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AMA Superbike Mat Mladin Video Interview

Tuesday, June 16, 2009
Mat Mladin - Road America
AMA Pro Superbike racer Mat Mladin sits down for a three part interview to reflect on a few topics.
Yoshimura has posted an introspective interview series with Mat Mladin on their website. In this exclusive three part series, Mat reflects on a number of topics close to him.

The first segment "Mental Toughness" focuses on Mladin reflecting on his early motocross days, has some advice for parents and let's us in on his basic philosophy. "Talent only takes you a certain distance as a professional," Mladin professes. "From there it becomes just hard work."

Click here for Part 1

In the second part "Finding 1/10ths" Mladin talks about what it takes to go fast on a motorcycle, and how his style differs from the traditional model. "Things I learned in my motocross days have directly come across to road racing and work better than traditional road racing ways... way better," Mladin explains. "Its just not that complicated."

Click here for Part 2

The third installment "Race Day Perceptions" gives an insight as to what Mladin is thinking before the race, on the grid and while he is racing. He opens up and explains his outlook on racing these days: "Just to push as hard as I possibly can... all the way to the end."

Click here for Part 3

To see these videos (plus a bunch more) visit Yoshimura's website and go to the video tab - www.yoshimura-rd.com

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Dwaincash1 -strongand fast  June 28, 2009 04:43 PM
Truth is, Mat Mladin is the type of guy that I respect because, He is here in America and knowing that he can be over seas racing, like the Nicky Hayden, and Ben Spies. I'm sure that he would be good over there also. He is in America because he loves this country and has made a family here. I think that Mat has true talent as a rider, and a good person. I've had the chance to sit and converse with Mat Mladin at the Auto club speedway, and I enjoyed his conversation. I'm also a motocycle racer and he had some very good riding tips, that I took to heart and still to this day use. So a guy like mat will always get my respect.
Brian -Mladin  June 17, 2009 07:38 AM
Over the years I have come to like this guy more and more...he is no-nonsense and works so hard and it shows! Like anyone you see who is great at something he makes it look effortless and I'm happy we have him here in the United States. Keep going Mat, you are inspiration to all who can see clearly.
Frak! -Mladin  June 17, 2009 06:18 AM
Honestly, I'm glad he's been in the AMA, because he IS so mentally tough, & it shows American riders how high the bar really is. No one touches this Mat, (save Spies, who's now rocking WSBK) & people hate him for it? That's just ridiculous, IMHO... Instead of whining about it, racers should man-up & go beat him! I do think its time he gets a place in more competitive racing series. Seeing how well Ben Spies is doing in WSBK, you just KNOW Mat would do well there as well. It'd be a shame to see him go, because it would reduce the talent pool here in America.
Ben -Mladin  June 17, 2009 05:48 AM
I can't figure out if I like him or dislike him. It seems to depend on the day for me. I'm also curious about why he stayed in AMA. Beating racers like Hayes Bostom is one thing...Beating Rossi and Stoner...I'm not sure how he would stack up. I'd love to see that race though!
RG1jv -AMA Mladin  June 16, 2009 04:58 PM
Most scoff Mladin/Makita Suzuki, and I won't be a hypocrite because I was right there with the masses at his dominating performance. He is the Ricky Carmichael of Road Racing. I know the AMA Superbike series can get a little boring and repetitive with this guy taking the crown every year (with the exception of Spies the last 3 years), but the real reason was that I just wanted to see some different faces on the podium! Mladin is just a mature, experienced, bad ass road racer that is really on another level from his AMA counter parts for the most part...Should he be tested and have moved to WSS or MotoGP to be tested with other World Class riders of his level...sure! But, just look what he is doing to the AMA paddock racing against him. Other riders are having to ADJUST, and up their game even to compete. Spies countered this...who is ready to step up!? C'mon on Hayden, Bostrom...rootin for you! Respect Mladin though...yes, I do.