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2007 Yamaha YZ250F Photo Gallery

Yamaha hopes to turn some heads with a new turning prowess. Handling was just one of the areas targeted for improvement on the 2007 YZ250F. Check out what we thought about our 2007 Yamaha YZ250F First Ride

Overall the new YZ250F is a sharp looking package. Once we get to further evaluate the machine we’ll see if it really performs to the same level.
Power output does feel a little more robust this year, but the big low-end tug just isn’t there. The bike can still be lugged around, but it definitely likes to build some steam.
Lengthening the tailpipe helps match the exhaust with the engine performance target of high-rpm increases. It also is said to meet the 99-decibel limit which will be imposed by the AMA in 2007.
Finding that claimed 4% increase in fork flex was tough to do at the Milestone MX track. Yamaha claims that much of the three pounds lost in 2007 have been shaved from the front end.
Even though the chassis and wheelbase is a little shorter, JC had no problem moving his own 5’11” chassis around the cockpit.
JC was anxious to get his first laps aboard Yamaha’s new ’07 250F.
The graphics package is another area where the Blue designers have scored a victory - at least in our eyes.
The added pressure on the front end and lighter steering makes the YZ250F much easier to blast corners with. Our sandy test track wasn’t the best for getting a feel for the front end but the improvements were still large enough to be easily felt.
Kayaba has done a good job of meeting the requirements of Lites class racing. The 48mm fork is supple while still providing bottoming resistance for our 190-lb tester.
Anybody who doubts the Yamaha’s ability to go fast needs only to watch Doug Dubach for a few laps to have their attitude readjusted.
Clean lines and unique aluminum chassis gives the Yamaha a different look than the other Japanese bikes.
Just because it turns better doesn’t mean you’ll make all the turns.
These shroud decals have been too long in the making.
A hard-terrain Dunlop 739 front tire wasn’t feeling right at home at the all-new Milestone MX, but it was planted enough to show improvements in the handling department.
Our test bike handled everything we could throw at it during our initial impression. We’ll find some faster riders and different tracks for our next meeting with the YZ250F.
A 49-tooth sprocket helps liven things up out of corners and off the start gate.
JC liked jumping the Blue 450F in 2006 and the new 250F seems to have a more similar feel. Many of the changes to this year’s small-bore MXer have stemmed from successful mods on the larger machine.
This wide left-hander built up a sandy berm along the outside that was perfect for blitzing. A tight infield section allowed plenty of opportunity to test the YZ-F at finding inside lines.
Changes to the motor and final gearing helps keep the bike running at optimal rpm, which in this case is towards the upper limit.
Yamaha hopes to jump in front of its Lites class competitors this year After changing to the aluminum chassis last year, Yamaha has stuck with it and improved the handling characteristics.
This sweeping, right-handed whoop section was a blast. Sand whoops can be a lot of fun and the Kayaba suspension on the YZ-F helps keep them that way.
The new Yammie responds quickly to throttle input. Blasting out of corners is great fun, especially if you can keep the motor up in the revs.
This front brake rotor looks like it was stolen off Kawasaki’s KX250F, but the real news is the shrunken forged caliper. Smaller pistons and pads grip the new rotor, but unfortunately we weren’t satisfied with our evaluation of the new setup. From what we could tell it was similar to last year.
The rear Kayaba shock has been lengthened similar to the 2006 YZ450F. Though a mere 1.5mm, the extra pitch gives better bite to the front tire.
The tuning fork company has put forward a serious effort towards improving the YZ250F. We aren’t sure that it will be enough, but this bike will surely find an appreciative Blue audience.
Will Yamaha be able to crest the hill of stiff competition in the 250F division? You’ll have to wait until our shootout for that one.
Taller ProTapers sit above a steering head that has been moved 3mm rearward.