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Will Someone Please Beat Mat Mladin?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009
Will someone on something other than a Suzuki please beat Mat Mladin! I’m sick of him and Suzuki winning everything. 53-consecutive AMA Superbike wins? 53! That’s ridiculous.
The Race 1 Podium  from left to right  Tommy Hayden in second  Mat Mladin in first  and Geoff May with third in American Superbike - Road Atlanta
Sorry Mladin and Suzuki, but I'm tired of you winning!
Props to the boys at Yoshimura Suzuki for building such a dominating racing machine, but we just rode all the Superbikes in stock form during our Smackdown and I can tell you the liter-class field is much closer than one would think based off the racing results. While I’m not going to tell you what bike is best (you’ll have to wait a couple weeks for the Shootout story for that!), I will say that the others are damn good machines and someone or some team needs to step up already! 

Even though I’m a fan and friend of both Blake Young and Tommy Hayden, and I think they will be running down Mladin soon enough, I’m just plain over seeing Suzuki dominate so brutally. It’s just not good for the sport. Sorry Suzuki. I think when Hodgson heals up he’ll have a good shot on that Corona Honda. I just rode the bike at Infineon (be sure to read about it in the next issue of MotoUSA Magazine), and while I’m not on his pace, I can tell you it’s an amazing machine with an even better team behind it. Really is a shame he had to go and jump off a motocross bike 30 feet in the air. What a goon! Just kidding, Neil. Heal up bud.

Now, I know this is easy for me to say sitting from the chair in my office, but I needed to vent. No doubt Mladin is extremely talented, but c’mon Benny Boy, Hayes, Pegram, someone – let’s do this!

Too bad if it does happen watching it on TV will still be horrible as the racing coverage on AMA Pro Prime Time is laughably bad. But that’s a whole different story.

Sometimes I wish I had been a professional motocross rider instead…
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MV Man -Mladin May 16, 2009 06:46 PM
I just got home from Infineon and only have one thing to say....HAPPY BIRTHDAY ATLAS! (It was fun to see).
MV Man -I don't know anymore May 14, 2009 06:46 PM
Rapid, are you up to your old tricks and trying to fire up this blog? Thats all I can assume with Ben's only DSB appearance being Daytona and Yamahas only win in the class since. If Slicks buell didn't start to shed body parts, Yamaha would most likely be winless in the class. However, it won't be long before Herrin puts the R6 up there, you can bet on that!
Rapid -MV Man - Mladin May 14, 2009 02:43 PM
Hi MV Man, its only because he's cherry picking in that class where Yamaha has the best bike and he has his best chances at winning in that class. Of course he's going to pump that class. No surprise.
MV Man -Mladin May 14, 2009 12:09 PM
Rapid, Ben also seemed pretty stoked about the level of competition in Datona Sportbike.
Rapid -Mladin just a wee bit more! May 14, 2009 11:22 AM
Hi To All my MC-USA buds! I just came across this post that I know is not about the most recent post but it does say something that some previous poster were whining about and I think it says volumes considering its from one of Mat's toughest competitors! In short it was from: Media Luncheon Transcript From Infineon Thursday, May 14, 2009 and the line that caught me was what Ben Bostrom said about Mat which and I quote, "Somehow we've all got to step up to Mladin's level." Thank you and good night and your televisions will now go back to their normal working channel.
MV Man -Big Ben Spies May 13, 2009 03:04 PM
Interesting comments, all. Since it appears the conversation has shifted to Spies while I was gone, lets go with it. I still think the fastest competition Ben has faced in his career is Mat. An aging Haga, (I admire him and hope he finally gets his title, but), Fabrizio, who is just now beginning to deliver on a years old promise, Haslam? Fellas, what I (and Ben) are not so patiently waiting for is Ben's ultimate test, his date with destiny. Moto GP is all that is on Ben's mind and I like it!! Imagine our pride when Ben lines up with the greats of the sport and begins another chapter in the American GP history book!! Roberts, Lawson, Rainey, Spencer, Roberts Jr, Hayden, and now...Ben Spies....has a nice ring to it, don't it? What ultimately makes you great, are your rivals. I would love to see how Ben stacks up against Rossi, Stoner, Lorenzo and Pedrosa, and so would/does Ben!!
Cardioen -NorCal Filth May 13, 2009 02:34 PM
“I am not cutting spies down, i am simply stating that if he doesn't get the crashing under control we may never see his full potential”. I seem to remember another young talented rider from Texas who cared more about racing at 110% every race and having the mentality of win or crash trying. Now if I can only remember this fast guys name…Kevin Schwantz. “He has not had the battles in the AMA like we have seen in GP”. I love GP racing but other than one season where Biaggi gave Rossi somewhat of a challenge and another half season where Sete Gibernau stepped up a little it has pretty much been the Rossi show. Now that Stoner and Rossi are on the same tire Stoner is no longer a threat. I remember 3 consecutive seasons with Mladin and Spies where the championship was decided by only one or two points. I remember hard fought battles with Mladin and Duhamel on his RC45 and RC51, and I mentioned C. Roberts because is one of the few riders that have beaten Mladin in a SBK race. I sure wouldn’t compare Mladin to Rossi either but he has raced against some top level racers and has come out on the winning side more times than not. I also would like to wait and see if Rossi can still beat kids little more than half his age in 8-10 yrs. from now like Mladin is doing currently. If Rossi does then maybe I would call Rossi the Mladin of MotoGP.
NorCal Filth -Cardioen May 13, 2009 01:14 PM
What you have outlined is true, he has raced against Nicky Hayden, Miguel DuHamel, Bostrom brothers, K. Roberts (laughable that you put him on the list), and Neil Hodgson. What happened when Mladin went to the GP's in 1993? 11 starts with 5 DNFs. Best finish was 6th. My only point was that it is laughable to call him the Rossi of the AMA. He has not had the battles in the AMA like we have seen in GP, and probably never will. And as far as Spies goes, yeah he is fast, but the fast guy doesn't always win the race or the championship. Look at the races spies hasn't won (other than when he had the bad luck of running out of gas), he has crashed. I am not cutting spies down, i am simply stating that if he doesn't get the crashing under control we may never see his full potential.
Rapid -Cardioen - NorCal Filth May 13, 2009 06:36 AM
Very well said Cardioen!
Cardioen -NorCal Filth May 12, 2009 10:34 PM
I don’t know about comparing Mladin to Rossi but he is a great rider. “however name the great racers that he has gone up against” “I know people are going to say what about spies... and my answer to them is we shall see how great his is with time”. NorCal Filth, either you have not been watching WSBK this season or you are waiting for Spies to walk on water. Spies is currently a world phenom. He is winning at tracks he has never seen on tires he has never used with a new team and all new bike against world class riders who have been going to these tracks ever since Spies was still playing with his GI Joes. Lets also not forget Mladin raced against Nicky Hayden, Miguel DuHamel, Bostrom brothers, K. Roberts, Neil Hodgson (Both BSBK & WSBK champion), and many more good racers. Mladin has been racing in AMA for 14 yrs. To say he has not gone up against any great racers is saying the AMA has had no great racers in the past 15 yrs. Mladin is also not an AMA lifer, he has raced in MotoGP, and has national championship titles in Australia. It is Rossi who is the GP lifer. Mladin, Biaggi, Bayliss, Spies, C. Edwards, Hodgson and many more have raced SBK and GP. I am sure Rossi would go fast on anything with two wheels but he has yet to step outside of MotoGP. One final note Mladin beat Troy Corser (two time WSBK champion & one time AMA SBK champion) in 1992 when he won the Australian SBK championship.
NorCal Filth -Rossi of the AMA May 11, 2009 01:16 PM
Dan the only problem with your thinking is you are comparing a guy with zero charisma to the greatest of all time. And by greatest i mean on and off the track. Mladin is a great rider, however name the great racers that he has gone up against?! It is easy to say that he dominates, but look where he is doing it! I dont think that he can even be compared to Bayliss. It is a joke to compare Mladin to anyone other than the riders that he has actually raced against, and thats a short unimpressive list. I know people are going to say what about spies... and my answer to them is we shall see how great his is with time. So guys lets get real and stop comparing AMA lifers to world phenoms.
Dan the Canadian -Mladin.......Rossi of AMA May 11, 2009 09:49 AM
Could Maldin be the Rossi of AMA ?????????????
NorCal Filth -GarrettR - MC racing armageddon May 11, 2009 08:26 AM
Garrett are you nuts? American road racing is too expensive???? Compared to what....supermoto?? I think that the racing on the world level is a little bit more expensive. A small niche? Are you a road racing fan? Sounds like you are one of those guys "just sitting back trying to recapture a little of the glory of, well time slips away and leaves you with nothing mister but boring stories of glory days". The 70's are over, get with it.
GarrettR -MC racing armageddon May 10, 2009 12:17 PM
I hope prof road racing in america dies. Let everything disappear, the factory teams, the paychecks, the corporate sponsors, and all the hands in the pot. Its all just too big (expensive) and represents only a small niche of motorcycling.
Rapid -Limey66's Post May 8, 2009 08:28 PM
Limey66 you nailed it! Mat/Yosh is now on the same stock bike anyone and I mean ANYONE CAN BUY!!! I know for a fact there is NO UNOBTANIUM in that bike! In fact Yosh sold it AS IS with nothing removed. And the fact that Yates and the others who also have Gixer 1000's can't come close to Mat's pace as Limey66 said he simply out rides them. If you ever watch Mat or Ben attack a corner like Rossi or Stoner thats' what they do they attack a corer over and over and over to its limits. I recall back in the 70's at Riverside a track that is now gone to the ages. There was an AMA National there. Roberts, Scott, Romero, Aldana and many more. Before the national a 1:30 or even a god fearing 1:29 lap was almost un heard of. So Kenny shows up and clicks off 24's!!! He did 30's I think on his 250 that had a rear tire that was not much wide then today's front tires! In fact at this very race Gary Scott claimed Kenny's motor from his TZ750 because he thought it must have unobtainium in it to go that fast. NOT! The motor was all stock except for the carbs! Why the difference in lap times? Because where 99% of all the riders would back off coming off or turn 9 and setup to take turn 1 Kenny would UPSHIFT AND GRAB ANOTHER GEAR!!! I know I was standing there with other riders when we saw it for the first time and we got dirt in our mouths because our jaws were on the ground! When I see Mat, Ben, Blake, Rossi and Stoner attacking a corner I see the same thing that Roberts did. And this is what sets these few apart from allllllllllllllllllllllll the rest. They have that 1% that little bit extra that the rest don't have and probably never will have that allows them to go that much faster. I also recall how Ross Braun describer Schumacker on the way he attacks a corn and Braun said Michael can come in after practice and tell you almost inch by inch how he took a given corner! Kenny could do the same thing. I was at Laguna when he came in after practice and he told Kel do this do that drop the tire pressure a pound here and he went back out and lowered his time. A friend of mine was at a local off road park during a week day in So CA that is used often by Biaggi, Nicky, McGrath, Bostrom and others. My friend competes in AMA Supermoto and he's not bad. So, he was out practicing one day and he told me he was pushing and going as hard as he could and WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHH this guy BLOWS by him at twice his speed that he almost crashed. It turned out to be Nicky on his 450 just out having some fun!! So, remember like Limey66 said these guys are in a very very very small select league that 99.9% of the rest of the world will never be able to achieve. You need to stop hating them and admire them for their god given talent and ability and realize that until someone else comes along with the same talent you'll always have people like this who just flat leave the rest of the field for dead because they are in a league of their own! So don't hate them just step up to their level or just stop whining!
Limey66 -AMA Race Attendance May 8, 2009 06:35 PM
Its an interesting comment that as Superbike fans we should support the series by attending race days, and that is encouraged by the TV scheduling. When I was back in the UK (over 15 years ago) I would ride all over the (admittedly much smaller) country to watch British Superbike racing. It was always great racing and there was still 125 and 250 support classes so we got to see real race bikes with the smell of 2-stroke pre-mix in the air. We got to eat crappy burgers and donuts and stand in a (usually wet and muddy) cold damp field for hours. But we got to get really close to some very fast, loud race bikes. Nothing beats watching motorbike racing in the flesh. Brands Hatch, Silverstone, Snetterton, and of course the annual pilgramige to Donington for the GP. But then I met my wife, I sold my bikes, and moved here (California) I am attending my first bike race in 15 years. I'm finally going to the USGP at Laguna Seca. Took me bloody long enough eh. But I guess the race tracks are so spread out here, its hard to get to a race for most people. Fontana is near me, I guess I should go support that circuit. The Utah WSBK is later this month. Its so tantalizingly close, I'd love to go. But thats a 15 hour drive. Each way. I guess my point is that to me, it feel hard to get out on race day unless you make a vacation of it. Who can afford to do that. Which is why Speed is there so those of us who cant get to a race can share the fun. So the decision to delay the screening of AMA racing is so misguided it hurts probably the huge majority of race fans. Also, I will say that the AMA series has rarely looked as exciting to me as the British championship, which may have put me off attending a race. The tracks here dont have the same allure to me. Theres nothing like standing on the outside of Druids at Brands on lap 1 watching the whole field squeeze through trying to stay upright (you always got a few good crashes there). But maybe thats just because I'm biased and I havent seen a race first hand yet. Hopefully I'll change my mind come July.
Limey66 -Money Can't Buy Me Love May 8, 2009 06:18 PM
Jeremy, dude, I couldn't disagree with your comments more. You are missing the huge point that Rapid, Mv, SBK have been trying to make. THE BEST RIDER WILL WIN< REGARDLESS OF BIKE. The new rules were introduced to level the playing field, to make the bikes as stock and as vanilla boring as possible, to give less wealthy privateer a better chance. Bet, even with that, even on a bog stock right out of the dealership GSXR, Mat went out and STILL smoked the field. Not because he has a bike that mysteriously puts out more HPs than the rest, but because he has a unique knack to make his bike do what he wants better than the other riders can get their rides to do. Simple. Dont be a hater, man. That gets you nowhere. You cant fault the dude for being the best, you just have to fault the rest for sucking. And I use the term sucking loosely, if you or I were to race them, it would be us who would suck not them. Its all relative. In fact, if you stand by your argument that Zuki is doing the winning and not Mat, then you or I could throw our leg over the Gixxer and go win races. Right? No, far from it. And please, if you are bored of watching the same guy win races week in week out, dont go watch MotoGP. Have you seen the record over there. Rossi is never off the podium. Talk about boring. Time for the other slackers to put up. (In fact, any factory/satellite rider that finishes lower than Melandri on an unsupported bike with no team should be fired, but thats another thread) Rossi is in the same unique position Mat is. He is too damn strong for his class. They have no direct and worthy competition. Stoner comes close if he doesnt choke, and Pedrosa or Lorenzo might win a race if they can find a way to stop throwing the bike down the road. But you cant hate Rossi, nor can you hate Mat, for being in class of their own
MV Man -Mladin May 8, 2009 05:14 PM
I'm proud of you!! What a breakthrough. You crack me up bro. I went back and read some of the stuff we've been throwin back and forth over the last few days and I started laughing at most of it. Well, what ever happens with this thread is anyone guess, but, it's been fun and I hope we have a chance to do it again someday. (I have never participated in a blog in my life, this is the first time!) I will now slip back into lurk mode....but be aware....I'll be watching!! Naw, I'm not leaving for good, I just have to go out to the garage and start getting my gear togather, I have trackday in Reno coming up and I gotta figure some stuff out.
jeremy -mladin May 8, 2009 03:36 PM
Ok, here's the truth. I really don't like Suzuki. There I said it. That was therapuedic. :)
MV Man -Mladin May 8, 2009 03:24 PM
Jeremy, glad you're back. You don't care about American Superbike anymore!!....Brother, I havn't cared about the results of American Superbike for years. However, I care deeply about the series. I don't think anyone participating in this conversation is the enemy. I just think that sometimes people over simplify problems and say it's this or that. The truth is that AMA Pro Roadracing is facing a multitude of problems, money and poorly attended events being just two. The only recipe for success is close, hard fought competition. That applies to Rapids MIC vision, as well as my re-invent the AMA dream. PS, sorry Bro, the worm's (Pegram) 199.9 MPH Ducati is the fastest bike out there.
NorCalFilth -Mladin and our flawed thinking May 8, 2009 03:09 PM
I think what everyone needs to realize (MV MAN gets it) is as long as the riders like Hacking and Mladin keep bitching they do nothing but minimize there existence. Lets say the are right, the series sucks, i don't think that this is an endorsement that prospective sponsors or factory teams want to hear. So what these jackoffs are saying is that they can only compete in a hack series, because as i recall hearing about many ama riders mulling over the multiple contracts that they was offered over the off season. Like it or not we need the AMA or you can kiss the thoughts of American champions in WSBK and GP away. Bet you that Bostrom, the Haydens, Hayes and and many others wish that they were in DSB class rather than being a back marker in the Mladin show.
Jeremy -Mladin May 8, 2009 02:27 PM
MV Man...right here man. Look, I didn't grow up racing motorcycles so I don't know all that you know about it. All I know is that when a guy is smoking everyone else on the track all the time and by the extent at which he's smoking them, it just seems a little...ummmm...strange!! Sure Ben beat him a few times but they were teammates. Since Ben is gone, Mladin's winning a heck of a lot more. I don't really care anymore. I'll just watch the best (Rossi) on Moto GP.
Rapid -Mladin / (DMG/NASBIKE) May 8, 2009 02:22 PM
I have to disagree to a point with Jeremy. I don't agree where he says the AMA is it and MIC is not or anything but AMA. When Steve McLaughlin started WSBK and I knew him when he raced AFM and AMA who ever heard of WSBK? This was his idea and he made it work. He made a plan and stuck to it. He presented it to people and they liked what they saw. If someone has a good package someone will have a serious look at it and if its better then the outdated AMA and it has more to offer they will come! If NASBIKE has nothing to offer other then charging vendors and race teams up the wazoo and having the worst coverage including press credentials or the lack there of and the $$$$$ costs. If the factories go somewhere else and the top teasm go there and your a privater and you want to be seen so you may get a ride with them you sure as hell won't ride in a series where they aren't racing! Sure WERA and CCS have had some good riders move up via word of mouth and that could still happen but you better go where they go with their teams even if they dominate. Build a better mouse trap and people will use it. Regardless if its MIC or who ever. The AMA has been around for decades and they have literally done very little to promote road racing in this country! I remember looking in the LA Times after Roberts won Daytona or a F1 race and maybe seeing a tiny results section that had maybe 1 thru 8 listed! What a joke! With all the dues they collected where did it go? A new series can start it just has to start, period.
Jeremy -Cardioen....Mladin May 8, 2009 02:15 PM
His bike has more horsepower. Those bikes are not all evenly matched as you say. No one is even close when Mat crosses the finish line.
MV Man -Mladin May 8, 2009 01:29 PM
Jeremy, where you been dude? Me and Rapid have been gettin all teary eyed about the good ol days and forgot about what Atlas asked in the begining. You are right about teams with money, (are there any of those still out there?) I think the tech side of things is pretty close, but the most important and adjustable component on the bike is the rider. In the case of Yosh Suzuki, Mladin IS the difference, just like Cooley was in his day!! I gotta go wipe my eyes and blow my nose...I'll be alright, I just need a minute. (Jeremy, you're probably to young to get that, but Rapid is shakin his head up and down sayin "Yup")
MV Man -The roadrace universe May 8, 2009 01:06 PM
Hi Brother, I don't know...the most recent MIC thing crumbled before it started. As soon as Yamaha said "We are sticking with the AMA/DMG, the remaining teams soon jumped on board also. The reason...saying you are the AMA champion is still more prestigious and marketable than being the MIC champion. Obviously there ain't enough money to race both sreies and even if there was, there ain't enough talent fill the seats. Look, I think we are all in the same church, just different pews. I don't think a stand alone, non AMA series can succeed in todays market. Talk about a high stakes crap shoot, good luck with all that! Our energy needs to remain focused on continued promotion and improvement of our existing series. I don't know brother, I guess we both want to end up in the same place, we're just takin different lines thru the corner.
Jeremy -Mladin.....Dennis...errr May 8, 2009 12:43 PM
Teams with money win. Money buys technology and the best riders. IT IS BORING WATCHING MLADIN WIN ALL THE DAMN TIME!! And if he is just sitting there winning just because he can, then he needs to be a man and move on to something more challenging. Let some other riders coming up in racing win some races. That's all I'm saying.
Rapid -Mladin / (DMG/NASBIKE) May 8, 2009 12:26 PM
Hi MVMAN, first thank you. Also I also agree with what Cardioen wrote. I will add that years ago there was a BIG offer on the table to promote the AMA roadracing series and it was killed by the AMA! Hmmmm I wonder why$$$$$ Oh I mean?????? I’m more then willing to get together with MIC and talk with them. For a sole sponsor to take over the series it would not cost them a lot of money and it would build serious fan loyalty for the product. I have very good friends in NASCAR with the very top teams and I know the costs that the companies spent on those teams. What a company spends on just one car they can own a series and get TV coverage! There are more channels then NASPEED. They need to be approached and shown why. All this CAN BE DONE!!! If not for 010 then everyone should pull out of 010 and come back in 011 with a new series. It would allow enough time to work things out and again, it can be done!!! MIC are you listening?
MV Man -Mladin May 8, 2009 12:13 PM
Cardioen, you are one passionate roadrace fanatic, I'll give you that!! However, I'm affraid your passion is clouding your business sense. A boycott of anything AMA/DMG related will surely "hit them where it counts". But it will also show the track owners, (ones that are left), that we are insignificant and that our four wheeled counterparts really do pay the bills!!
Cardioen -Mladin DMG May 8, 2009 11:57 AM
People say they want to see someone other than Mladin win a SBK race. Well at what cost. I don’t mind seeing Mladin win. He is the best AMA rider right now. I would only enjoy seeing someone else win if it is because they are better, like when Hayden and Spies beat him and on occasion Yates and C. Roberts and E. Bostrom. I certainly don’t blame Mladin for winning everything I and anyone else would do the same. What I find hard to understand is people who say Mladin and Suzuki are “cheaters” WTF!!! Any bike that finishes on the box gets inspected and last I checked Mladin is made of the same flesh and bones his competition is, so where is the “cheating”??? Now if you want to talk about cheating let’s stroll over to the “Daytona Sportbike” class. I wonder if anyone would have a problem with Mladin racing say…a 1525cc modern European built liquid cooled V-twin against the other 1000cc I4. Oh wait, wait did I mention the bike is “assembled” in America? Yeah and this makes it OKAY!!! DMG has Killed and that is with a capital “K” American road racing. Attendance is wayyyy down at the tracks, no surprise, and the TV coverage is embarrassing to watch even with my neighbor who does not even ride. And why even bother with super pole if SpaazTV doesn’t even show one second of it. I now have better things to spend my time and money on other than a DMG race. The best solution to all this would be if DMG goes belly up and someone else who understands road racing and their fans and puts a package together with TV coverage on any channel but SpaazTV. Until then we all should shut out this DMG crap and let nature take its course. It should not take long because after a season or two of falling ticket sales, race track owners will not pay Mr. Edmondson his $250,000 sanctioning fee, kind of like what Miller Motor Sports Park did. Vote with your wallet it will hit them where it counts!!
MV Man -State of the roadrace nation May 8, 2009 11:31 AM
Rapid, you are my kind of guy. Without going into my ancient past, lets just say you and I share a similar pedigree. About Kenny, nobody understands my "professional racing is a business" belief more clearly than he. Unfortunalely, that was then, this is now. The "now" reality is that the sport must find a way to compete for the ever shrinking amount of corporate invester/advertising dollars out there. The decline in sales has made it very difficult for the manufacturers to shoulder the financial burden as in the past. And I'm not just talkin about motorcycles, (I don't think Yamaha is selling any pianos right now either). We need help brother. It's up to us to promote the sport and stop tearing it down with our constant complaining. Now look what you've done....I gotta go take some anti-depression meds!! SBK, jump in here!!
Rapid -Mladin May 8, 2009 10:57 AM
Hi MVMAN, I think this thread is going to keep growing which I think is a good thing. MV as you mentioned complaining on a putter don’t cut it. However, you also don’t know my background. MV, as I’ve mentioned I’ve been involved in US road racing since the 70’s (early 70’s) to be exact. I first got involved racing locally at CMC events (CMC has long since vanished) and then moved to AFM (when it was just one big happy family run by Harry Bresach may he rest in peace). Then I moved to the AMA traveling around the US with the likes of Roberts, Don Vesco, Dave Aldana, Springsteen, Nixon, Duhamel, Askland, on and on and on and then I was a team owner and more. I like many people most vocally being Kenny tried over and over to fix AMA but it ran very deep. So, eventually Kenny and others including myself had had enough and left. I still stayed involved in road racing but I could not stomach dealing with anyone from the AMA. I continued to mentor riders some of which went on to greatness here and in GP (before it was called MotoGP a name I personally still cannot stand). I’m like you call it just passing along to you young bucks my experience and feelings of as you said frustration. I was hoping the other series would have come off as like most everyone I know no longer attends any NASBIKE event and never will. If the factories pull out in 010 this will probably leave Yoshimura, Erion, Attack, Jordan to carry on as usual just without the factories being present but they will still be there. What will happen is like what we have now more showroom stock bikes. No more exotic R&D done by the factories to make better equipment. The consumer will just have to be happy buying technology that will have to go undeveloped much longer. I know this for a fact! The factories will no longer product new bikes as often as they have in the past years. I greatly enjoyed going to the races to see the best riders on the best bikes (exotic unobtainium). The Superbike class WAS the premier class! It was just like when we had 250 and Formula 1 here in the US. F1 was the class where you would see Roberts, Mamola, Baldwin, Askland etc. battle it out on bikes that only the tinniest percent of humans could ride to their full potential and the rest of the field raced amongst themselves but the fans witness a 2 wheel symphony the likes of which they would never forget. The same will never happen unless someone perhaps Kenny bought it from the dying bastard RE and really made it work. I think someone like Kenny could come in fire all those worthless pricks and get someone to sponsor the series, bring good TV coverage back perhaps not even bother with NASCHANNEL and really make it work. Time will tell but I hope that when Kenny reads this he’ll give it some serious thought! Thanks again for listening to an old frustrated road racing love’n man. I look forward to reading more for all you enthusiasts I really think this is great and keep it going!
MV Man -Mladin May 8, 2009 10:27 AM
Rapid, it's obvious you are frustrated, as am I. I agree with some of what you say. I too appreciate a medium I can utilize to voice my opinion regarding the sport I have been a part of for over forty years. Unfortunately, complaining on a computer don't cut it. True support of our sport is demonstrated by actions, not words. I believe a huge roadrace fan base is alive and well in the USA, but declining attendance tells the guy holding the money bag otherwise. We need to get off the couch and attend the race rather than depend on Speedvision to bring it into our homes. I feel this is why Speed no longer airs our national series same day, to get the local crowd out to the track. If you are a true motorcyle roadrace fan, (and you obviously are) get out to your local race and support the event. (You can still watch WSBK & Moto GP when you get home.) Until we show our numbers and commitment to the sport with our wallets, don't expect anything but a continued decline in our position within the racing community. Professional racing, of any type, is a business first.
MV Man -Mladin May 8, 2009 10:03 AM
SBK, not the point. Nobody is more aware of Mladin's on track accomplishments than I. "Whoop Ass" was your term. My comment had more to do with the cavalier manner people seemingly "in the know" toss Mat's name around with the likes of Bayliss and Rossi, thats ridiculous. By the way, Rich Oliver has passed me so fast the stickers peeled off my tank, so I'm well aware of the speed differential you speak of. That point was further demonstrated when at the 250 GP Rich was passed like he dropped a cylinder, and on and on.
SBKARMEN -Mladin May 8, 2009 09:31 AM
Yes MVMAN, correct Ben is good but he really didn't whoop Mladin's ass if I recall Mladin won more races pretty much those three years and fought the closest championships I think if Mladin did not get penalized the last year it would of meant the title was won by one point 2 years in a row. Thats not ass whooping that some serious close racing, and talking about Mladin doesn't take anything away from Ben period they are bosth good riders I have friends that race AMA superbike and when Mladin goes by them in practice he is going balls out compared to even Ben. Ben just got consistant and finished those years chasing the title in good form. I race against guys at the club level and the superfast one track wonders that dominate the club level are flying and putting 3 seconds on me a lap and to see them get their asses handed to them in a national level is crazy fast. I think until a lot of people really get into racing themselves and realize at what level Mladin and Ben and all these top guys are riding you would really be really scared shitless when watching a race. Even Martin "Marty" Cragill told me how amazing Mladin rides and what top level rider he is even compared to world level riders, this is the same guy who swore to me that Stoner would win the title his second year in motogp just after we watched Stoners 3rd motogp race.LOL I know Mladin had a hard time in 500gp when he raced with cagiva being kosinsky's team mate but he does not like the politics involved in world level racing. in Laguna in 93 I think he pulled in the pits and his own Cagiva Mechanics were helping Kosinsky and nobody even came up to him. Motogp politics suck ass, look what happened to Nicky with honda, look at him now???? what about Melandri?? Rossi is dominating motogp kink of, but what people don't know about Rossi is that he pretty much gets his way in motogp, and Mladin doens't want none of that and as for WSBK Mladin makes more than 80% of the field in WSBK combined? seriously its a joke and yes it does suck that we would never see his true maximum potential, but even billonairs don't ride their ultra expensive cars to their potential either! Those same people bitching and whining about Mladin 49 years from now are going see a picture of Mladin and go damn that guy was the best and I had a chance to either watch him race live and some of you might even have the opportunity to say I had a chance to race against him. but until then everbody starts hating because honestly they are running out of excuses? Hey Nasbike had the same problem people started hating Earnhardt and even Gordan when you become to good people actually get off on hating you and eventually start rooting for the underdog. Just like Jesus all the privateers and DMG want Mladin on a cross! Good luck they need to strap a 200 pound ball and chain on his right wrist in order to have a fighting chance! And he Rapid did you know that asshole Roger Edmonson has pancreotic cancer, one of the higher bosses in a preticular manufacturer told me his own buddies that work with him stated "I can't wait until that bastard dies". seriously to all those dump F@#ks who actually thought that dick head was going to save the AMA do you really think someone or this caliber could actually make a "good change"!? Someone who stated that this series should not be run by a riders union and there opinions on track safty is irrelavant, and the orginizers have the say when the rider can or can not race?!????! DUDE total stupidity when was the last time Nicky Hayden and Mladin agreed on something? Did we really need to do so many changes the first year. the DMG took everything motorcycle racing was about in this country and F#$Ked it all up. I still don't understand the number BS why did they do that? at daytona I was confused a guy with a red number 1 plate and Ben with the black 1 plate?? I soon later realized it, but that didn't help make it easier to understand what going on for the average fan? I have not watched one AMA race even though several of my friends race in the series and I will never go to a AMA race even though I have tons of friends that race that weekend I don't even wanna help my buddies out at the track. I can't stand someone would do such a hostile take over, its like when Germany took France ok ok f#$k the french! LOL you get my point damn did I go off I could bitch about this all day! anyone else wanna add, this is actually a good way to vent about this problem!!!!!!
Rapid -Mladin May 8, 2009 08:30 AM
I have to agree with SBKARMEN and add the following. Having been involved in US roadracing since the 70's and seeing the likes or Roberts, Baker, Nixon etc etc. When Roberts was winning over and over and over even on dirt and pavement the competitors back then "NEVER" pissed and moaned and whined like most of the riders and teams of today! What they did back then was simply step up their game!!! I am sooooooooo fed up hearing Bostrom and all the other "losers" because they are. After all when was the last time they won a real race? I never once heard Baker, Nixon, Cecotto, DuHamel Sr., Askland, Romero ANY OF THEM WHINE and complain that it wasn't fair that Kenny was winning everything! Or, we can't get what he gets. I was at Riverside back int he 70's when Gary Scott claimed Kenny’s motor from his TZ750 because he thought it has to have bits that he couldn't get. Well, to his surprise when he opened it up was it was all stock! Kenny just rode harder then anyone else, PERIOD! When David Emde beat Roberts was there any whining? NO! When Dave Emde would win almost every single time out racing AFM club events here in So Cal on his TZ250 and TZ750 did the hundreds of other 250 and 750 racers whine or say its not fair that Dave’s winning every race? NO! Instead what they did is they “tried” to ride better. Back then like today you could buy a TZ250 or TZ&%) from a Yamaha dealer and there were endless things you could do to them and thousands of engine builders across the country who could build the engines or a lot of races back then just did the engine work themselves. Roberts bike was surprisingly stock believe it or not! What Kel did and made sure of was the engine was blueprinted to the utmost degree! Now you have Rossi and Stoner and everyone else is playing catch-up. This will always be the case. It used to be Ago and Hailwood, and then Roberts and Sheene and then Spencer came onto the scene. Then it was Kevin and Wayne, then Mat and Ben and Rossi and Stoner. What people had been witnessing was real honest to god greatness racing right in front of their eyes! For RE and Speed to say that it’s better for the series to watch the races a week or more AFTER THE FACT is the dumbest thing anyone has ever said, PERIOD!! It is 100% obvious this is all planned by Roger “MR. NASBIKE” Edmondson and Speed to kill the series. To recently say that viewer ratings are up is a complete lie!!! So, instead lets watch the same MX race over and over and over…. And over again! Or, lets spend countless hours talking about the shape of an exhaust pipe and how it effect the cars handling or this color paint on this size sticker. OMG somebody JUST SHOOT ME NOW!!! =( And getting back to NASBIKE. NASBIKE promised alllllllllllllllllll this $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ to the series and what happened to it??? Just before the season started RE says, well due to economic conditions we have no money!!! Where was it when all these contracts were signed before the season started?? Back in the 70’s when Kenny won a national he’d get a few grand. Fast forward a few decades and Mat wins a national and he gets, drum roll please…. a few grand!!! WTF is wrong with this picture?? At Laguna you get 150,000 people to show up for a race event and the winners get NOTHING!!! Oh, here you go here’s your BIG 3’x6’ check for… another drum roll please… $5,000.00!!! WTF!!! WAKE UP!!! Hmmm they charge 35 to 100 per person, and ream the people selling food and charge OUTRAGIOUS sums to the people on the midway only to fatten their wallets!!! Do you think that all the millions made that weekend go to the riders??? NO!!! When are you loser riders going to wake up?? Stop hating the real talent who win because they can and they are on a team that can make a bike work better then you can dream of or that your team has the ability to do! You either step up or just get your mind set that you will be racing for 3rd's and your teams will just have to accept it because they simply can't improve, period. Stop the whining. DMG is worthless and they have killed roadracing in the US, PERIOD! I've not watched a "NASBIKE" race in 09 and have no intention of doing so! Any product associated with SPEED is simply off my shopping list and I STRONGLY suggest that everyone do the same. The bottom line here is this, that there will always be winners and losers, period. Mat, Ben and now Blake are winners the rest are just that the rest and are the first losers. They just have to accept it that Mat and his team are winners regardless of what they ride. I mean C'MON Mat's bike was at a dealership just weeks before Daytona and he's won every event. What is Jordan's excuse now? MJ was whining on Speed saying it’s not fair that Yosh gets all this and I can't! WTFAY? You come into a series and right off the bat you want this or that because you have $$$$!!! Make your bones MJ! Sorry for wandering and ranting with my typing but I just get so god damn fed up watching road racing go completely in the toilet! I’m just so fed up with all this NASBIKE BS. I sincerely appreciate this forum for the fact that it lets people really say how it is and how they feel about their passion. It shows just how much this sport is loved in the US. The sad part is the fans and racers don’t take a bigger part and step up and make them selves heard more because NASBIKE will simply turn what was once a series that produced some of the greatest racers of “all time” into nothing more then a glorified club race, period!
MV Man -Mladin May 8, 2009 07:42 AM
SBK, I can only imagine what that former WSBK champ thinks about the "ass whooping" Spies handed Mat over the last few seasons??
Robb -Mladin May 7, 2009 05:51 PM
The guy's 37 years old, why change series when he really is in his twlight years of racing. He must be surely thinking about hanging up the leathers soon. Another season or 2 of winning and he steps up to team management full time with his future secured. It's been a while but GP racing didn't work out that well for him so maybe he thinks staying put is the best option.
Dennis T -Errr yea. May 7, 2009 05:39 PM
I might not have put it like that SBK - but that's pretty much the way it is. If I were in Mladin's shoes I would probably do exactly the same thing - it's a good gig, easy work, lots of money and little stress. The downside is that he will be remembered as the King of the AMA - period. No worldwide fame or recognition, not in the list of the greats... Hailwood, Agostini, Roberts, Rainey, Rossi, etc. and never been challenged on a world stage. For him that's fine - he has his priorities and as you say, isn't insecure. The fan suffer of course - not seeing him battling with the best of the best and having to watch him leave the field in his dust every weekend... but the truth is the truth - he IS that much better.
SBKARMEN -Mladins Ass whooping on wankers! LOL May 7, 2009 04:08 PM
Mladin is probably the best, and I know for a fact based on some former WSBK champ that races against Mat says that if Bayliss came over Mladin would whoop his ass and even Rossi would have difficulty against him.(yeah sounds pretty unbeilable) but if someone raced Motogp and won British SBK and WSBK titles says something you would think his opinion is valid. Mladin will never go to motogp or WSBK, why??? He gets paid way more here in the states, second his best friends(team employees) all have job security here in the states with him, he doesn't have to try to learn new tracks or new bikes, doens't have to travel or prove anything oh and to top it off he doens't have to deal with asshole team politics, he likes to call the shots, would anyone leave a high paying job that requires less travel and get to employ your buddies and be guaranteed to be the GOAT in the class he is racing against. Did you guys ever notice that when you're at an AMA race none of the Yosh Employees care what color their hair is died, how cute they look in their uniform, or where their piercings are?? They don't spent more than the other factories, they just don't give a rats ass about anything other than winning unlike the other teams period. Whats everyones excuse when Suzuki no longer is the factory backer of Yoshimura and they still whoop every ones ass?? come on Ben Bostrom rode the factory Ducati,Honda,and Yamaha and never won?? WTF how do you even consider yourself a top rider if you can't bag one win keep in mind even the guy who finishes last in an AMA SBK race is bad ass I would never go out and say that guy sucks like some people. but you gotta admit the AMA is a very very hard compitition especially in beating the top riders like Mladin and Spies. I bet if Yoshimura USA could handle the expenses in a WSBK effort within a year or two they would be winning titles in WSBK and doing a lot better than Blata and his efforts. What is sad about the Yoshimura duo of seasons past is that instead of everybody being witness to the most dominant pair of riders backed by a team that can perform at the highest level, we had a bunch of people accusing them of cheating and basically saying that they were winning becuase of equipment... I looked at last year sorry the last 2 years as the most exciting and closest championships with the best riders in AMA history duking it out on the identical bike. oh and now that "the spies" is taking over WSBK we now are finally realizing how freaking good him and Mladin were doing here in the states. If only Mladin was a little insecure maybe we would see him open a can of whoop ass on the world stage...
KT -AMA Super Mladin May 7, 2009 02:22 PM
Yea, I'd have to agree. AMA superbike is a joke cause knowone can seem to keep up with Matt. Even if Matt does not start on pole, by the 3rd corner he's in the lead. 3 laps down in the race, he's already left pack fighting for first loser. Get some new talent AMA!!!!!!!!
Dennis T -Sigh May 7, 2009 10:24 AM
Oh, my mistake - I though when you said "Look at F1, Ferrari" you may have actually been talking about the present situation - something relevant and current! You meant look BACK, I guess, INTO THE PAST, when they had the best driver to have ever raced on their team! For what it's worth they are currently getting their asses handed to them and they are spending like there is no tomorrow. Good point though... LOL , What on earth was your points again? I think you actually just made the point that the best driver / rider will win lots of championships! As you can see by Ferrari's current situation (your example) money isn't everything!
jeremy -ferrari May 7, 2009 08:59 AM
How many championships did Michael Schumacher win?
Dennis T -Ferrari? May 7, 2009 06:09 AM
Err - yea, you need to say more! Currently Ferrari are 9th in the Formula 1 Constructors Championship with 3 points!
jeremy -mladin May 6, 2009 10:38 PM
I'm not trying to take away from Mladin's skill. Not at all! He's great. It's the team and the money! Whoever has the most money, wins!! It's true with all racing teams. Just look at F1. Ferrai. Need I say more. Mat, go to Moto GP!!
motojoe -mladin May 6, 2009 08:58 PM
Well I would not mind seeing someone else win but clearly Mat is the best rider. So he deserves every win he gets. The real problem here is DMG turning this into nascycle racing. Oh and lets not forget that they want to make 600's the premier class. Give me an f'n break. I am absolutey disgusted at what they are doing to Amercian Superbike racing. I really hope that the MIC gets going with US Superbike and shows AMA and DMG the correct way to conduct Superbike racing.
MV Man -Mladin May 6, 2009 04:02 PM
Jeremy, you're right again....the Suzuki is faster, with Mladin riding it. Remove Mat from the equation and Benny Boz looks like he wants to roll up his sleeves and get busy with Blake and Tommy!! We just have to wait this thing (Mladin) out, and it will take care of itself. I know Mat is a Badass, but he's gotta go home sometime....don't he, please. Mat, go out like your fellow countryman, Bayliss,.....on top. Wait a minute, that's it....Mat does want to go out on top, it's just taken him three years to get there again!
jeremy -yamamissille..mladin May 6, 2009 02:59 PM
53 wins, come on!?! Who else has done that? The bike is faster. Period.
MV Man -Mladin May 6, 2009 12:51 PM
I think Nicky and Ben made Mat better as well.
FearlessNSeattle -Mladin sets the bar May 6, 2009 12:07 PM
I agree with folks that say he made Ben and Nicky better. I love the way he speaks his mind if a race course is bad or if the AMA screws something up. I hope he continues until he can't win anymore. He is a good role model for younger riders in that his training and race preparation are the best. Mladin worked hard for everything he's got. I wonder how many folks would bash him if he was American. Sadly I think that is what is behind the constant bashing. I would love to see him have a guest shot at MotoGP similiar to what Ducati did for Troy Bayliss. But MotoGP really is machine dependent. Whereas Superbike the bikes are very close I think in MotoGP the bikes vary a lot. Ducati, Yamaha, and Honda are somewhat close but Suzuki is far behind and now that Kawasaki has lost support it's team is a lost cause as well.
Superlight -Mladin May 6, 2009 07:57 AM
I respect Mladin for his riding skills. I understand why he's not moved to the WSBK series (why; the moneys too good over here). I like what Yoshimura has accomplished in US racing with their team. And I'm totally bored with US Superbike racing; I don't/won't watch it until there is some real competition.
Papa Smurf -Mladin May 6, 2009 07:04 AM
I admit I was never a big fan of Matt but he has turned me around. From his no nonsense approach to everything to "it's the team" (they win/loose as a team - dont pass blame). I honestly hope Matt wins it all and stuffs the superbike trophy up DMG's ass. NASCAR has wrecked the sport that I loved for a number of years. Matt is a great ride, great development rider and we have him to thank for Nicky and Ben being such good riders.
Jeremy -Mladin May 6, 2009 05:56 AM
I'm just tired of hearing Suzuki, Suzuki, Suzuki. Put Mladin on a Yamaha or Honda or even a Kawi!! You definitely don't see Suzuki dominating in MotoGP. Boring. Just like any sport, when a team wins year after year or game after game, it becomes extremely uninteresting.
YamaMISSILE -Mladin May 6, 2009 04:25 AM
I too, hope Mladin moves on from the DMG/AMA crap that is offered here in the United States. But for a completely different reason. I love to see him dominate. I love to see him win. I love to hear everyone whine about how he's not that good. Or how Suzuki must be cheating (right jeremy?). Give me a break. All of the bikes are awesome and at this level, it's more the rider than anything else. With that in mind, Suzuki has to be kicking their own asses for not signing Ben Spies to Moto GP after seeing him so successful so quickly in SBK. Mladin has the talent to do the same thing in the SBK, and most certainly do better than the riders offered up by Suzuki as sacrificial lambs in Moto GP. I would love to hear the whining again when he quickly moves to the top of the rankings.
MV Man -Mladin May 5, 2009 11:55 PM
Jeremy, you are correct, it's not the bike....Mat is once again the cream of the crop now that Spies has moved on to the world stage. I feel Mat would win in American Superbike on any of the major rides. I couldn't agree with you and Atlas more, but until Mat retires, (should be soon, he's gotta be tired of this as well), don't expect things to change at the front. He simply has no rivals. Daytona Sportbike mayhem will put a smile on your face in the meantime!! (Plus it will be a better springboard for our young guns into Moto GP2).
jeremy -mladin May 5, 2009 09:22 PM
I agree with Atlas. I'm very tired of seeing him win every friggin weekend. I really don't think it's the bike he's riding. He's a really good rider. If it is the bike, then something is up with his bike and his team. He simply just blows everyone else away. That bike has to have more horsepower or something. I don't think that he is that much better than most of the other riders out there!
jimbolaya -what you call boring.... May 5, 2009 08:35 PM
If it's so easy for someone to beat Mladin/Suzuki/Yoshimura don't you think Honda et all would challenge them? Honda has tried everything in the world to beat this team. They can't. Blame for the so-called "boring" results are Honda & the other team's fault as much as Mladin's. In other words, you could just as easily say Honda et all sucks as much as Mladin dominates.
MV Man -Mladin May 5, 2009 08:11 PM
Sorry Atlas, Mat will win here as long as he wants to continue cherry pickin...opps...I mean racing in American Superbike. He is a machine that only understands one thing, dominating his opposition. That don't make him a bad guy, just a racer. Let's face it, professional motorcycle racing is the entertainment business. If we are not entertained, something is wrong. I have not been entertained by AMA superbike for several years now. I have far to much to say about the why and how of it all for this response, but I will say that I have been completely blown away by my new favorite class, Daytona Sportbike! Holy poop, now those guys know how to entertain a roadrace fanatic! Good job AMA/DMG.
Papa Bear -Mladin May 5, 2009 08:11 PM
I actually hope Mladin keeps racing, and winning, for at least the next five years and I’ll tell ya why. Mladin raises the bar essentially forcing ALL the top riders and factories to step up. In return we get better and better machines to choose from. These motorcycles can only be built as good as the rider that rides them who in turn provides valuable data for the factories to improve the bikes. This relationship between the best riders and the factories they race for has far more value and influence on my motorcycling than outcomes in DMG racing. Besides, no matter who or what factory wins in DMG, it will still be lame because DMG is clueless and is only thinking about the quick Nasbike buck$$$ not quality road racing.
fzog -mladin May 5, 2009 06:21 PM
Why doesn't he just go to WSB or MotoGP, it's just boring watching him win over and over and over. Spies made it exciting for a while but he went to WSB, why doesn't Mladin? Maybe it's being big dog in the small kennel, or he doesn't want to be another also ran in GP. Either way they need to get some people who can run with him.