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2011 KTM Street Bike Models Picture 4 of 6

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2011 KTM 990 Supermoto T

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Maneuverablemachines - 990 SM T - True Sleeper (Unsuspected All-Around Motorcycle)  October 6, 2010 08:49 AM
I own the 2010 model and it is awesome in city and on the expressway. Very stable with quick changes in speed and hard acceleration up to even 115, 120 mph, even on windy and rainy roads, being carefuls and safe as possible, of course. This is the ultimate street machine. You have all of the useable power when you need it (useable power is real as opposed to what is claimed on the showroom floor to be the max--what can that mean to anybody?). Extremely maneuverable. Try making a tight U-turn to get head-out in limited two-space parking area in a strip mall with any other bike its size and you will be left with a reluctant feeling and back off; not with this bike's confidence-inspiring maneuverability. Also the sleeper characteristic no one expects--KTM's low seat height that is reassuring to sub 6-footers, that is prevalent on their off-road lineage LC8s and LC4s. This bike's lower center of gravity and special seat for more-upright maneuverability provides more confidence and safety. On heavy blasts of rain and wind you can even crouch a little forward with the wind screen to become more aerodynamic and stay dryer and in more contro. 2010 model is awesome and KTM made it better and slightly more visible by allowing more orange to be visible on the faring--great I love orange, being subdued, respectable, and yet visible. The light is in the perfect location and it is big. Greatest versatile baggage system gets me to traverse long distances for many hours. I love this bike--a true sleeper...true stealth...true all-around street bike you will resist giving up even for a trade-in whenever the opportunity knocks at your door.