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Harley-Davidson Offers Dyna Bobber Kit

Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Dyna Solo Spring Saddle

Harley-Davidson has come out with a trio of packages that will convert a newer Dyna into a sharp-looking bobber. It starts with the Solo Spring Saddle (above). Then add the Chopped Rear Fender Kit (below).
Dyna Chopped Fender Kit

Add the Side Mount License Plate and this is what you get.

Harley-Davidson Dyna Bobber Kit
Owners of most 2006-later Harley-Davidson Dyna models can achieve the hot bobber look with the installation of three new items from Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories that are easy to install with no cutting, welding, or fabrication necessary

The new Chopped Rear Fender Kit - Dyna Models (P/N 59860-10BEO Primed, $349.95; P/N 59860-10DH Vivid Black, $449.95) is a complete “bolt-on” chopped fender kit. The chopped fender eliminates the traditional tail lamp and center-mount license plate, replaces the original equipment rear turn signals with the included stop-turn-tail lights for a clean, stripped-down appearance. Installation requires the separate purchase of the new Side Mount License Plate Kit (P/N 60938-10, $194.95), finished in brilliant chrome, with a durable steel mounting bracket that incorporates license plate illumination.

Complete the bobber transformation with the new Solo Spring Saddle - Black Leather (P/N 54373-10, $269.95), a 10.5-inch-wide solo seat with the minimalistic “just enough to ride” look. The torsion-style springs are designed for the optimal balance between spring suspension and support. The smooth metal seat pan and the simple frame cover leave a clean, finished appearance. The seat can be removed and replaced with a touring seat for a two-up riding. Installation requires separate purchase of Spring Seat Mounting Hardware Kit (P/N 54075-10, $229.95), sold separately.

These kits do not fit all Dyna models. See an authorized Harley-Davidson dealer for complete fitment details. Note: Laws regarding the location of the license plate vary from place to place. Please check with local authorities and obey all applicable laws and regulations.

For additional information on Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories, see your local Harley-Davidson dealer or visit the Harley-Davidson Web site at www.harley-davidson.com . To find a dealer near you, call toll free 1-800-443-2153 in the U.S.A. or Canada.
Harley-Davidson Dealer Locator

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Jason -Is it me or does...  April 14, 2010 06:05 AM
that last pic make the whole kit look stupid?..you could park a 747 under that back fender.
EAB -@UncleWill  April 6, 2010 08:07 AM
A bike that functions is what I prefer. For example, a cruiser of 1200cc or below is quite functional. I had the pleasure of riding a Shadow 1100 Tourer when they came out and the bike was fine. It ran 80MPH on the interstate and rode like a dream. Even the old 1340 Evo was fine for what 99% of riders do. The increase in cc's for cruisers is, honestly, there just to justify the increased cost over a bike 1200cc's. Sportbikes? I doubt if 95% of the sportbike riders today could ride a Ninja 250 to it's limits, let alone the 999cc death machine they just bought. I prefer light weight, easy handling, and fast. Yet, the flaming on the new Honda NT700 with an MSRP of under $10K is about one thing? "it's too much money for the size." If we put a 1700 twin on it, we'd think that $15K is a steal. I guess I am just not wired the way most motorcycle owners are.
unclewill -@EAB  April 5, 2010 09:45 AM
I'm just curious, what bike(s) do you approve of?
EAB -Answrer to Uncle Will  April 5, 2010 09:03 AM
I own a pickup and two SUV's, but they all meet my requirement. I own a Ford Ranger 2wd/4cyl/5spd, a 2000 Honda CR-V/4wd/5spd, and a 2003 Honda CR-V/4wd/automatic. The least efficient of the three, the 2003 CR-V, rarely dips below 22MPG and breaks 25 on the highway.........I am not so much anti Harley as I am anti vanity or anti ego. If you separate ego and vanity from the equation, why own a chromed out overweight and, to me, uncomfortable cruiser? I don't care if it's a Harley or not, I hate cruisers. They hurt my back and they are annoying to ride, at least for me. Compared to an inline 4, they cruisers shake, run out of breath early, too heavy, and cost a mint for no more than what you get. Same goes for sportbikes. For the street, literbikes are much like having a 12 inch crank; impressive but basically useless. Just give be bulletproof reliability, decent performance and comfort; and I'm happy.
unclewill -How many...  April 5, 2010 08:26 AM
...of the Harley bashers drive pickup trucks or SUVs? Pickup trucks and SUVs are the worst handling, most overweight, inefficient, underpowered vehicles on the road, yet, for some reason, they are also the most popular vehicles sold in America! Before anyone starts cracking on Harley owners they should think about their own justifications for driving a 5000lb truck with an empty bed to work and back each day...
Rubicon esc. -EAB  April 4, 2010 10:05 PM
“...that every Milwaukee Mike post, maybe two, then silence. Yes, I think MM may be nothing but a creation of Motorcycle-USA to increase traffic on their website”. Yes I agree. Did you also notice his posts are usually the first, almost as if he has a “heads up” as to when the article will be posted. Plus, his comments are such an A-typical Harley response that it makes you think he is just a shill. Regardless if mm is real or not his posts make me laugh at his brainwashed, ignorant Harley fetish. Sad thing is mm probably drives a Honda and his Harley (if he actually owns one or one that runs) is probably 20 yrs. old and has like 2600 miles on it.
EAB -You ever notice....  April 4, 2010 12:18 PM
...that every Milwaukee Mike post, maybe two, then silence. Yes, I think MM may be nothing but a creation of Motorcycle-USA to increase traffic on their website.
c -harley=bad  April 3, 2010 11:21 PM
didn't really have a problem with a harley bike itself it's certainly an interesting bike that fills a niche like a ural or engfield. However Harley is clearly a company with little stake in the well being of motorcyclists. They push products on bikers that are sub par in quaility and performance at unreasonably high prices. They have no intention of inovation. Look what they did to poor Eric Buell. What doeas harley do for you? they'll take your money, maybe make you "happy," but so does a crack dealer... As a motorcyclist it's not the sort of company I'm going to support or ever be associated with.
Nathan -Sental...  April 3, 2010 06:45 PM
Thanks for proving my point...
Sental -Nathan  April 3, 2010 11:46 AM
“I'd be willing to bet that most if not all of them have never even ridden one, never mind owned one”. Well you just lost your bet because I have ridden Harleys and I think they are junk. Harleys are as common as Mustangs and Civics so why would you think most if not all have not ridden one? Maybe if we were bashing Moto Guzzi it would be a different story but Harley geez I know a dozen guys with Harleys and have ridden their bikes…not impressed. As far as ownership, no I have not owned one and never will and why would I if I did not even like the bike when I rode it. Are Harleys supposed to be some sort of acquired taste and after months of crappy riding it will suddenly improve and seem better.

The bashing you read at this site and other sites is legitimate and factual. For some there are many reasons to dislike Harley and for others there are reasons for liking Harley. Sure it is condescending but no more condescending than your attitude that thinks we are not entitled to give our piece of mind about a motorcycle maker.

If you really are a live and let live type of person you wouldn’t get bothered by the fact that some other people don’t see this issue the same way you do. So just get over it Nathan.
James -Because  April 3, 2010 07:01 AM
I ride a Harley I like it others like it .
It makes me happy !
I do wish the motor company would go metric two sets of tools is a pain in the ass.
GB -hey Nathan  April 2, 2010 08:13 PM
common sense isn't allowed here. only bashing!!! :-)
Hasdefer -milwaukee mary  April 2, 2010 05:51 PM
Aren’t all Harley’s just bikes with different “kits” on them? Harley will change the mirrors, location of the lic. plate and a different fender and wha-la a new model is born. So in reality this $1200 kit is like buying a new bike…what a steal. Hopefully the installation instructions won’t be in Chinese.
Nathan -Mike in WV  April 2, 2010 05:48 PM
The condescension is a two way street and for every one HD supporter on this site there are a dozen mindless HD haters and I'd be willing to bet that most if not all of them have never even ridden one, never mind owned one. Personally, I cant stand the meatheads that believe that HD's are the only real motorcycles, but I also cant stand the never ending bashing of Harleys. Why do it, What's the point? I'm a live and let live type of person and couldn't care less what someone else is riding so long as they are having fun, in other words, I'm not going to bash your ride so why the heck would you bash mine? Are HD's underpowered? Not for their intended purpose, IMO. If I wanted massive power I would have kept my 05' ZX10 which made TONS of power, but I didn't keep it because I believed it was overkill and I regretted buying it right away. You couldn't use even 1/10th of its potential on the street and it was way too much bike for the track that I ride ( Jennings) so what was the point of having it? My point is that power #'s are meaningless to me, the only thing that matters is does the bike do what it is was designed to do and do I enjoy riding it. I think more people need to adopt this mindset and stop worrying about spec sheets.
Triumph Guy -Much has changed since the 1960s  April 2, 2010 02:25 PM
As soon as I'm more interested in posing next to the bike, talking about the bike, fixing the bike, or polishing up the bike, I'll buy an HD. For now I am still young and prefer riding them.
Mike in WV -Nathan  April 2, 2010 09:57 AM
First...I don't hate HD's...have owned a few over the years...just not a fan. If you look to see the where my comment was aimed, you would see it was in response to the moronic comments, past and present of Milwaukee Mike. My only issues with HD bikes have always been the same...underpowered, inconsistant quality, reluctance to give us (riders)some new designs, and...for the buck, there are equal, if not better bikes out there. My issue in these comments are the constant condescending remarks of people who are so "brand" loyal to HD that they use the term "Metric" synonymous with junk or inferior quality. One of my best friends is a HD sales rep and he sold me my last Harley back in the day. He doesn't try to sell me HD anymore because he knows that until HD can build a bike better than the one I have, I won't buy one. That day may come some time in the future...but it's not today or even this year.

Personally, I read all these articles because I love bikes. Doesn't matter brand or type. No comment on the IQ passage because you were only trying to make a point. Got that...can you see mine? lol
unclewill -One thing...  April 2, 2010 09:38 AM
...that can be said about Harley riders - they ride! I'd guess that 70%+ of the bikes I see on the road here in SoCal are Harleys.
Nathan -Jeez...  April 2, 2010 05:46 AM
There is too much anger in here. Why the heck are you people getting so damned mad and spewing all of this vitriol and why the hell do any of you care what someone else rides? Mike in WV, that was without question the most worthless post I've read on here. Were you really trying to draw a correlation between a 6Cyl Goldwing and a 2Cyl HD? I feel like my IQ has gone down just from reading that tripe. If you hate HD's so much than why were you dumb enough to click on this story and then waste time responding to it? You people label anybody that rides an HD as a moron and yet every time there is an article about them you people read it and comment on it, so who are the real morons? I've owned an HD for just over a yr after riding sportbikes for 17yrs. It's been 100% reliable and plenty of power to have fun with imo. Is this kit overpriced? Probably. But there may be someone out there that is interested in it, and if so, good for them it doesn't effect anybody else's wallet so get over it.
Rolando Rodriguez -RRod  April 1, 2010 03:17 PM
While I have owned three Dyna's, and they where OK, Harleys are overpriced, underpowered, and getting old. Look at the age of your average Harley rider and ask him for his AARP membership card. I love any modern naked bike. I currently own an Aprilia Tuono that puts smile on my face everytime I ride. I am 47 and want to feel younger, so therefore I would rather embrace the cool looks and technology of many modern bikes.
envious -Me  April 1, 2010 02:20 PM
HATERS!!!!!!!! Just down right Haters. See how much A$$ you get on those yamasuzsaki's hahahah. Haters
MIke in WV -Milwaukee Moron  April 1, 2010 12:43 PM
If Milwaukee Moron would get off his knees long enough from kissing HD's ass, he might actually see that just about every major bike manufacturer out there is making bikes that will smoke the Harley's. Of course the moron will bring up the V-Rod and the Screaming Beagle, but even the Beagle won't touch some of the stock bikes. It won't touch the Triumph Rocket III and it barely compares to the GoldWing GL1800 in power. The fact is that the moron's beloved HD is using more and more parts made in China...how American is that? His idiotic comments about real riders...I see all the yuppie HD biker fags...lawyers, doctors, guys who wear suites all day every day...get out their shiny RK's, SG's, Ultra's etc on the weekend and ride 5 miles to the local watering hole. That makes them a real rider...because they ride a HD? Give me a break! The comment about people riding metric because they can't afford a HD...what ever happened to freedom of choice...having a HD is not a status symbol. I'm mean look at all the scroungy inbreds out there riding HD's. lol Ask the moron why HD sales reps can't and won't talk hp...because they know their bikes are on the low end of the spectrum. HD's greatest achievement is their marketing...which is evidenced by this latest attempt to sell this crappy bobber kit for over a thousand bucks. Too funny!
Scottie -I ride a dirty bike.  April 1, 2010 11:30 AM
EAB, I agree. You won't find a dirtier Yamaha Stratoliner than mine. Fortunately it's gray so it doesn't show too much. Unplug the battery tender, start, go.
EAB -Real Rider...define please  April 1, 2010 11:10 AM
Last year I put 4,000 miles on an Aprilia 150cc big wheel scooter, to include winning the 200cc class in the Lake Erie Loop charity race http://www.lakeerieloop.com. I also put around 10,000 miles on my 2006 Honda 599. Last year was a SLOW year, there, Mike. I won't run you down for your selection of machine. When it came time for me to buy a new motorcycle, I had enough money set aside to buy ANY bike I wanted, and I chose a Honda 599. I catch hell from the sportbike guys with their pipes and wheelies as well as the Harley bikers. However, the one group that doesn't give me ANY grief are those that actually spend less time tinkering, less time talking, less time shining, and use their bike for RIDING. If you were a real rider, you'd shut yer yap and just ride. You ought to try it sometime. It's really fun, whether you are on a 150cc scooter, fast Honda 600, or a Harley.
Mitch -custom-one size fits all.  April 1, 2010 10:10 AM
Yikes, where did they get that fender from, a Wheel Balancer?! =0
Moose -Moose  April 1, 2010 09:58 AM
HD has managed to survive & make a killing every year because of suckers like milwaukee mike. And no, I personally do not ride a yamazuki now until I can afford an inferior machine such as what you ride. I have high expectations, that's why I ride a yamazuki. Go back into your cave.
Mark -Cost  April 1, 2010 08:03 AM
Chopped Rear Fender Kit, black - $449.95 Side Mount License Plate Kit - $194.95 Solo Spring Saddle - $269.95 Spring Seat Mounting Hardware - $229.95 Total - $1,144.80 (plus tax)
Scottie -Hey, MM  April 1, 2010 07:51 AM
milwaukee mike, I had my brotherhood in my fraternity, and then I grew up. But I agree that those of us that don't ride HD probably aren't real riders, because these other bikes are just so easy to ride.
Dirty -Old fat guy  April 1, 2010 07:48 AM
The seat may be ok, would have to see a picture with the whole bike. But the fender gives me an idea! I could take the front fender off my DRZ and put it a foot above the rear tire on my RK! Wouldn't that be cool!?
Scottie -A lot of money  April 1, 2010 07:44 AM
449.95 194.95 269.95 229.95 =$1,150 Nice chunk of change. And obviously you'll still need to buy a lowering kit to make it look right.
milwaukee mike -I'd wager that those that aren't H D fans  April 1, 2010 07:42 AM
Are not even real riders or might ride a metric bike on occasion.
I'd be willing to bet some of those have said "I'm riding this yamazuki untill I can afford to by a Harley".
A metric poser is just that, and wil never understand the intrinsic value of tradition and brotherhood.
As for styling, when did kawasaki, suzuki, ducati, or even KTM offer an alternative styling kit. It won't appeal to every HD owner but it is an alternative.
Mike in WV -Crap sandwich  April 1, 2010 05:52 AM
OK...just another example of how HD thinks they can sell their devotees any piece of crap they come up with. It looks like crap...maybe because it is crap. The idiots who would buy this junk are totally brain washed...why not just go out and trade your Dyna for a CrossBones??? Better get a soda to wash down that crap sandwich cause it's gonna leave a real nasty after taste. But fear not...after you install it and decide it really looks horrible, you can reinstall all your stock parts and you're only out a thousand bucks! Maybe you can sell the crap to some other idiot on eBay!
canadian bear -harleys  April 1, 2010 04:50 AM
Junk , enough said.
wildpig -mr wildpig  April 1, 2010 04:25 AM
well -- i woke up this morning an had myself a vintage hd beer, before i crawled outta bed, i looked at my genuine hd clock, i put on my hd boxers, got a cigarette an lit it with my genuine hd lighter. went to the kitchen an made myself a bolonga sandwich on my hd kitchen table. when i sat down i sat on my genunine hd bar stole. before i did all that i switched my hd over light. an while i eatin my breakfast i was lookin at my hd newsletter an dreaming of the priviledge of re enlistin at with my local hawg chapter......... after i had breakfast i got dressed for a ride an the days activities...... u know the drill i got my harley boxers on i got my genuine hd levi's on ,, mandatory hd belt an big ass hd belt buckle,, hd boots naturally..... my favorite local hd dealer shirt --which i paid 35 dollas for-- hey they tell me thats a deal. i make sure my genunine hd wallet an chain is securely in my back pocket becus im off to the local hd dealer to buy some more genuine hd chrome --DIRECT FROM CHINA-- with my nicely used GENUINE HD CREDIT CARD................. to be continued........
Mcguire -sewer rat  April 1, 2010 02:29 AM
Harly's are for Harley people, we all know that. I even owned one in the 70's but that scratched the itch and it never came back. I had a xs 650 Yamaha teach me about what a bike could be (dependable). Harley does have a tremendous aftermarket though. Thats good since your gonna be at the parts store anyway.
Tim B -WTF Harley?  March 31, 2010 11:45 PM
Harley makes some of the nicest aftermarket accessories of any manufacturer, but that rear fender doesn't fit good at all!!! Even blind Harley fans like milwaukee mike should even be able to see that.
Hawk -Sell quick  March 31, 2010 07:41 PM
Better to sell it before they go out of business or sell to an overseas company most likely. Sp they will also be a foreign bike.

The kit looks bad and cheap. Not a good design. Sorry.
wheelybueller -SO  March 31, 2010 07:25 PM
IMHO,its Crap,how about some innovation. Good suspension,good tires,a chassis that doesnt touch down at a min.lean angle,Power,CAFE stylingwe could call it the FXD"R"...... What was I thinking....lets just build some more "parts bin bikes" the masses love them
unonymous -more ways to blow money on a pig  March 31, 2010 06:52 PM
so, if you spend $1000, you get a fender, seat and license plate mount. wow, what a deal. and people think Ducati stuff is expensive...

nowhere in this article did they mention that any of this tarty stuff was made in the united states. sorry to break your heart, but it's all probably stamped out in some chinese factory like everything else.

luckily i don't need anything like this for my monster. it's cool as it is. i guess it qualifies as a goofy metric bike, and i appreciate that. the metric system is great when you turn wrenches on your own bikes. it beats the hell out of the stupid ass fractional inch sizes when you're trying to figure out what size socket or wrench you need.
Moose -Moose  March 31, 2010 06:45 PM
That's right milwaukee mike. That is a good kit. If only somebody's could design an antidote kit to undo your lifelong brain washing. Go back to your cave.
milwaukee mike -Dyna Bobber kit  March 31, 2010 06:22 PM
Cool,...a factory customizing kit.
Just think, no Kuryakyn garbage, no one size fits all Tucker-Rocky add-on, no Taiwanese made crap. Made in the USA HD factory custom kit,...unlike those goofy metric bikes.
c -nobody cares harley  March 31, 2010 05:25 PM
I'd rather buy a buell
c -nobody cares harley  March 31, 2010 05:24 PM
I'd rather buy a buell