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2009 Isle of Man TT TTXGP Results

Friday, June 12, 2009
Rob Barber  Team AGNI  - 2009 TTXGP eGrandPrix
Rob Barber (Team AGNI) took the inaugural TTXGP victory.
The Isle of Man TT is over a century old, historic to say the least. And another chapter has been added to the TT story, the running of the inaugural electric-only TTXGP. In the biggest exhibition of electric-powered racing to date, Rob Barber took the checkered flag on the 1-lap time trial aboard the Team Agni entry. Joining the Anglo-Indian machine on the TTXGP Pro Class rostrum was the German XXL team (rider Thomas Schoenfelder) and the Ashland, Oregon-based Team Brammo (rider Mark Buckley).

TTXGP Pro Class

The favorite after dominating both practice laps, Barber cruised uncontested to the finish with more than a three-
Thomas Schoenfelder  XXL Racing  - Isle of Man TTXGP  PracticeMark Buckley  Brammo  - 2009 TTXGP eGrandPrix
TTXGP podium finishers: Team XXL Thomas Schoenfelder (top), Brammo's Mark Buckley (bottom).
minute advantage over the XXL squad. Turning the famed mountain course with a time of 87.434 mph Barber beat the standing 50cc record at the Isle. The German XXL team has nothing to be ashamed of, however, as it nipped the Agni squad for top speed bragging rights – running through the Isle’s Sulby speed trap at 106.5 mph.

Amongst the notable DNFs in the Pro Class were the Manx-based Team ManTTX, which ran second in the first practice session and was running the TTXGP in the same position before yielding the spot to the XXL squad after retiring from the race. The Oregon-based MotoCzysz, piloted by American Mark Miller, also retired before even reaching the first check point.

On a more positive note for the Oregon teams (two of which are based near Motorcycle USA’s Southern Oregon HQ) was the podium finish for Team Brammo. We test rode the Brammo Enertia before the TTXGP was even conceived and the notion of that machine racing the Isle of Man… it wasn’t anything we could’ve foreseen. Yet the Ashland firm was one of the first to toss their hat into the TT ring and it has paid off with an impressive 2-3 qualifying on Wednesday, followed up by the third-place podium finish on Friday.

TTXGP Open Class
Chris Heath  Electric Motorsport  - Isle of Man TTXGP  PracticeChris Petty  Barefoot Motorsports  - Isle of Man TTXGP  Practice
The TTXGP Open Class saw Electric Motorsport's Chris Heath (left) edge out Barefoot
Motors Chris Petty (right).

Another Ashland, Oregon, squad, Barefoot Motors, nearly scored the victory in the Open Class in a dramatic finish. The first drama for the Barefoot squad came when rider Chris Petty slowed on the final stretch, allowing the California-based Electric Motorsport team entry and rider Chris Heath to cross the line at the top of the timesheet. Officials briefly disqualified Heath, giving the win to Barefoot, before then reversing the decision and keeping the original finishing order intact: Heath, Petty and Team Tork’s John Crellin in third (tragically, Crellin later died during the Senior TT).

The inaugural TTXGP having concluded, the biggest winner is without question Team Agni. A producer of DC motors for various applications, Agni Motors and team leader Cedric Lynch deserve recognition for putting together a design that not only dominated on the track, but did so without the fanfare many other entries enjoyed. As we said in our TTXGP preview, in racing there’s no hiding behind spec sheet claims. Where other rides, like the Motoczysz and Mission One, claimed 150-mph top speeds, the Agni was much closer to hitting its 120-mph claim in an actual race – reaching triple-digit speeds in the aforementioned Sulby speed trap.

The electric players figure to be back in 2010.
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panxe -ye ye ye  July 6, 2009 05:57 AM
india ki jai
Colin -IOM electric TT  June 25, 2009 06:06 PM
An outstanding first attempt. For 2010, the organisers need to get it a little more mainstream as there was little about this on any news that l listen to. Li Lon batteries seem the best thing at the moment, but what of Supercapacitors? The future does indeed look bright for motorsport,and our eardrums may even become a little more fine tuned to the fantastic whirr of some of the decent Electric that are to come. Congratulations to all involved.
Loni Hull - 2009 Isle of Man TT TTXGP Results  June 18, 2009 12:30 PM
Regarding Motoczysz, our team, headed by Michael Czysz, was in great shape on race morning. It's been commented elsewhere that the paint was barely dry on our bike when we shipped it to the Isle of Man. That isn't an exaggeration! The bike performed extremely well the day prior to the race on the track at Jurby. Unfortunately, despite having sorted our qualifying-run issues and being very well-prepared on race morning to go for the overall win, one of our motors locked up a few miles into the course and we had to retire. Such are the fortunes of racing.
Dr. Bombay -Hmmm  June 13, 2009 05:09 AM
Well, being somewhat skeptical about electric bikes, I was surprised that I became fairly interested in this. However, I was sure that some of the claims of the teams, particularly Mission, were mostly hot air. Sorry to see that I was right about that. Why claim 150mph top speeds when they couldn't get anywhere near that? Unless, or until, battery technology takes a pretty big leap, electric bikes will be very limited. There is a place for them, but my guess is the real future of motorcycling lies in alternative fuels and power plants not so unlike what we have today.
Shaswata Panja -Yes Go India  June 12, 2009 04:23 PM
At Last an Indian bike wins at the TT! I am a proud man today...!!1 Japan and Italy, here we come!!!!! Thumbs up also for the other Indian entry TORK
Tessier -MotoCzysz  June 12, 2009 04:14 PM
to bad for MotoCzysz wonder what went so wrong?
Kyy -perhaps the biggest moment in recent motorcycle history  June 12, 2009 12:12 PM
this was the race that i was so looking forward to this year! no they weren't terribly fast times, but that's not the point. it's fact that these guys are trying something new with decent results and their visions for the future in motoring are starting to come to fruition are what they're all about. i hope to see this event and others like it grow in popularity as i see a LOT of potential here in the future market.