chilling swill.
A well represented option to two-wheel adventure travel was several sidecar outfits.
Tested and ready for serious off-pavement adventure pursuits was this Ural sidecar outfit.
Options for carrying travel gear ranged from professionally designed aluminum panniers like those offered by Happy Trails (www.happy-trail.com) to owner designed top boxes.
This Moto Guzzi demonstrated that the owner was adventure ready.
Harley-Davidson riders showed they too sought limitless horizons amongst the myriad of dual-sport or packaged adventure motorcycle models in attendance.
Greg Johnson, with his 1945 Indian Chief, was attending the meeting to explore his options for travel to New Zealand and Russia.
Close examination of the adventure-prepped 1945 Indian Chief noted the unique water protector for the distributor cap, the spark producer underneath known to sputter and short when exposed to severe rain or deep water crossings.
Campground owner and bartender Al Gross (also known as “Stinky”) said little money was made dispensing swill to the HU Meeting attendees as they were riding during the day and snoozing soon after the sun went down at night.
HU VIP George Priester scored a golf cart for 24-hour use, a VIP perk at other rallies he had attended but had never been afforded. Priester also scored a 24-hour promise from event promoters to be his “stand-by” driver if needed.
Before the evening rain storms attendees were all smiles as they set-up their tents.
This unique KLR 650 aluminum “accessory” intrigued adventure bike tire kickers. It was a modified crutch used to wedge the rear wheel off the ground for changing the tire or oiling the chain, to be wedged under the motorcycle from on the right side while the left side was supported by the side stand.