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2006 Husaberg FE540e Photo Gallery

We were able to get our grubby hands on six, count 'em six, large-bore enduros and took them out for punishment, 'er evaluation. Check out how this bike did in our 2006 450 Enduro Shootout

Husaberg was the only manufacturer besides KTM, it’s sister company, to include a fender brace.
Light blue and canary yellow make the FE450 stand out against even the brightest canopies.
Dropping into a rut puts the high footpegs into perspective. We suffered fewer hip cramps on the Berg.
We had some overheating issues with the Husaberg on repeated hillclimb attempts. It seemed to be a common theme on the European machines, but the Berg suffered the worst.
Front-running binders had JC practicing his stoppies at the unload, and at every resting point, and during every photo shoot, and…
Brian’s sheepish grin and pitiful pleas didn’t stop us from showing his blown corner to the entire world. Whua-ha-ha.
With class-leading torque, a simple twist of the wrist is all it takes to get the back end sideways in a hurry.
We had to toss a log across the trail to slow down BC, but as you can see, it didn’t work very well.
The left-side kickstart was something we never got comfortable with. Honestly, we didn’t put much of an effort into it with the electric start available, and you wouldn’t either so don’t give us any crap.
JC: 'Damnit, I wish I could quit you.'
Hilde starts to break it loose in preparation for maximum drift.
We were surprised to find that only the Husaberg comes stock with handguards. The plastic units were a hot commodity during our tight woods testing.
Ruts, puddles and water crossings were the Husaberg's forte. High pegs keep a rider's feet high and dry and increases the safety of your ankles. Life isn't without compromise, however, and the riding position is cramped for taller riders.
DOT-approved tires weren't the best on slippery roots, but we liked their performance on the faster fire roads.
Only after we splashed through this puddle did we realize it smelled like raw sewage, so did our gear for the next week or two.
JC has no ties to Sweden, but he sure liked the Berg had to offer even if it did feel the least 'normal' out of the group.