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2008 Honda CRF230L Comparo Photo Gallery

As entry-level dual-sport bikes, both models are totally redesigned. These two small-bore motorcycles offer tons of cheap potential. Check out how these bikes performs in our 2008 Honda CRF230L vs Yamaha XT250 comparison.

The great thing is that when either machine stalled, the electric starters worked absolutely flawlessly on both. Neither machine comes with a kickstarter.
Both bikes are pretty affordable entry-level dual-sports. We picked the Honda overall because of slightly more versatility, but there were things about the XT that we really liked.
The six-speed transmission we loved so much in the off-road sections creates extra work during stoplight action.
Standing on these little machine is a little awkward regardless, but the Honda (right) is the more accommodating of the pair, even for our largest testers.
The CRF230L gives up a little displacement, but the six-speed gearbox helps make up for it and plays a big role in making the red bike a better off-roader.
Our 120-pound female tester was unable to support the CRF once it tipped over past a certain point.
Despite nearly two fewer inches of ground clearance, the Honda traverses uneven terrain more easily than the XT250.
Like we noted during the press launch, the 230L's Showa shock rebounds a little too quickly, but at least it doesn't smack the bottom as hard as the XT does.
Our CRF was equipped with handguards and a luggage rack, which are nice options as Honda Genuine Accessories.
A low seat height, balanced weight distribution and good ergonomics make the CRF very manageable off-road.
Response to the 30mm CV carb is very sharp, but it's to the point where it creates a lurching sensation when trying to navigate a gridwork of roadways.