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2006 HP2 Long Term - OMA Photo Gallery

2006 HP2 Long Term - OMA

It was a tight squeeze, but we got all the bikes, tools, clothing and equipment into our trailer.
Our final segment was a paved section of highway that was so twisty that trailer combos over 35’ weren’t allowed. That spelled fun for a group of bikers and the BMW’s street application was far superior to the rest of the machines.
The final meal was typical of the weekend hospitality: gourmet sandwiches, fresh fruit and plenty of snacks.
The bikes were trailered and we rode home in the comfort of Moffet’s motorhome and posh van.
The stock Karoo T is a fairly mild off-road tire. It sure doesn’t like to slow down on loose gravel which led to a few hairball moments on the hefty BMW.
This scenic byway was our last stretch of highway and offered plenty of camera-worthy views.
Our final leg over McKenzie Pass offered stunning views of majestic mountains that overlook miles and miles of the lava once spewed from their bellies.
We passed many creeks and streams, but each of them was easily passable by bridge. The idea of dunking the HP2 in not one we like to entertain.
We’ve had experience riding with Jeff Moffet on his OBCDR tour before. The last time was on the oddball MZ Baghira and this time it was the exclusive BMW HP2.
Tumalo Falls.
Tumalo Falls was a great place to stop and sip some water, or get rid of some depending on your reaction to the sound of falling H20.
Because JC was always lagging behind for photos, he spent a lot of time running with the Bike Barn guys because they were running sweep for the tour.
This one should explain itself.
Lock ‘em up, just to be safe.
Staying at the Inn of the 7th Mountain was a nice respite for the riders and the HP2.
The BMW sits among its single-cylinder peers at Wango Butte.
This is all that remains of the Wango Butte lookout, once a popular destination on Moffet’s tour.
One nice thing about dual-sporting is that it isn’t competitive. It’s okay to stop and enjoy your surroundings.
Red, volcanic soil and towering pine trees are the norm around the Bend area.
Terry Butin was one of the OMA participants that enjoyed the ride and was pleasantly surprised with the HP2’s capabilities.
This was to become a common sight for the final two days of our trip as Moffet’s GPS went on the fritz. All that stop and go on the heavy HP2 wasn’t nearly as fun as railing trails unabated for a full hour. The Beemer likes to go.
Moffet had enough tools and equipment in the trailer to handle almost any repair needs.
Lunch break.
Even though we had our navigational difficulties, the thrill of riding with your buddies for three days is tough to beat. Once again the HP2 proved itself as one of the best long-distance dual-sport machines which, on a trip like this, can make or break your weekend.
Here at KJ’s Café, Moffet declared his GPS fixed. What a liar.
Popping out of the forest, we emerged at one of our predetermined refueling stations. After our first gas-swapping incident we made sure to top everything off with a few extra drops at every opportunity.
The beautiful Oregon scenery had us seeing double at times.
After dinner I performed the only maintenance on the BMW of the entire trip by tapping out the paper air filter while the rest of the group was up to their elbows in cleaner and foam filter oil.
Bob Monahan was a lunch-making, motorhome-packing Jedi, and much appreciated.
Scott Lamb (left) fills us in on the history of Lemolo Lake Resort. He wasn’t kidding about making a killer bacon-cheeseburger.
This little winged devil went down JC’s jersey and spent some quality time before he was able to smash it with a well-placed blow.
This Sherco 4.5i had the shortest fuel range at about 80 miles. Unfortunately, that pumper sign had nothing to do with a nearby fuel nozzle.
Moffet (center) listens to another 30-mile joke.
Brian Petersen is an experienced wrench and had a major helping hand in every mechanical issue that cropped up.
The two WR250Fs on the right were equipped with oversized gas tanks and would serve as our emergency supply. The DR-Z on the left was a rental obtained from Moffet’s OMA.
Jeff Moffet’s Oregon Motorcycle Adventures offers guided tours through southern and central Oregon.
All 10 riders converged bright and early at Moffet’s shop in Phoenix, OR where we loaded up and departed right out of the parking lot.
We said in our first test that we wanted to spend more time riding the HP2 off-road. It didn’t take much time for BMW to grant our wishes and lend us another machine to evaluate over time and a wide variety of terrain, which is exactly what we’ve been doing.