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Supercross Salt Lake Results

Saturday, April 25, 2009
James Stewart - San Francisco
James Stewart bid his time and moved into the lead for good with seven laps to go. After such a tumultuous season, he's now in the driver's seat with only one race left.
James Stewart stalked his nemesis Chad Reed through the first half of the Supercross main event in Salt Lake's Rice-Eccles Stadium. Reed had the holeshot and was in perfect position to reclaim the championship lead from the get-go. Stewart tested the waters on Lap 4 and 8, but once Lap 13 rolled around it was time for Stewart to strike and the San Manuel JSE Yamaha stole into the lead for good.

“I got the holeshot and started the race out great,” said Reed. “There are little things here and there that I need to work on, but it was a good race. We head to Las Vegas next weekend for the last race of the season, and I am looking forward to it.”

Reed would give chase on his Rockstar Makita Suzuki but as the laps wound down it was Stewart who was stronger. The win was Stewart's 11th on the season and he is now six points ahead of Reed with one race to go.

“That was a fun race for me,” said Stewart. “We passed one another several times and it was fun. Chad was on it tonight, and I almost crashed a few times. We have one more race next weekend in Las Vegas.”

Chad Reed - St. Louis
Reed has a six point deficit to make up in the final round. Anything can happen in Las Vegas.
Red Bull Honda's Davi Millsaps finished on the podium for the second consecutive race. The third-place results moved him into a tie with Ryan Villopoto. RV finished fourth and shares the seventh position with Millsaps with 208 points apiece.

Supercross Results:
1.James Stewart, Yam
2.Chad Reed, Suz
3.Davi Millsaps, Hon
4.Ryan Villopoto, Kaw
5.Andrew Short, Hon
6.Josh Grant, Yam
7.Kevin Windham, Hon
8.Matt Boni, Hon
9.Tommy Hahn, Kaw
10.Ivan Tedesco, Hon

Supercross Overall Results:
1.Stewart, 357
2.Reed, 351
3.Short, 257
4.Grant, 223
5.Windham, 218

Supercross Lites

Jake Moss jumped out to the early lead after passing holeshot winner, Ryan Dungey, and held the point position for seven laps as the order shuffled behind him. Points leader, Dungey, circled in second on his Rockstar Makita Suzuki before taking over the lead when Moss crashed and holding it until Lap 12. At that point Dungey started to fade and succumbed to Trey Canard, then Jake Weimer and finally Ryan Morais on the last lap. Canard picked up his first win of the season for the Geico Powersports Honda team.

Ryan Dungey resumes the Supercross Lites West class with a win - 2009 ama Supercross - Seattle
Ryan Dungey is the 2009 West Coast Supercross Lites champion.
“This win tonight is great for me,” said Canard. “I have had a rough season and to end it like this is all worth it.”

The the Monster Pro Circuit Kawasaki duo followed to the checkers. Weimer snared another four points on Dungey, but it wasn't enough as the RM-Z250 rider cruised to the West Coast SX Lites championship by a margin of 179-173.

“I want to thank my family and team for being there for me,” said Dungey on the championship. “I lost the battle but won the war tonight. There are so many people that helped me get to this point in my career and I want to thank them.”
Morais landed in third for the season tally with Justin Brayton in fourth with a fifth-place result in Salt Lake. The West riders will square off against the East as the series heads to Las Vegas for the annual Shootout.

Supercross Lites Results:
1.Trey Canard, Hon
2.Jake Weimer, Kaw
3.Ryan Morais, Kaw
4.Ryan Dungey, Suz
5.Justin Brayton, KTM
6.Chris Blose, Hon
7.Jake Moss, Hon
8.Kyle Cunningham, Kaw
9.Michael Hall, Yam
10.Ben Evans, Hon

Supercross Lites Overall Standings (final):
1.Dungey, 178
2.Weimer, 173
3.Morais, 166
4.Brayton, 119
5.Blose, 110
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Jake Weimer Bio
Jake Weimer was one of the more underrated 250 riders before nailing down the West Coast SX Championship in 2010. For 2012, he'll aim to recover from a difficult season plagued by injury.
Kyle Regal Bio
Based out of Kemp, Texas, Kyle Regal is a former rookie who skipped the Loretta Lynn’s amateur nationals in favor of turning pro during the 2009 season.
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Eric -Completely obscene  April 27, 2009 05:16 PM
If you think Chisholm's move was an accident, you're being naive. At this level of racing, all lapped riders know that they should back down to avoid affecting the outcome of a race. If you're on the lead lap, then it's your right to race, and not just "lay down". But if you're a lapper, and the two points leaders are coming through, in such a critical point in the series, then get the h*** out of the way. Sure, Stewart was capable of going faster that night. But that's not the point, is it?
Garrett -Watch the video  April 27, 2009 03:56 PM
If you really watch what happened with Chisholm you will see that he didn't get on the binders quick enough to turn. Watch real close and you will see only minimal contact with Reed. That slight contact should not have taken Reed out like it did, but did give him an excuse to say why he lost. Also watch a little earlier when Reed made contact with Stewart on a pass and nearly took him out. Nobody is mentioning that one. Reed plainly got out-ridden by Stewart. Lappers are a part of racing and unfortunately so are sore losers.
MTGR -FYI  April 27, 2009 02:30 PM
Alessi blocked Stewart during a race for position. Alessi was NOT a lap down. As for Reed being smart passing Chisholm, check the video. Reed was already by when Chisholm cut through the corner in order to hit the REAR wheel of Reeds' bike, and last time I checked there are no mirrors on SX bikes. Stewart is fast enough not to need that kind of help and it needs to be discouraged before it escalates and someone is hurt. Meanwhile, Reed, who was doing a masterful job of containing a possibly faster rider - something real racers do - was left too far back. When is the last time you were left 3 seconds back of someone your speed or faster and made it up in a few laps?
Jess -I'm a racer myself  April 27, 2009 12:07 PM
All of us in motorcycle racing know it is our responsibility to find a way around lappers...at the end of the day he didn't take Reed out and Stewart was obviously faster to catch him and make the pass... stop crying about it
Brendan -Reed/Chisholm  April 27, 2009 10:55 AM
Reed was well past Chisholm when he took a torpedo line for Reed's rear wheel. "Team Tactics" is one thing and intentionally taking someone out is another. It did'nt look like Chisholm was even trying make the turn.You can't sugar coat it or ignore what is on video.
Bill -Cheated?  April 27, 2009 08:01 AM
Reed didn't fall and crash, but Chisholm did. If Reed can't make up the small difference between him and Stewart to win a this race then he really isn't the best. Stewart is able to make up the difference quite easily against Reed in this race and other races in the season. Remember Reed had the holeshot and nice lead. Stewart was able to make up the difference with traffic to pass Reed. Once again cheated, give me a break!
MTGR -Correct me if I am wrong  April 27, 2009 06:44 AM
Even aside from safety concern, is it not illegal per both the FIM and AMA rulebooks to use "team tactics" to help decide the title? I would thing a teammate taking out your competition WHILE HE IS BEING LAPPED is a pretty clear case of that. F1 has disqualified complete teams (BOTH drivers) from races for that same type offense - and it was not even mentioned here! Chisholm might have been black flagged but how does that restore the close running Reed was maintaining up to that point? Bottom line, Stewarts' team cheated and they are getting away with it! Why would Suzuki not do the same in return?
Mark -This is racing, and things happen  April 26, 2009 10:40 PM
People need to move on from the Chisholm and Reed incident. Stewart won and Reed did a great job racing him. They both rode aggressive and could easily take each other out at this race pace and bike proximity. They both had to be careful of lapped traffic. I remember seeing a race this year were Alessi was attempting to get in Stewart's way but Stewart took a different line and passed him. Reed is naive for thinking Chisholm should just move over from him easily. Slow him down but not take him out, but sometime at race pace you might take him out. Be smarter next time Reed when passing Chisholm or another rider. Instead of Reed's comments at the end of the race of "Chisholm who?" and my teammate Alessi would do that, you should have kept your thoughts to yourself and just said it was "great race and need to do better next time". Lose a race with some grace for a change, and this was a race that less should be said at the end.
Rob -Ummm, I think you missed something.  April 26, 2009 06:43 PM
Even if you don't think it was a dirty move, don't you think you should at least MENTION the intentional, unintentional, accidental move by Stewarts TEAMMATE that almost took out Reed?????? Nice no mention.......and yes I'm being sarcastic.