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Lawrence Two-Round Supercross Suspension

Friday, February 6, 2009
Jason Lawrence
The defending lites champion has been suspended from racing for two events, destroying any chance at defending his title.
AMA Racing officials determined today that actions taken by AMA Supercross Lites West Championship Series rider Jason Lawrence at the San Francisco round of the series violated the terms of his existing probationary status, which began on June 12, 2008. Lawrence has therefore been suspended for the next two rounds of the 2009 AMA Supercross Lites West Championship Series.

Specifically, Lawrence was found to have violated Appendix A, section A2.3j, of the AMA Supercross, and FIM World Championship, Rulebook, which states that the following offense is subject to disciplinary action:

"An attack on a Racing official and/or engaging in a fight. This includes any person who attacks or is involved in a fight anywhere on the premises prior to, during, or after an AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship meet. There will be no maximum fine or suspension period for this offense."

It was determined that Lawrence was involved in an incident off the track involving certain Supercross class riders. As a result of that violation, Lawrence has been suspended for the next two rounds of the 2009 AMA Supercross Lites West Championship Series, including the Feb. 7 round in Anaheim, Calif., and the Feb. 14 round in San Diego, Calif.

AMA officials notified Lawrence of the penalty on Wednesday, Feb. 4. Lawrence appealed and presented evidence in his favor at a meeting with AMA Racing officials on Friday, Feb. 6. Following careful consideration of that evidence, Lawrence's appeal was denied.

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Nobody -He's a Nobody  February 17, 2009 10:54 AM
Lawrence is a punk and the AMA should have taken more action after he cut the track in Jan. Let him go to europe or wherever he went before, his type is not needed in competition.
chubbs -i dont support fighting tho  February 8, 2009 09:00 PM
i get it! but i think all parties invloved should have some fines or penalties! cmon be fair. and hanson is just as much "trouble" lawernce if not more but he just not singled out cause hes been sucking balls?!!@!! and eanyone who really knows boniface knows he rides a lil rough but is mild mannered off the track! F@#$k H&H for supporting these a holes. cary pump up you nuts and lay down the law. its good to have the bad boys but they still need to be proffesional bad boys not like these ameture has beens than can finish a main!!! at least jd was top 10 most of the time and you should have paid up douch bag! now go get some decent artis asisde from jimi he the only one worth a damn and i have much respect for him. hes got more skills than anyone that works for that whole organazation.!!! cmon AMA I think i may want a refund!!!! until you find a cinsistent rule to follow!!!!
chubbs -man!!!!  February 8, 2009 08:48 PM
but hanson and boniface get a slap basically!!! i mean they dont have to pay the fine as long as they keep there nose clean ( no pun intended for hanson) but still! LAME!!!!!! and why didnt troy lee get a fine?