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2009 Baja 500 Results

Monday, June 8, 2009
The official result sheets are changing rapidly with the enforcing of rule infraction penalties. SCORE-International is laying a heavy hand on the competitors who did not abide by the course deviation and speed limits. For more details and further updates check out JC's Blog about the Baja 500 Penalties.

Kendall Norman took his fourth consecutive victory at the Baja 500 in a close battle with another JCR team.
The 41st anniversary of the Tecate SCORE Baja 500 was Round 3 of the 2009 SCORE Desert Series. Competitors had a 20-hour time limit on Sunday as the course made a loop out of Ensenada, Mexico and back to the popular Baja race town. Honda factory riders scored the overall victory with Kendall Norman at the helm of the Red Rider A team. It was Noman’s fourth consecutive overall at the 500, this time with Timmy Weigand and Quinn Cody as co-pilots.

“I put the bike in a comfortable spot and then my teammate (Quinn Cody) fell and messed the bike up pretty good near race mile 200. We got behind our teammates (Colton Udall) and we really had to work hard after we got behind them. The course was really good, I liked it and my part of the race was a lot of hard work but I had a very clean ride and I was able to bring home my fourth straight overall win in the SCORE Baja 500 which is something I had only dreamed of being able to do.”

Riding the No. 4x Johnny Campbell Racing Honda CRF450X, Norman rode 269 miles total and was the first out of the gate to get things started. From there the team ran into some trouble with Quinn suffering crash damage before Weigand was able to ride it and then Norman brought it home with a final time of 8:30:03 for an average of 50.88 mph.

“I was trying to get through my section and make clean lines,” said Quinn. “A quarter-mile before Borrego, I hit a rock and it landed right on the ignition cover. It put a one-inch by three-inch hole in the cover and all of the oil dumped out instantly. But we had a pit within a quarter mile, and I rode into it. And the crew guys just ripped the ignition cover off and changed everything. They got us back out within a minute of the 15x bike.”

“Quinn pulled out a good lead and we needed that extra time to fix some of our mishaps today,” added Weigand. “I rode my little section and then Kendall just put his head down and hammered it to the finish.”

Jeff Kargola (left) and Colton Udall (right) piloted their JCR Honda CRF450X to second place.
Norman and crew’s main competition came from their JCR teammates Colton Udall and Jeff Kargola who finished the course only one minute, five seconds behind on a similarly prepped JCR Honda CRF450X.

It was a clean Honda sweep of the podium with Connor Penhall, Chad Black and Cale Wallace taking third. The Kawasaki KX450F of Shane Esposito was fourth overall but first in Class 21. Among the 65 Sportsman racers who competed in six classes, the fastest motorcycle time was a Kawasaki KX450F turned in by the team led by Enrique Guerro, of Ensenada, Mexico.

Wayne Matlock of El Cajon, CA picked up his second victory of the season with teammates Harold Goodman Jr., Wes Miller and Josh Caster. The group raced a Honda TRX700XX to a finishing time of 9:36:23 which was good enough for 10th overall among all motorcycle and ATV finishers. Matlock is now the two-time reigning Baja 500 champ.

Round 4 of the five-race 2009 SCORE Desert Series will be the 14th SCORE Terrible’s Primm 300 on Sept. 11-13 in Primm, Nev.

Update: After numerous penalties for course deviations, the finishing order of the Baja 500 has changed drastically. Listed results are riders final positions after penalties have been added. Only Class Results Available at this time.

2009 Baja 500 Updated Class Results (6/17/2009):

Class 22
1st - CAMERON CORFMAN 8x - 10:28:31 - COURSE DEVIATION (30) + HWY SPEED (25) = TOTAL (55)
2nd - IVAN RAMIREZ 16x - 10:43:33 - HWY SPEED (79) = TOTAL (79)
3rd - COLTON UDALL 15x - 11:09:08 - COURSE DEVIATIONS (150) + HWY SPEED (8) = TOTAL (158)
5th - RYAN PENHALL 2x - 11:49:54 - COURSE DEVIATIONS (150) + HWY SPEED (13) = TOTAL (163)
6th - CONNER PENHALL 5x - 11:50:19 - COURSE DEVIATIONS (150) + HWY SPEED (23) = TOTAL (173)
7th - MARK BRADFORD 17x - 11:52:31 - COURSE DEVIATIONS (120) + HWY SPEED (19) = TOTAL (139)
8th - KENDALL NORMAN 4x - 12:00:03 - COURSE DEVIATIONS (180) + HWY SPEED (30) = TOTAL (210)
9th - GABRIEL WILLIAMS 13x - 16:12:12 - COURSE DEVIATION (90) + HWY SPEED (223) = TOTAL (313)
10th - TEREN MONTELONGO 7x - 17:04:28 - HWY SPEED (288) = TOTAL (288)
11th -  ADAM NEUWIRTH 19x - DNF - COURSE DEVIATIONS (30) + HWY SPEED (884) = TOTAL (914)

Class 21
2nd - SHANE ESPOSITO 106x - 11:29:19 - COURSE DEVIATIONS (150) = TOTAL (150)
3rd - BARON PICKETT 101x - 11:56:39 - COURSE DEVIATION (60) + HWY SPEED (24) = TOTAL (84)
4th - CHAD THORNTON 108x - 12:36:49 - COURSE DEVIATION (30) = TOTAL (30)
5th - RONNIE WILSON 107x - 13:49:55 - INSUFFICIENT DATA (150) + HWY SPEED (54) = TOTAL (204)
6th - EVAN HEATH 110x - 14:11:58 - COURSE DEVIATION (30) + HWY SPEED (140) = TOTAL (170)
7th - JEREMY PURVINES 109x - 14:58:04 - COURSE DEVIATIONS (150) + HWY SPEED (146) = TOTAL (296)
8th - DAN TROY 104x - 15:08:19 - COURSE DEVIATION (60) + HWY SPEED (6) = TOTAL (66)
9th - CARLOS CASAS 100x - 17:37:30 - COURSE DEVIATION (60) + HWY SPEED (398) = TOTAL (458)
10th - JORGE PEREZ C. 102x - DNF - COURSE DEVIATION (60) + HWY SPEED (712) = TOTAL (772)

Class 60
1st - RICHARD JACKSON 609x - 13:09:54 - COURSE DEVIATION (60) = TOTAL (60)
2nd - DON LEWIS 600x - 14:33:46 - COURSE DEVIATION (90) + HWY SPEED (13) = TOTAL (103)


Class 25

1st - NICK NELSON 5a - 10:26:24 - NO DATA HWY (10) = TOTAL (10)
2nd - WAYNE MATLOCK 1a - 11:06:23 - COURSE DEVIATION (90) = TOTAL (90)
3rd - TRAVIS DILLON 7a - 13:08:39 - HWY SPEED (30) = TOTAL (30)
4th -  ADOLFO ARELLANO 3a - 14:11:10 - HWY SPEED (180) = TOTAL (180)
5th - SANTOS PEREZ 2a - DNF - HWY SPEED (799) = TOTAL (799)
6th - FELIPE VELEZ T. 6a  - DNF

Class 26
1st - REID RUTHERFORD 201a - 14:37:00 - HWY SPEED (40) = TOTAL (40)
2nd - ROB RANSFORD 219a - DNF

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dirtygirl   July 26, 2011 02:32 PM
I want to see Ivan ramrirez compete in x games enduro x! 7/28-31 will be good. he;s the only mexi competing...hazlo por mexico!
Super dave -overall win  June 30, 2009 12:37 PM
Check the times in all the class's 1st103X 2nd303X 3rd 8x
Coyote667 -All Wrong  June 17, 2009 06:01 PM
FYI, this story is now completely out of date: http://www.score-international.com/253/newss/Official_Results_From_Tecate_SCORE_Baja_500.aspx After penalties, the Corfman brothers and Craig Smith on team 8x are the actual winners of the Baja 500. Hopefully we'll get an updated story here soon...
Lucifer -Status on 113X  June 14, 2009 06:35 PM
113X is not dead. in comma young guy.. ensenada local. one of ensenada's best mechanics.
Mike -Wrong way correction  June 13, 2009 02:27 PM
I went back and checked, it was around RM290. Cruz Roja assisted. The Motorcyclist died of head trauma. It said it was 113x. Could not find any listing for 113x. No news, no score announcements, other than the radio coverage on twitter.
Mike -Wrong Way Fatality  June 12, 2009 06:00 PM
This was a motorcycle vs a spectator car earlier in the race, I believe. The motorcylist died enroute to the hospital.
Funkdaddy305x -Wrong way fatality?? I was wittness to a racer vs ranger pickup head on at aprox rm288  June 12, 2009 01:00 PM
I was wondering if the rider did perish or just severly injured. This was my first Baja500 and after seeing that it may be my last...
Mike -Wrong way fatality  June 8, 2009 02:01 PM
No news on who was killed? I heard that a racer died of his injuries in a crash with a wrong-way driver on the course. It seems newsworthy, but there is no mention of it anywhere. Bad reporting or a Score Cover-Up?