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2006 EnduroCross Build Photo Gallery

After watching the intense action and brutal carnage that has been the norm since Day 1 at this event, MotoUSA has decided to give it a try. Check out the full story in MotoUSA EnduroCross Bike Build

Once it’s all put together the Works Connection Holeshot Device is a clean, simple addition to your bike. We’re hoping that it helps get us into the first corner a bit faster than usual.
David Knight is the reigning champion of EnduroCross - and we want a piece of him! Actually, we just want to qualify for the Saturday program, then we'll talk about Knighter. For the first time MotoUSA will compete at the extreme off-road race held in The Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, NV.
The first chore in our motor modification was to yank this baby.
The stock flywheel, left, is great for quick-revving, hard-hitting motocross, but we needed something a little more manageable in the rock pile.
A little extra weight can be a good thing. The 13-oz. Steahly Off Road flywheel we installed should help avoid stalling that big 4-stroke in the tight arena and give plenty of bottom-end traction.
Two screws and four bolts – installation doesn’t get much easier than on the Works Connection skidplate.
Lacing up a set of Pro Wheels wasn’t just so we could have wicked black rims. We needed an 18-inch on the rear to accept the trials tire. We couldn’t have left the front one stock, now could we?
BC is betting the house that his setup will be an improvement over his regular 19-inch wheel/tire combo.
Brian drew number this number for the event so keep your eyes peeled for the BC74 jersey and show him some love.
Works Connection was quick to jump on board. They love proving that their products work so we wound up with this skidplate/engine guard combo and a holeshot device for protection and great starts.
Our bike sure looks the part, but we’ll see if it performs to the same level. One area of concern is the suspension.
Going with a trials rear tire was enough of a gamble for BC. He didn’t want to be riding on a completely foreign set of meats so he stuck with the hard-terrain 739 for the front.
This will be our first attempt at the EnduroCross. In case it is also our last, we had TSS fab up these one-off graphics.
This sick anodized sprocket isn’t just for looks, it’s actually one tooth larger than the stock. Having this 49T will give Chamberlain some extra boost for getting over those hellish obstacles.
We tried to talk BC into running the larger Enduro guards but he’s sticking to his guns and going with the Race version of Acerbis’ Multi Plo protectors.
Once again the guys at TSS Graphics have transformed our roached plastic into a modern MotoUSA marvel.
2006 EnduroCross Project Build
ASV unbreakable levers have become a standard on any of our projects, plus our personal rides.
This sticky Dunlop trials tire is our great hope for surviving the rock piles and log jams as smoothly as possible.
Thanks to everyone who helped out.