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2005 MZ660 Baghira Photo Gallery

MZ has been building bikes since 1922. We got our grubby hands on one of the German manufacturer's latest offerings - the Baghira. Check out what we thought of this bike in our 2005 MZ660 Baghira Bike Test.

Admit it, whenever you see a puddle you want to splash through it. Why should a creek be any different?
The Baghira's high profile provides adequate ground clearance for most any terrain including a shallow water crossing.
The Baghira's weight is held up top which made navigation in the tight trails a little challenging.
The Baghira harnesses the power of the Yamaha XTZ660 Single in user-friendly doses.
There is plenty of greenery through Oregon's back country trails to test out enduro's like the Baghira.
One major drawback on testing a bike in Oregon is that there just aren't any good panoramic views to set as a backdrop for photo shoots.
Kenny eyes some purdy flowers trailside thinking: Yes! These will be perfect for my flower press.
The Baghira didn't excel in the tighter technical terrain, but out in the faster dirt trails the German beast railed.
One knock we had on the Baghira was it didn't get the front wheel up off the ground very easy. Although Ken managed to get both up off the ground right here.
On the street the MZ got up to 100 mph without a problem. Out in the dirt it didn't quite reach those heights, but the bike was just plain fun to ride.
The Baghira is fairly tall so touching down is a job for the tippy toes if you happen to be a little vertically challenged.
The fully-loaded Baghira earned the nickname of 'MZ Abrahams' because it was a tank out in the dirt.
One rider described the MZ's style as something the bad guys would use to chase Bond in a 007 movie.
We found that the Baghira performs amiably in the dirt or - as Ken illustrates - above it.