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The Crossover braking features Honda’s combined ABS, with a pair of six-piston calipers clamping on 296mm front rotors and a 256mm disc with two-piston caliper in the rear.

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Mechanic - Re: Huge Muffler  January 25, 2011 12:50 PM
These large muffler sizes are being driven by emission regulations. Don't shoot the messenger (Motorcycle designers)! Re: Fire Honda's designers - Some love their stuff, some hate it. Bottom line is, they have been instrumental in driving motorcycle design and development in the last 60 years. They're not afraid to try new stuff. Thank God for Honda!
T -Rev - who cares  November 27, 2010 05:46 PM
Who ever is running the design dept at Honda should be FIRED !!! First the Fury then the 1200 sport touring ugly duckling that cost how much? Then the rolling barf bag the NT 700 11,000 for a turd with bags. And now this Cross over. Mr Honda is spinning in his grave
highpocket - Huge muffler!  November 9, 2010 09:18 AM
What is the deal with the Jap bikes and this trend of huge, ugly ass mufflers? Granted, this one is slightly better looking than some but still...why cover the sexy single side swingarm? The rear of this bike looks great, but the front looks cartoonish, like that silly scooter/bike Honda puts out. The V-4 is cool though!