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Erik Buell Racing Makes First Sales

Friday, January 15, 2010
Buell back selling motorcycles. But hold on, wait, it’s not what you may think. Erick Buell Racing, run by the former head of Buell Motorcycles, has sold its first racing motorcycles. The news, released this morning by Erik Buell Racing, reports a pair of 1190RR superbikes were purchased by a European privateer squad, the Pegasusraceteam.com Team. The two bikes will be campaigned in the European Sound of Thunder Series.
Taylor Knapp Buell 1125R
AMA competitor Taylor Knapp riding the Buell 11125R. Erik Buell Racing will support 2010 efforts aboard the model in both the American Superbike and Daytona SportBike classes as well as other series worldwide.

Piloting the Pegasusraceteam.com 1190RR will be 2009 Sound of Thunder champ Harald Kitsch, who rode the 1125R for the team last year at the final round in the Pro Thunder class.

“Kitsch is a very talented rider with World Endurance Championship and German IDM experience. He is really looking forward to racing the new bike,” said Pegasusraceteam manager Jens Kruper in the EBR press release.

The German-based team will also race the Buell 1125R and XB12R in support classes for the European series, with Pegasusraceteam’s Thomas Wanner saying in the press announcement, “We have had great success with the 1125R and XB12R in the last few years. Now we will expand our program by using the new 1190RR-B.”

Buell Dealer Locator
The Sound of Thunder series has dates set for three different European circuits, with a schedule as follows:
Round 1 + 2: April 16-18 Eurospeedway Lausitz
Round 3 + 4: May 27-30, TT-Circuit Assen
Round 5 + 6: June 24-27, Motorsport Arena Oschersleben
Round 7 + 8: September 16-19 Motorsport Arena Oschersleben

Founder of Buell Motorcycles and EBR, Erik Buell, said in the release:
“We are extremely pleased that the Pegasusrace team will be the first team in the world to get the new 1190RR-B. Over the years, I’ve been very impressed with every aspect of their organization and I know they will do well. We’ve been working very hard to develop this bike and get our race shop set up and organized as we begin to showcase the finest race parts and technology we can deliver without restriction.”

On top of the 1190RR-B European-Spec superbikes sold to the Pegasusracing.com Team, Erick Buell Racing is building race-only versions of the 1125R, including both Daytona SportBike and American Superbike-spec models to compete in the upcoming 2010 AMA Pro Road Racing season.

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Donny -I have nothing to ride  July 8, 2010 06:48 AM
Please make bikes for the general public again,Eric Buell.(PS) go to hell harley davidson.
Alfonso Rodriguez -XB12X Rider  May 24, 2010 11:40 AM
I love my Ullysses but kinda hate H-D for what they did to Buell. I hope Erik contiues on without harley. Screw them!!!!!!!
Skinchaser -power to weight?  March 9, 2010 11:18 AM
I just can't believe that if he is such a great designer that he cannot make a bike that competes more evenly in displacement, torque and weight. It's really embarrassing that Buell needs rule changes to compete in a class that nobody wants them in. It funny that a similar Buell can be designed to put out 185 hp. Can a 600 or 675 triple or 848 twin be made to do that. Just make a good bike that races in its own displacement class and people will not cry foul. We would all like to see Buell do well but many would like him to do it without using some complicated formula to get there. Sounds like he is on the right track with the RR to compete. Now get out of 600 racing and best wishes in superbike.
Rich L. -Buells work for me.....  March 1, 2010 12:25 AM
My hat is off to Erik Buell for his diligence and passion toward his motorcycling endeavors! Anyone who disagrees should research his back ground and see what he has accomplished. His passion and dedication with motorcycle engineering and design will go down in history. In my opinion Erik really gave a damn when it came to his motorcycles! He was not some blow hard cartoon character, but a real racer and privateer. He deserves respect for his ideology and hard work as does the men and women whom were involved in the production of the Buell motorcycle line. Unfortunately Mr. Buell was limited in the area of engine design and production by Harley as they were focusing on the V-rod engine at one point and asked Erik to make it work for the Buells'. The motor consequently was simply too heavy and the overall weight savings required to make the engine work in a superb handling chassis was deemed unreasonable and left him with the sportster engine as the only alternative. His hands were tied to say the least... With this hand delt, Erik focused his primary efforts on the evolution of his brilliant ideas, incorporating them over time into the latest motorcycle line up. Fuel in the frame, inverted forks, under-slung exhaust, ZTL brakes, slack-free belt drive system, interagal flexless frame-engine coupling etc.. just to mention a few are examples of the innovative mindset behind Buell's desire to create the best possible mass centralized machine available period. Finally HD financially stepped up and supported the invent from the ground up of an all new power-plant destined for the 1125R. After working out a couple of minor issues to be expected from any newly designed engine, the matched frame/engine combination became a formidable adversary to the performance-bred motorcycle industry. This success could not have been introduced at a worse economical time in recent history. With this being said, I believe that HD decided to cut any potential questionable sales predictions within their ownership and to "go with" what has endured the test of time, the cruiser style line-up. There are a lot of other factors involved I'm sure such as monies owed by HD Motor Corporation, lending involvements, and so on.... Another key factor to consider is the stackable profit margin HD makes when a customer buys a new bike and rolls all of the customizable accessories into the total financing amount! Interest city over 5-7 years for HD! Although I am tremendously saddened by HD's decision to lose the Buell line, I understand what I don't understand about HD's corporate moves in today's large scale business sector. Finally I would like to comment on the Buell bikes and why they work for me. I have had the opportunity to own a variety of motorcycles over the years both metric and standard, each of which inherits is own idiosyncratic values. The metric sport bikes definitely have great performance figures both on the track and on paper, but what I like about Buells' overall theory in bike design is streetability. Buells won't rip your arms out of socket or rev to 13000+ rpm's of course, but then again they aren't meant to... What I get from a Buell motorcycle is sheer performance derived from a "real world" perspective which includes a generally comfortable ride over long distances, decent fuel economy, exceptional handling characteristics, smooth calibrated braking and strong usable torque for the everyday street riding environment. Having the opportunity to own, service and ride a handful of Buell motorcycles over the recent years has allowed me to become familiar with the ease of maintenance, serviceability, and the robust logical design of the components which make up these out right fun to ride machines. So before anyone conjures up enough tenacity to degrade an intelligently designed American-made sportbike, they should take one for a spin in the canyons of a local nearby mountain range and digest one of the most spectacular "connected" riding experiences to be had as I often do thousands of miles a year. Then maybe, just maybe you will feel the "soul" and passionate performance conveyed into every Buell motorcycle as Erik himself had intended. For me, these are my bikes..........
AMERICAN BIKER -Eric, thanks for the ride.  February 23, 2010 05:08 PM
Love Harley's from when I was a kid,got my first one. Back when Buell came out with the S1, a Harley powered sport bike just for me...... OK maybe not just me,anyway the guy took a 1950's Style engine put it in his own frame? and so you have a bike that can play with 600 inline four's now come on that's BUELL.Now if you have a 1125 v-twin that handle's like a 600 Four that's a good thing no????? I think so.HEY it's not about going fast it's about you and your ride. GOD BLESS.........
Tony -XB12R Owner  February 21, 2010 10:46 PM
I did my part to support Buell, I just bought the last XB12R that was for sale through the AAFES Car Sales (Military overseas). Looking forward to picking it up in April.
Hendrick Gouws -1125 Rider  January 29, 2010 10:19 AM
Cyclone 2 please contact me henniegouws@aol.com
Hendrick Gouws -1125R Rider  January 29, 2010 10:17 AM
I agree one hundred percent with Cyclone 2 and yes I was also one of the guys with the same idea. Lets rescue Buell ! Eric Buell is a genius a patriot and he has more vision than most American Motorcycle Manufacturers. To Bill H I would say, if you are looking for a perfect all rounder then test ride a Buell Eulysis (forgive the spelling) This motorcycle is powerful, fast and has outstanding handling ! Two-up would most certainly not be a problem. Ok Cyclone 2 lets do this ! Let's start a Buell rescue programme. I am sure Rotax would be very interested in supplying the enigines for the Eric Buell Masterpieces.
Bill H. -Buell is out of business for a reason  January 27, 2010 06:23 PM
Buell made great bikes. Erik's engineering talent is above reproach. However, his bikes didn't appeal to most riders and the market as you all know is very down right now. Erik Buell proved to me that the best motorcycle engineer in the world is the last person you want to ask about marketing, for the long-term at least. Because of Erik's beginning with Harley he ending-up designing his own niche market big-twin superbikes, except for the Blast, which wasn't enough, not enough power. There was nowhere else to go unless he went to work for "the enemy", which he didn't want to do. As a result, he was caught in a dreamworld that never really existed, not in sustainable numbers at least. His bikes relied on a good economy, and his amazing talent allowed Buell to last more than a quarter-century. I'm convinced that Buell's tenure is a direct result of the public's enthusiasm for Eric Buell's expertise in motorcycle design, and little else. The truth is Eric Buell would have been more successful with his designs if he had taken them to a foreign manufacturer in 1983. The fact he didn't is a testimonial to his patriotism but I think it hurt his career. I think his best work has been lost because he spent the last 27 years designing superbikes around engines that are at best suited for big cruiser bikes, engines that should have gone out of manufacture 30 years ago at worst. I think about Erik going to work for Triumph in the 1990's. Do you see what I'm saying? I don't own a Buell because they didn't make an all-around street bike for me. Their other bikes were all too niche-oriented for me, lust inducing as they are. They made bikes for low and high, but nothing in-between. I saw the problem from the beginning. I think Harley decided to kill Buell off rather than sell because they want as few potential competitors as possible, which I can't blame them for. I think most people who own Harleys do it because of their image, the fact they're American made, and their love of big push-rod V-twins. Except for the AMF days, Harley quality has always been there. Americans can do top-notch work if you don't run the factory in such a way as to stop them. I've always understood that. I would also rather ride an American bike but none of them seem to want to make a mid-size, lightweight, good-handling standard. At least Triumph is listening to guys with my taste in motorcycles, hello new Bonnie! For this reason I think most Buell riders will end-up riding Harleys in the future for American loyalty reasons, the love of big push-rod V-twins, or both. I think Harley believes the same and it weighed into their decision-making. Having said that, I'm saddened by American motorcycling's apparent attitude that has existed for decades and seems to say "You can play around with foreign bikes with good handling and moderate power (or a lot more) until you're ready to ride with the big boys." What is it about American motorcycle manufacturing that makes it seem to be forever in love with the push-rod? I'm 47 and I think the push-rod should have gone out of production with Apollo 13. Yeah, I know about the V-Rod, but it's another niche bike, missing guys like me, deliberately in my view due to its lack of versatility. Yeah, it has DOHC, fuel injection, and big power, but it lacks overall versatility just like every other Harley ever made. Harley-Davidson, please break your century-long love affair with the push-rod, iron block, in-line cylinders, and court riders like me. Join guys like me who view the push-rod and heavy weight as limiting factors, not as the lynch-pin of your exsistence. Those who are telling you this are backward-thinking and are not to be listened to, not in the long-term at least. Thinking about the future is where guts become involved. What this line of thinking doesn't seem to get is some of us can ride for many years with moderate power (or more), light weight, resulting good handling, the same reliability or more, more economy, and it's all we ever wanted out of a motorcycle in the first place. American motorcycle makers have been overlooking riders like me for at least 30 years and I can't stop thinking that the market research they're paying good money for is missing guys like me. I can't be alone. I can't be in such small numbers that we deserve to be dropped into a column that says "let them ride rice-burners, there's no way we can make money from them." I refuse to believe that. Offer me a lightweight, good-handling American-made motorcycle that has enough power for two-up riding and I'll buy it. The Sportster doesn't cut it. It either needs less weight and/or more power, and that doesn't address its need to be able to carry a passenger better. I wish Harley well, I just can't throw them an automatic bone. I want Harley so succeed, making bikes for everyone, not just a fraction of the market.
Sumanster -Forgot the link  January 22, 2010 12:57 PM
Here: http://www.facebook.com/#/buell
Sumanster -Great idea Sean!  January 22, 2010 12:56 PM
I posted your suggestion on Buell's facebook page, which has nearly 11,000 fans - that could be $11 million to rescue Buell!
Sean -Mr. M2 Cyclone  January 20, 2010 12:55 AM
Seriously how many Buell fans are out their? Im one for life and though not a wealthy person I would do my damdest to scrape together a grand to invest in a fan funded revitalization of my Favorite motorcycle company! Anyone out their capable of organizing an investment structure to build a capitol base for bringing Buell Back to Life. Ill buy the first stock! What a cool American story. Buell riders will not let their company go quitely into that good night. Not without a fight. Lets see, one thousand riders investing one thousand each heck thats a cool mil. Imagine the possibilities and variations of this idea. Eric are you listening. Does anyone else think this line of thinking works or am I a nieve dreamer. I bet someone thought those same things of Eric Buell at one time.
Sumanster -Seems final now  January 18, 2010 12:26 PM
Glad to see Erik Buell begin selling bikes again, even if it is just in the low-volume race-only space. I was hoping a group of investors would get together and buy the streetbike production facilities to eventually resume production, but that doesn't appear likely now:
Jayson -Power to weight ratio...BS!!!!  January 16, 2010 01:54 PM
How about just keeping it simple....superbike racing against superbikes. I'd love to see an "AMERICAN" made bike beat the foreign bikes period. And Buells are leading that movement. But hearing how good the Buells are by beating 600s just means that can't produce appropriate bikes to compete in the supersport and superbike classes. NOT WITHOUT RULE ADVANTAGES ANYWAYS!!!! Sugarcoating my comments won't make Buells better. Mr. Buell take your 1125R and win on a big superbike stage (without rule advantages)and I'll be a believer.............
Maxx -Still Cheating  January 16, 2010 11:41 AM
Everyone is always talking about horsepower to weight ratio. But it is the torque that offsets the weight, 1125cc from the factory will pull almost twice the torque of 600cc. There is no need for a calculator; common sense will suffice.
Vince -Can't be a bad thing  January 16, 2010 09:42 AM
I know people CRIED foul last season in DSB, but the power to weight ratio was level. And really, Eslick was the only Buell rider who was winning. The 1125r was built to product only 130hp in the DSB class, and it had a heavier minimum weight. It's simple math. Regardless, I didn't hear anyone crying about the Aprilia bikes. Anyway, the success of Buell is a good thing for the sport in this country. Think about it, how sad would it be if an AMERICAN builder didn't compete in SBK class in their own country? I'm not sure why so many metric fans hate Buell. Is it because of HD? I know I don't like HD any more than the average metric fan, but that's only because HD axed Buell. Now that Erik Buell is on his own, is there a reason to hate Buell for any particular reason? All the guy wants to do is build competitive sportbikes and compete in his own countries circuit. How is that a bad thing? I'm hoping that Erik has podium and $$$ success that will allow him to begin building production bikes in a few years. American workers producing an American product is a good thing for the economy, no matter how you slice it. If Buell can do it without the meddling of Hardly Davidson, it'll be even better.
twinswin -sore losers  January 16, 2010 08:28 AM
Buell can't seem to win with some folks. In a power to weight class people don't get.(get a calculator ok). Builds a superbike, cry foul illegal, bla bla bla. Some people just don't get it. When he does well this year and I believe he can, get ready to hear the crying from jap crowd.
mcguire -sewer rat  January 16, 2010 03:01 AM
I believe the only true solution to the contraversal 1000's vs. 600 debate is to group race classes by enging configuration. Twins race twins, multi's race multi's. There is really no reason have to put the two on the track together. It is a matter of technology.
Anyone who ever street raced (that's illegal isn't it) knows that to win you gotta have a multi and the bigger the better (can you say Haybusa). We could have a multitude of race classes (singles,twins,multi's,electric ect) and all it would mean is more better racing. The reasons the rules are like they are is money and greed. The riders are the ones risking their lives to entertain us and the rules should reflect their opinions not the profiteers.
Shaun -Joke?  January 15, 2010 11:11 PM
Either you get it or you don't. Power to weight ratio is what it's all about. That's why the rules allowed them to race 600's. If you recall it was rather competitive racing at that. Eslick didn't win every race, so obviously it wasn't a "cheater bike". I guess you'd rather just watch Mladin on a liter bike lap the field....that's good racing. I'd feel like I got my monies worth if paid a bundle to watch one guy dominate the field flag to flag every race. Wonder why Americans don't take to F1? Buell capitilized on a DMG-AMA trying to make racing exciting to watch and get more than just a couple of manufacturers to supoort it. How many actual factory teams are there left?
Antonio Afonso -Great Bike  January 15, 2010 10:57 PM
The Buell 1125r and now the 1190,are GREAT BIKES!Congratulations for Pegasusracing,and for the ALL WORLD BUELLS OWNERS.From PORTUGAL with love...
Antonio Afonso
Shawn -Buell XB12R-1125CR  January 15, 2010 09:12 PM
Marcus & Jayson - Be respectful to an American Bike. Remember they employed U.S. citizens, no need for the disrespect. Opinions can be expressed in a better manner.
Jim R. -American made Buell Lightning Motorcycles  January 15, 2010 08:56 PM
Having owned a 2004 Buell XB12S and now own a 2008 H-D FXD, the Buell Lightning I owned was and is a well made and engineered machine, and for no other reason then that, they deserved to stay in business. So if we really want to put America back to work, we need to produce machined products here in America. I still hope someone picks up the Buell product line.
Jayson -Still a Joke  January 15, 2010 06:55 PM
Buells will always be jokes in AMA until they actually start winning against liter bikes and not 600cc bikes.
Marcus Allen -harley sucks  January 15, 2010 06:47 PM
loser bikes
Jay -Buell  January 15, 2010 04:09 PM
God Bless Eric Buell, I ride a Harley and even though I did not own a Buell, I was proud of there progress and performance. Given the time I believe Mr. Buell could have been a big player in sport bike racing. Harley always said that the Buell line was to attract new riders now what? Of course they also said you should not use synthetic oil until they decided to sell it to you for 10.00 bucks a quart. Harley = hypocrit