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Triumph Creates U.S. Dealer Council

Monday, October 5, 2009
Triumph Motorcycles has created the Triumph Motorcycles America (TMA) Dealer Council as part of the manufacturer’s ongoing efforts to optimize sales and service at its network of more than 170 Triumph dealers across the country. The new program serves as a formal platform for all Triumph dealers to share their insights and perspectives on issues that range from succeeding in a down economy to further improving customer service, sales and marketing.

The ever-changing economic landscape is causing companies from all industries to be smarter about their business, and Triumph is no different. The formation of the TMA Dealer Council is one of several steps that Triumph is taking to re-establish its brand and increase market share in the United States. In addition, Triumph believes that strong dealer relationships are key to building the brand and securing a prosperous future. Triumph builds quality products and the new dealer network is the missing piece of the puzzle that will bring dealers, Triumph corporate and motorcycle enthusiasts together in a stronger, more connected way.

Nine dealers have been selected to participate in the first TMA Dealer Council, representing a cross-section of Triumph’s dealer network in terms of geography, market size and approach to business. Each dealer brings a wealth of knowledge and a varied background of industry experiences, which makes them invaluable resources for topics that range from sales and marketing strategies to product development.

The council members are:
• Don Jeka of Great Bay Motorcycles in North Hampton, NH;
• Dennis Martin of Martin Motorsports in Boyertown, PA;
• Kurt Opel of Ride Motorsports in Issaquah, WA;
• Jeff Gallo of Gulf Motorsports in Fort Myers, FL;
• Suzanne Lasko-Canu of Triumph Detroit in Roseville, MI;
• Zach Materne of Triumph of New Orleans in New Orleans, LA;
• Mike Hendry of Foothills Triumph Motorcycles in Lakewood, CO; and Northern Colorado Euro Motorcycles in Loveland, CO;
• Mike Meissner of Cal Moto in Mountain View, CA; and Tri-Valley in Livermore, CA; and
• Mark Engel of Just Imports in Matthews, NC

“Our dealers are an integral part of Triumph’s success, and the Dealer Council is a great way for us to better understand the challenges and opportunities they face,” said Mike Cunningham, Vice President of Dealer Development for Triumph Motorcycles America. “Triumph has been through a number of economic peaks and valleys as a company throughout its more than 100 year history, so we are acutely aware of the challenges and opportunities that this kind of business climate brings. From our perspective, this is the perfect time to strengthen the Triumph dealer network so that we will all be better positioned to grow in the years to come.”

Triumph is standing strong in today’s tumultuous marketplace. The British company has made a significant investment in the North American market and it will continue to be a major focal point as the company’s growth climbs. Triumph remains a strong company with renewed vigor to design and produce distinctive products that provide an outstanding motorcycling experience.

To locate a Triumph dealer, please use the Dealer Locator at www.TriumphMotorcycles.com. If you are interested in becoming a Triumph dealer, please visit “Become A Dealer” at www.TriumphMotorcycles.com/USA.
Triumph Motorcycle Dealer Locator
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ken claya -labor costs  May 19, 2010 06:36 PM
maybe they'll put a cap on the high labor costs. my dealer in southeastern michigan charges more for labor than my bmw dealer.
Roger Fleming -Wait and see  April 9, 2010 08:02 AM
I just purchased an 09 Tiger back in November of last year that has a sticky clutch problem. It seems obvious that this is a widespread problem and when you look on the forums and the response to this issue from dealers has been quite mixed. I am hoping my experience in getting this resolved with my dealer goes well, but I have concerns after reading what other owners have encountered. Perhaps this dealer council formation will foster a closer relationship with corporate that will bring needed changes to those dealerships who have not been helpful in resolving service deficiencies.
America owner - service after the sale  December 1, 2009 04:52 PM
My 08 America is rotting away befor my eyes and its still under warranty and Triumph U.S. has denide my claims . so whats so good about a dealer council . I have been a true Triumph fan from 1995 and this is the worst expirance with purchasing a new bike from them . I guess it time to call it quits and go with another brand .
Ben -Dealer council ?  October 13, 2009 08:40 PM
(Dealer Council) HUMMMM sounds like a good way to start price fixing. Just like Harley Davidson has for year's. You would agree with that milwaukee mike WOULDNT YOU. LOL...
Warthog -Keep up the good work, keep up the focus  October 5, 2009 08:58 PM
ahh...good 'ol reliable 'Milwaukee Mike'...only happy when dousing fires it seems. Well at present I own three hinkley triumphs and ('04 bonnie black, '05 speed triple, '06 daytona 675), my level of ownership satisfaction is such that I keep coming back it seems. Bikes have been wonderful, minor issues (rectifier/regulator on D675, blocked pitcock valve (bah..nothing) on S3) that would have me bad mouth Triumph at all. With all the choices out there I chose these bikes because they were the ones that appealed to me and give me a sense of owner pride, joy and satisfaction for the riding I do. Hope to add the Rocket Roadster in the spring as it would truly complete the stable. Whatever the dealer council does, I hope it actively works at establishing, sustaining and strengthening the relationship and overall dealer/factory/brand loyalty with the customer. Focus on us folks that buy, accesorize and service our bikes. Help us out, address issues actively and promptly when such things arise and you will be sure to maintain a happy and loyal customer base that will only get bigger. Good word of mouth from us satisfied customers has is free marketing.
Jeff -Good on 'em  October 5, 2009 05:23 PM
Triumph makes great bikes - period. US Dealers and customers will definitely benefit from this. I hope it helps the company build momentum for what seems to me to be a great company that makes some very nice motorcycles. Good Luck Triumph! You've got and will keep my business as I see this as continuing improvement. ...and if it doesn't work out, you can always rely on milwaukee mike's strategic plan -- "if it don't go, chrome it"
milwaukee mike -dealer council?  October 5, 2009 11:19 AM
It seems that since Triumph started selling here in 1995, that it should have had one well before now. Fourteen years after the fact is alot too late. With all the production problems, warranty issues and the fact that the market was shrunk,...well I believe it's too late.

I know personally several previous Hinckly Triumph owners that would never own another or would ever recommend any model Triumph due to the above mentioned problems and extreme depreciation.