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BMW Inline Six Motorcycle Concept

Tuesday, November 10, 2009
BMW unveiled the Concept 6 at the 2009 EICMA Milan Bike Show.
BMW unveiled the Concept 6 at the 2009 EICMA Milan Bike Show, hinting it may power a future luxury touring mount.
The EICMA Milan Bike Show debuts a number of motorcycle models, most often from the European marques. Most of the time the bikes have been spied and rumored well before the official debut, but BMW pulled off a surprise with its Concept 6 – a six-cylinder design which the Bavarian firm hints may soon power a touring motorcycle.

The Straight Six powering the Concept, says BMW, “follows the well-known Straight Four in the K1300 model series.” Not all the details are in but it’s identified as a 1.6 liter displacement via a “slightly oversquare bore:stroke ratio with relatively long stroke and very small gaps between cylinders.” Like the K-Series, the Concept 6’s cylinders are tilted forward by 55 degrees.

No hard peak horsepower or torque numbers are cited. BMW does promise, however, that 96 lb-ft of torque are available as low as 2000 rpm. And the Six revs up “almost to 9000 rpm.” Stressing its torque performance, the Concept 6 does not feature a tach at all, instead offering a digital readout of available torque production on the LED display.

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The Inline Six engine centers the design of the Concept 6, surrounded by a “light-alloy bridge frame” that looks to be of the twin-spar aluminium variety.  BMW’s Duolever and Paralever suspension units are present and it is highlighted by their trademark shaft-drive, beefy six-piston front calipers and 17-inch stylish hoops shod with Pirelli's latest Diablo Supercorsa sticky rubber. The Six theme carries over to the exhaust, which features a six-chamber system, three outlets on each side.

As for its future? BMW says this in its PR announcement:

“The new BMW straight-six will further expand the K-Series in the foreseeable future. The first model to be introduced will be an innovative and luxurious BMW touring machine. Reflecting the tradition of the BMW K-Series, this will of course be a genuine top-of-the-line product.”

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Joe -K1200LT replacement  April 2, 2010 11:34 PM
This bike sounds terrific! It stirs the senses already! Love the exhaust too! Wonder what other innovations that BMW will introduce with this new model?
TOMMY BELL -HAYABUSA  December 16, 2009 09:59 PM
Devil Machine -throttle body  November 18, 2009 04:18 PM
what you're seeing is a single throttle body dude. it may have some mass airflow sensor built into it, but that's a single throttle body nonetheless. you are correct in seeing the multiport injectors, but they're all connected to a single throttle body manifold more like what you'd see on most cars these days.

have you ever looked under the airbox of any multi-cylinder bike built in the last oh, say 30 years? they all use an independent runner configuration with separate carburetors or fuel injection throttle bodies. they do that for several reasons. first, it allows the engine to flow enough air to make power at high rpm. second, it allows the manufacturer to use a bigger cam per cc displacement without the negative effects that engines experience when they're built with a cam that's too big and a shared intake manifold. third, it's easier to tune and there's fewer problems with fuel distribution since there's essentially 2, 3, or 4 identical intake tracts.

and the list goes on and on. these are some of the reasons why today's sportsbikes make the incredible amounts of power per cc displacement that they make.

i'm sure it probably would be a rocket below about 5000 rpm. after that it would probably run out of airflow.
Kin - /6 -Throttle Body?  November 17, 2009 06:46 PM
Devil-M, I must be looking at a different photo. I see 6 port injectors on the intake rail, I do see what looks like one large mass air flow sensor on the intake. No, I don't tink this bike is going to fall on it face. Just the opposite it aut ta be a Rocket!
Slab Hardcheese -H20 accumulators  November 17, 2009 01:03 PM
Here in the pacific NW, just starting that baby up after parked outside could shoot a geyser of water 30 feet into the air. ;)
Steve -BMW Six  November 16, 2009 05:20 PM
If this motor goes into BMW Luxo Touring bike, I hope they redesign the final drive so it doesn't fail on a regular basis.
Pete -heavy?  November 16, 2009 06:54 AM
Big stroke + 6 rods must put some weight on this motor. Triumph has it right with a 3 cylinder. My sprint pulls 77ft lbs of torque with 1050cc displacement. Too bad it puts off too much heat on your legs. Now, if it was a V6, I doubt I would mind having my legs burned after every ride.
Mxster -omg  November 13, 2009 08:14 AM
yet again another bike for NASA!
sands -bmw  November 12, 2009 09:34 AM
Nice to see a manufacturer develop a six cylinder engine which could be used in a variety of applications..Put that engine in a standard with a comfortable relaxed riding position would be nice..I imagine they may use it for several different styles...Tourer, standard, or hypersport to compete with the Busa which is similar to what they are doing with their current 1300 motor...

Bart - MCUSA -Self Adjusting Valves  November 12, 2009 08:26 AM
Mark - re-reading press material found this about the valves: "the Concept 6 offers long inspection intervals through the use of cup tappets controlling the engine valves."
Mark -I like it  November 12, 2009 01:30 AM
With a red line around 9000 ( or no reason to go beyond 9000 ) I hope they use self adjusting valves. The cost of maintainance has kept me from buying more than one bike that looked great on paper but would have broken the bank to own much past it's first oil change.The styling turns my crank and with the smoothness a six should achieve could make this a incredible sport tour machine.I hope they make it with the styling intact and the bugs worked out BEFORE it hits the show room.
gunther -looking cool... that's it  November 12, 2009 12:29 AM
very nice engineering, but looking at costs for maintenance and use, it won't be able to compete with a 4 in line.

Still, biking is not just logic, recon there will be some people up to buy this bike. If they keep the exhausts like that it would be a very nice production bike
Lawrence Hiebert -Change is Good!  November 11, 2009 11:04 PM
I'm glad to see that bikes are changing so much these days. The same old been-there-done-that-designs that have new graphics every year,just bore the marketplace and won't captivate new younger buyers. I hope everybody embraces new designs, looks,and factory attempts whether they fail or not. Even if it's just for the sake of attracting new young buyers to keep motorcycilng alive......and hopefully putting an end to the baby boomer-gotta-have-a-Harley types that plague motorcycling so much these days.
andy -wtf  November 11, 2009 06:42 PM
who needs a monstrocity like that..??
Devil Machine -six cylinder sausage grinder  November 11, 2009 02:53 PM
so, the pictures look cool, but i bet this bike is going to be REALLY FREAKING WIDE.

also, from the engine concept pictures, it looks like they're going to use a single throttle body on it. it might be great for torque, but if they do, i bet the thing will fall flat on it's face at higher revs unless they use an enormous throttle body. but then again, maybe that's why they say that it only revs "almost to 9000 rpm".

and as far as torque goes... ditch the gimmicky torque output display and just put a normal friggin tach on it so people can tell when to shift it.
Stephen Baldy -BMW Concept 6  November 11, 2009 02:53 AM
Hell with it ,I gettin the Six, once it goes on Production
Currently ridin on the BMW K1200R Full Carbon from Wunderwitch
& BMW HP2 Magamoto ,I would say Both are Awsome Ridez. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT !
x2468 -n/a  November 10, 2009 09:04 PM
actually the whole bike looks really cool. even if they don't make a 6 cyl they should make a semi-naked just like that with the superbike 1000 motor. it's a really nice mix between race replica and naked. id just remodel the stubby tail a little
x2468 -exhaust  November 10, 2009 09:02 PM
I like the exhausts, with 3 on each side like that. too bad it will never be made like that due to sound/smog laws
John -BMW Six  November 10, 2009 05:35 PM
Love the concept, love the thought of a straight six. I'd be very tempted by a naked with this motor, but for one glaring problem -- if you are going to produce a six, you've GOT to show the six header pipes jutting out the front of the motor. Get the radiator up over the headers, lose the shrouds, show the damn thing off a little! I'm usually a function before form kinda guy, but not with a straight six. BMW, go look at some photos of the Honda CBX. If you hide the pipes, well, you'll probably still end up with a nice bike...but if you show them, voila, instant classic.