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2007 GG Quad Photo Gallery

Can't get your hot neighbor to take a ride on your bike? This oddball Boxer-powered ride can help. Check out what we thought after our 2007 GG Quad Quick Ride.

She likes the GG Quad, you'd be fool not to like it as well.
The GG Quad (left) poses next to the yellow GG Duetto sidecar, a former project of G+G's Walter Gruter. It features hub-center steering and a swingarm front end.
Braided-steel lines deliver stopping power to the three sets of four-piston calipers.
Classifying where the GG Quad fits in is quite a connundrum, better to just take a seat on it and smile.
Say what you will, the GG Quad gathers a lot of attention.
Who can afford the $49,500 price tag for the GG Quad? How about moto-crazed celebrities with millions of dollars to spare?
Someone said, "Hey, I bet even Leno doesn't own one of these." Then by magic he materialized.
The GG Quad was skittish on the freeway, where bumps cause some problems.
The different dynamics of riding the GG Quad are readily apparent in cornering, with counter-steering and powerslides not an option.
A Boxer-powered Quad sourced from a Beemer piqued our curiosity.
Power from the R1150 motor is muted by the machine’s 898-lb fully fueled weight.
The GG Quad's dimensions are 87.5 inches long and 55 inches wide.
Another view of the double A-arms for the front suspension.
The GG Quad doesn't have the acceleration chops of a two-wheeled machine, but on four wheels it puts up a formidable 4.9-second zero to 60.
Even with all the aluminum, the GG Quad is a bit of a porker on the scales. With its 4.75-gallon tank filled, it weighed in at nearly 900 pounds.
The Boxer powerplant stands out inside the tubular steel frame, along with the machined aluminum billet plates for the rear suspension attachment.
Billet aluminum double A-arms are used both front and rear, damped by fully adjustable shocks.
The distinctive Boxer powerplant delivers its claimed 85 horsepower via driveshaft to the rear wheels, which are attached by aluminum billet double A-arms with fully adjustable shocks providing the suspension.
Side storage compartments give you a place to store your things as you commute to work on the freeway? It could be a reality if the GG Quad is deemed street-legal this September.
Dunlop car tires (195/40-16 front; 225/40-16 rear).
DOT and NHTSA engineers look over the Quad in DOT plaza in Washington. The U.S. importer will hear their ruling on the Quad’s street-legal status by September 15, 2006.