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2007 Husaberg FS550e Photo Gallery

Husaberg added to its lineup of Unlimited class supermoto machines with this street-legal FS550e. A new look and new motor configuration should be more than enough to keep Berg fans happy. Check out our 2007 Husaberg FS550e Quick Ride

Moving around on the FS550e is simple with the spacious, comfortable cockpit. With user-friendly controls and minimal vibes we didn’t want, or need, to exit the track very often.
With the way supermoto racing has taken off across the globe manufacturers are on the gas for 2007. As the sister company of arguably the most advanced SuMo machine producer, KTM, Husaberg has upped its bet in the Unlimited class with this 550cc beast.
Plenty of riders wanted to give the new bike a test ride.
A fast-revving, powerful motor will send the 17-inch front wheel skyward with a simple spasm of the wrist.
Bike Barn’s Kurt Beckman recognized the reason for a smoky exhaust right away. Draining a bit of excess oil from the engine remedied the situation and left the airspace behind us safe for fellow riders.
We’re still not too sure about those dirt sections. Our snail pace through the natural terrain was nothing to brag about, but we hate dumping other people’s bikes.
A little Photoshop know-how puts the black bodywork into perspective.
This 310mm wave rotor was nice and strong at the front.
Oversized spokes add credibility and performance to the SuMo setup.
Electric starts were fast, easy and very useful for SM purposes. Stalling the motor is easy to do in dirt sections where a lack or traction allows the rear tire to lock up easier than normal.
The radiator is a huge single-piece unit.
The speeds that our tester was going probably would have allowed for both feet to stay on the pegs, but that just doesn’t seem natural for dirt guys.end warriors.
Diving under hard braking is one of the biggest concerns for supermoto racing. As far as we could tell, the 48mm WP fork does a good job of withstanding front-end dive while allowing for regular street use.
Stock tires on the FS models will give casual riders plenty of grip on the track. More serious racers will probably opt for a higher race-spec tire, but this one works well enough for weekend warriors.
You’ll notice a distinct lack of any kickstart lever in this photo. That’s because it’s on the other side, but that doesn’t mean the foot lever gets used regularly. Electric starts were fast, easy and very useful for SM purposes.
None of the straights on our local track were long enough to really test the high-speed stability on the Berg, but the tight configuration brought out strong, confident handling attributes throughout the circuit’s rough, twisty layout.
Swap out the wheels and tires and make some minor internal suspension adjustments and this bike becomes a trail-shredding enduro.
Only time will tell if the ’07 Berg can leave the competition in its dust. Our brief introduction gave us the impression that it has the potential to find Unlimited class success.
If you plan on riding off into the sunset on one of these babies, you’d better check that bank account of yours twice. Euro products are notoriously expensive and the Husaberg is no exception.
JC squints into the sun as he tries to find his photographer. It was easier for the photog to find him with the all-black machine.
If you live in southern Oregon there’s only one place to get your new Husabergs. The guys at Bike Barn are right down the street from our HQ and have been helping us out big time since opening their doors in the last year.
Those handguards don’t come stock. They were an add-on but one that most people are probably going to purchase.
The suspension handled all the jumps we could throw at it in our brief session but that didn’t account for much. Judging from our previous experience with Bergs and the success of the WP components on KTM models, these springs are right on par with anything else on the market.
Transferring from this left into the following right-hander was one area of the track that we could feel the lightness of the FS550e. At a claimed 247 pounds (dry), the Berg is easy to flick around with a low-feeling center of gravity.
How cool is it that you can do this off the curb as you bust around the idle line of traffic at you favorite coffee drive-thru? Just make sure the lid on your skinny latte is on tight.
The Swedish company changed up its supermoto colors for ’07.
New versus old. Bike Barn had an ’06 650 enduro model mounted with dual sport tires riders to compare. Granted, the two machines are targeted at different riding environments, but the comparison was useful in demonstrating the differing power deliveries.
The mechanical and chassis design are tried and trued Husaberg, but the new bodywork and graphics are a change of pace; one that we like.