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2015 Honda CBR300R First Ride Photo Gallery

Honda bumps-up the displacement on its small-bore sportbike for 2015. See photos in the 2015 Honda CBR300R First Ride photo gallery and read the full bike review in the 2015 Honda CBR300R First Ride.

Honda touts the styling as a factor which lets the owner look like a veteran starting with the first ride.
Gone is the single headlight, replaced by two units that resemble the CBR500R and CBR1000RR.
The restyled exhaust canister has a larger internal volume on the 2015 Honda CBR300R.
On our short ride, we did plenty of stoplight-to-stoplight blasts and the CBR300R is more than capable of leaving traffic in the dust.
The CBR300R’s handling is light and nimble around the mean streets of Torrance and Palos Verdes.
At slower speeds the single 296mm front disc and four-piston caliper feels soft, but give it a solid stab at speed and the power kicks and feels great.
Simple, easy-to-read instrumentation on the 2015 Honda CBR300R.
The smoother you are coming to the corner the better things work; push too hard or get sloppy and the rear will jump around a bit.
In the hands of an expert, the littlest CBR can embarrass less skilled riders on larger and more high-tech bikes in the turns.
Save for the slightly diminutive size and less aggressive rider stance, the CBR300R does look the part of a high performance repli-racer at a glance.
Positioning of the clip-on bars is just sporty enough to allow for a slightly forward rider position, but not so aggressive that you’ll find pressure on your wrists like a full-on supersport.
The pegs are just low enough for a comfortable position for my 5’ 10” frame while still offering enough leverage when swopping through the corners.
With an increase of just $200 to $4,399, the CBR300R is an excellent small-bore sport bike for any skill level.
The new look and better fit for all riders combined with more usable power makes the CBR300R much improved over the CBR250R.