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AMA Motocross Southwick Results

Saturday, August 29, 2009
Justin Barcia - 2009 AMA Motocross Unadilla
Justin Barcia got his first career moto and overall victory with a stunning performance at Southwick.
The 250 class got a smack in the face today as the sands of Southwick threw a wrench in the championship standings. Actually it threw something into the championship leader’s engine and Monster Pro Circuit Kawasaki’s Christophe Pourcel watched his 13-point lead evaporate when he DNF’d the opening moto. Ryan Dungey scored second in Moto 1 for Rockstar Makita Suzuki which earned him the overall points lead. Rookie sensation, Justin Barcia, pulled off his first career race win to lead Dungey and Geico Powersports Honda teammate, Blake Wharton on the podium.

Moto 2 was another ugly affair for the Frenchman, Pourcel. After getting pinched off on the start, Pourcel managed only 11th which left him sitting in 18th overall. Barcia managed third behind teammate Brett Metcalfe and South African Tyla Rattray who scored his first moto win in America. Barcia, after getting stuck in the gate and recovering to pass Dungey, was credited with the overall victory, another benchmark on his young professional career.

"I'm just really excited," said Barcia. "Today just felt like my day. I woke up in a really good mood and everything just went smooth. I really love it here (at Southwick) and I'm really happy to get my first win here."
Barcia is fifth in the championship standings and is only 10 points behind Metcalfe. Dungey finished 2-4-4 and now has a 17-point lead going into the final round Labor Day weekend at Steel City. Rattray was second on the day and Metcalfe third. Another rookie landed in the top-five when Taylor Futrell compiled a 7-7 moto tally.

250 Results:
1. Justin Barcia, Honda (1-3)
2. Tyla Rattray, Kawasaki (6-1)
3. Brett Metcalfe, Honda (4-2)
4. Ryan Dungey, Suzuki (2-4)
5. Taylor Futrell, Honda (7-7)
6. Tommy Searle, KTM (9-6)
7. Blake Wharton, Honda (3-15)
8. Broc Tickle, Yamaha (8-13)
9. Jake Weimer, Kawasaki (13-9)
10. Blake Baggett, Kawasaki (15-8)
250 Overall Points Standings:
1. Ryan Dungey, 459
2. Christophe Pourcel,442
3. Brett Metcalfe, 352
4. Jake Weimer, 322
5. Justin Barcia, 312

Matt Goerke - 2009 AMA Motocross Unadilla
Matt Goerke took advantage of a big crash by Chad Reed and took the first 450 win of his career. It was the first win for Factory Yamaha of the season as well. Goerke will finish the season under the factory tent with one more round.
450 Class

With the championship already decided and Chad Reed holding the top spot, the rest of the pack is still battling to improve their position. Reed went out and won the opening moto, but a DNF in the second moto put him down in eighth overall. It was Yamaha replacement rider Matt Goerke, filling in for the injured Josh Hill, who took the overall victory with a 6-1 score.

"This is the best day of my life," exclaimed Goerke, who is in just his third race as a replacement rider for the Yamaha team to close out the season. "I crashed in the first moto and thought my day was over. I really was hoping for a good overall (today) but luckily I got back up to sixth. In the second moto, I missed gate pick and had to start all the way outside so it wasn't looking good, but everything worked out."
Reed proved that he wasn’t going to back it down even though he has the title wrapped up and won going away in the first race. Robby Marshall dropped his Suzuki RM-Z450 on the last lap which allowed Michael Byrne to go past and led to an Australian sweep of the podium – Reed, Jake Moss, and Byrne – which shows how strong the Aussie team will be at the Motocross of Nations.

Moto 2 saw a Southwick legend put his years of experience to use as John Dowd rode a privateer Kawasaki to second place behind Goerke. Reed battled with Red Bull Honda’s Andrew Short for the lead in the early laps before the Rockstar Makita Suzuki rider crashed out. Short would also have problems and slipped back to ninth by the end. Goerke snared the overall with Byrne’s pair of third-place results earning second overall and Junkyard Dowd third – not bad for an old guy.

450 Results:
1. Matt Goerke, Yamaha (6-1)
2. Michael Byrne, Suzuki (3-3)
3. John Dowd, Kawasaki (10-2)
4. Tommy Hahn, Kawasaki (9-4)
5. Robby Marshall, Suzuki (5-7)
6. Kyle Regal, Yamaha (4-10)
7. Andrew Short, Honda (7-9)
8. Chad Reed, Suzuki (1-31)
9. Jake Moss, Kawasaki (2-30)
10. Ricky Renner, Honda (11-12)

450 Overall Points Standings:
1. Chad Reed, 459
2. Andrew Short, 356
3. Ivan Tedesco, 338
4. Michael Byrne, 316
5. Josh Grant, 280

WMX Class
Jessica Patterson - AMA Womens Motocross  Hangtown
Jessica Patterson finally defeated Ashley Fiolek to take an overall victory.
The women were back in action again and Jessica Patterson finally found the speed needed to beat Ashley Fiolek. Patterson had a perfect sweep on her Honda while Fiolek scored 3-2. Sherri Cruse took second in Moto 1, but a lackluster ninth in Moto 2 kept her out of the front running. Tarah Geiger rode her Yamaha YZ250F to third overall.

WMX Results:
1. Jessica Patterson, Honda (1-1)
2. Ashley Fiolek, Honda (3-2)
3. Tarah Gieger, Yamaha (7-3)
4. Sherri Cruse, Suzuki (2-9)
5. Heidi Cooke, Kawasaki (6-4)
6. Sara Price, Kawasaki (4-6)
7. Julie Anne Parizek, Kawasaki (5-5)
8. Alyssa Fitch, Honda (9-7)
9. Elizabeth Bash, Kawasaki (8-8)
10. Jacqueline Strong, Honda (12-11)

WMX Overall Points Standings:
1. Ashley Fiolek, 336
2. Jessica Patterson, 295
3. Sherri Cruse, 258
4. Sara Price, 208
5. Vicki Golden, 192

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JC -RE: Chris  August 31, 2009 03:52 PM
Indeed it does, Chris. If only it were that simple. Overall scores are determined by the combined number of points scored in each moto. However, each finishing position is worth a specific number of championship points based on a specific scale.

1st = 25 points
2nd = 22
3rd = 20
4th = 18
5th = 16
6th = 15
7th = 14
8th= 13
9th = 12
10th = 11

In this case, Goerke earned 40 combined points for his 6-1 and Byrne earned 40 points for his 3-3. In the event of a tie, the rider with the better finish in Moto 2 gets the position, which means Goerke was awarded the overall victory. Here’s a link to the official Motocross rule book where you can find out more information.


Kris -How'd Goerke win with a 6-1?  August 31, 2009 03:09 PM
6-1 ads up to 7, and 3-3 ad up to 6 where I come from!!
cyndi goerke -Thanks to all  August 31, 2009 05:09 AM
THANKS to all of you who have believed in Matt. Matt said it was the happiest day of his life on the podium yesterday, and he meant it. He thanked a few by name, BUT I hope all of the people that have helped him achieve this goal in his life know that he and his family are truly thankful for their support throughout his entire career. Matt was able to be on the podium because of you all ! Family support has always been in the equation, financially and mentally, even when none of us could afford it. So many others have helped in the same way, and we consider you our extended family. Lou Banka family ( bought Matt his 1st race bike) , The Cruz family, Valinda & John Wiemer, Frank & Mary are just a few of the names that come to mind, and yet there is so many more people that have helped along the way with support, and you know who you are. Matt was on the podium as a representative of all of your support and belief in his dream. THANK YOU , Cyndi Goerke.
Bruce -Southwick  August 30, 2009 08:19 PM
Everybody thought the weather was going to be bad so they chickened out-die hard fans unite. It was great there. Go John Dowd-Southwick is your track! When the going gets tough who does well?
Wally Streeback -Junkyard  August 30, 2009 02:30 PM
The Junkyard has years of experience riding in the muck, these younger riders just dont have the speed on a wet surface of any kind, must feel pretty lame when a Senior rider spanks their butts? Ha ha
Tessier -44 year old still smoking  August 30, 2009 10:50 AM
I think the story of the day is how a 44 year old can smoke kids half his age. This guy is amazing and the junk yard dog is as nice as they come congratulations JD
Brad -caption on Matt Goerke  August 29, 2009 09:07 PM
I think you mean it was the first win for Team Yamaha of the season.
Josh Grant has a win or two to his name on a yamaha this season I believe.