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Harley-Davidson Recalls 111,569 Motorcycles

Thursday, December 10, 2009
Harley-Davidson is recalling 111,569 motorcycles manufactured between June 6, 2008, and Nov. 19, 2009, because of concerns with the front fuel tank mounts. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the recall targets Harley’s 2009 and 2010 touring motorcycles, including the CVO tourers and H-D’s trike, the Tri Glide.

The 2010 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Limited bundles together many popular options and adds a bigger 103 cubic-inch Twin Cam engine but is it built to shred  Yes!
Harley-Davidson is recalling 111,569 of its touring motorcycles due to concerns over its front fuel tank mounts.
The NHTSA reported that the front fuel tank mounts on its touring bikes may distort as a result of a front-end crash, creating the potential for leaked fuel to ignite after a crash.

Harley-Davidson owners can call (414) 343-4056 for more information. The safety recall is expected to begin around Dec. 14. H-D dealers will install left and right front braces to reinforce the front mount, free of charge.

The recall comes at an inopportune time for The Motor Company. Harley recently reported an 84% drop in third quarter profits and discontinued its Buell Motorcycle line. For a company that needs to meticulously track every nickel and dime, the recall’s announcement means more unexpected expenditures.

Manufacturer: Harley Davidson Motor Company
Models and model years affected:
H-D / FLHP 2009-2010
H-D / FLHPE 2009-2010
H-D / FLHR 2009-2010
H-D / FLHR SHRINE 2009-2010
H-D / FLHRC 2009-2010
H-D / FLHT 2009-2010
H-D / FLHTC 2009-2010
H-D / FLHTCU 2009-2010
H-D / FLHTCU SHRINE 2009-2010
H-D / FLHTCU W/SC 2009-2010
H-D / FLHTCU4-CVO 2009
H-D / FLHTCUSE4 2009
H-D / FLHTCUSE5 2010
H-D / FLHTK 2010
H-D / FLHTP 2009-2010
H-D / FLHX 2009-2011
H-D / FLHXXX 2010
H-D / FLTR 2009
H-D / FLTR3-CVO 2009
H-D / FLTRSE3 2009

NHTSA Campaign Number: 09V457000

Potential Units Affected: 111569
Problem: Harley-Davidson is recalling certain model year 2009 and 2010 touring family motorcycles, including CVO touring and trike products, manufactured from June 6, 2008 through November 19, 2009. The front fuel tank mounts may distort in reaction to severe frame damage from a frontal collision. This condition may cause a fuel leak at the weld of the front bracket to the tunnel. A fuel leak in the presence of an ignition source may result in a fire, which could lead to injury or death to the rider.

Corrective Action: Dealers will install a left and right brace, which are intended to reduce front mount distortion during certain crash conditions. This repair will be performed free of charge. The safety recall is expected to begin on or about December 14, 2009. Owners may contact Harley-Davidson at 1-414-343-4056.

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Don -Giant suitcase  January 17, 2011 02:35 PM
That bagger is a giant suitcase. What happened to HD riders. That thing has the cargo space of a Ford Pickup. Why bother riding motorcycle at all . The Soft Tail Deluxe is a great bike and there V-Rod line,but these giant suitcases on wheels are death traps. I think the gas tank gave up under cargo weight, HONEY DID WE PACK THE LAMP AND END TABLE!.... Sweet jesus ,buy a back pack and leave BBQ grill at home.
adam -gas tank recall  August 25, 2010 08:29 AM
this recall is a joke, oh no if i crash my bike and by some chance the fuel catches on fire ill get burned. if you get in a wreck thats the least of your worries. trust me i crashed mine into a kid that pulled out in front of me with his car. gas was leaking all over hell, no explosion or fire. as for all the harley bashing go ahead kids ill never ride anything else, i havent had hardly any problems with mine and if i do its an easy fix being such a simple reliable design 1903-2010 and it hasnt changed much. like the other companies that try to copy or go with the fads. ill keep my bike and my harley tattoos on me and you can drive watever else you want, i beat the f**k outta my s**t and it comes out smiling. ima stick with something with soul

Donny -SELF DESTRUCTION  July 27, 2010 05:58 AM
Harley davidson focus is on giant heavy bikes for giant heavy people,but these bikes are death traps.To slow to speed up,to heavy to stop,to low to turn,to long to turn,they try to make other bikes for other bikers in the world,but had there giant heavy bike people design them,for example the v-rod giant heavy bike,but the over weight harley guys see it as a sport bike,but the rest of the world dose not,BUELL had a great modern motorcycles,his sport touring XB12SS and the rest of the street fighter XB bikes were good sporty machines,BUELL also had his sport bike but it had a ROTEX engine,harley davidson did not promote there BUELL line they shunned it,threw there dealer ship net work,Harley davidson now has no modern motorcycle,the triumph motorcycle look old school,but is no,it is a modern motorcycle.(PS) Good bye harley davidson,it was a nice ride but no one under 45 will buy an out dated death trap for 10 to 20 thousand.
Biker -HD motorcycle reliability statistics - 90%  April 21, 2010 05:50 PM
I recently learned that 90% of all Harley Davidson motorcycles are still on the road; the other 10% actually made it home!
dennis green -city worker  March 21, 2010 05:30 PM
I drive an 09 dyna low rider and have 14000 miles on it. I love it and have nothing to say bad about any bike. Jap or American! Havent had any kind of problems even tho I have only had it for 14 months...
jim -learn up and get back to subject  February 8, 2010 05:06 PM
For your review, a quick comparison by price and basic features, please note that the only truly modernization of the motorcycle has been 1 fuel injection, 2 transistor controlled/digital ignition (all models had) 3disk brakes (and related systems ABS. Something none of the models had standard equipment) Air cooling vs. liquid cooling, they are different but equally advantages particularly in these low revving engines same goes for ohc vs. ohv only price and REAL differences are listed. Stop your bickering over Harley vs. Japan inc. Harley xl883l; espfi, disk/disk msrp:6,999,(55ci or 883cc) xl1200l; espfi, disk/disk msrp:9,899,(73ci or 1200cc) xr1200; espfi, disk/disk msrp:10,799, and (73ci or 1200cc) superglide; espfi, disk/disk msrp:11,999 (96ci or 1584cc) Suzuki m90; fuel injection, disk/disk msrp:10,599 (1462cc) s50; Front/rear MIKUNI BDS36(carbureted), disk/drum msrp:7,199 (805cc) Vstar (Yamaha) v star 950; fuel injection disk/disk msrp: 8,090 (950cc) v star 1300; fuel injection disk/disk msrp: 10,290 (1304cc) roadliner; fuel injection disk/disk msrp: 12,1390 (102ci or 1670cc) Kawasaki Vulcan 900; custom; efi, disk/disk, msrp:8,349 (903cc) Vulcan 1700; classic; Digital fuel injection, disk/disk msrp:12,999 (103.7ci or 1700cc) Honda Shadow sprint 750; cv carb, disk/drum, msrp:6,999 (745cc) Vtx1300c; cv carb, disk/disk, msrp:10,199 (1312cc) Vtx1800f; pgm-fi, disk/disk, msrp:13,499 (1795cc) Conclusion there is a lot of dated tech and over price bikes, and these are the base models (for these engines), but none of the overpriced, dated bikes are from Harley. So stop bickering on these online forums, study up before you speak up, and get back to the frigg’n subject!
Smokey Joe -Image  February 1, 2010 09:42 AM
It is pathetic that people buy for "image". Your are lying to yourself if you thnik any bike changes who you are. WAKE UP
Truth -HD Retards  January 5, 2010 08:36 PM
All you HD retards!!! HD sold you out long ago...
see the attached link:

ROY -09 ROAD GLIDE  January 5, 2010 08:28 AM
dshaw -HD  December 31, 2009 04:42 PM
My spin on this HD debate,is that most of all the bike clubs bike of choice are Harleys Of you go to any of your national bike events,bike of chouce Harleys. So that makes one wonder doesn't it.. I could care less about all that proformace stuff,the price, or whatever !! But the one thing that I do know that Harleys hold the best resell value of them all. I have rode them all. been riding for 40 yrs. You by a hogg,for the feel of that engine,the rumble.Not how fast it goes,or how comfortable the ride. The custom appeal that it has,you can just do so much with those bikes. So if you never ownd a HD it's not to ne understood.
just like to scoot -whinning about the H-D  December 30, 2009 11:17 AM
You don't ride for the speed, You don't ride to get from A to B, YOU RIDE TO ENJOY AND THE PURE PLEASURE OF IT.

Fyreman -Harley Hostility  December 25, 2009 10:57 AM
Merry Christmas Everyone........Why all the hostility towards Harley Davidson ? The vast majority of people that actually own them love them......Peace
jackman -yeah, but...  December 13, 2009 05:02 PM
There ain't no denying it..........there's just somethin about H-D's
Say what you will........they all try to imitate........

Rutcker -fast2win  December 12, 2009 02:33 PM
I wasn’t joking and if you enjoyed the Harley more then fine but when I rode the import bikes back to back with the Harley, everything on the import bike felt better the brakes, the suspension, power delivery, and it looked great too. Harley’s TC96 puts out only 63 hp the import bikes all put out anywhere from 73-105 hp. You would have to buy a VTX1300 or VStar1300 to be in comparison of the Harley’s power and even then the import 1300s have a little more top end. And torque, the big import bikes make way more torque also. When Harleys are compared to bikes in its category the Harley earns brownie point for having subjective crap like “character” and “heritage” those words are synonymous with “unrefined” and “old”. But on paper with hard numbers the Harley always falls short.

I know hard numbers don’t always make a good bike or a good riding bike and that there is more to it than just spec sheets that makes us decide to buy one make or model over the next, but Harley does not sell the best cruiser nor do most Harley owners own their Harley because they out perform all the competition. They own them because of how the bikes makes them feel which is just fine but saying Harleys are expensive because they are the best is false. No one brand or model is the best because they all do something for somebody. For me and every other import owner the Harley is not a good value.
fast2win -rutcker  December 12, 2009 01:48 PM
Your joking right? The 1st time I rode a 1500cc x brand bike I realized why you paid more for the Harley it was better in every way, except price. I won't mention which one I don't want upset any owners. But it was thousands less than a HD. Some of the jap bike do perform better but not by any significant margin, and for the most part the HD's do well when compared to bike's in their catagory.
Rutcker -fast2win  December 12, 2009 11:36 AM
“Who would buy a jap cruiser if a Harley was the same price. Not many, why would you” Ahh let’s see more power, more reliable, more modern, better handling, better brakes.

“People buy the jap bike because its in their price range”. Many of these import bikes cost as much or more than some of the Harleys so it really has nothing to do with price as much as it has to do with value. Both the Harley and the top end import bikes have a high price but the import bikes are a better value because they are a better functioning bike. Now if all you want is image and lifestyle from your bike then you will find the Harley to be a better value.

“You wouldn't walk in to a Mercedes dealer and expect it to be priced like a ford or Chevy, so why do you think a Harley should be’. I would because you can’t compare Mercedes to Harley. Mercedes does not put 50 yr old tech in their cars but Chevy does with some of their cast iron block two valve push rod actuated valve trains.

“ Its at the top of the chain for cruisers, and is a high quality product”. By what measurable standards?

‘and the really cheap one's look it. They should look cheap because they are” Park anyone of the import’s middle weight cruisers next to a Harley 883 sportster (a bike in both size and price range of the inexpensive import bikes) and the 883 looks like the cheapest crap. Sure if you park a Fat Boy next to a Shadow 750 the Honda will look cheap but that is a retarded comparison. Anyone of Yamaha’s Star bikes parked next to any Harley and neither bike looks cheap but the Yamaha will not only look good but also perform better than the Harley.

“We are all free to make the choice, buy what ever you feel is a good value for you”. Precisely, for me, the lifestyle and image from Harley are unimportant because I already have a life and like who I am, therefore I will always chose the bike that is a better value in terms of how well it functions.
Rainman -recall  December 12, 2009 09:51 AM
Harleys are good enough products. I've ridden them, I've owned them, I've enjoyed them. Loved my Honda. If the economy hadn't kicked my butt, I'd have a Yammie Royal Star tour deluxe next to my Buell.

Maybe we all need to get over ourselves and our prejudices and just ride.
fast2win -overpriced harleys?  December 12, 2009 08:51 AM
Who would buy a jap cruiser if a Harley was the same price. Not many, why would you. People buy the jap bike because its in their price range. You wouldn't walk in to a Mercedes dealer and expect it to be priced like a ford or chevy, so why do you think a Harley should be. Its at the top of the chain for cruisers, and is a high quality product. Some of the best jap cruiser aren't all that cheap either, and the really cheap one's look it. They should look cheap because they are. McDonalds has a great double cheeseburger for 99 cents but its not the best cheeseburger, its the best cheeseburger for 99 cents theirs a difference. We are all free to make the choice, buy what ever you feel is a good value for you.
GB -dudes  December 11, 2009 10:35 PM
glad to see HD step up to the plate and do the right thing. but i have to wonder if a mandatory recall was just around the corner. HD isn't known for going out of the way to help their herd.
chuck hopkins aka rebel p.m.c. -harley v.s. jap bikes  December 11, 2009 12:54 PM
i have an 08 roadglide and a 06 yamaha stratoliner and both are great bikes. the harley cruises better both for power and speed you cant beat the strat. i love them both all motorcycle co.s make good and bad bikes just like cars
LS -HD Recall  December 11, 2009 12:22 PM
Riders have made their choices on what they ride...at least we are given that choice! So get over it, already!!
Ewansen -HDMan  December 11, 2009 11:20 AM
“Granted HD has been ripping of folks for a long time but so are the rest of the US Motorcycle Companys”. Oh really how so? When I buy a non-Harley I get what I pay for a reliable, good performing, and sharp looking bike priced at a reasonable price. With a HD you get lifestyle, image, and noise. This is great if that’s what you want from your motorcycling but if you don’t then the bike is a poor value and a rip off.

‘You have to keep in mind that with the cost of producing anything in the US they have to increase the price. US companies don't hire kids, or pay them $7.00 per hr to build them”. You need to keep in mind that Honda builds many bikes in the good old US of A also. Moreover, “kids” don’t build the Japanese import bikes maybe the little scooters made in China that are sold on Ebay but not any of the big four. Many of their bikes are built in Japan a country of which is just as developed as ours and their economy is in the top three of the world so their bike builders aren’t getting paid $7 per hour. If any bike looks like the builder was getting paid $7 and hour it would be the Harley.

“also do you really want another company that hires as many americans to go out of business”? First off you ALWAYS capitalize Americans HDMan. Harley Davidson at best employs 9,000 employees. American Honda alone not including the other manufacturers employs about 30,000 Americans. So you would be doing America a favor by buying a Honda instead of a Harley. If Harley is so American then why did they crap all over Buell and their customers?

Next time, think before you speak.
R34 -Recall?  December 11, 2009 09:22 AM
Please...just replace HD with Buell already. Put some R&D in those dinosaurs already!
fast2win -silly recall  December 11, 2009 07:12 AM
Did all tou bashers bother to read the recall? of course not. How many other manufactures would even bother. The front fuel tank mounts may distort in reaction to severe frame damage from a frontal collision. Do you have any idea how hard you have to hit to severly damage the frame. The gas tank is the least of my worries since I'm probably somewhere near the moon by then or dead already. Harley is stepping up because of all the crazy law suits. This recall in no way diminishes the quality of their product, it goes to show the lengths at which some manufactures are dedicated to going above and beyond to assure the saftey of their customers. By the way I don't ride a Harley so I'm not biased.
Paul Rayment -Harley Down Under  December 11, 2009 12:05 AM
I ride a Harley (3rd One) also have a Honda ST1300 (Had many Jappers and Euro's over the last 37 years!!....I love 'em both for different reasons - so I guess you could say I'm not biased....so all you bigots out there....Get Stuffed and Leave people to their own choices - You don't like or ride Harleys? Good ....then you needn't worry eh?....so don't!


Aussie Rider.
Rene -HD Recall  December 10, 2009 07:57 PM
Well people as an owner of one of the bikes in this list I am not nearly as upset by it as it seems many of you are. At this moment my bike is parked safely and warm at the Harley dealership where I purchased it in 2008 and they are also the ones who will perform the necessary corrections. This is all about safety and it no different than the 3 safty recalls that I have had done on 3 different automobiles in the past. I know this is a big deal for the Harley Corperation, and I hate that, but its one of those things that can happen. I am proud to be a Harley owner!
HDMan -Knocking HD  December 10, 2009 06:14 PM
Some of you people are really pieces of work. Granted HD has been ripping of folks for a long time but so are the rest of the US Motorcycle Companys. You have to keep in mind that with the cost of producing anything in the US they have to increase the price. US companys don't hire kids, or pay them $7.00 per hr to build them. Think about that for a min - also do you really want another company that hires as many americans to go out of business? Think before you speak.
IndyXB9R -Are we watching a kindom fall?  December 10, 2009 05:54 PM
I was REALLY hoping that HD was shelving Buell for a few years and would bring him back out when the time was right. Now, after dumping dirt track racing and a 112K unit recall, I am wondering if we are seeing the dying gasps of an aging company that refuses to look to the future. I hate to wish ill on any brand, but if there is one that I wouldn't hate to see go away, it the big HD.
Brandon -well  December 10, 2009 05:47 PM
I hope this recall helps people grow enough of a brain and some 'nads to kick that tired old harley crap to the curb.
ty -slander, not slender -- it's a typo -- relax  December 10, 2009 02:45 PM
ty -milwaukeemikey, you're pathetic, man!  December 10, 2009 02:44 PM
You are a sad, sad, pathetic, little, man. You are the type of person with whom it would be impossible to have a reasonable discussion because you have such ingrained biases. You are an unabashed apologist for those few who fit tidily into your narrow, little world, and a relentless slenderer of anyone that does not. Your bigoted comment in the TMAX review, and now this sorry-ass one, demonstrate amply what a turd you must be do have to deal with in real life.
irksome -HD recoil  December 10, 2009 02:16 PM
This is payback for killing a REAL American motorcycle company- BUELL!
lou -hd recall  December 10, 2009 02:05 PM
already a hater!They have been ripping people off for years selling them 10000.00 dollar motorcycles for 20,0000 plus for years but thats ok!!!
Brandon -so...  December 10, 2009 01:25 PM
So you're saying the HD recall is a good thing?
Milwaukee mike -HD recall  December 10, 2009 11:50 AM
This is not a NHTSA mandatory recall. It is because HD cares about it's customers. HD would rather make their customers feel safe and proud to ride their machines. Unlike Honda that kept denying that the frames of their Gold Wings were breaking, causing quite a few serious injuries and deaths. The Honda recall/repair was federaly mandated.