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AMA Pro Racing Topeka Sunday Results

Sunday, August 2, 2009
Sunday at the Tornado Nationals in Topeka, Kansas bestowed a 20-lap chase for the American Superbike win, Race 1 redemption in Daytona SportBike, and a good-old-fashioned trouncing in SuperSport.

American Superbike Race 2 - Topeka, Kansas

Larry Pegram led from pole to take Race 2 and sweep the American Superbike Tornado Nationals weekend in Topeka, Kansas.

Larry Pegram - American Superbike  Race 2  Topeka  Kansas
Larry Pegram rode a blemish-free Race 2 to sweep the American Superbike weekend in Topeka, Kansas.
The Ducati privateer was followed in the opening lap by the procession of Blake Young, Aaron Yates, Tommy Hayden, Josh Hayes, Ben Bostrom, Jake Holden, Mike Laverty, Geoff May, and Neil Hodgson.

At the end of Lap 2 Yates crashed his Jordan Motorsports Suzuki while trying to pass Young, which also caused Young to drop to 10th.

Gifted with second, Hayden then began his race-long campaign to chip away at Pegram’s half-a-second advantage. By the end of Lap 6 the Yoshimura Suzuki rider was within three-tenths of the Race 1 winner. However, Pegram was in perfect form and for every stride Hayden made he would set him back the same on the following lap. The two riders settled into this cat-and-mouse chase for 18 straight laps, but in the end Pegram managed to hold the lead and cross the finish-line three-tenths in front of Hayden.

"I was sweating and Tommy was all over me, he was an animal," Pegram said. "I could hear him back there, I could feel him. The last three laps I was riding fairly defensive. I was still trying to set a good pace but in the places where I knew there were opportunities to pass, I wasn't giving any room there. My hats off to him, I rode as hard as I possibly could and he was there the whole race."

"I was a lot stronger than Larry through two of the corners," Hayden said. "I didn't want to try a move until I thought I was close enough to make it. I tried the one spot and he got back by and I never really got close enough again through that area. He picked it up a bit there. It's kind of frustrating to keep getting this close and not get a win, but I feel like I'm learning a lot in the races. I have to keep doing what I'm doing, it can't be too far away."

Hayes brought up third over five seconds behind the two front-runners.

Last minute safety fixes at the Topeka  KS Circuit.
Last minute safety fixes removed dangerous walls at Topeka.
"The track put in a lot of effort to help us out and I'm very thankful for the work that they did," said Hayes. "The bike actually worked really well. Somewhere in Lap 5 or 6 I made a go at the guys and kind of closed everything up and I got close. Even if I caught them I didn't know if I could make any moves. They were pretty strong everywhere that I could pass. I knew both of these guys want the wins really bad, just like I do. I just didn't have the pace to run with them there at the end. I'm up here on the podium. I think this is my first Superbike podium where I didn't win a race, so I hope we're making some in roads. Hopefully we'll be good at Virginia."

On Lap 9 Laverty dropped two places to eighth as May and Knapp moved up a place. Yet, Race 2 at Topeka will be one to forget for the Jordan Motorsports team. Three laps later May joined his teammate Yates on the sidelines after crashing from sixth.

On Lap 19 Bostrom experienced a mechanical problem that caused him to drop out of the race from fourth.

Larry Pegram - American Superbike  Race 2  Topeka  Kansas
The crowd was non-existent for the inaugural running of American Superbike in Topeka, Kansas.
American Superbike Race 2 Results
1. Larry Pegram (Ducati 1098)
2. Tommy Hayden (Suzuki GSX-R1000)
3. Josh Hayes (Yamaha YZF-R1)
4. Jake Holden (Honda CBR1000RR)
5. Taylor Knapp (Suzuki GSX-R1000)
6. Neil Hodgson (Honda CBR1000RR)
7. Mike Laverty (Suzuki GSX-R1000)
8. Blake Young (Suzuki GSX-R1000)
9. Chris Ulrich (Suzuki GSX-R1000)
10. Scott Charlton (Suzuki GSX-R1000)
11. Scott Jensen (Suzuki GSX-R1000)
12. Ron Hix (Suzuki GSX-R1000)
13. Shawn Higbee (Buell 1125R)
14. Jones (Suzuki GSX-R1000)
DNF - Ben Bostrom
DNF - Geoff May 
American Superbike  Race 2 Podium  Topeka  Kansas
(left to right) Hayes, Pegram, and Hayden on the podium.
DNF - Aaron Yates

American Superbike Championship Points Standings
1. Mat Mladin - 390
2. Tommy Hayden - 307
3. Larry Pegram - 286
4. Josh Hayes - 281
5. Ben Bostrom - 273
6. Blake Young - 235
7. Aaron Yates - 214
8. Geoff May - 212
9. Taylor Knapp - 155
10. Jake Holden - 145

Daytona SportBike Race 2 - Topeka, Kansas

Suzuki’s Martin Cardenas won a thrilling Race 2 of Daytona SportBike at Heatland Park Topeka as he deprived Race 1 winner Danny Eslick of the honors on the final lap.

Jason DiSalvo, Josh Herrin, and Cardenas lead the pack for the first four laps of Race 2 before the race was red-flagged due to a crash by Ricky Parker.

The pecking order remained unchanged for the first three laps when the race resumed. DiSalvo made a mistake on Lap 8 that caused him to drop to fourth while Herrin assumed the lead, followed by Cardenas in second. Danny Eslick, meanwhile, had made a charge from seventh up to third in a single lap.

Danny Eslick - Daytona SportBike  Race 2  Topeka  Kansas
Martin Cardenas got the better of Eslick on the second go-around of Daytona SportBike in Topeka.
The following lap brought Tommy Aquino into fifth as Chaz Davies relinquished the position. A blanket could have been thrown over the front four riders as they ran less than a second apart.

Lap 10 saw Eslick jump two positions to assume the lead while Davies pulled into the pit with a problem. The following lap Herrin dropped from second to seventh as Cardenas assumed his place and began his hunt for Eslick.

While Cardenas was busy trying to reel in Eslick, Herrin recouped two places to take fifth behind Aquino. By the penultimate lap Herrin had muscled his way past Aquino and DiSalvo for third.

It would not be another Daytona SportBike sweep by the Buell 1125R rider, however. On the last lap Cardenas and Eslick traded the lead twice while working the Turn 6 and 7 section of the course before the Colombian took the lead for the final time out of the backstretch chicane with just half a lap to go. Eslick then had his hands full with Herrin, who made a late-breaking pass for second stick just two corners from the finish.

"The race was very tough," Cardenas said. "I noticed that the pace wasn't as good as yesterday and Danny was struggling in the first part of the track. I made a move three or four laps from the end and put a little bit of a gap in the parts that I saw he was struggling. He came right by me again so I just waited for the last lap to make a move and it worked out. It was a very good race. The bike worked awesome."

Josh Herrin - Daytona SportBike  Race 2  Topeka  Kansas
Josh Herrin made a remarkable recovery to take second.
"That was really scary," commented Herrin in regards to his off-course adventure that dropped him to seventh. "I ran it in really hard, and I was going to try to make a move on Danny going on the outside. I think I hit his exhaust or something with my fist and it just jabbed it, cut my hand actually. I ran off into the grass, made a couple of jumps through there and charged back. That was definitely the furthest I've had to work to catch back up to the leaders. The pass on Danny on the last lap was just full lock, sliding the bike on the last corner. Taking a second after charging that long is just as good as a win to me."

"It was just an awesome race," Eslick said. "I got away for a little while just past halfway and tried to lead as many laps as I could and hopefully get that point for the most laps led. Both these guys ran an awesome race and it was a lot of fun. I almost crashed on that last lap trying to chase Martin down in the chicane. I don't know if I hit the body work or what I did, but I was down, no saving it, and somehow it stood back up. I figured from there I'd go with second, then Josh came sliding by me. We'll take a third today, tied for the championship. It's a good weekend."

Martin Cardenas - Daytona SportBike  Race 2  Topeka  Kansas
Martin Cardenas was drinking up his hard fought victory.
Daytona SportBike Race 2 Results
1. Martin Cardenas (Suzuki GSX-R600)
2. Josh Herrin (Yamaha YZF-R6)
3. Danny Eslick (Buell 1125R)
4. Jason DiSalvo (Suzuki GSX-R600)
5. Tommy Aquino (Yamaha YZF-R6)
6. Jake Zemke (Honda CBR600RR)
7. Rodger Hayden (Kawasaki Ninja ZX-R6)
8. Taylor Knapp (Buell 1125R)
9. Chaz Davies (Aprilia RSV1000R)
10. Chris Fillmore (Yamaha YZF-R6)
11. Bobby Fong (Yamaha YZF-R6)
12. Chris Peris (Honda CBR600RR)
13. Aaron Gobert (Aprilia RSV1000R)
14. Steve Rapp (Yamaha YZF-R6)

Daytona SportBike Championship Points Standings
1. Martin Cardenas - 318
2. Danny Eslick - 318
3. Josh Herrin - 261
4. Jamie Hacking - 241
5. Jason DiSalvo - 235
6. Chris Peris - 199
7. Chaz Davies - 194
8. Tommy Aquino - 192
9. Jake Zemke - 186
10. Steve Rapp - 163

SuperSport - Topeka, Kansas

Joshua Day led the SuperSport race in Topeka, KS from start to end, crossing the finish-line almost 19 seconds ahead of second-placed Dustin Dominguez.

Josh Day - SuperSport  Topeka  Kansas
Josh Day rode to his second consecutive SuperSport win.
By the end of Lap 1, Day was at the head of the top-10 procession that included Dustin Dominguez, Garret Carter, Russ Wikle, Ricky Parker, JD Beach, Tomas Puerta, Alex Lazo, Bryce Prince, and Garrett Willis.

On Lap 3, Carter crashed out of the race and Day lost his closest challenger. From that point on the Florida native managed to clock laps about a second faster than his competitors. By Lap 6 the Yamaha YZF-R6 rider had amassed a six-second gap over Dominguez, by Lap 8 it was nine seconds, and on lap 14 an incredible 15 seconds.

Beach maneuvered his way into third on Lap 14, riding out the podium position until the finish. Otherwise, it was Day’s day to shine as he took his second straight SuperSport win.

"It was a really good weekend," Day said. "It's been one of those picture-perfect weekends for us. The track was a little demanding today. I just kept my head down and ended up with a win. It's really a shame Leandro hasn't been here. I know he'd be up front battling with us all but I'm sure he'll be back at VIR so that race should be really good for everybody."

"I had a good day," Parker said. "The bike's working good, it's working better everyday. I want to thank my family for coming here this weekend for the support and for these guys racing with me for doing a good job today. They were pretty fast. They kicked my butt again so let's just say they spanked me."

SuperSport Results
1. Joshua Day (Yamaha YZF-R6)
2. Dustin Dominguez (Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6)
3. JD Beach (Honda CBR600RR)
4. Ricky Parker (Yamaha YZF-R6)
SuperSport Podium  Topeka  Kansas
(left to right) Dustin Dominguez, Josh Day, and JD Beach.
5. Russ Wikle (Suzuki GSX-R600)
6. Bryce Prince (Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6)
7. Tomas Puerta (Yamaha YZF-R6)
8. Lloyd Worrell (Yamaha YZF-R6)
9. Alex Lazo (Yamaha YZF-R6)
10. Clint Shobert (Honda CBR600RR)

SuperSport Championship Points Standings
1. Josh Day - 126
2. Leandro Mercado - 81
3. Russ Wikle - 79
4. Joey Pascarella - 62
5. Huntley Nash - 62
6. J. D. Beach - 61
7. Lloyd Worrell - 56
8. Alex Lazo - 55
9. Garrett Carter – 52
10. Reese Wacker - 51
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Killer Coastie -Wamping about the Buells  August 8, 2009 02:46 PM
"IF" the Buells are so dominant and have such an "unfair advantage", why aren't Taylor Knapp, Shawn Higbee and the other Buell riders all finishing in the top 10 every week??? They aren't. Knapp may sneak into the top 10 from time to time, but that's it. Maybe, just maybe, Danny Eslick and the Bruce Rossmeyer team (Geico Powersports) have something to do about it. Eslick is consistent on his bike and it fits his Dirt Track racing style. The rest of the Buell riders aren't finding the same "unfair" advantage. So, your whinning story has holes in it, a lot of them. Japanese bike riders are the sorest losers on planet, because you're used to having a superior product all the time. Now you don't and you don't like it. Why isn't anybody belly-aching about the Aprillia RSV 1000??? Because it isn't winning. Win one race and watch out..."UNFAIR ADVANTAGE!" How about the Duc 1198 beating all the 1000's this past race. Where's the whinning about dispacement. You might as well whine about 450 four stroke dirt bikes racing 250 two-strokers too. Keep whinning and posting about the Buells, cause I'm loving it! BTW, have you test rode one yet??? That's right, you can actually test drive one, unlike the import dealer's bikes. Might change your mind. Peace!
Duc1198 -No kudos for DMG or the Buell...  August 7, 2009 06:28 PM
...At least not from my camp. Finally, Buell decided to play smart and opt to race in a very competitive "Little league major 600", rather than staying with the big boys. If I recall Buell was getting their asses handed to them in 1Kcc class…More like outclassed? The bike barley finished the race, if not due to some mechanical anomalies. Yes, that was than, this is now…with 2 percent "Milk" bike reliability rate increased from their HD R&D, now it wants to stretch its puny legs. Conversely we all know DMG's blunder because they don't know any better, so you'll just have to forgive them for being ignoramus. In a mean time, we'll just have to continue watching the AMA fiasco, and "Front Straight Buell flexing its muscles in a little league. However, many are not watching.

So, when I hear numb nuts like "Hitman" attempt to articulate about American made and don't have any clue as to the bikes or racing, I have to chuckle. BTW, I hear new car for clunker Buell deal is still in effect…

thewall -what a joke...best racing?  August 5, 2009 11:48 AM
If you think that was good racing you have no idea what racing is about! It is not good racing when bikes are faster all the way around the track than another bike, riders use skill and talent to eek out a lead or to make a great pass, just to have it all negated on the long straight by a bike that only requires you to twist the throttle to make up all the ground it lost every where else on the track. That is CRAP racing. I have nothing against Buell but it doesn't belong in the DSB class.
a real fan -who knows what he's talking about  August 3, 2009 04:31 PM
wow, what are you emos all sobbing about?

Sunday's Daytona Sport Bike race was some of the best action that AMA has seen in years... a bunch of good young riders mixing it up right to the last lap and you completely overlook all that in order to have a cry about some bike being unfair.

Hitman -AMA  August 3, 2009 12:35 PM
So what!! You all are worried about what? If Buell is so outclassed why are you all posting about it? As far as my grammar goes...... Im am the first to admit my spelling and grammar are terrible! Big deal. I own 3 extreemely profitable business' and I pay my staff to write.... I do track days and travel. So the comment is meaningless to me. Go back to your trailer and sleep.....
Frak -LMAO  August 3, 2009 10:06 AM
Hitman cant even spell "partial", let alone form a grammatically correct sentence... Maybe we should ask Rainman what HE thinks of the DMG?

AvengingKnight -Facts and Data: Comparing apples and oranges  August 3, 2009 09:29 AM
Since the only data we know for sure is stock data lets compare the stock Buell with the stock Japanese 4s shall we. Buell 1125R - MSRP: $11995 - Horsepower: 122.7 hp @ 10500 rpm - Torque: 68.5 lb-ft @ 8300 rpm - Weight: 434 lbs w/fuel - Best Time: 1:21.14 (Atlas) ... www.motorcycle-usa.com/.../2009-Buell-1125R-DSB-Comparison.aspx 2009 Kawasaki ZX-6R DSB Comparison. Kawasaki ZX-6R MSRP: $9799 Horsepower: 108.3 hp @ 14.000rpm Torque: 43.3 lb-ft. @ 12000rpm Weight: 422.3 lbs w/fuel Best ... motorcycle.motorcycle-usa.com/motorcycle/2009%20Zx-6r Honda CBR600RR MSRP: $9799. Horsepower: 98.06 hp @ 13600 rpm. Torque: 42.35 lbs.-ft. @ 11300 rpm. Weight: 402.3 lbs w/fuel, 378.1 lbs w/o fuel ... www.motorcycle-usa.com/.../2009-Honda-CBR600RR-Comparison.aspx SO you can easily see that the Buell has a huge diplacement, horspower, and especially torque advantage. Thus it should not be racing with the 600s. It should be racing against superbikes.
AvengingKnight -The track needs gravel run offs not grass  August 3, 2009 09:21 AM
Gravel slows you down grass doesn't slow you down much . Also someone did go into the ditch that Mladin warned about but was lucky and didn't get hurt.
American -Superbike?  August 2, 2009 08:03 PM
Last I checked the Buell was powered by an AUSTRIAN Rotax engine...
AvengingKnight -Buell should stick to superbike  August 2, 2009 07:26 PM
Yep you pro American bike maker guys (even if the rules are unfair) should check out the Super bike results where Buell gets smoked. Buell even though it has a a 125 cc, factory support advantage finishes the race down in the privateers. The 1125RR was where? Those walls sucked funny how Speed didn't mention how Hacking didn't race either because of safety. Peagram was grandstanding when attacked Mladin. . Even Bostrom said the track was gnarly. Scott Russell said you have to consider these liter bikes make alot more hp than when he was racing 20 years ago at Kansas. Most of those pretty walls serve no purpose. But hey Buell won the DMG Daytona race what a joke
AvengingKnight -DMG/AMA complaint site  August 2, 2009 07:16 PM
thewwall -The race was not great  August 2, 2009 07:12 PM
The Buell is out classed everywhere on the track except the straights. So all the riders on 600's are using skills and hard work to be in the front. The Buell just waits for the straight and then makes up five bike lengths by merely twisting the throttle. It's a slap in the face to the other riders and teams.
HItman -Topeka  August 2, 2009 07:01 PM
NOw you may call me Partcial to Buell as I own a 1125R. So be it. I have Seen Nick I and Ken Hill somke fast guys (expert ) on bone stock 1125R's with stock tires. It's math sure... But I feel its bout darn time the Jap bikes had a taste of what the USA has to add to the equation. ANd before someone says "yea Duc's are beter bikes" blah blah blah... yea they are! for the $$. The buell is 1/2 the price. This should be looked at as a great thing for our country! Eric buell has been striving for a road racing bike that could compete and he has!!! Hats off and lets race......
mog -Daytona Sportbike  August 2, 2009 06:49 PM
Thank heavens the fine folks that engineer, test and race motorcycles, understand the basic high school math that backs up DMG's excellent selection process. MV, Ducati, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, BMW and other company engineers have no complaint. Only the wishful and those who cannot deal with the easy calculations feel "robbed". Make sure you understand THE MATH, before showing, you do not understand that about which you write. Just repeat: Buells = Rules. After a few minutes (days) you might feel better.
Hitman -Topeka  August 2, 2009 06:46 PM
Great American attitude! Better look at the rules for the AMA prior to commenting next time. Besides, all the jap bikes need alittle kick in the A$$. It will do the sport good to have an American bike on the podium. Also arent the Duc's liter bikes?? I will be willing to bet the 600 are makeing more than 120 HP. My little track day bikes makes 127 hp .......
JB -The Racing Was Great  August 2, 2009 06:00 PM
The races were fantastic! I am not a fan of DMG however, people should watch the action on the track instead of complaning when they have not seen how hard these guys are all riding on the track.
DMG-dumbmotorsportsgroup -AMA  August 2, 2009 04:42 PM
No wonder why I don't watch the AMA anymore. No wonder why our families don't attend the midwest ama races. Thank god I didn't waste hours today watching them.
It is such a joke 150hp+ Buells racing 120hp+ Japanese 600's.

-not missing much here.
Bruno -Topeka results..  August 2, 2009 04:39 PM
heard there was like 100 fans that showed up..good job DMG!..maybe next year you can hold a race in West Virginia...