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Iron 883 Sportster H-D's Newest Dark Custom

Monday, January 26, 2009
2009 Iron 883 - Dark Custom Sportster
Introducing the newest member of Harley-Davidson's Dark Custom lineup, the 2009 Iron 883 Sportster.
With a defiant attitude embracing the pure essence of riding, the new Iron 883 model is the latest Harley-Davidson Dark Custom motorcycle. 

Harley-Davidson Sportster motorcycles like the Iron 883 have stood against the grain since their introduction in 1957, when the modern rebel culture was being bred from restless veterans and hot rod pioneers. Sportster motorcycles became the starting point for many legendary choppers of the 1960s, while also getting pumped up for championship dirt racing and daredevil stunt riding in the 1970s.

The Iron 883 model continues that rebellious tradition with responsive handling, smooth clutch effort and durable carbon reinforced drive belt while pushing the styling of motorcycling minimalism to the edge. Decked in black from fender-to-fender, the new Harley-Davidson Iron 883 motorcycle brings the beat of an 883 Evolution engine backed up by a combo of gritty, old-school garage features like front fork gaiters, drag style handlebar and side-mount license plate holder. A ticket to ride the Iron 883 starts at just $7,899 MSRP, leaving plenty of freedom for customization.

“The Iron 883 defies the plastic conventions of other motorcycles at this price,” said Mark-Hans Richer, Harley-Davidson Chief Marketing Officer. “It’s got old school style, a new school ride and gives the owner a platform for creative customization.”

The black powder-coated 883cc Evolution powertrain with black covers takes the Iron 883 deep into the heart of darkness. With Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI) and performance tuning with a broad torque curve, the Iron 883 delivers plenty of power for the city scene. The pipes on the straight cut shorty dual exhaust flow the distinctive Harley-Davidson V-Twin sound.

The black chopped rear fender with its combination stop/turn/tail lights shows more of the 150 mm rear tire and black, 13-spoke cast aluminum wheel, while the front tire also rides on a black wheel. The rest of the Iron 883 gets a darker-suited presence with black front forks and fender supports, fuel tank, oil tank cover, belt guard, drag style handlebar and mid mount foot controls.

A one-piece, solo classic seat with a height of 25.3 inches fits the lone rider, while a passenger seat and a backrest in complementing black finishes can be added as accessories.

As the latest of the Harley-Davidson Dark Custom motorcycles, the Iron 883 is stripped down and ripe for custom creativity. Dark Custom motorcycle riders have the youngest average age for Harley-Davidson buyers. Soul mates of the Iron 883 include the Nightster, Night Train, Cross Bones, Fat Bob and Street Bob motorcycles. Check out more on Dark Custom motorcycles at www.harley-davidson.com/darkcustom.

The Iron 883 is available in Black Denim and Brilliant Silver Denim colors.

Iron 883 features and highlights:
Rubber-mounted Evolution 883 cc V-Twin black powder-coated engine
Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)
Black fuel tank with unique graphics
Black front forks with gaiters
Black belt guard and front fender supports
Black, 13-spoke cast aluminum wheels, 19-inch front / 16-inch rear
Black low rise drag style handlebar
Black mid-mount foot controls
Black low profile front fender
Black chopped rear fender with combination rear stop/tail/turn lights
Chrome staggered shorty exhaust with dual mufflers
Side-mounted license plate holder
One-piece, solo Sportster classic seat
25.3-inch seat height
Optional Harley-Davidson Smart Security System
Classic 3.3-gallon fuel tank

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McJoe -Cool city/ short commute bike.....  January 27, 2011 04:18 AM
and one of cheapest ways to get the Harley branding (Harley groups do lots of fun stuff), but not good if you're a big person, or desire to spend a lot of time and distance on it. This bike has minimal suspension, and pales in comparison to all the other Harley bikes you can test drive before buying one. But FIRST, take a motorcycle safety course before even considering buying or getting on ANY motorcycle!!! Taking the course is a treat and a lot of fun all by itself (the school supplies the motorcycle) and gives you a clue if you should be buying one of these things for yourself.
Machinc -Starter Bike  January 2, 2011 08:59 AM
Calling any Sportster of any year a starter bike is a good way to get someone killed. A starter bike is any motorcycle around 125 to 250cc's with 250 cc's being the largest bike anyone should learn to ride on. A motorcycle as fast as any Sportster is not a starter bike, and to call one such borders on criminal negligence. Motorcycle deaths are on the rise and irresponsible advertising and people riding powerful motorcycles before they have developed their riding skills is the cause. A 250 cc bike can easily reach 80 miles an hour fast enough to kill you before you know what hit you. Learn to ride then step up to the size motorcycle you like. Anyone old enough to buy a motorcycle has no business worrying about peer pressure.
Newbie -HD Iron 883  November 16, 2010 11:05 AM
i am thinking about getting the HD Iron 883 as my first bike...Im 5'9 165lbs...is this a good or bad idea?
mr black -good  October 22, 2010 07:49 AM
small & cute
Jess -Iron 883,buying wisely  October 9, 2010 12:58 AM
Hi guys. You that bough an iron 883 on 2009 & ride them often,what are your coments now?They look super but i would like to know their performnce after a while. Thanks
JT -First Harley  October 8, 2010 07:05 PM
The 883 Iron is my first Harley. I'm 64 yrs old and have been talking about getting one before I croak. My girlfriend and I went to the local dealer and I had my eye on a blue 1200. I saw the Iron and it caught my attention. I had the sales guy put them side by side and my girlfriend looked at me and said the Iron was totally sinister. I had to agree and bought it on the spot. My new second love! On My first ride (it was Street Vibrations Reno, NV) and two guys on decked out Glides gave me the thumbs up. It gets a lot of looks. I owned a BSA chopper with a 16 over springer years ago and I like the old school look and this Iron fits the bill. Enough with the fuel gauge issue!!!
Bren -Yellow 2011 model 883 Iron  October 8, 2010 04:42 PM
Just got my first Harley a couple of weeks ago after riding jap bikes for years. What an experience, I absoluteley love it. It rides like nothing else!

If you are willing to wait for one then go for it!

The 883 Iron really is awsome!!!!!!
ali -Bikemonkies  October 6, 2010 04:03 AM
do u recon the 883 can keep up with r6 or any 600 ??
corn hole champ -first bike  September 24, 2010 07:43 AM
i won this bike in a cornhole trournament this is my first bike every.I'm 6' 240lbs this bike is allsome lots of power easy to handle looks sharp sounds good it's fun to ride. not sure how many miles to the gallon yet though.
MickG -Fuel gauge  September 18, 2010 06:50 AM
What is the problem, it's called an odometer, you should know your own bike well enough that you know when you will need to fed it. If you really need a fuel gage buy some Jap crap that anyone can own
asiff -asiff  June 14, 2010 06:38 PM
i hate yanks but love the bikes they make.this iron is beutiful.
I want a Harley!!! -I need advice  April 24, 2010 01:13 PM
I'm looking for my first motorcycle and I want an HD. I am 6' and weight 195. I am obviously a beginner and wonder what you guys would recommend I get. I love all the sportster and I'm torn between the Iron 883, Nighster, and the new 48. I have a girlfriend who's 5,2 and she'll be my only passenger. Can the 883 handle us both? And for my height and weight would mid controls be OK?
elenagym -re to  April 20, 2010 02:23 PM
x2468 -Is it necessary to double the power? need to go for fat bob....,iron is so good at his looks and performance... I got one,great bike!
Blondie -Iron 883  April 2, 2010 09:13 AM
I am looking at buying the Iron 883. It is a good looking bike and being a hot blond I'm sure I would turn some heads on it. I am 5'8'' an 120lbs.
Simon & Tess Moore -HD 883 Iron Dark Custom  March 21, 2010 08:15 PM
I have been looking at the Iron for a small while, and it looks like it would fit the long term role of commuting. Something that I can hang on to for a while. I currently own a v-strom 650 & will upgrade it to BMW 1200 GS in the next 2 years. This will be used for Adventure touring only.
M-Rump -Iron 883 First Time Owner!  March 12, 2010 12:05 PM
I just purchased my 2010 Iron 883 from Steel City and after much deliberation I went with this sweet blacked out beauty! I have been a passenger for too many years and while my husbands customed dyna 05 lowrider is a show stopper and loaded machine its my turn to ride next to him rather than behind him. Already pricing and getting ready to purchase vans & hines blacked out shortshot staggered pipes, foward controls, a pan seat, and I'm ready to ride!!! Can't wait to be in control of the road on my first Harley!!!
ERIC 68 -IRON 883  March 12, 2010 05:08 AM
EARNEST -HD IRON 883  March 6, 2010 04:51 PM
Awesome bike good power great handling worth every penny
jjs iron -one bad ass bike  February 18, 2010 03:58 PM
just started riding,1st bike love the style enough power for now cant weight to do the 1200 conversion though.I am 5,7 165 lbs bike fits like a glove
mad kiwi -mad kiwi  February 1, 2010 05:57 PM
im a speed freak harleys dont go fast enought for me ,thats why ive never owned one. love jap bikes only for the speed ,not looks as they all look cheap, this new sporty for some reason has sucked me in ,they look old skool i want one and im gonna buy one, good bye to the jappa bye to my third best hemi ( now thats power )hello H_D like many chaps have said , you buy whats best suits you not the poof next door .now stop haten As for the fuel gauge Bshit you dont have one on dirt bikes but who tha fuck cares if your old enough you will remember ,there was no gauge in our day used a stick in the tank its all about the adventure !!!!!!!!!!!!!!kiwi dan
T Bone -mans motorcycle pecking order  January 5, 2010 09:09 AM
You should always ask someone what kind of motorcycle they ride before you get in a fight with them. You know, like 10th graders can beat up 9th graders and so on. Hog riders can beat up Sportster riders and Sportster riders can beat up metric riders, and metric riders can only beat up guys on mopeds, who are great at beating up guys on bicycles, cause they are such sissies they ride hundreds of miles on pedal power, because they are not man enough to ride any motorcycle , what whimps.
T Bone -mans motorcycle pecking order  January 5, 2010 09:08 AM
You should always ask someone what kind of motorcycle they ride before you get in a fight with them. You know, like 10th graders can beat up 9th graders and so on. Hog riders can beat up Sportster riders and Sportster riders can beat up metric riders, and metric riders can only beat up guys on mopeds, who are great at beating up guys on bicycles, cause they are such sissies they ride hundreds of miles on pedal power, because they are not man enough to ride any motorcycle , what whimps.
Machinc -live to ride  January 5, 2010 08:50 AM
I ride my Vespa to Harley hangouts just hoping someone will say something so I can kick their ass!
smitt6 -Iron 883  November 14, 2009 06:32 PM
Got my Iron883 back in May. I have 1800 trouble free miles on it. I am 5'9" 210lbs. I put the two up shocks, K+N cold air intake, Vance and Hines slip ons and Fuel Pak on the bike. Very noticable difference in power. I love this bike. I have ridden many bikes all my life. I've had Honda, Yamaha, BMW and Motto Guzzi. This is by far my favorite bike so far. Only complaint is I can't get the chicken stripe off of the rear tire. Frame hits on hard rights and kick stand hits on hard lefts. Other than that I've ground the s&%t out of the foot peg feelers. This is not just for beginners and I'd love to see those big bikes try to keep up. Trust me. I've seen them in the rear view only trying to stay with me. And when we reach our destination they all say they wish they still had their Sportster. Oh well, can't say enough about this bike. TONS of fun. Great handling (within limits) and good enough power. Keep riding and stay safe.
Hawg Dawg -Too big for Iron883... no way  November 14, 2009 09:09 AM
I thought twice about the Iron because of my size (6'2" / 205lb.) but loved the bike and made the purchase last spring. I couldn't be happier, the bike is so easy to ride and I have no concerns about my height. Look at all the old school bikes and they were all this size. I'm just about to upgrade to a 1250 with V&H 2:1 pipe. I'll have this bike for many, many years.
C.V. -Horse Power  October 10, 2009 08:34 PM
How does the fuel injection effect hp? Does it push 60 hp yet?
Braiden -Jr snickers!  October 10, 2009 05:55 PM
Ay im 19 years old never road much dirt bikes in my time...i road an Street legal dirtbike for about a month and didnt learn much i bought my 883 iron a lil over a month ago and it is a perfect bike too learn on im teaching my mom how to ride on this bike and she is doing just fine with the wieght and power of it. And i have gotten more compliments on this bike from so many people from all ages and all backgrounds this is by far one of the best looking bikes id seen
Bikemonkies -HD 883 IRON  October 6, 2009 06:17 AM
got mine about a month ago, after break-in & 1st serviced, took it for a Tour to the Highest Mountain in SE Asia ( Mt. KINABALU MALAYSIA), bike run well at high altitude (6000+ft)and still able to catch-up with other big bikes Yamaha R1 & Suzuki GXSR1000 at curvy road, overall a good looking & well performed bike.
Shooter -Iron 883  September 25, 2009 12:48 PM
Picked up my 2010 883 Iron a month ago and I couldn't be more pleased. I'm 6'1 / 185lbs and with forward controls I am absolutely comfortable using this bike for what I bought it for - cruising around town and occasionally an hour in either direction on the highway. I get so many compliments on it and it does indeed seem to have a "magnet". Yeah, I get some ribbing too - whatever. Usually, the ribbing comes from guys that, because of their height to weight ratio need/want something a little bigger to ride. I honestly don't get what all the b.s. about. Never asked for opinions about issues of personal aesthetics. I don't want a windshield and I don't want faring or a cd player I all ready have a car. I wanted a stripped down motorbike - Think of the look of the Triumph McQueen rode in The Great Escape and that's what drew me to this bike. Enjoy.
Mike B. -Tall  September 21, 2009 02:28 PM
HD hit us straight in the face with this machine. What a beauty!
Went to the dealer 'just for orientation'.... Huh huh !!! Came home a couple of Euros lighter...

Had to think about it a wee bit since I'm 1.99m tall (6.5 feet), but customized it with forward controls (also available in black!). Despite it's small size (compared to other HDs) it's a comfortable motorcycle for me. With the FWD controls I feel like sitting in a relax-chair, but with a straight back due to the dragstyle handlebars.
I saw one with a midsize apehanger (of course black as well) that looked quite cool too.
dpr1969 -HD Iron 883  August 20, 2009 05:48 PM
Bought mine two months ago. I get lots of comments about its appearance. I don't think it's a girls bike at all,but they sure do like it. I may have to put a two-up seat and pegs on her just for the ladies.
nunov -ladys bike? grow up  August 13, 2009 10:08 AM
remember tarantino's Stuntman Mike? lots of horses - small dick.
girls bike is ridiculous, unless you painted it pink.
Im Going to get one and I have no problem about that.
After all is one of the gratest looking bikes ever.

Enjoy riding (safe)
ridlinchild -2010 iron  August 9, 2009 05:48 PM
Just picked mine up the other day.Its everything i thought it would be.Great looks,great ride,excellant low end & around town power,a bit of a screamer up high though!All in all having owned both metric and american this by far takes the cake GREAT F!@#ING BIKE!!!
MrBrewski -Iron 883  August 5, 2009 09:00 AM
Lookin' at the Iron 883 for my first bike. I'm just about 6'0", 200 lbs. Love the look, and love the feel each time I walk in and sit on it. There are too many mixed opinions about this ride to let others decide whether I should get it or not. Im buying the bike. Lady's Bike??? I think it looks better than some of the big twins, and after the 1250cc upgrade, I'll be seeing those old timers in my mirrors...
roger douglas -Iron 883  August 1, 2009 09:26 PM
Any other guys 6foot tall and 240lbs who like the looks of the Iron 883?
Elie -IRON 883  July 12, 2009 07:19 AM
I just bought this bike 2 weeks ago and I am soooo happy. Actually its my first bike and now I understand the thrill of a HD. I am still not sure if I would change the pipes into complete black ones but already got a sidkick seat & 2 peddles. I can't wait to go back home from work just for a small ride. I am just in love
Iron Turkey -My Iron 883  June 26, 2009 01:01 PM
I've got one and love it - it's a blast and gets lots of looks. I'm 5'11" and 185 pounds and like the way the bike fits. I want to leave mine stock - although I think that Harley's marketing team decided they could sell a sh@#load of blacked out exhaust systems by leaving the stock pipes chrome... and it's working because most people buy the black pipes before they leave the dealer... anyhow, good work Harley, and I'm looking forward to seeing some of you on the road! Iron Turkey
k-fatboy -iron 883  June 23, 2009 06:10 AM
oh my god it dream machine.
J.J. Hdz. -good looking bike  June 22, 2009 01:24 PM
Best looking stock bike I have ever seen.I'm 5'8, 158 lbs. This bike fits me perfect. Have not got it yet but i have stopped by the dealer to look at it and see how it feels. Next time I stop by I'm bringing it home with me.
Biker Chick -My 883 Iron  June 21, 2009 06:48 AM
I just got my 883 Iron two days ago and I love it! I got the black denim with forward controls and mini-apes. Loved the flat black the first time I saw it. Also, got the black Vance and Hines Staggered Shorty exhaust and it looks and sounds great. I get lots of looks especially being a girl on this bike. Love the old school bobber look. I am only 5' 2" and with the progressive shocks this bike fits me perfect. The dealer let me change to the nightster seat which also brought me up close and lower to the ground. The bike handles great and I couldn't be happier.
Getta Life -883 Iron  June 17, 2009 10:40 PM
The name says it all...
B R Smith -Iron 883  June 15, 2009 06:08 AM
0-60 6.6 seconds 105 MPH top speed Riding a GREAT LOOKING bike like this: PRICELESS
Big rob -hd iron  June 14, 2009 03:18 PM
I have one and love it!! You get alot of looks on this bike everyone looks and loves it so far. Mine is pewter silver, i couldn't find a all balck one. So if anyone knows what pipes should go on this please tell me! I dont know if it should be the black pipes or chromes? Also if someone is buying a bike based on a gas gauge please leave the hd dealer right away or just done go! Thats weak to bitch about that!! Long live the sportsters!
old skool -883 iron  June 14, 2009 02:27 PM
i just got a 1250 kit for my 883 iron and my pro charger is on its way i got it cause i wanted somethind different cant wait to blow by the "real men" lol on there big bikes that still have 5 to 10 thousand more dollars in there bikes
Robert -Iron883  June 8, 2009 10:48 AM
With the economy, the less expensive rides are starting to look more appealing. 1st choice would be a Superglide, but the Iron 883 seems like a good starting point for a project bike. Add the 1200 kit when you can afford it, maybe go with progressive shocks and screaming eagle pipes, (also when you can afford it). At 6' and 215 lbs, I'm just wondering if I'd have enough legroom for a nice tour of the Rockies. Maybe with a set of black highway bars and pegs I could stretch out? Too bad Harley discontinued the Roadsters...
TommyJMMA -Iron883  May 30, 2009 04:42 PM
I own the iron and she is a beauty,runs great,smooth handling and great sound this is no ladies bike!!!!anyway this is a great bike and would be awesome when i convert it to 1250cc and vance&hines short shots.i will be enjoying a great sunday morning ride tommorow and love every minute of being a proud owner of my Harley-Davidson 883 iron
B.R. -Iron 883  May 28, 2009 12:57 PM
The Iron 883 is a beauty! Alot of the women I know, love the chrome look of a Harley, not me though. I think the all black thing the Iron 883 has going on, is nothing but HOT...which is why the first day my dealership put it on the floor, I purchased it. The first thing I did though, changed the chrome pipes, to the all black Vance and Hines Sideshot pipes. Anyone who says a sportster is a "lady bike", is fine with me...I'm a lady, and I look damn good on it! ( Guys, you look good too!! )
bceredneck54 -harley iron 883 top speed  May 28, 2009 07:19 AM
i want to know how fast you can get a stock harley davidsion iron 883 up to.
jsnickers -Iron 883 a little help.  May 25, 2009 06:12 PM
I have come to the conclusion that i will not leave this rock with out not having owned a bike. having said that its evident i need to learn, 5'8" 160lbs. can i learn on an 883 or should i start smaller. i know you all are saying oh crap here comes another one, but you have to start somewhere. thanks
Dr.Armstrong -Iron 883  May 8, 2009 10:43 PM
I own the 05 883R sportster all black powder coated, with the Thunder headers (also black). the tank on mine has the orange and black checker logo. I really like the look of the Iron 883. Super sweet looking bike, but I have to say; I would put all black pipes on that baby. Just saying.
mr. lucky -hd 883 iron  May 4, 2009 03:01 PM
saw the bike online, im convince to get one. get to the dealer the next day, salesman said it is slow conpaired to your bike. honda cbr 600rr. im not looking for a speed bike, my question is what is the top speed of the hd iron 883, can this engine accommodate with passenger weight total weight 180lbs
AJ -HD Iron  May 3, 2009 12:59 AM
I keep hearing it's not for the long haul, that the suspension doesn't cut it, that the vibration is too much! BULL! The new 09 Iron carries my 6'1", 205 lbs, around town and on the highways. The only vibration is a harmonic vibration around 45mph, and ALL vehicles have harmonic vibration at some speed. Gas gauge? I go 150 highway or 120 in town between fills - it's called a trip odometer :) and at 60, 2 hours on/in anything including a Lincoln or Caddy requires a bit of a stretch. So 2 hours of driving and time for gas suits this old war horse :) BTW - For those old enough to remember - Bronson drove cross country on a sportster 900!!! And many people prefer scooters because they're to lazy or uncoordinated to shift :)
King P -883 Iron  April 30, 2009 08:14 AM
You don't need a fuel gauge. The tank holds 3.3 gal. of gas and it has a fuel light that comes on when it goes below .8 gal. left in the tank.
Captain Ron -Iron 883  April 21, 2009 01:59 PM
Great looking bike, the Silver is real purty in person. I have an 05 883 myself & luv it. I've ridden it several times over 2500 miles in 4 days with a shield and HD touring seat. If you like em small,fast and manuverable, Sportys can't be beat. If you want em bigger and slower, well an FLH should make ya happy.
jerrod -sportster 883  April 9, 2009 12:23 PM
depending on your style and opinion, i love the guys who think sportsters are starter or "lady" bikes haha i have a 2003 883 sportster witch i love it has a sleek slim style and like my "ladies" i like them the same, i plan on modifying it to look like an old bobber and use it for casual use and alittle highway. the stereotype of big bikes is the same as their owners. i do however have alot of women commenting on my bike and wanting to ride it..........ladies love it. i love a small bike with a big sound. if u like the old school bobber bikes the sportster will be a good rebuild
iron hed -hd 883 iron  April 4, 2009 04:27 PM
I had the first one my dealer got. Caught a lot of slack from my buds till they saw her that is. Now 2 of them bought one. Awesome and is a new "classic". Love it. Ride on ol skool
john -security light  March 21, 2009 05:16 AM
got a 2004 sportster security light stays on and speedodometer dont work any idea why?
flarger pipe -yes  March 6, 2009 06:09 AM
ill come to your home if you hav anything bad to say about this bike
andy -niiiiiiice  February 26, 2009 05:28 AM
hahahaha...nice offer from the guy before!! No serious..I really like the back to basic look...my only grape with it is: they should have coated the exhaust too and put some larger wheels on it!! Lately I was pretty unhappy with the new Range atHD, but this thing is sweet.
Don The Hawk -883 for girls?  February 23, 2009 04:22 PM
Alright you bunch of haters. I grew up on Jappers only because as a youngster I couldn't afford a REAL bike. In 03' I bought my Sporty custom, had my kid and got a Great Dane. What a year(even with the kid). In december 06' I "upgraded" to a big twin. Just for the record, I LOVE my Street Bob! I'm 6'3" 230lbs of e real man. I've been playing football in the NAFL for the last 10 years and in march of 08' it took me 31 seconds to win a heavy weight MMA championship belt, leaving me with a 13 and 0 record. That being said, I miss riding my sporty more than anything! I plan on picking up the 883 iron as soon as I sell my Bob. Forward controls and louder pipes is all I need. Is it a girls bike? Meet me in the octogon and I'll show you who the b!tch is.
junkman -Iron 883  February 22, 2009 03:13 PM
All you whimps whining about not having a fuel gauge don't need to be riding any kind of bike at all. If you can't pay enough attention to what is going on around you, or how many miles you have riden, then get off the road. As for the Iron 883, I think ir is BADA**!! I first started looking at the Nightster late last year and went to the dealer to buy one and the salesman told me about the Iron. I knew it was going to be an 883, but I don't care about speed or any of that. I am in it for the look and feel. I like old skool choppers and rat rods, but I want a bike I can ride anywhere and not have to worry about breaking down, so I will buy a new one for everyday and keep building my shovel for cruisin'. Anyway that is my two pennies. Dark Customs rule!
Avenger -Iron 883  February 9, 2009 03:00 AM
Sportsters have 50+ years of history, the oldest bike still in production line, it was Hell's Angel's favourite bike (as chad already mentioned), favourite stunt bike and it is the most versatile and customisable bike Harley has ever produced. Sportster is the true spirit of Harley Davidson...
NuckAJ -Beauty  February 6, 2009 10:40 PM
883cc too small? yeah ok compensating? maybe I'm just an idiot, it's entirely possible, but not a single one of my current favorite bikes is over 1000cc. Ninja 250, New Triumph Bonne, Harley Iron 883. Maybe it's because I'm still just into riding solo for shorter weekend rides. If I was doing some serious touring, or even just riding two-up more often I would probably opt for something bigger. My wife won't touch a bike and my kid is still far too young yet to bring along. fuel gauge? Calculate mileage, it's got an odometer. I understand the desire to have one, but I don't see it as a selling point either way with a bike like this. I like the clean look of just the speedo too. "sportsters are truely starter bikes/ lady bikes. if guy really wants to ride a HD he need to at least start with a DYNA" ~ Jscott Get over it, ride what you like, not what other people say you should like. If people decide to trade up so be it, but I know plenty of people who swear by their sporty. I also know people who've given in to peer pressure, traded up, then wished they hadn't. convert to chain drive? Really? To each their own I guess, I'm a big fan of belt. I guess that's it for my turn on the soapbox.
BlazinBruce -Old Iron...  February 5, 2009 07:40 PM
Funny, this model looks *just* like the stripped down, basic 883 that Harley sold for $4995 back in the 90s, with a guaranteed samesame trade-in value back in then... oh look, they're doing it again! Only this time, the 883 isn't even price competitive with it's (500cc)J-brand counterparts, like it was back then. Oh well, the more things change, the more they stay the same. For those who want a V-twin with superior performance and a lower price, Suzuki still sells the SV650. And it comes with a pillion seat at that price, too!
Roadblock -Iron 883  February 5, 2009 07:52 AM
It seems that people don't understand what a "Sportster" is all about. Sportster's are the oldest model that is still in production, and because of this history, people still enjoy riding them. With the Iron 883, it speaks to those who want a custom look from a bike that they only plan on riding around town. Sure, there are people who prefer to ride 1000's of miles a year, however, if you buy a sportster, you will have to deal with a tighter suspension. The suspension is that way for a reason. Do you complain about the suspension on a corvette or camaro or mustang? No, because that is how it is supposed to feel like. Saying the 883 is a girls bike is plain stupid. Smaller guys ride them all the time, and they are able to do some pretty wicked stuff on them. I have a softail standard for the reason that I am 6'3 and I weigh 275 lbs, plus it was the bike that I could afford. I have done 45K miles on it since 2004, and I was deployed to Iraq for 3 years after I bought it. I say buy the bike because you like the style of the bike. It is only $8K, and it will get you around to all the bars you want to ride to. And a gas gauge??? Really??? Get off the road with all that Gucci crap!!! Like stated before, you shouldn't be riding if you don't understand your bike. Take a lesson from expirienced riders or something! If you won't buy a bike becuase it doesn't have a gauge, then thank God, you don't belong with us anyways!
Simon Moore -HD Iron 883  February 4, 2009 04:13 PM
Nice but would have preferred a Scrambler version like the Triumph
x2468 -power  February 3, 2009 10:07 PM
it looks cool, now if only it had double the power
TreeBark -HD Iron 883  February 3, 2009 02:12 PM
Fuel gauge??? You don't need no stinkin' fuel gauge. The tank holds a little over 3 gallons and you have a trip odo.It's a good lookin' bike. Want comfort, buy a Wing, want speed, buy a 'Busa. Don't like Harley, buy something else.
philamar -SPORSTER  February 2, 2009 02:25 AM
Might as well buy a used one and get the accesories free as HD really dosen't change these things much. These are short hop bikes unless you are really a glutton for punishment.
jscott -883  February 1, 2009 07:51 PM
i saw the iron 883 this weekend at the HD dealership. it a nice bike up close just sitting there but its still a 883. if u weigh over 175 lbs its a hell of ride even with some suspension tweaks. sportsters are truely starter bikes/ lady bikes. if guy really wants to ride a HD he need to at least start with a DYNA... wider tire, better suspension, stronger enigne. most people who buy sportsters trade it in within 6 months to a year to up grade to a dyna or a softtail.
Raz custom HD -I LIKE HD BEFORE, HATE IT NOW  February 1, 2009 07:55 AM
I dream to have an hd all this time.I m interested the sportster 883 custom red colours very much, but i were being stop by this authorised deelers and being entertain as a good customer in Brunei. Maybe because of every week i when to see the hd and sit on it, which i feel ease inside me to see and sit one.I never get bored to see an HD. Can you please anyone help me?
craigf -Harley 883  February 1, 2009 05:07 AM
Funny someone would recommend another rider get a scooter for requesting a fuel gauge. I thought an 883 was a scooter. Get a real bike ladies.
V Moto -Harley Iron  January 31, 2009 06:02 PM
Hey, does anyone know, is this a rubber mount engine Sportster?
Dan The Canadian -I.R.  January 30, 2009 08:20 AM
I.R., You will be disapointed..... Get a Buell or a Ducati Monster or just stick with yor Triumph.... The handling is shit and ruff, you will need to change the suspension, and plus everything else you seem to want to change, you will spend more then the price of the bike.....
zero -like the iron  January 30, 2009 01:29 AM
from past i hate harley (just my personal aesthetic and design taste ) then from 2007 and till now i like harley the reason is simple just because i like the full dark black matt colour on the harleys and they did it , three bikes from harley i like the most is VRSCDX, Nightster and this sweet lookin Iron 883 !!.
Reggie -Iron 883  January 30, 2009 12:12 AM
Wow, an all black Harley. They really know how to think outside the box there at the Motor Company.
Harley Fan -Gas Gauge  January 29, 2009 10:53 PM
Whats the matter with you guys ?? All Harleys have low fuel warning lights fitted when there's no actual gauge. I had a 1200 Custom Sportster for 18 months. Did over 21,000 K's on just weekend riding in that time, and never run out of fuel once, or even came close !! Here's a tip. When you go out riding, fill up before you go anywhere. I traded my Sportster for the new Fat Bob. It not only has a fuel gauge in the tank, but a very cool countdown feature in the LED display telling you how many K's you can go before you hit the reserve and the low fuel light comes on. If thats whats stopping you buying a Harley, then you better stick to a scooter !!
J.T. -Iron 883  January 29, 2009 05:32 PM
Kudos to H-D for coming out with some new killer rides. Nightster,XR1200,and now the Iron 883...and best of all, no chrome!
Ward -HD Iron 883  January 29, 2009 03:36 PM
I put money down on mine last night, it's my forth HD since 2003 when I bought a 100th Anniversary Ultra Classic in black and silver. After 30 years of riding Japanese bikes, mostly due to costs, I converted. Now I am hook line and sinker a HD enthusiast through and through. Even on a GoldWing, as nice as they are, they have no personality. It is like driving a chevy. They just go.... But now I am one with the road, nature and people around me in a way I never thought possible. My wife has one and now we are getting a forth to add to the stable when our kids come home to visit. Oh, H Piper, if you need a gas gauge, you probably should not be riding. You are not aware of your surroundings enough to be on the road. This is how it works, top off the tank, set your trip meter to zero, ride 120 mi and refill the tank. No gauge required. Never use mine, never will and I have never run out of gas....Ward
I. R. -Close to perfect for my taste!  January 27, 2009 06:28 PM
Currently I had a Triumph Speed Triple, but the looks of this Harley have my thinking about trading it. It is perfect for my riding style. Mid mounted foot controls and drag style handlebar!!! Of course I will add the passenger pillow for the back, the rear foot pegs, modify the engine, convert to chain drive, and if possible a 200 rear tire conversion, but style wise I will not change anything else.
warren west -gear driven cam and final drive sportster  January 27, 2009 03:29 PM
would the above mentioned be possible
stratrat -Iron 883  January 27, 2009 01:45 PM
Go to< www.harley-davidson.com/darkcustom >find the Iron 883 web page;read the specifications.
Maicoman -Something that registers fuel in the Tank! Just for Herb.  January 27, 2009 11:41 AM
Well,HERB. Most of us Shade Tree "HARLEY Mechanics" could make you one. All you need is a fishing cork float,a foot long piece of 1/8" brass welding rod, a drill motor and bit. AND work BEST DONE off the gas tank etc. Drill a hole in the cap all the way through,run the weld rod through the hole,shove the cork float on the end of the rod. Put the cap back on the tank. You could take the time to calibrate you know, empty tank all way down rod,file a little mark on the rod,1/2 full another little filed mark to see etc. Anyway as you ride the cork will float on the gas and you can see the rod height. Presto!! You know how much you got HUH! Shade Tree Mechanics! Or If We Can't Fix It? It Ain't Broke!!!! Maicoman!!!
H Piper -HD Iron 883  January 27, 2009 11:10 AM
Sirs This new Iron 883 is a beauty among beauties, no doubt. My only qualm is the same qualm about all other HD beauties. If only there was something that registers fuel in tank! I understand, the tradition is such that.... You know one reason why many people prefer "scooters" over cycles is because the have a gas gauge! If only that you could break that long standing tradition and install a simple way of determining how much you have in the tank, I strongly believe you would sell many more HD's. Among them would be me, immediate and no qualms at all. Perhaps tou might have a reaction or response, for a different kind of potential customer. Herb