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2011 Husaberg TE250 & TE300 Picture 10 of 13

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2011 Husaberg TE 300

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R. Schmidt - Pres. Revanche2strokes.com  December 14, 2010 09:26 PM
Hey Walter Null, you have a great attitude, the once mighty 2 stroke will return and it'll be because of guys like you with your pro 2 stroke mentality. By the way, if you want a modern day 2 stroke street bike ( and can afford it ) look at the Suter SRT 500. It's a 500cc 4 cylinder that weighs only 300 lbs. and makes over 200 horse at the wheel. Keep up the pozitive spirit and support the stroker when you can and are able to.
Ren Schmidt - Pres. Revanche2strokes  December 14, 2010 08:33 AM
This is a great move from another European company, it seems they "get it" when the Japanese do not. However, all of the EU nations building these 2 strokes does not come close to swaying the general public, that the 2 stroke is still here, is as clean as a competition 4 stroke, is much quieter and is financially fractions less to rebuild. What Husaberg, KTM, Maico, TM, Gas Gas, et al, need to do is put them in competition spotlights. They need to race them in AMA ( U.S. ) MX and SX so the world can see them. I am sorry to say this, but alot of what's decided on as far as what will be built is dictated by the U.S. It should not be, but it is. The companys that build 2 strokes would not only see their sales increase X 20, but they would be revered as heroes to those of us who are sick and tired of the world trying to shove the 4 strokes down our throat. Millions of us Americans want to see and watch our machines of choice, but we are relegated to second class, because in America, it's all 4 stroke.
kemar haynes - nice   September 25, 2010 07:43 AM
but i wonder if it is powerfull like the honda 250cr 2 storke
Walter Null - We need new teck in the 2-stroke world!  July 10, 2010 12:50 PM
Some one needs to go full bore in to the 2 stroke engine and make some changes like BRP/Evinrude with the E-Tech engines getting 2005s EPA award the first ever boat motor to get this award! and ya its a 2 stroke! Hell if it was up to me and could find someone that makes them id have a streetbike with something along the line of the E-tech engine in it! EFI and EOI electronic oil injection.