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BMW Motorrad Reports Record Sales in 2011

Monday, January 9, 2012
BMW Motorrad reports its largest volume sales year in its history. The Bavarian marque claims 104,286 units sold for 2011, a 6.4% increase from 2010. BMW’s gains are tempered by losses from its subsidiary, Husqvarna, which registers a 23% loss in sales compared to the previous year.
We didnt have the opportunity to ride with a passenger but a few editors took turns riding pillion and they came back with mixed reviews.
BMW Motorrad records its best sales year ever in 2011, its 104,286 units sold exceeding the German marque’s previous best set in 2007.

BMW’s global motorcycle sales show an encouraging return to form. Its 2011 totals exceed the company’s previous best, 102,467 units, which was set in 2007. The German marque also claims a 12% increase in market share in the 500cc and over segment in 2011.

BMW 2011 stats rebound to pre-recession global sales levels and have climbed steadily since its 2009 drop. Even then, the company managed to weather the economic storm better than most. BMW’s 2009 sales (87,306) were a 14.1% loss from 2008 levels (as comparison, the entire US market dropped 41% in 2009). The company's 2010 sales boomed 12.3% to 98,047, and for ’11 they once again crest 100K units.

Details on model unit sales are not specified. However, last year BMW credited sales of the S1000RR superbike for driving the 2010 increase. It also projected that a continued high demand for the S1000RR and the all-new six-cylinder K series would fuel 2011 sales growth.

Italian subsidiary Husqvarna recorded a 2780 unit sales drop compared with 2010. The 23% loss totaled 9286 units sold for 2011.

Stay tuned for more 2011 market analysis when the MIC (Motorcycle Industry Council) releases its year-end report later this month.

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jrgt1k   January 11, 2012 07:37 AM
not really bashing HD, they make nice cruisers and standards. They build for a market that likes what they make. They are not high tech, but that's what their market wants. While its not my cup of tea, ride what you like not what someone else likes. But, don't bash BMW with nonsensical claims, as wildpig has done here and on many other comments.
Piglet2010   January 10, 2012 08:28 PM
-jrgt1k- The 1250cc H-D Revolution, liquid-cooled, 60° V-2 makes about 110 HP at the rear wheel, but it is designed by Porsche. Also, many H-D faithful do not consider bikes with the Revolution engine to be "real Harleys". Also H-D makes one non-cruiser standard, the XR1200; too bad it does not have the Revolution engine.
509MXFan   January 10, 2012 01:08 PM
jrgt1k, I agree - though I think the parallel with HD isn't neccessary. Ask BMW, the most common "conquest customer" (someone coming from another brand) is coming from HD. And I think HD makes great bikes - just for an entirely different purpose. BMW isn't perfect, but they are making strides in a time where most are resting.
jrgt1k   January 10, 2012 12:55 PM
I knew we could count on Wildpig for more of his inane BMW bashing. Own and have owned several BMW's, and have found them to be quite reliable, and have not found the parts to be "outrageous". Cheap, no, but BMW's aren't Harleys, so they actually have some parts that are made with post 1950's technology. Is there even a production Harley that makes more than 100 horsepower? Probably not, as they don't make sport bikes, just cruisers.
wildpig   January 9, 2012 06:56 PM
to bad you gotta give a BMW AWAY ONCE U BUY IT ,,in addition to beyond stoopid outrageous parts pricing --then ever try ot find a bmw dealer when you break down? theres a whooping 145 nation wide--some states dont even have a dealer and guess what --dam near zero parts inventory at bmw dealers....... i could go on...........
Piglet2010   January 9, 2012 06:43 PM
104K motorcycles - about a day and half production for Honda. Or for revenue, 3 days for Honda.