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2006 EnduroX - Brian Photo Gallery

The entire EnduroCross show had an awesome crowd, hot competition, storybook racing and went off without a hitch, none of which had anything to do with MotoUSA. Check out the full story in MotoUSA EnduroCross Wrap-Up.

The Moment of Truth. This photo happened to capture the exact moment when Brian’s knee transitioned from healthy and strong to mushy and useless.
A sneeze during the track walk reminded BC of his mending broken rib. Not a good way to start out.
See, Brian, all you have to do...
Clark (left): 'Yo, Donny-B, check it. Your punk-ass biatch is gittin’ served!' Becklin: 'Say whaaaat! Shut yo’ mouth, my boi gots skills.'
Charging down the balance beam, most riders hopped off the left side to set themselves up for a right-hander into the rock pile.
Still innocent and whole.
A sneeze during the track walk reminded BC of his mending broken rib. Not a good way to start out.
You can almost see the fear in his eyes before the first practice.
Our pit setup was pretty good. Too bad we had to roll it up and go find a hospital before ever really getting to use it.
The name says it all.
Thank god for these. Heavier protection is necessary for this kind of racing. The stock guards would have been hard pressed to survive the day.
BC was feeling his oats on Friday morning.
A little warm-up to get the arms ready for swelling.
Overall we had a good time on the EnduroCross trip. BC didn't achieve his personal goals, but what we discovered was that stadium off-road races are an awesome format for everyone involved. We'd like to see more of them.
The 450 had plenty of torque to get the front wheel over obstacles. But it wore on the forearms pretty heavily.
Railing Turn 1.
Don’t bump BC on the course or he’ll throw down and wait for you to come back the other direction. Who wants some?!?
This fall was the only one we suffered in the nasty rock pile. Just this one tip-over put a sizeable dent in our Works Connection engine guards.
He looked good in the rock pile early on, but it would be his ultimate demise.
Balance is one of Chamberlain’s strong points. He easily negotiated this section and could have used it to make some passes if necessary.
BC works his way around Adam Booth on the Christini AWD motorcycle.
The dragon-back log piles were actually harder on the amateur day because they were separated by large rocks. It was so difficult that the rocks were removed by the end of practice.
Once you got to this point on the track, things started getting ugly with a looming rock pile, dragon-back log sections and a water crossing still ahead.
Brian thoroughly enjoyed splashing around for the short time he survived.
Seeing riders jump into the rock pile on amateur day like Matthew Karlsen does here wasn't uncommon. A nice dirt lip allowed racers with enough sack to drop the hammer and clear a large portion of the nasty section.
We hadn’t seen anything quite like the EnduroCross course until we showed up in Vegas. Watching video from the 2005 event hardly prepared us for the hellish reality.