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2007 Suzuki RM-Z250 Shootout Photo Gallery

Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, and Honda all bring potent 250 Motocross machines to the table, but which bike will come out on top in our 2007 shootout? Check out how 2007 Suzuki RM-Z250 did in our 2007 250F Motocross Shootout.

The Z250 is a real rocketship, at least in the sense that it revs to the moon.
The RM-Z cranked out a max horsepower of 34 at 11,200 rpm - 200 to 300 above any of the others.
This bike likes to sing but projects its moto lyrics at only 96 dB at race pace.
The 2007 Suzuki RM-Z250's aluminum frame is 2.4 pounds lighter than the steel version which plays an integral part in keeping the tank-empty weight to a skimpy 217 lbs.
The Showas' ability to eat up holes and chatter around the track made it a favorite for riders who prefer a sponge-like setup, but overall we'd like to see a little more bottoming resistance to make it a better all-around performer.
The suspension is extra-plush on small hits, but faster riders will want to consider stiffer springs - bottoming was a problem four our speedsters.
The seat wasn't the only soft component on the RM-Z. Back when Suzuki and Kawasaki were collaborating on the 250F project, Kayaba suspension was bolted on to keep things smooth.
Riders can get a stout grip on the bike using their legs. A roomy cockpit not only lets the rider move around easily, but the neutral ProTaper handlebars encourage rider mobility.
The RM-Z carries on the Suzuki tradition of quick handling.
I forget, did we mention that jumping the RM-Z250 was a lot of fun?
The steering geometry on the RM-Z isn't the most aggressive in the bunch, but almost. With 27.2 degrees of rake and 4.5 inches of trail, only Yamaha has a more acute angle at 27.0 degrees.
We were happy to find that while the Z450 can sometimes be shaky, the 250 gives plenty of confident feedback. A couple testers thought the front end had a tendency to wash at times, but we attribute most of that to tire selection.
Suzuki came roosting into 2007 with its all-new RM-Z250. We knew this would be a gamer from the minute we first rode it at the press intro.
Suzukis will be Suzukis. Even though it's new from the ground up, the RM-Z still feels familiar. The chassis and handling were a strong point.
Huff catches some air of the 2007 Suzuki RM-Z250.
Sometimes a bike can feel heavier than it is, but not the Suzuki.