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The Vespa Experiment Starts April 30

Tuesday, April 21, 2009
The artists chose Vespas to focus attention on the positive and immediate environmental impact of scooters as personal transportation.
The artists chose Vespas to focus attention on the positive and immediate environmental impact of scooters as personal transportation.
On April 30th, singer/songwriter Jason Reeves will gather his friends and fellow musicians Brendan James and Amber Rubarth and embark on The Vespa Experiment, a two-week tour of the California coastline during which they hope to raise awareness about global warming. The three artists will leave behind the concrete jungle of Los Angeles and ride Vespas up the Coast with just the basics: camping gear, musical instruments, and a vision: to inspire young people to consider their impact on their environment.

“It seems like back in the late 60s and early 70s, people turned to folk singers and songwriters for inspiration and answers to difficult questions,” Reeves says. “We were very motivated by that idea and hope to influence a new generation to become more environmentally aware as they grow up and take command of their future.”

To that end, the artists have linked up with Greenpeace, who have come on board as a partner to help deliver their message. Greenpeace volunteers will be present at events to engage attendees and urge people to take action to protect the natural beauty of the West from the devastating impacts of global warming. It is critical that Californians act now to protect the state’s beautiful forests, coastal areas and farmlands.

Attendees will take action at the concert by signing a giant postcard banner, writing letters, and making phone calls to local Representatives, urging them to be bold in their support for global warming solutions in Congress this year.

The artists chose Vespas to focus attention on the positive and immediate environmental impact of scooters as personal transportation. “If the 69% of Americans who own two or more cars would just switch one set of four wheels for two, the reduction in fuel consumption, emissions, congestion and cost would be significant – not years from now, but right now,” said Paolo Timoni, President and CEO, Piaggio Group Americas. “Even if Americans were to switch just 10% of their total mileage to scooters, they would consume 14 - 18 million gallons less fuel per day and carbon dioxide emissions could be reduced by 324 million pounds per day.”

As Reeves, James and Rubarth travel north, they will be accompanied by a photographer and film crew, who will document their journey as they perform at clubs, park amphitheaters, mountaintops, and campgrounds along their route; engaging with fans and leading discussions about the environment, and even leading songwriting sessions with community activists and kids from local schools. The footage and photographs will be edited into webisodes to be posted on each of the artists’ websites and at www.myspace.com/TheVespaExperiment enabling fans to follow the artists’ adventures as they unfold and communicate with their peers about what they are seeing.

The Vespa Experiment tour dates are as follows:

4/30 Carlsbad, CA, The Museum of Making Music**
5/1 Costa Mesa, CA, Sutra Lounge
5/2 Hermosa Beach, CA, Saint Rocke
5/3 Los Angeles, CA, Roxy
5/5 Ventura, CA, The Lodge at Zoey’s
5/7 San Luis Obispo, CA, Downtown Brew
5/10 Monterey, CA, Monterey Live
5/12 San Francisco, CA, Café Du Nord

** Jason Reeves & Brendan James only

More Performances & Special Events TBA.

For latest updates, please visit www.myspace.com/TheVespaExperiment.
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Joe -Tony  May 15, 2009 12:37 AM
I could go on a rant and disagree on what you have said, but I wont. YOU are just an IDIOT.
Scooterchick -Scooters  May 10, 2009 12:54 PM
We own 2 scooters. We bought the first one because I was fed up with cagers (that's car drivers for you non-bikers) kept running me into curbs. That stopped. Then my GF took the scooter away from me to drive to work because we were spending almost $100 a week on gas to drive the car to work. Then we bought the second one for fun, and I discovered a new hobby, our Scooter Club. We both ride to work every day, saving hundreds of dollars in gasoline, and who knows how many tons of CO2. Anyone who doesn't believe in the damage caused by global warming (and fundamentalist religion) is a damned fool.
Little Tonito -Right.  May 1, 2009 07:30 PM
I'm gonna complain about it too!
Tony -Idiots  April 24, 2009 01:15 PM
How about instead of going out and riding a bunch of Vespas up the coast of California to show everyone how over-privalaged you are, you instead go home and call all of the offices in the country that people like me work for and tell them to let us all work from home. NOW you are reducing my fuel usage. A bigger Vespa that I would ride 2 hours to work on each day on the expressway would cost me about $6,000!! I'm sure Piaggio executive dude would love that and find excellent ways to increase global warming by buying himself more mansions. Give me a break. Like Push Biker says, ride a dam bicycle if you're that interested in spreading a message. I'll be driving my Chevrolet V8 truck to work while you strum guitar on the beach and film each other annoying innocent people trying to get on with their lives with what they have. Thanks for helping me with this... Global warming is an invisible monster, just like religion. Get over it.
Push Biker -Green?  April 21, 2009 04:35 PM
It they really cared, they would be riding bicycles.