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Harley Releases 2010 Sportster Forty-Eight

Friday, January 22, 2010
The 2010 Forty-Eight has lowered rear suspension  a low  26-inch seat height  and bars that are slung low and back.
The 2010 Forty-Eight has lowered rear suspension, a low, 26-inch seat height, and bars that are slung back. It also brings about the return of the signature 'peanut' tank. 
The Forty-Eight is the newest member of Harleys Dark Custom line.
Harley-Davidson introduced the newest member of its Sportster line, the 2010 Forty-Eight, today at the New York IMS. Sportster loyalists will be happy to see the return of the ‘peanut’ tank after The Motor Company discontinued using the iconic tank in 2007. The 2010 Sportster Forty-Eight is the latest in H-D’s Dark Custom line, with bobbed fenders, a blacked-out engine, burly wheels and a 2.1 gallon ‘peanut’ tank.

“With its classic bulldog shoulders stance, the Forty-Eight strikes a distinctive look and low profile that could only come from Harley-Davidson,” said Ray Drea, Harley-Davidson Senior Director of Styling. “The Forty-Eight model has a collective past life experience and broken-in look that is raw and authentic.”
The XL Sportster Forty-Eight features a solo seat slung low at 26 inches to go along with lowered rear suspension. The handlebars bend back, not quite café racer but definitely hot rod-style, and the mirrors are under-mounted to complement the styling. The blacked-out treatment extends to the air cleaner and engine covers, chain guard, frame and fenders, so the only real chrome on the bike is the shorty dual exhaust. The meaty 16-inch black, laced steel front wheel looks straight off the Fat Bob and sits in a new fork with wider triple clamps.

Here’s a quip from the Harley PR team about the new Forty-Eight:

The iconic peanut tank returns in the Forty-Eight.
The iconic 'peanut' tank is back! 

“The Forty-Eight embraces the street up front with forward foot controls, low profile custom handlebar, under-mounted mirrors, fork-mounted turn signals, slammed speedometer mounting bracket and fork brace with lightening holes. A unique dual texture solo seat with a height of 26 inches fits the lone rider, while a passenger pillion, footpegs and backrest are some of the many accessories that can be added.”

The 2010 Sportster Forty-Eight will be available in Vivid Black, Brilliant Silver and Mirage Orange Pearl colors. Look for it soon at Harley-Davidson dealers. The Forty-Eight joins the Nightster, Cross Bones, Fat Bob, Street Bob, and Iron 883 in Harley’s Dark Custom line.

2010 Forty-Eight Features and Highlights:
2010 XL Sportster Forty-Eight Specs
Good to see you  old friend.
Engine – Air-cooled Evolution
Displacement – 73.40 cubic-inch,  1200cc
Valves – Pushrod-operated, overhead valves w/hydraulic, self-adjusting lifters, two valves per cylineder
Bore/Stroke – 3.5 X 3.81 in.
Compression Ratio – 9.7:1
Fueling – Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection 
Primary Drive – Chain
Final Drive – Belt
Clutch – Multi-plate, wet
Transmission – 5-speed
Start – Electric
Front fork – 39mm, 3.62 in. travel
Rear Shocks – Coil over, preload dual-adjustable, 1.63 in. travel
Wheels – Front 16 in. X 3 in., Rear 16 in. X 3 in.
Tires – Front MT90B16 Rear – 150/80B16
Brakes – Dual-piston front, single-piston rear
Length – 88.60 in.
Overall Width – 32.70 in.
Overall Height – 42.0 in.
Seat Height – 26 in.
Ground Clearance – 3.90 in.
Rake/Trail – 29.9-degree/4.70 in.
Fuel Capacity – 2.1 gal.
Oil Capacity – 2.8 quarts
Weight – 545 lbs (dry), 567 lbs (running order)
MSRP: $10,499

Blacked out rubber-mounted Evolution 1200 cc V-Twin engine with polished covers
Electronic Sequential Port Fuel Injection (ESPFI)
Steel 2.1-gallon peanut fuel tank with lightening hole mounting bracket
One-piece, solo Sportster classic seat
26-inch seat height
Tall and fat 130 mm Dunlop MT90 front tire
16-inch Black Steel Laced wheels
Low profile custom handlebar
Under-mounted mirrors
New front forks with wide triple clamps
Chopped front fender mounted on fork brace with lightening holes
Blacked components including air cleaner cover, clutch and brake levers and turn signals
Chopped rear fender
Stop-turn-tail lights
Side-mounted license plate
Two-year factory warranty
Optional Harley-Davidson Smart Security System
MSRP: $10,499

The 2010 Sportster Forty-Eight is the latest in H-Ds Dark Custom line  with bobbed fenders  a blacked-out engine  burly wheels and the return of the signature peanut tank.
2010 Sportster Forty-Eight

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Offn2thenever   September 7, 2012 01:43 PM
I have owned an older fat boy for the last 7 years. I loved the bike, but always wanted to buy a brand new one. So I got a 2012 forty eight Harley....and I tell you what...this is the best bike I have ever owned. They old school looks are what sold me on the bike. The fat front tire makes handling a dream. The bike weighs less then 600 pounds and has a 1200 sittin it? It's got PLENTY of power. I ride this bike to work almost every day 50 miles one way. So...yeah, I have to get fuel everyday. So what. Cost me about five bucks. The bike is actually really comfortable to ride. If it seems a little stiff then just take a spanner wrench to your rear shocks and turn me down a little. I have nothing bad to say about this bike. It's not made as a cruiser, so don't expect it to feel like a road king. It's a SPORTSTER nuff said.
johnhush   June 23, 2012 02:20 PM
Folks, I have finally made up my mind that I'm going for the HD Forty Eight and this one will be my first HD Bike but I'd would like to go ahead with it in Jan 2013. I hear that this bike will not be available in the 2013 line up, does anybody has any idea about it? Will this be available in the 2013 line-up?
Theo   December 12, 2011 10:52 AM
I had bikes since i was 15 years old. Am 33 now and The last few years i own a yamaha royal star 1300 cc and now ii want to buy a harley but dont know which one. Can anyone help
Theo   December 12, 2011 10:38 AM
I had different bikes since i was 15 years old. My last bike now is a yamaha royal star 1300 cc and now i can and want to buy a harley. Which one would be the best choice for me after the one i have now?
Piglet2010   October 10, 2011 08:40 PM
Funny reading all the complaints about "Harley bashing". Tell that to the parked H-D rider who called me a faggot when I rode by on my scooter, the guy at the gas station who told me I should have bought a Harley, all the "pirates" who refuse to wave back (or flip me the bird) when I am riding my NT700V, or the several ignoramuses who have called my NT700V "Jap crap" - did Japan annex Barcelona when no one was looking? Guess they can dish it out but not take it, eh?
gman393   October 1, 2011 02:14 PM
Any one saying a harley is a girl bike obviously has manhood issues i.e. little weiner. Just got the forty eight with a custom paint job on the tank and vance and hines 2 into one pipes that make a throaty sound like a harley should. First guy I saw when I was filling the tank for the first time commented just how bad ass it was and a beautiful bike. You should check your issues before commenting it only makes you look foolish.
Rider907   July 10, 2011 01:38 AM
I just paid cash for the 2012 Forty-Eight. I paid over 10K for mine. Im 5'11" and weigh 261 pounds. I am a soldier who has seen 6 combat tours. I am currently in Afghanistan defending the freedoms of Harley, Kawasaki, Honda, BMW, KTM, Husqvarna and Suzuki owners etc. Ride what you like. I like Harley because of the current quality, style and purpose of their bikes. My father rode sportbikes for years because he liked going fast. I now own a Harley 48 after spending almost 10 years researching why I wanted to ride and where I was going to ride. This bike is perfect for me and I hope yours is perfect for you.
And anyone who tells me this is a girl's bike to my face had better have the skills to back it up.

Hitman-2 out
De Opresso Liber
collinskiggy   May 28, 2011 09:53 AM
OK.....here's the truth about the 48. I just spent 3 months evaluating my next bike purchase. I saw the 2011 Harley 48 and fell in love. However, I continued to do my homework. I found out that the Harley Sportster line is "completely" considered both a GIRLS bike and a piece of junk. I heard this from everybody I talked to - bikers on the street, people I met selling bikes online, and the dealers themselves. I was shocked at the number of guys who told me they had bought sportsters for their wives. But the real reason I didn't buy one is because it would have needed a lot of accessories to make it right, and it still would never be a real harley. I found a new leftover 2010 Triumph Scrambler with Arrow exhaust - sounds and looks GREAT. Turns heads, is fun to ride, and is far far better than a Harley in terms of practicality, reliability, performance, and it's a pure classic and built like a tank. I got it for $7700 OTD with about $2000 of accessories on it - it was a demo - full factory warranty - that's a screaming deal. $3000 less than I would have spent on a new 48 - $1300 less than I would have spent on a used 48 (with no accessories on the 48). I love the Scrambler and I'm not writing this to make myself feel better about not buying a Harely. I WILL Buy a Harley - but I'll find a nice used one and park it next to my Triumph. I'll buy a real Harely - a Street Bob or something similar - full size or nothing. I'm writing this to warn the prospective Sportster buyer - don't do it, you'll regret it. Everybody's got a Harely - in the USA Scramblers are relatively rare. So take your time and get the right bike. The 48 is for the same crowd that would buy a Honda Shadow or Vulcan - it will always be ALMOST a Harley. If you have to get a Harley now, get a real Harley.
Joe~28   April 8, 2011 04:41 PM
I personally love the 48! It's got classic Harley looks with modern feel! Believe it or not this will be my first bike and I love Harley's over Jap Hair Dryers!!! Please support me in my quest for a mans bike not a jap girly cruiser!!! I welcome all suggestions you beautiful prople can offer!!!
Jim -Bike is awesome  December 19, 2010 01:51 PM
I just bought one. I love it. I havent owned a street bike in 15 years, but always admired custom bikes figuring one day I get something cool, but I dont have the patience to deal with all the nonsense that goes along with keeping them running. This came out and my mind was made up. After 15 years I have a new bike, a 2010 48, and it is this bike that made me take the plunge again. I see alot of negativity from people about Harley. Folks, dont buy one if you dont like it, no one is forcing you to. I may not know as much as some folks here, but I dont care. This is a good looking bike designed to go have fun on. The peanut tank is so historically cool. IMHO, it is the shape of the tank that really makes this bike shine. Its pure Harley. I dont care if its 2.1 gals. I dont care if I cant drive 150 miles as opposed to only 70 before having to fuel. The bike is the nicest looking thing in Harley's whole dang lineup, period. And I get the feeling alot of the negativity is coming from folks who secretly admire this bike, but maybe are just upset they bought something before Harley really pulled out the stops with this one...
matt roloff -the farm  December 14, 2010 06:33 PM
i love riding my 48 around da farm
maurice morris -fact tis  December 14, 2010 06:30 PM
i like harleys--as a friend--however--seeing is beliving--in others words--turn left at all stop signs--
milisent -buck  December 6, 2010 06:55 PM
who says the dreggs are down
milt milton -brew prints  November 23, 2010 05:31 PM
i kinly like the idea of building my on bike. its kinly like building your on pizza. septin you cant eat it
creach kirkpatrick -blueprints  November 20, 2010 04:57 PM
where does one get the blueprints for the 48??? i would like to get the prints for a roadking i already have the front tire
loostoff -blueprints  November 19, 2010 07:21 PM
flatar i have a set of prints on the 48 be glad to send you a copy im also building a 48--going to get started soon--have a tool set on lay-away at k-marks
flatar -blue prints  November 19, 2010 07:12 PM
im looking for the blueprints for a harley 48; im going to build my on and save a bundle
matt roloff -short  November 19, 2010 07:04 PM
i love the 48 because i"m short 4" 1"
bones -agreed  November 19, 2010 07:00 PM
well put!!! panamajerk
panamajerk -the dreggs are down  November 16, 2010 03:28 PM
need i say anymore
beaneater -i dont care  November 15, 2010 04:11 PM
you ride what you want and i ride what i want
Buell Man from Downunder -Harley  November 14, 2010 07:00 PM
I own a Buell Lightning, the main reason for the purchase was for something different. I dont conider it a sports bike at all, though my main rides are with those with dukes, BMs and jap bikes. Its fast enough, handles well and is probably just as comfortable as a Harley sporster. When idling its like a dog waiting for a ball to be thrown, its got attitude. Best of all I dont I have to dress or act like the typical Harley crowd. Its a great bike round town and gets looks wherever it goes. Im not one to look in the mirror and dont care if Im noticed, my bike lives in the garage (not the living room) and is ridden in any weather. The bike does not have to have truck loads of aftermarket gear to be different to the point of looking the same. Harley could or should have done itself a favour and developed a completely new sportster! bike through Buell, maybe a Duke Monster style bike that would allow for inovation, allow for individual customisation and maybe pick a whole lot of new customers. Still, love my Buell, wouldn't swap it for a new Harley. Dont hate Harleys, they just dont make a bike that I like.
clintoncarter -my 48  November 12, 2010 06:32 PM
i just bought my 48 i got a new gas tank front tire seat and shocks on order-tail pipes came today man i love it look me up on you tube as i install
poketoemane -bike  November 12, 2010 06:21 PM
hey zekawitz --they dont make bysembes anymore do they? my uncle moe had one with a bysembe--man was that cat bad
John -Aussie John  November 11, 2010 01:06 AM
For duck sake!!! Who gives a flying duck if Harley Davidson attracts pirates, men in mid-life crisis, or outlaw wannabes! What is aesthetically pleasing to me isn't aesthetically pleasing to everyone on earth! I think the 48 has 'classic looks'. I also like Asian chicks, do you??? Let's not carry on like little bitches! If you don't like Harleys cool, just don't go on and on and on about it zzzzzzzzzzz
bones -blksam  November 4, 2010 03:26 PM
have you every rode a 48---bet not
pleggmotah -this should clear up any confusion  November 4, 2010 03:18 PM
in a nutshell--if your keen with your bike and got a groove on----- its your bag--can you dig it--------in other words its your groove thang
zekeawitz -bisembe  November 2, 2010 06:41 PM
if you unload carb and wire tank to sprocket--the bisembe should control garse millage rates
roland harker -pecan tank  November 2, 2010 06:20 PM
i like the pecan tank---not to mention the loud hubcaps
yule thurston -well i never  November 2, 2010 05:57 PM
harleys are grovey bikes--mon
blueaglestandard -knuklehead  November 2, 2010 05:48 PM
what tha i have a farty ate and di love it
Blksam -@48  October 24, 2010 09:03 PM
too low,too cramped,too little power.Rather see a Fat Bob with spokes and a speedo/tach package.
SHEREE -LUV MY 48  October 6, 2010 01:52 AM
My 48 is my first harley. I'm 5 feet tall and weigh 50kilos so this bike is perfect for me. Just took it on a 1000km trip on weekend and it handled great. I don't mind stopping for fuel every 120km's cause i'm ready for a smoke by then anyway. I love the old retro look and its heaps comfier than it looks
Hawkeye -Piece of Crap  October 2, 2010 09:10 AM
Harley makes a lot of good motorcycles, but the Sportster isn't one of them, and the 48 is even worse. Harley should be ashamed to sell this piece of crap. Riding a motorcycle is an activity to be enjoyed, not endured. The seat is an upholstered brick, the rear wheel travel makes this a punishing ride on any road except brand new pavement. It may look cool, but unless you want to spend over 10 grand to look at in in your garage or living room, it's a waste of money.
Most Sportsters are bought by first time riders who haven't ridden anything else, so they don't know any better, but they should feel cheated when they ride any Twin Cam 96 model, or almost any other motorcycle on the market today.
sportster guy -48  October 1, 2010 01:56 PM
this is the same arguement the car guys have, yeah hyundai comes with cooler options from the factory ceaper, but its still a hyundai.
sure you might get a little more for your money when you buy a triumph, honda, suzuki, etc.... but what you dont think about is..... its for a reason. its not a harley, take any of our harley's out on an open road and red-line it all day long, itll still take you home.... please dont be dumb enough to do that with any other manufacturers bike, unless you like sittin around waiting for a tow truck. and if anything does happen.... i got lots of mods but still have a 5-year warranty. :) people that talk crap about harley, just cant afford one
Tommy -Tommy  September 17, 2010 07:58 PM
Like or hate it. Shut up and ride. sport bikes are like tampons...every pussy's got one. long live HD!
Nfn8 -One  September 5, 2010 09:18 PM
I have a 48. Riding it is the best stress relief therapy and I'll never sell it, God willing. It's my first Harley and I didn't ever think I'd own one cuz it just wasn't my style, but when I saw this it spoke to me. My Ella and I will spend many years getting to know each other and thanks HD, you did real good.
Chad -Amazed  September 4, 2010 08:27 PM
I'm looking to be a new bike owner, and love the retro look of certain bikes, the 48 is one of them. The thing I find most amusing on this forum is how the 'haters' of Harley Davidson waste their time posting about how much they hate Harley Davidson. I don't have a liking for Hyundai vehicles, but you won't find me bashing them in a Hyundai forum somewhere. I really have better things to do. All you are really accomplishing is wasting my time as a prospective owner looking for information. Instead I have to wade through the BS comments on this forum from those that either don't own a bike, can't afford a bike, or simply having nothing else to do with their time. Pretty pathetic. If you don't like HD, stay away from their forums, don't promote the thread, and quit wasting my time.
Ben -Copy of Zero Engineering  August 17, 2010 09:38 AM
This seriously looks like a Zero Engineering bike made by Harley. The fat tires, solo seat, underslung mirrors...
tommy o'dell -Question  August 12, 2010 04:09 PM
Did they make the 48 sportster in 2008? this salesman says this 2008 sportster is a 48. i don't know if i can believe him without finding out myself.
Donny -www.donaldfeia@yahoo.com  July 12, 2010 07:43 PM
Buell was harley davidson new sportster,and the old school harley sportster is not as good as the triumph bonneville,and the bonneville cost's less.(PS) Your sportster engines lack power,and you have no rear seat and your forward foot position,makes my tail bone hurt just looking at it.
Jim Morgan -Mr.  July 11, 2010 10:50 AM
Bought a Sportester new in 86', enjoyed it completely. Built 2 bikes since that time, Shovel and an Evo. Currently own an 84 FLHTC(EVO), saw a 48, had to have it! Got it home and put 400 miles down and really enjoyed the experience. Looking forward to getting some more miles on it when I get home. Have NO regrets. Keep it up HD!
The Pom -Gonna Buy it!!  June 23, 2010 05:54 AM
Just read the comments on this blog...wow there's a lot of people got a heap to say about how they hate HD and old school retro looking bikes. I think it looks the "dog's nads" and I'm going to buy one! I was looking at Triumph Speedmaster or America but this new 48 is exactly what I want to ride....and isn't that all it's about? I also own a 20 year old GL1500....bikes are just bikes, ride what you like!
english boy -forty eight  June 6, 2010 02:28 PM
i just bought the black 48, first harley i ever owned (jap racers before) put on black short shots and had a stage 1 tune, i love it. make me smile like nothing since i was a kid. filled it up 3 times today and it doesnt matter, bring it on its great, its bang on the money, p.s its $8.00 a gallon here or there abouts.... get on it.
Govi -The Real enemy  May 27, 2010 07:26 PM
To understand whats going on with the USA/economy/government...ie- going to hell in a hand basket....you must understand exactly who the enemy is....leaving aside the cultish or fanatical trimmings, your Lyndon Larouche-an American patriot(wish there were more of him) of "LaRouche Political Action Committee" seems to have the clearest voice in the wilderness, if you take the time to understand what he's getting at......basically its the folks who continue to prop up the failed present monetary/globalized/gambling casino economy who have taken over your soverign government and are working on behalf of these assholes....just declare bankrupsy...ie back to Glass Stegal and Roosevelt and wipe out all the bad debt and evil derivatives market etc etc...to take back your country...you need to back to Glass Stegal....it really makes a lot of sense to me....his whole take....take it or leave it as you like...
sexy chic rider -sexy chic rider  May 24, 2010 07:07 PM
THIS BIKE IS BAD ASS!!!!!! sick nasty and sexy!!!!!
DriveLow -48  May 14, 2010 08:13 PM
Love it, Love it, Love it. The 48, (despite what anyone else thinks), is one nasty looking bike for a factory issue. Design may be old, performance not as current in any fashion as what others may ride, doesn't have quite as big a tank as I would like, like to see the price lower, but for my taste, Harley put it together very nicely. The glass is half full people!!! Ride whatever you desire. My choices don't affect you, why are you so concerned with what I ride? There are nice people on every type of motorcycle made. There are also, not-so-nice people on the same, it seems that many of the not-so-nice people are expounding their always obnoxious, you don't ride what "I" like, opinions on this board. LOL, really, can't we all just get along? If you're in need of assistance on the road, whatever you ride, it might just be me stopping to help you out. Love that 48, ooh man, nasty! LOL
Aussie Bloke -HD No # 1  May 13, 2010 05:07 PM
The Sportster 48 is spot on Styling wise , Harley Davidson are not outdated as some say . Most Harley rider's want their HD's to be old school looking machine's with modern manufacturing that have , Harley Davidson's are very highly regarded here in Australia & most cruiser rider's here love the fact they own a American Legend & we pay big $$ for our HD's $33000.00 AUD for a Softail & $19000.00 AUD for a Sporster 1200 . I own a 09 FXSTC & love it , i've owned several Jappa cruiser's & jap sports bike's "BUT" i have always wanted a Harley Davidson , i love the old school look & Tradional styling & its Air Cooled V-Twin Push Rod engine , those that complain HD's are outdated mustnt like HD's anyway . If we in Australia had a company like Harley Davidson with so much history , we would not slag it off , we would be proud of our product . Harley Davidson's are No#1 , bloke's in Australia love em'.
lanceoa -an awesome bike...  May 5, 2010 10:08 PM
Got it, its awesome, put on some Vance and Hines short shots and a new air cleaner to personalize it (cept these are only bolt ons). Placed a few vids on youtube, search Sportster 48 Vance and Hines. Also put some close ups on another vid if you want to check the details out! Enjoy.. also if you dont like the bike, thats your opinion and youre entitled to it. But for me, this takes the cake!
Erik -Got one, never replacing it!  May 2, 2010 06:30 AM
I bought this bike over the phone, never been on a harley before but lots of other bikes.
This thing is religion!

Brian in California -The 48...and the Nightster  April 27, 2010 12:47 PM
A short time back I was in an Oakland HD dealership and saw an orange and black Nightster. It immediently hit me between the eyes...its was like something my dad would have ridden back in the day.

I have been riding bikes since 1972, and have owned all types...but never a HD. So, meny years and miles later I find myself looking for something unique...something different. I had thought I decided on a Nightster when I saw the 48. I am going to get one as soon as I can (altough I will most likely put the nightster tank on it for the extra gallon of fuel it provides)

Yes, I know its old tech, but so am I. I have owned fast bikes, and very fast cars and thats not what this is about. Its about the feeling I get when I see it. It makes me smile and it oddly makes me think about my dad. Its a style thats American, and the attitude isnt one of "loud pipes save lives" for me..or the dew-rag looks, or tattoos, or oil stains in my garage.

You small minded pricks can choose my bike when you pay for it. Grow up.
james -Mr.  April 7, 2010 11:14 PM
I just bought one of the new 2010 Sportster 48's last week. It rides well. I'll be glad to pass the 500 mile mark so I can see what it can do. It takes a few rides to get used to the mirrors being upside down but it'll fix itself. I also am considering putting some ape hangers on this bike as the sitting position is somewhere between standard and cafe' style. It is difficult to maintain decent posture while riding this way for me, I am 6ft. Anyway, the large front tire is nice, especially when traveling over grated bridges. :) But the first thing I'm going to do is fine the shortest, loudest pipes I can find and then add a passenger seat so I can take the ladies for a ride.
Charlie -Busa pilot  March 30, 2010 02:24 PM
I had a sportster before and it was great but not quite the style I was looking for. The 48 is spot on how I wanted my sportster to look. I now want a 48 (in silver). My main bike is a silver and grey 2001 'busa. My passion is bikes. I don't care what anyone rides, it's all about bikes and I will be well pleased to park a 48 next to my 'busa in due course.
fred -?  March 21, 2010 08:42 AM
im a new rider, short guy at 5ft5. im 22. i love the 48. and yes, there is a coolness factor. i look at hondas and other metric cruisers, and i see a "sensable bike". a senseable bike that a 60 year old man should be riding. if i was planning on going 200 miles an hour around corners, id buy a crotch rocket. but, if you want something cool, to ride around for fun, whats the problem with harley davidson? different riders want different things. im about to get a nightster, and i can't wait. sure it may not have all the bells an whistles and upgrades that some other companies offer, but i really dont care, i want a bike i can be proud of when i pull up. thats just me.
Chicco -Harley 48  February 18, 2010 01:48 PM
Ragazzi io l'ho comprata una quarantina HD otto, sono contento, Che credo Harley dimostri sempre di Avere uno stile personale uno differenza di altri Produttori Che solo si Copiano i proggetti stile E, certo HD Dovrebbe un po Migliorare il rapporto qualità prezzo anche perchè i Costi Che Loro hanno per Costruire una moto sono veramente bassi di conseguenza potrebbero fare di più un saluto a tutti.
mark cullom -john mark 60  February 17, 2010 01:14 PM
have always admire harleys since i was a kid,as well as i have vivid memories of the first 750 four honda.,i really enjoy hearing the harleys nothing else sounds like it,but ,i also remenber the 750 four all i could hear was the engine hum,love them both and have owned both.

this topic reminds me of a chevy ford talk,lol, they both have what makes them different and what makes them great,have own both them as well

at present i own a harley and a dodge truck,im 49 and both have very nice sounds to them ,its kinda like a nose we all have them and manage to find a women who likes them.
Impressed -New Harley  February 11, 2010 03:52 PM
Whoa - another brand new innovation from Harley Davidson. This has to be the best bike ever produced by Harley. Just imagine, fully adjustable electronic suspension, throttle by wire, traction control, twin cam, 4 valve per cylinder, alum swing arm suspension, large fuel tank and on board computer. Oh wait - sorry I have the wrong bike here, I thought this was a Honda. Its just another outdated Harley. Sorry....
Proud American -re; Justin  February 11, 2010 02:33 PM
Justin Your first line in your post is a quote, a quote of one sentence of mine. Without the sentence before it quoted also, it is way out of context. You manipulated my comment just to suit your needs. Shame on you. In fact you based your whole comment on this out of context quote. I find this disturbing and terribly unethical at best. I will say that my first post was a bit mixed up with the words Asian goods and Motorcycles in the same paragraph. I was talking about 2 different things. Now, In your last paragraph you make assumptions about me, and accuse me of thinking things that I have never thought or even implied, and then go on to spew the same "regurgitated" crap that I am talking about from another "sheep" on the one and only side of this hate fest. H-D riders have way more class that this. By the way, you say that I am a hypocrite? Well buddy, that is your opinion. Mine is that you are a paranoid schizophrenic. I will not be reading any further posts from you.
bradley -HD  February 10, 2010 10:04 PM
Next month I'm going to buy this bike. AND I KNOW it's expensive. However if you put all the things on a 'normal' sporster it really isn't much less. And I'm a young man being only 23, and I thought to myself that Harley finally put something out that really appealed to me, and my sensibility when they dropped this. Also for me I do not have the time. I mean i guess I HAVE the time, but I work all day, and around cars none-the-less. So I've about had it with fixing things when I come home. I just wanna' buy a bike I love stock. And for me personally if I envision my perfect bike this is the closest thing on the market to it. And it's VERY close to what I envision. My only problem with this bike at all is that I really don't like how flashy 'sportster' is written on it. That disappointed me. I'm painting the tank within the first month I have it. So i'll just buy the black bike, since it's cheaper. Also I just wanna' throw out there that no matter what you have I hope you enjoy it. HOWEVER. For anyone that's going to say something about buying a 'better' Japanese cruiser. Well honestly they look horrible. ALL OF THEM! Not saying they're not good runners. (I know they are I owned one)Just saying they look awful. I also don't like most big Harleys for that matter. But no matter what a Harley looks more authentic, and sounds a hell of a lot better, and anyone who says they don't run well has never had one. The only other bike I would even THINK about buying is a Triumph. And maybe I don't go fast enough, but a 1200 sporty is plenty damn fast for me.... just one man's opinion though. Ima look good on this bike :)
John -48  February 10, 2010 04:16 PM
I think the HD 48 looks great. Seems stupid to put on such a small tank though. I have the blacked out 2009 883 Iron & I love it. I've had a TON of compliments on it. My tank is a bit small at 3.1 gallons but it works okay for me. My brother has a Honda VTX 1800 with a 5+ gallon tank & we have to fill up about the same time on our rides.
Epyx -Why all the hate?  February 10, 2010 01:39 PM
"Morvegil - What a scam February 1, 2010 08:32 AM Why not buy a Nightster or normal Sportster, pop on the front tire and tank yourself for cheaper?" Because you cant. The '10 Nightster MSRP is $9,999, the '10 48 MSRP is $10,499, that is a difference of $500. Where are you going to find a new wider front end, new front wheel, new tire, new tank, and new Speedo (different than Nightster)for $500? This is assuming you do all the work yourself as well so we wont consider the $50-$100 an hr labor most Indi mechanics will charge. Sure it is possible but I don't think the extra $500 bucks is a rip off. $500 barely buys a nice exhaust set up. Now the rest of you hater types - get over yourself. Its a cool bike, maybe not your thing but its a nice ride. I have both a Nightster and a Duke Hypermotard 796. I love them both because they have unique character. I use them for different things. They are not really comparable but both are excellent bikes. BTW - I dont dress like a pirate, a Power-ranger, hipster doofus, or euro trash - I just wear my protective equipment (helmet gloves, jacket, pants) and ride. I dont give a shit what anyone else chooses to ride...why do you?
Young & Knows Better -Shame on HD  February 9, 2010 05:26 AM
It is truly a shame that the United States can not produce a proper motorcycle. In Europe Moto GP riders achieve rock star status. In the U.S. we have Sturgis. Motorcycle manufactures release new and dynamic models every year with improvements in styling, electronics, suspension, engine management, electronic suspension management and many more modern features. What do we get from our motorcycle manufactures? We get the "48". A rehash of a almost antique motorcycle. The American motorcycle manufactures are stuck in the past with a cruiser style motorcycle first produced by Indian Motorcycles over 80 years ago. The United States used to be a leader in every market. Now we are followers and we settle for the outdated junk that HD sells. Harley spends more time designing next years line of clothes and other shit than they do trying to produce a real motorcycle. Shame on Harley Davidson, no wonder the youth of America laughs at Harley motorcycles. Today's youth wants new and innovative products, not out of date stuff resting on its past laurels. It is too late for Harley Davidson unless they fire there present air head management and hire some progressive talent. I see Harley being bought by another manufacture in a few years after there present market (the 50 to 60 outlaw crowd) are using walkers instead of motorcycles.
Not a Sucker -48 - No Way  February 8, 2010 06:27 PM
Does Harley Davidson really think that the young buyers will buy this crap. I doubt it. It is the same out of date crap from years past only with a new name and paint job. This is typical Harley Davidson. They can't design a real new bike so they just rebag last years bike. The newspapers are full of late model used Sportsters for 4 or 5 grand. These are the buyers that bought one and realized what a piece of crap they bought and want to get rid of it and get a real bike. Not everybody wants the outlaw Harley image. If you are over 50 with a beer belly, tattoos and long hair than this might be the bike for you.
wildpig -mr wildpig to you  February 5, 2010 04:10 AM
wow-- a sportster with a fat front tire--- how innovative,, how ingenious. man i bet it took hd research an developement years to come up with this ultra hi tech piece o milwalkee iron................. typical harley--- long on dollas short on progress............. an yea i own one myself- corporate harley sold out many many yrs ago..............
Jess -Another great design  February 4, 2010 05:11 PM
I'm a big fan of the whole Nightster line. This bike looks great. The only disjointed element is the 16" front wheel. Why couldn't they stay w/ the traditional 19"?
Tommy -HD Guy  February 3, 2010 09:07 PM
Think that the 48 / Dark Custom line is something younger riders can rally around / build a community?
andy -mmm  February 3, 2010 05:38 AM
I like the "new"sportster...its a exact image of american industry..fancy outfit,lots of bling, but underneath centuries behind ,slow and expensive for what you get!

Well done HD!! ;)
Big Ron -The Bike  February 2, 2010 06:15 PM
I like the looks of this bike. It serves a purpose, its a townny and is intended to be ridden to the mall, restaurants, and yes BARS. You dont have to drink yourself in oblivian, have ONE beer. My current mount, an 05 ZX-10 does none of this well. I do however enjoy taking my sport bike out and riding it for its intended purpose: the track or the local canyons. For those of you that have only ridden sport bikes standards like this one are alot of fun when ridden for there intended purpose. If you dont like this bike go look at a Triumph or a Ducati but please dont expect something like this to provide the same white knuckled excitement as your sport bike because it never was intended to do so.
One Shot -Who cares  February 2, 2010 03:13 AM
Loads of 'love-it' / 'hate-it' rhetoric here among riders regarding a brand, style, look, sound, etc. Get over it. We are obligated to embrace what we share in common as the ride is as individual as the rider, and when you insult the bike / brand / whatever, you are insulting the rider. Turn to the 4 wheeled clowns for negative commentary as they could give two shits about you or your bike. The '48' will serve its target audiences well... Product quality and value are actually irrelevant as the purchase will certainly have emmotional ties; yes, and possibly more for the macho nay-sayers regarding the aforementioned human element. I currently ride a R1200GS & CBR600RR so the HD may offer an alternate riding experience worth the green... Who knows, but enjoy what ever the hell you ride!
Morvegil -What a scam  February 1, 2010 08:32 AM
Why not buy a Nightster or normal Sportster, pop on the front tire and tank yourself for cheaper?
Buell Fan -no $ no Buell  February 1, 2010 04:27 AM
I like Buells, a lot. I'm a past and future Buell owner. But I don't feel that HD killed Buell. It seems more like HD prolonged Buell's lifespan. But Buells still were not selling well enough in a tough market. They are fantisticlly fun street bikes. But most sport bike riders want something with more racebike specs, regardless of their personal reality. What hurt Buell was the failure of most sport bikes riders to realize that on a twisty public road, the torque-to-weight ratio is far more important than the horsepower-to-weight ratio.
Brett -Future of HD?  January 31, 2010 09:31 AM
Does anybody else think it was a HUGE mistake to kill Buell? Just when they started to gain some real edge with the Rotax engine, the marketing geniuses at HD pulled the plug. Adding insult to injury, they refused to allow Erik Buell to keep the company name. With a few styling tweaks we could have FINALLY had a (mostly) American made sport bike that was competitive with Japan and Europe, but apparently HD would rather continue their line of Pakistani leather, logo belt buckles, and overpriced Taiwanese chrome accessories... HD makes a good basic cruiser in the 1200 Sportster, so why not some innovation as well?
Jim -yeh right  January 31, 2010 06:48 AM
So let me get this straight....you want me to believe I should spend a cool 11,000 dollars for a warmed over, 1200cc, low-tech, V-twin. And then you sit and wonder why HD is losing millions. Duh. Any other maker can sell you a better bike for far less money.
tony -skin  January 29, 2010 10:25 AM
I think HD may have made something interesting this time. OR NOT! I am not a big HD fan but I do like the look of some of their bikes and this one does look good. But can sombody tell me, is it me or do HD consistenly make 80% of a bike great and then completely balls up the other 20%. If some of you out there like me love to ride. Then you will agree the one thing we hate is filling up time. Who in their right mind in todays busy world where non of us have any time. Builds a beautifull machine then puts on a poxy 7.5gal tank. You american guys probably won't make it of the city without having to stop! Great job HD. Never mind us the clients we will pay over the odds for it here in europe and then pay again to have a proper tank fitted you know the one you should have fitted the first time round when you built it. Sorry but some one a HD needs a wakeup call and its not the guys on the ground floor Iam talking about but the ones way up the pay scale.

Don -nice ride  January 28, 2010 04:43 PM
Uhhh... OK...I just want to say I like the bike...
Justin -RE: A proud American  January 28, 2010 01:37 PM
“We're unemployed and broke, they are employed, rich, and some of them even non-democratic, dictator run, comunist countries”. It’s not us against them, okay. Japan has been hit by this global recession just as hard as the USA if not harder, have you seen their car and bike sales? The import bikes available in the USA don’t come from any communist counties. Japan has democracy and if you were referring to bikes from China, who buys them except for wholesalers off Ebay. We are not loosing jobs to Japan. Japan makes products American manufacturers don’t make or didn’t make well enough in order not to lose market share. Now that Harley killed Buell you have not one single US sport bike being made in the USA. It sure would be great if all the other countries bought our stuff and we didn’t import any of their stuff but that will not and shouldn’t ever happen.

You forget all the jobs created by import dealers, mechanics, sales people, distributors, US factories, after market companies and then all the second hand related jobs.

I wouldn’t have had such a caustic tone if you didn’t write some of the false crap you wrote like in this post with the communist country crap. And sometimes my sentences take strong reading comprehension skills otherwise the point will be lost or misunderstood.

As far as what I think for myself, I think blaming a domestic company’s problems on other countries is an evasion of the truth or lame excuse. Less we forget Harley also sells their bikes to other countries all over the world. So why is it okay for Harley to export but bad for me to buy an import? You’re not a proud American you are just a hypocrite clinging to some tired old argument that all Harley sympathizers regurgitate “buy American or else you suck”. Over 40% of the parts found on any given Harley are made overseas…oh that’s real American. More Americans are employed by import companies than by Harley. Harley is nothing more than a marketing firm kind of like Nike. They whore out their logo to anybody who wants to pay the licensing fee and most of the time the general merchandise that the badge and shield logo is stamped on is made in the communist country of China. The America that I’m proud to be a part of is nothing like Harley. My America is innovative, competitive and respect
Proud American -Justin RE Proud American  January 28, 2010 10:52 AM
What I meant by Asia selling us everything we used to make encompassed everything from cameras to TV's, cars, toothbrushes and everything else they make and sell us now that we used to make here in America, not just motorcycles. We continue to buy more and more cheeper Asian goods every year. We're unemployed and broke, they are employed, rich, and some of them even non-democratic, dictator run, comunist countries. Isn't that just great.....NOT And what was wrong with HD coming out with an American bike that would fill the need of buyers that wanted a sportier HD model than the bigger ones they were making? Maybe for you I should of said they wanted a sportier AMERICAN bike that was smaller than the other American bikes available at the time, and did not even want to buy a British bike. Weather a few British twin bikes were available at the same time is really a moot point. People didn't go buy a sportster because they wanted a leaky undependable British bike. Those guys could still go buy British if they wanted. Hmm, well at least for a few more years before people stopped buying them all together. These are your words now...."You’re a typical Harley sheep telling the same old false Harley myths in a sad apologetic like justification way for why Harley is so incompetent at everything it does except brand marketing." Justin, do you even think before, and read afterwards what you put down on paper? I'm not even sure what you are trying to say here, maybe 2 or 3 things at once? I was not trying to do anything like what I think you meant, but who knows with that sentence structure. BUT, Anyway guy, I'd much rather hear what you think for yourself than listen to you argue with me and what you think I think anyday. It's harder to express your own ideas than it is to argue with someone, but way more rewarding in the end. You should try it sometime.
soft tail guy -Custom Sportster  January 28, 2010 09:45 AM
This Sportster looks a lot like one that has been completely customized by a Sportster enthusiast. A lot of guys will truly appreciate this model. I'm more of a softtail guy (HD or any bike co.) but this Sportster looks like a kick ass good time no matter where your headed. The price is actually pretty right on for this bike. Almost the same as a V Star 1300. This is a bullet proof V-Twin air cooled engine that gets 50 mpg, and HAS been updated over the years, and it's rubber mounted so quit bitchin about the mpg, price and vibes, hell, you don't want one anyway. I'll admit that It would probably look better with a gunslinger seat on it but other than that it's pretty perfect as is.
Dali -skull logo  January 28, 2010 04:42 AM
Art means whatever you think it means. It could be simple ... like "bikes are scary" ... boo!

Or it could be a reminder of your mortality... causing you to either slow down... or speed up.... depending on what your mortality means for you.

It all depends on the perspective and depth of the viewer.
DucMan -What's up with the skull  January 27, 2010 10:32 PM
I finally watched the Harley video on the '48. Can someone please explain to me the meaning of the skull logo? I see that it has been incorporated into the top of the Harley "1" symbol. Can we expect to see lots of skull decals on future products?
froryde -Government and the economy  January 27, 2010 06:23 PM
Please re-read my post again: I CLEARLY didn't say that the government has nothing to do with the economy. I said the government has nothing to do with the market and financial position (a mess) HD is in right now.
Jason -It's all about the ride  January 27, 2010 03:21 PM
I just bought my first bike (2009 Sporster Nightster) back in August before I came bak from my deployment. I did as much research I could on bikes to ensure I got "what I wanted." I'm short and it fits me. The blacked-out look and the fact that a lot of parts can be custom painted appealed to me. Sure, it's a small tank and one way to work is about 28 miles, but who cares. Filling up a couple times a week I could care less about. Overall, it's what I am happy with. I've met so many people that ride, especially fellow military people. I don't know if it's just the cameraderie in the military but no one cares what the other person rides. What counts is that you can ACTUALLY EXPERIENCE THE FREEDOM. I could care less that a good friend of mine rides a crotch rocket. That's his decision and that's fine with me. Nothing is more satisfying than being able to have the wind in my face, the sun at my back, and being able to cruise the roads of Hawaii. I've met so many people that are knowledgable about not only my bike but my wife's ('87 Sportster) and anyone is willing to assist if something goes wrong or we have questions on parts/service. I love the feeling of belonging and that's all the matters. I suggest a lot of people here grow a glass stomach so when your head is so far up your a** you can see where you're going. A lot of people do not and will never be able to experience a motorcycle ride. Above all, count yourself as being very fortunate to at least buy one let alone ride.
Jason -It's all about the ride  January 27, 2010 03:20 PM
I just bought my first bike (2009 Sporster Nightster) back in August before I came bak from my deployment. I did as much research I could on bikes to ensure I got "what I wanted." I'm short and it fits me. The blacked-out look and the fact that a lot of parts can be custom painted appealed to me. Sure, it's a small tank and one way to work is about 28 miles, but who cares. Filling up a couple times a week I could care less about. Overall, it's what I am happy with. I've met so many people that ride, especially fellow military people. I don't know if it's just the cameraderie in the military but no one cares what the other person rides. What counts is that you can ACTUALLY EXPERIENCE THE FREEDOM. I could care less that a good friend of mine rides a crotch rocket. That's his decision and that's fine with me. Nothing is more satisfying than being able to have the wind in my face, the sun at my back, and being able to cruise the roads of Hawaii. I've met so many people that are knowledgable about not only my bike but my wife's ('87 Sportster) and anyone is willing to assist if something goes wrong or we have questions on parts/service. I love the feeling of belonging and that's all the matters. I suggest a lot of people here grow a glass stomach so when your head is so far up your a** you can see where you're going. A lot of people do not and will never be able to experience a motorcycle ride. Above all, count yourself as being very fortunate to at least buy one let alone ride.
Ryan -thunderground "harleys future"  January 27, 2010 02:42 PM
GM and Chrysler can't be compared to Harley Davidson in my opinion. Harley has an advantage, they did what was smart by not bringing their price down. If they started lowering their price than they will be competing to deliver more for less. Most companies compete with price, and this is usually a losing battle because you have to sacrifice quality for better price. But instead Harley built up their brand recognition as the top tier product, how?? by not sacrificing on price. Now Harley has the choice to give more for the buck if they really want to and still make good profit. Why do you think people go to expensive restaurants to pay $50 bucks for the same steak you can get for $10 else where, it's the name bro. "Brand" They earned it!! What they do with this in the next century I like to see. Hopefully they don't give in to economic pressure, they just have to keep their company lean and profitable.
egor -joke, sort of  January 27, 2010 02:41 PM
What's the difference between a bike that handles OK and a bike that handles great?... how fast you're going when you crash...

Ryan -- Froryde "what does the government have to do with this"  January 27, 2010 02:22 PM
go to borders, and buy a book on economics for dummies and you'll get some answers :) Not trying to be an ass, but the government has alot to do with our economy. Are you kidding??
theunderground -harley's future  January 27, 2010 02:15 PM
Whether you think Harley makes a good product or not; whether their management team has been following their 7-habits of highly effective people manual lately or not; whether we should buy "american" or impose import tax; The global market, as usual, will decide their fate. Just look at what happened with GM and Chrysler when they decided to stick their heads in the sand and pretended that gas-guzzling Hummers and plasticky Sebrings were smart offerings.
Jim -2 Gallon Tank?  January 27, 2010 02:02 PM
I think the bike is pretty cool looking, but I can't imagine spending $10K on a bike I have to refill every 70 miles. Regardless, I like Harley's attempt to market to a new crowd. The video on their website is reminicent of the British cafe racers of old. So, I like the tie-in to the hip city dweller crowd. I think the days of pandering to the stoners and drop-outs of the late 60's and early 70's will soon be Harley history.
Mark -sorry Ryan but your missing the point  January 27, 2010 01:26 PM
Harley makes a fine cruiser and they do what they were made to do with a reasonable level of fit and finish they dont break like they used to and they don't leak oil like they used to. They also make just as few parts in America as any other major brand out there.Harly is not the only bike builder in the U.S. Honda has a few factories and employs a lot of people rite here in the U.S. Kawasaki made the KDX here along with a few other U.S. market only bikes. So the buy American song dosn't fly with me , especially when Harley is just as likely to lay off workers cut benefits and close factories as any other big corporation when the going gets tough. All the while paying top execs way to much money to do way to little. So yes many of us are sick of the Village people costumes and bikes that wake the baby from 4 blocks away.(Squids take note that a 15,000rpm sport bike with open exhaust is just as annoying) I like the Vrod but try getting a sales man who knows anything about it to show you one . Any thing new or exciting is simply not gonna be from Harley Davidson and most likely will not be done well or embraced buy the dealerships. So after years of being told that my bike made me some how less of a man than a Harley rider is and hearing stuff like Yama-Ha-Ha-Ha ect yes we are gonna bash harley when they foist another over wieght piece if junk built with 1930's russian tractor technology on to the market with the luaghable tital of "New" . For the same 10k i can get a nice Bmw that will out class a Harly in almost any way you can mesure a bike .The only things a harley can mesure up in is things like styl that are hard to quantify and are mostly subjective.People talk about resale value but if it has so much value why is it being sold rather than ridden ?
Brett -sigh..........  January 27, 2010 12:30 PM
Harley tried innovation once- it was called the 1100 Buell with the Rotax engine. Guess what? Nobody bought it.
froryde -brand marketing  January 27, 2010 11:51 AM
"justification way for why Harley is so incompetent at everything it does except brand marketing." Actually, they don't seem to be very good at that lately either...
froryde -brand marketing  January 27, 2010 11:50 AM
"justification way for why Harley is so incompetent at everything it does except brand marketing." Actually, they don't seem to be very good at that lately either...
froryde -Ryan - what does the government have to do with this?  January 27, 2010 11:45 AM
"because America loves to pay less..." And how does HD bringing out a $10,500 bike with outdated technology and no real product features (unless you consider 'slammed speedometer mounting bracket' a tangible product benefit) help with American wanting to pay less? I don't think America wants to pay less - they just want good value for their money, which is not what HD is giving them. And since when is a company's poor management - brand, product, everything - responsibility of the government? HD is solely responsible for the position they are in now. Don't blame the imports, don't blame the government, and don't even blame the economy. It's entirely their own undoing.
Justin -RE: A proud American  January 27, 2010 11:42 AM
“The sportster was made for young American riders that didn't want a bigger bike. No other bike makers were really filling this need either. Remember when there was a time Americans weren't spending billions of dollars on Asian made goods just to save money”? Are you kidding us? Harley made the sportster to compete with all the British motorcycles that were lighter and faster that anything Harley made. Harley even put the gear shifter on the brake side of the bike just like the British bikes had it. Years later it was mandated that all bikes shift gears from the same side but Harley sportsters still have the belt drive on the brake side of the bike which is the opposite side of all other Harleys and the same side Triumph have it now. Harley was copying the English bikes, Harley was NOT being original.

“They sell us anything and everything we used to make ourselves, and you folks just keep on making them richer and us more unemployed”. The import factories employ 3 times more Americans than Harley. And I’d like to see you “make yourself” a 600cc super sport replica. Harley is the only OEM that is making crap we can make ourselves. Who couldn’t put different mirrors, gas tank, and paint on a bike.

You’re a typical Harley sheep telling the same old false Harley myths in a sad apologetic like justification way for why Harley is so incompetent at everything it does except brand marketing.
Christian -Well said.  January 27, 2010 10:32 AM
Well said metal man,well said.
Ryan Chang -Hey froryde  January 27, 2010 10:16 AM
Why do you think that is? Let's see we are letting most of our manufacturing go overseas!! We bring in just about everything from overseas!! Why is this so, I'll tell you why - because America loves to pay less and what does that do to our economy, not much!! Of coarse Harley numbers are down, no surprise there at all. Why can't our government take care of our own??? I just don't get it, I really saw this coming and it's no surprise to me. I hope our government sees this and do things that will support the local economy. And for Harley, all you people criticizing them really need to support local economy. Not to say that Harley has no room to do better, of-coarse they do. Other countries put on a hefty tax for imports, so to stimulate local brand support why not do the same in the US??? If we keep this up, where do you think even Harley will be?? No rocket science here.
froryde -Hey Ryan  January 27, 2010 09:48 AM
"I congratulate all of the Harley Team; the marketing team, the designers and how they have made Harley what it is today?" And what exactly is that? Judging by all the animosity towards HD (and from what I've read, both HD and non-HD owners) and the 90% income loss for 2009 (compared to 2008), they don't have much to going for them these days...
Ryan Chang - Korean Harley Fan in Chicago -Harley Davidson Marketing Team 2010 48  January 27, 2010 08:51 AM
I can't believe all the negative remarks for the Harley Davidson Motorcycles, their styling, the marketing and high pricing!! Made in the USA and with a long history that it has earned!! I say Harley deserves to be recognized as they have been, and how can anyone criticize them??? They have done what all other companies dream of, so what's wrong with that?? I congratulate all of the Harley Team; the marketing team, the designers and how they have made Harley what it is today. This is an example of what American Company should strive for. Hey!! Any American company that can show brand recognition and to create a following of their product worldwide!!! Awesome!! That is exactly what I would like to see other American Companies to strive for, I am 42 and I consider myself American as any of you guys but I was born in Korea. You need to show your loyalty to successful american companies like Harley Davidson, what's wrong with you guys??? Now if I can just get a job working for Harley Davidson to handle the Korean Market that would make my life :) Harley - keep doing what you do, you have my respect!!
Mom -Mom  January 27, 2010 08:09 AM
I must be its mom because I think it looks fine... for real.
Greg from GA -What are they smoking?  January 27, 2010 07:55 AM
First, let me say that I've been riding motorcycles for over 40 years and I currently own 4, one of which is a 2004 Harley Sportster. So I speak with some knowledge as to what a good looking bike looks like. This new monstrosity the 2010 "48" is down right "UGLY". It is truly a bike that only its mother would love. I project that HD will take it in the shorts on this one.
SteveGuy -Harley's Bad Image  January 27, 2010 07:20 AM
I have never ever gone into a motorcycle dealership where the dealer promotes using no exhaust and everybody in the place is trying to be or look like some kind of outlaw with there funny clothes and tattoos except a Harley Davidson dealership. These bikes are way overpriced. Harley Davidson also promotes this outlandish behavior in there products and advertising. I do not like show-offs or wana-be's like the typical HD rider with there loud exhaust.
Metric cruisers -make HD look good  January 27, 2010 05:44 AM
I've compared a lot of metric cruisers to the Dyna line up, particularly the Super Glide. To my suprise, the many of the metric cruisers are heaiver, handle worse and are more expensive than the Super Glide. The maintenance parts prices on the metric cruisers are also higher. I suspect many of you are too closed minded on the subject to have actually compared the products.
Tyrone -No Change  January 27, 2010 04:49 AM
"Harley had been around for a century and they were the bikes your fathers and grandfathers rode around on, and won wars with." - Very true and they haven't changed them since. I do not want an overpriced very dated motorcycle with a bad boy image that I have to be in my 50's or 60's to ride.
DucMan -Brian makes a good point  January 26, 2010 10:26 PM
Brian, I think you hit the nail on the head. As a marketing theme, your suggestion "Classic motors. Proudly made in USA with tradition" would seem to be a more effective marketing strategy than the current one. Harley needs to distance itself from the "outlaw" image and "loud pipes saves lives" idiocy.
Brian -Bottom line:  January 26, 2010 09:34 PM
I'm a sportbike (Street Triple 675) rider AND I'm 38 yrs old. I enjoy riding for the handling and curves. Straight lines bore me to death (I can get the same feeling in a car). HOWEVER...I respect cruiser riders and their wanting to feel the open air (even in a straight line). What I DON'T respect is HD. They charge a rediculously high price for a rediculously low tech machine. Yeah, yeah..it's simple..and classic...I get it. Perhaps if HD asked a RESONABLE (read, "WAY lower") price for this low tech and dropped the equally rediculous "bad boy" imaging, then they might be ok. There will ALWAYS be a market for low-tech, simple, classic machinery (notice the damand for muscle cars?). There will NOT always be a market for rediculously expensive (for what you get) examples of it. Instead of getting all hostile and bully on us, perhaps HD should have taken the more gentlemanly route: "Classic motors. Proudly made in USA with tradition". There, that sounds so much better.
Kanban -What the "Forty Eight" name REALLY stands for  January 26, 2010 09:05 PM
It's the minimum age requirement to buy this bike.
Me -You  January 26, 2010 07:23 PM
Kids, if you're lucky, you'll survive your speed-racer days in good enough health to eventually develop an appreciation for something other than power-to-weight ratios... that's your future...if you're lucky....
For your own sake, I hope most of you exercise more discipline and humility when operating your superbikes than you do when operating your keyboards.
You can flame Harley for marketing slower bikes, but the marketing of hyper-speed is far more likely to actually hurt you...be careful little brothers... we want to see you make it to your cruiser days.
A proud American -Old Biddies  January 26, 2010 07:13 PM
You guys are like a bunch of pigs in a feeding frenzy. Just waiting for another Harley review that you wouldn't read, just so you could post your negative BS to one another. I could talk to you about all the improvements that Harley HAS made to their bikes but it would be wasted on you folks. It sounds to me as if your are all rooting for another American company to go under and more people to loose their jobs. Harley had been around for a century and they were the bikes your fathers and grandfathers rode around on, and won wars with. The sportster was made for young American riders that didn't want a bigger bike. No other bike makers were really filling this need either. Remember when there was a time Americans weren't spending billions of dollars on Asian made goods just to save money? And there were no Asian bikes available until about the 60's anyway. And now many of the big Asian bike makers all have their Harley style bikes to take that market over also. They sell us anything and everything we used to make ourselves, and you folks just keep on making them richer and us more unemployed. Buy any bike you want, wear what you want, ride it, enjoy it! It is your right (and mine) as Americans to do these things freely. Don't get your dumb ass panties in a wad about what I choose to ride. What a bunch of old biddies you guys are.
LABiker -It's a shame, really  January 26, 2010 04:53 PM
It's so sad to see this; the customer got sooo much more for their money when they bought a Buell at the same price for which Harley is flogging this waste of floor space. For all the H-D haters bashing the company: knock yourselves out. H-D will probably still be selling motorcycles when your kids are buying their first street bike. The truth is that they make a quality product, and not everyone needs more power than they can sanely use when it means you've got to spend the better part of $1000 every year on maintenance at the dealer vs. $20 on changing your oil on your own. BTW, w/ the current Spostas pushing 50mpg on the highway, that UGLY peanut tank will still let you ride this thing to the point where your backside is screaming for a break... but I won't be caught riding a bike w/ one! Triple bag coyote ugly... but there are those w/ less taste than me who will! ;) I'm just sad that the company's current execs are so shortsighted that they threw the baby out w/ the bathwater re: Buell & MV Augusta, & then turn around & hit us w/ this warmed over stale styling exercise. [sigh] Looks like the share price isn't going to climb out of the gutter any time soon.
Badlandsnative -Ride what you like.  January 26, 2010 04:11 PM
Had to quit reading the B.S. Harley vs Honda,BMW, etc, etc. I have been riding for 40+ years, Have owned Two Goldwings, a bunch of the older Hondas 750s an Indian, three Sporties including a 77 that cost me 5o bucks everytime I took it on the road, My favorites were the two wings, and the three FLH cruisers.

I guess you can toss all the Bull out there you want, but if you want to ride, buy what you like and what fits you. Quit putting others down for their likes, Life is too damn short and the older you get the more you will realize that your health is the main thing you have. So why waste it on petty squabbles. As far as the new 48, Would not be my taste. And for the record I put over 60 k on all my cruisers, Gold Wings and Harleys and not a bit of trouble with any of them. And my Harley and Gold Wing friends all are respectable citzens of the USA and are enjoying their rights as Americans.
Get a life my young friends.

Gap Rider -Harley ?  January 26, 2010 03:51 PM
Harley Davidson does not know how to make anything else. That is why the Buell failed. They put a boat anchor Harley motor in a sport bike - how stupid. Harley is good at making belt buckles, t shirts and do rags. There bikes are just overpriced out dated junk and it is unbelievable that people still buy it. The want-ads are absolutely full of used almost new Harleys for 1/2 of what they cost new. These people are begging someone to at least make an offer. Why someone would buy a motorcycle that is almost dangerous to ride on anything but a 4 lane road is beyond me. Harley's are the big joke at Deal's Gap. These Harley idiots come here in there clown costumes and try and play like they have a real motorcycle. They end up in the ditch.
Metal Man - : )  January 26, 2010 03:39 PM
What does the Forty-Eight do well?

It makes me smile.

I know you can't find that factor on a spec sheet or with a calculator... but it's just as real.
wbkr -48  January 26, 2010 02:28 PM
The amount of whining is just amazing! It's slighly modified version of a sportster with the power, tech and specs of (you guessed it) a Sportster and thats all. I'm happy with my Sporty, but if I were in the market for a new one it would be nice to have styling options, wich is all that the 48 is. Why would you even wan't Harley to make anything else than what they are "good at" when you already seem to have lot's of other alternatives from other manufacturers that suit your needs better?
UrbanM -Another "All New" Harley  January 26, 2010 02:09 PM
I was just on another site and Harley just released the "All New Ultra Classic Electra Glide". This "All New" model is a CVO and it has a satellite radio and GPS unit. Painted all black. The only thing that is "All New" on this boat is the satellite radio and GPS. This is another Harley sales scheme. Last years crap with a new paint job. They even have the balls to ask $36,500 for that piece of junk. Those Harley execs must be laughing there asses off if the public buys this "All New" cow.
SICKWITHIT -?  January 26, 2010 01:56 PM
And what does it do well?
Metal Man -Forty-Eight is great!  January 26, 2010 01:53 PM
I'm buying one!
Kyle -Why don't they branch out?  January 26, 2010 12:41 PM
There have been very few Harley's that I've found appealing. To me, at least, this looks like just another Harley cruiser. It has some nice features, but I'd sure like to see Harley branch out and create something outside the "cruiser" market. I don't want to see Harley create a crotch-rocket, just something a little outside their comfort zone--something that challenges people to re-evaluate the brand. The fact is, whether it's accurate or not, right now their viewed as over-priced, lousy handling hogs for middle-aged posers trying to look tough on the weekend.

I'm not saying that's accurate, but that's the stereotype. And most stereotypes are based, at least partly, in fact--there are a lot of those guys out there.

There was really only one Harley I considered before buying my bike, and when price, reliability, and style were taken into account, Harley lost on all three. Come on, give us something different!
Maddog -Biker  January 26, 2010 12:19 PM
I could give give a rat's crap what bike you ride, just shut up and ride. I own a V-Rod, a Venture and a Nomad Now. At one time in my life I've owned almost every bike brand mentioned here, they all had two wheels.
Lance -Just do it  January 26, 2010 12:16 PM
I've been riding for 40+ years and currently ride a Honda VFR. I go out in all sorts of weather. On sunny and warm days everyone is out there. On not so great days 95% of the riders I wave to are on a Harley. So I'm happy for whatever HD and their customers are doing to keep the sport going.
Frankie -Poor Harley Guys  January 26, 2010 11:24 AM
If I was going to ride a mile or two the bar and back then maybe a used Harley would be ok. If I want to do some serious motorcycle riding then a Harley is not in the picture. I know all the Harley pirates just love there hogs but all they do is ride to the bar or the Harley dealer and brag to each other about who has the slowest bike. Christ they can even ride those crap bikes to Sturgis. They have to haul them in a truck or put them on a trailer. Well, I guess I would not want to ride one to Sturgis either. One the 48 I would have to stop every 50 or 60 miles for gas.....
shorty -??  January 26, 2010 10:38 AM
Comparing cruisers to sport bikes is just plain silly... you might as well flame motocross gear for not being good swim wear. What the heck do the merits of a Duc 796 have to do with evaluating a cruiser?

Are so many of you really so self-centered that you can't fathom how someone might have different priorities than you? Did some of you guys hate the baby next to you because he prefered a differnt color binky than you?

BikeMan -New 48  January 26, 2010 10:35 AM
I think the 48 on the new Harley means 48 horsepower. That is why they give you the little gas tank and only one seat. The 48 will have about 22 horsepower at the rear wheel. Well, at least that is way they perform.
DucMan -L8  January 26, 2010 09:34 AM
Just think - all these years I thought the Chevy 327, and the Chrysler 426 Hemi were V-8's. Somebody better tell Detroit they have been mis-labeling their cars. 90 degree V, oops L engines have perfect primary balance. That is why they can be mounted rigidly, and don't need rubber mounts or balance shafts. The 45 degree angle was chosen to match the angle of the bicycle frames that formed the structure of the earliest motorcycles.
Christian -796?  January 26, 2010 09:12 AM
Ducati 796/81hp at the crank,$10 grand w/no discounts(Its a ducati after all and we dont discount ducatis because they are made at our factory in heaven w/designs we found in back of the Old testament) or a honda cbr1000rr/150hp at the wheel and better reliability for $10 grand after discounts at local dealership. What to do? what to do? Wait? come to think of it isnt ducati the harley davidson of the sports bike world? me thinks yes!overpriced for the name only(although more modern tech i will give them that) harley using air cooled v-twins! How dare they use such outdated engines!!! Harley should take note from ducati and follow the platform of the 796/1100 engines because they use air cooled L-twins! Who would of thought that laying a air cooled V-twin on is side was the answer the whole time? The Italians that who!
Biker -Harley - No Way  January 26, 2010 08:11 AM
You can have a 2010 796 Ducati for $9,995. That makes the Harley 48 really look like the junk that it really is. There are so many other motorcycles on the market that make any Harley look like junk. I really can not understand why anyone would even consider buying one. I guess they like the outlaw image or something. I sure would not buy a new one though. I recently looked in the Quad City Times and there were 16 or 17 used Harley's for sale. All of them were priced real low and all were asking a price plus a OBO. I believe that these guys buy one and then realize that they are not the bike they though they were. A Harley does not have a lot of horsepower and are very heavy. I would not want to be out on the highway and trying to pass someone unless I was on a 4 lane road. It takes a week for a Harley to get up to speed and then the top speed is less than 100 mph. No, I think not as far as a Harley is concerned. If I told someone that I owned a Harley I know they would immediately, in there mind, think - boy is this guy stupid or what!!!!!
Christian -Almost forgot!  January 26, 2010 07:36 AM
Harleys overpriced junk/status symbols!.....one word-DUCATI! if they arent overpriced status symbols what is? I can own a Sportster 48 and a yamaha r1 for less than a 1098r,and get to pretend im hardcore and a superbike gp legend in the same day! now thats a sweet deal!!!! I kid I kid.But seriously,just food for thought.
JH -kawasaki  January 26, 2010 07:25 AM
a friend of mine just got a harley i drove it was very un impressed for 21k my dirt bike has more tech on it. as much a i want to like HD it is just the same old same old thing never changes. over priced bikes (yes i can afford it i could by 10 top of the lines) Overpriced parts . slow as christmas. i dont like being around all those Fat over weight weekend pirates they may be nice people but the whole image is a turn off for me i like the vrod but it is just too expensive for what you get and too heavy. My kawasaki is 3 times the bike for half the price with none of the crap. It is nice they have a 10.5 k bike but it is a joke 2 gallon tank it is stripped dpwn the bike has nothing on it. it is a shame about buell at least they tried to do something different. HD wont change to many people are holding on to the past for all the wrong reason .How about bringing the past to the future and come up with a new idea once every 50 years
Christian (aka Chris-why?) -Let it go!  January 26, 2010 07:19 AM
For whats it worth there are pros & cons to all bikes & all types of riders,for example people say harley riders are posers and not true riders and only own harleys for the look at me im a bad ass factor and there is some truth to that but to assume all harley riders are a-holes & posers is ridiculous and,im not speaking of anyone on this fourm specificly,just in general,so this is not an attack.I live in So.Fla and I can tell you that there anr just as many sport bike posers/wannabe bad asses as there there are harley posers,go to down town Ft lauderdale on any given bike night and you will see rows and rows of sport bikes with there owners sittin on there rides while stationary(ALL NIGHT LONG/GOOD TIMES!) in there wife beaters showin off there wonderfully gaudy tats & gettin tanked up on brews all night never leaving the side of there bikes once,only to ride home on 595 drunk off there ass at 150mph plus like cruise missles with their guidence systems removed! Plese forgive me if im the only one that thinks that defines an a-hole,not to say there arent any a-hole harley riders that do the same,we have plenty of thoes also,however we have plenty of riders from both sides of the fence that are just fine and ride for love of the ride.So lets stop judging one another and just respect that fact that we are a family of sorts and start acting like it when we see one another on the road.(Again I ride a star warrior and im not saying that metric crusier riders are perfect,we're not,so dont take me as any kind of hater,a bike is a bike own and ride what you love!)
Curious 'bout loud pipes -Hey Chris  January 26, 2010 07:10 AM
You seem like a bright, experienced rider.
How is it that making yourself conspicuous in traffic by wearing bright clothing can save lives, making yourself conspicuous by using a horn can save lives, but making yourself conspicuous by a louder exhaust note does not save lives?
My personal experience (as both a rider of a bike and a driver of a truck) is that if all else is equal, a louder exhaust note does increase awareness of others about the presence of a bike and does reduce the chance of an "I didn't know he was there" type of accident.

Chris -Flaming boneheads II (not the "Chris-Why?" poster)  January 26, 2010 03:13 AM
“Just Waiting”, were you addressing me? What did I say, (or "Chris-Why?" for that matter), that provoked a personal attack? Perhaps you should re-read for comprehension.

You make an assertion which you state as fact that Harley riders are morons. I ride a Harley, therefore I am a moron.

You have made some gross assumptions about me. Here are a few facts; I am a former police officer. My bike is a Police model Road King, I am certain it would meet any noise standards set by any community. I wear a DOT approved helmet and other appropriate personal protective equipment. The assertion that loud pipes save lives is not backed up by any metrics, and is poorly argued based on premises that have no merit. I live near a bar and too often can hear when it is closing time because of the loud pipes resonating through my house at 2 AM. I’m no fan of loud pipes.

Let’s bring your fallacious argument to its “logical” conclusion:

As you have established, Chris rides a Harley, therefore Chris is a moron.

Chris doesn’t like loud pipes.

“Just Waiting” doesn’t like loud pipes.

“Just Waiting” agrees with Chris.

Chris is a moron, therefore “Just Waiting” is a moron.

You have managed to insult and alienate someone who agrees with you on the contentious noise issue that concerns all motorcycle enthusiasts. You are also a hypocrite who acts in a boorish manner in public, just like the loud pipe crowd.

Fix yourself.

Chris -Flaming boneheads II (not the "Chris-Why?" poster)  January 26, 2010 03:13 AM
“Just Waiting”, were you addressing me? What did I say, (or "Chris-Why?" for that matter), that provoked a personal attack? Perhaps you should re-read for comprehension.

You make an assertion which you state as fact that Harley riders are morons. I ride a Harley, therefore I am a moron.

You have made some gross assumptions about me. Here are a few facts; I am a former police officer. My bike is a Police model Road King, I am certain it would meet any noise standards set by any community. I wear a DOT approved helmet and other appropriate personal protective equipment. The assertion that loud pipes save lives is not backed up by any metrics, and is poorly argued based on premises that have no merit. I live near a bar and too often can hear when it is closing time because of the loud pipes resonating through my house at 2 AM. I’m no fan of loud pipes.

Let’s bring your fallacious argument to its “logical” conclusion:

As you have established, Chris rides a Harley, therefore Chris is a moron.

Chris doesn’t like loud pipes.

“Just Waiting” doesn’t like loud pipes.

“Just Waiting” agrees with Chris.

Chris is a moron, therefore “Just Waiting” is a moron.

You have managed to insult and alienate someone who agrees with you on the contentious noise issue that concerns all motorcycle enthusiasts. You are also a hypocrite who acts in a boorish manner in public, just like the loud pipe crowd.

Fix yourself.

Norm -Barry  January 25, 2010 10:39 PM
“If you like to ride a Harley you're in the majority”. The majority of what? Harley only sells a few hundred thousand bikes annually but until 2009 over one million new bikes get sold annually in the USA. If you’re over 50 yrs. old and on a Harley then you are in the majority of that age group but you are also in the same majority that needs Viagra. Many sport bike riders are over 30. Especially if you want a 1000cc sport bike because of insurance costs. I also find it odd that you think of a “prison wife” when you see sport bike riders ride past. Maybe you had a little experience that brings back fond memories? Some sport bike riders may indeed be riding too fast and unsafe but Harley riders often ride too drunk and unsafe.
Barry -What's the diff?  January 25, 2010 05:38 PM
If you like to ride a Harley you're in the majority. If you like the Goldwing you have a lot of others that do too. If you like the imports you're under 30 and like riding on top of your gas tank all bent over like a prison wife. You sport bikers are complaining about the Harley Rider making noise? How about the sport bikers who ride up on anyone in their way as they rev past at 13,000 rpm and dart in and out of traffic like morons. Fact: Myrtle Beach has way more trouble with the sport bike crowd than the Harley crowd. Young, dumb and full of *** with a crotch rocket makes you worse than any perceived Harley Rider. I guess they're afraid of middle age men and women who drive more sensibly.
Just Waiting until May 1st -Chris is full of it  January 25, 2010 11:56 AM
Well Chris you are a typical moron Harley rider. On May 1st we will have a noise ordinance take effect in my city. It is mainly due to the public complaining about motorcycle noise and mainly Harley Davidson. The local idiot Harley dealer came to the city council with a bunch of idiots for support and pulled the Loud Pipes Saves Lives garbage. The council asked him if he was so concerned about saving lives then why don't the Harley riders wear a helmet instead of a rag on there heads. He didn't have much to say about that. The cops will be using a sound test based on some kind of sae road side test. It holds up in court according to the cops. This is going to be happening all over the U.S. and it is all because these Harley idiots like to ride those bikes and show off. I am sure it will be coming to city near you soon. This is the main reason that I despise Harley Davidson motorcycles. Sure they are out of date junk but it is the way the company promotes these bikes to the public making them think it is cool to act like an asshole. The dealer here will make some money selling stock mufflers back to these assholes. I will laugh my ass off when I see these guys all dressed up in there idiot pirate outfits riding down the street making no noise for once. As an after thought they probable will not ride there bikes anymore and find another way to show off.
Chris -Why?  January 25, 2010 11:52 AM
So let me start by saying im fairly new to biking,bought my first bike in 2008 which was a 07 cbr1000rr and realized I was on my way to the grave about 8 weeks into it,so i swaped it for a 08 nightster and was not happy with the performance so swapped that for my 07 star warrior which I still have and am very happy with,however I now realize how much I miss the nightster and eventhough it doesnt compare to the warrior in terms of performance it has its own merits and I would love to own another and this sportster 48 may be it. What im trying to say is to each his own,Harleys are what they are its as simple as that and if you dont like em you dont have to buy em! Thats the beauty of being free. So stop bashing people for buying what they want,life is about being happy so stop bitching and be happy! Stay safe and hope to see you out there.
AJ -Piglet  January 25, 2010 11:25 AM
My friend - dress it any way you want to - it's still a Piglett.
Chris -Flaming boneheads  January 25, 2010 11:00 AM
Hey, purchase and ride what you like. Nobody is going to care about your opinion if all you post is an attack on someone else’s taste. I ride a Harley Road King. It has the style and qualities I want. I would like to ride a true antique bike, because I like the style of the old iron, but old bikes are just not as reliable as newer bikes. I get the best of both worlds with the Harley.

I like the Forty Eight. Sure, it is just another Sportster, but why quibble about H-Ds marketing strategy?

When I was younger, I thought the original Honda CB1100F was the coolest thing. I still think it is cool. Try to appreciate things for what they are.

Harley “badasses” are an obnoxious bunch. So are the ride-to-die crotch rocket crowd.

Note to the fast fingered flame artists: “Too” & “to”, “there” & “their”, “your” & “you’re”, there is a difference, and it is important.

New Rider -Almost Bought A Harley  January 25, 2010 09:48 AM
I almost bought a Ultra Classic last Spring. I was looking at the bike with my wife. The salesman was moving the bike out of the showroom and we were ready to start the paper work. Another salesman was talking to a couple of guys in another part of the showroom and there language was very offensive. I told the salesman when he returned to ask the people to cool there language as my wife was with me. He looked at me like I had 3 eyes. He said the one of those guys was the hog chapter president and owned 5 harley motorcycles. He said that if we want to ride a harley be better get used to it. We left the contract for the almost $32,000 motorcycle on the desk and left. I phone harley and set them e-mails but never heard anything back. We bought a new BMW LT and have joined the BMWMOA and have attended many rallies this year. We are enjoying our motorcycle and are glad we did not purchase the harley. The many people we have told about our bad experience at the harley dealership have said that sounds typical for a harley dealer.
Non Harley Buyer -Wake Up Wille  January 25, 2010 09:38 AM
It is too late for Harley to change. They are noted for there old style slow and heavy bikes. I am sure there business is going to go in the toilet as the younger buyers are not into the Harley image. I really do not see how H-D can change there image either. They are into the dark skull and crossbones outlaw image. I would think that the younger generation will not be interested in being an outlaw or even that image. H-D motorcycles are not keeping up with technology and it seems H-D is content with that. It was a huge boo boo the dis Buell as H-D lost a lot of potential customers by doing that. H-D should have started separate dealerships for the Buell and MV line of bikes. There big mistake was using there outlaw Harley network to market Buells. I can not imagine a sport bike buyer even wanting to get close to a Harley dealership. I think Harley will be around for a long time but in the future in a much smaller sales figure. They will have to down size and close some factory and dealers. Lets face it. It is nice to have an American motorcycle manufacture but H-D is an embarrassment. They are too interested in the Sturgis bunch and those people do not care about a bikes features they only care what it sounds like and there outlaw image and HD seems to back those people. Old Wille better wake up soon.....
Mr. Smiley -kid world  January 25, 2010 08:55 AM
Man...this place is like Romper Room... you're noisy toy isn't as zoomy as my go-go toy... whaaaaa, whaaaaa...
Joe Rider -Hey DucMan  January 25, 2010 06:29 AM
Straight pipes are too loud. No dispute about that. Just don't like the sterotyping about all Harley riders being obnixous posers... that's nonsense.. many HD riders have spent decades on fast bikes and on race tracks. Some of the juveniles on this site have no clue about that and can't see beyond their own narrow focus and limited experience. Funny thing is I was kinda like that too... years ago.

BTW, my Duc had Termignonis on it... as do many.

Sailor -Who needs a title?  January 25, 2010 04:46 AM
Oh lovely! A Sportster with FLH wheels and a tiny tank. That thing will not even qualify as a commuter bike. You'd have to gas up on the way to work and again before you returned home. Also your friends will get tired of stopping every fifty, or so, miles and watching you fill up.
Mcguire -sewer rat  January 25, 2010 02:00 AM
Harley will always make the big cruisers because that is their bread and butter. Would you discontinue the best selling thing you had? They just need to offer some different platforms. Buying MV was definitely a step in the right direction but now it seems they don't want them or Buell. Harley has proven that they are not above outsourcing motors (Rotax) and technology (vrod) they should take advantage of the technical know how they have available. I have a 1000 cc V twin sport bike (aprilia) that will run all over anything Harley ever made for the street so power is to be found in the right platform. Diversity is what makes motorcycling so great
gunther -what's with all this HD bashing?  January 25, 2010 12:23 AM
Seriously, what's up with all these comments about HD? The reason they sell bikes is because they actually sell something others do not. You may not like what they sell: too heavy motorcycles with stone-age technology making too little power that handle like a truck on deflated tyres and brake about as well as they did 50 years ago. But they do sell!

And the comments about HD riders being arrogant obnoxious village people might be correct in a lot of cases too. But why post comments about it on here? You really expect these cavemen to have internet? ;-)

Have fun on the road no matter what you ride.
DucMan -Joe Rider - I agree with you  January 24, 2010 09:55 PM
You are right - reckless riding is more dangerous than loud pipes. In fact, loud pipes are not dangerous at all. They are obnoxious and anyone who rides with them is self-centered and selfish. Can you imagine if every one removed the muffler from his or her car, truck or motorcycle? Or how about if everyone installed a boom box on their vehicle and played it at 105 dB? It's this attitude of Harley riders that they can make all the noise they want (freedom in the USA) that drives many potential Harley customers away. Willy G has flipped his finger at those of us who don't want our lifestyle defined by some phony "brotherhood" and we respond by not buying his products. What an astute marketing strategy. It's obviously working very well for the motor company.
Brian -Really??  January 24, 2010 09:45 PM
Hmm. Different handlebar, fork brace, turn signals, and wait...OH...a "slammed speedometer bracket"! LOL! THIS constitutes a "New Model"?? These items are nothing any other manufacturer wouldn't just list as options or accessories. But no, HD has to creat a grand new model of it! LOL! Serioulsy??...C'mon HD. Stop rehashing the same old cr@p and making "new" models out of existing hardware/accessories. What a joke. When will people realize HD is robbing them blind with WAY overpriced, rehashed, old-tech relics. Zzzzzzz.
Willard II -Brotherhood  January 24, 2010 08:28 PM
Why can’t we all enjoy the sport? Have you ever ridden with or hung out with Harley owners? If you have then you know why. Harley owners are not about riding, they’re about posing, ego stroking and pretending. Listen to the reasons for why people own a Harley, it’s a real bike (pretending) the only thing real is that the Harley is a real piece of crap. I get women (wishful thinking) again with the ego stuff. Non Harley riders get women with out a Harley. I belong to a family or brotherhood (posers) Wow, what a club. I can “belong” after I buy my membership. Yup, that sure sounds like “family”. I don’t have to buy my friends or riding buddies they hang out with me because of who I am not because of what I ride. The Harley has good resale value (flat out lie and denial) Look in any classified, Craig’s list, EBay or any dealer trying to unload a used Harley the bikes are not holding value. Why would anybody want to ride with someone like this unless you are the same, which is why Harley guys stick together. Harley’s marketing attracts and brings together these types of people. If you are a Harley owner and don’t see what I am talking about then the next time you are out with your “brothers” tell them you are thinking about getting a Kawasaki or Yamaha and you might trade your Harley in on it. Then see if these “family members” will still give you the time of day let alone ride with you. Listen to the mean and ignorant things they will tell you and call you and remember that while they are doing these things they are your family. A family which will exile you not for doing something bad but because you wanted to change the brand of the motorcycle you ride.
Joe Rider -Stereotypes  January 24, 2010 07:16 PM
Be careful with all those "associations." One could just as eaisly associate fast bike riders with reckess behavior that is much more dangerous than loud pipes.

Not A Harley Rider -Harley & Buell  January 24, 2010 07:09 PM
I associate Harley Davidson with mismanagement. They do not seem to realize that what they make is just plain out of date. Fancy names and fancy paint and chrome will not sell bikes. When Harley killed Buell they lost me as a customer.
very cool -ride on  January 24, 2010 07:01 PM
Sometimes I just prefer the mechanical presence of classic designs over the efficiency of high tech.
Sometimes I'd rather drive a 1970 Chevelle SS than an Evo X MR...
If you'd always rather drive the Evo, that doesn't make you smarter or your choice "better"...
Nice job Harley... ride on brothers!

Mike -Just enjoy the sport!  January 24, 2010 06:51 PM
I am a testament to why we should stop the HD V.S. everything else war. I currently ride a slightly modified 2006 GSXR1000. Before that I owned 5 HD's, a 1200 Sportster, 2 Low Riders, a Road King and finally a Softail Standard (my favorite of them all). I rode (not trailered) to Sturgis 5 times and had an absolute blast! I would not trade those experiences for anything. Although none of the HD's could ever come close to the power, handling or sheer excitement my GSXR offers, the HD's definatley have there attributes. They are fun bikes for cruising and taking long leisurly rides. In fact if I had the room and the time to keep up and ride 2 bikes I would still have an HD in my stable. I am 46 and have been riding since I was 10! Hey everybody! Ride what you like and what you feel comfortable on. Just don't pretend to be a 1% 'er when you are not, those guys are for real and are not posers! Also don't pretend to be or try to ride like Valentino Rossi on the street, you will probably kill yourself! Stay safe out there and enjoy the sport!
No Harley -HOG  January 24, 2010 06:45 PM
H-D comes up with all these cute names for there bikes and different paint jobs each year. Well I am not impressed with the cute names or paint jobs. I want a safe modern motorcycle not a rehash of last years bike with a new name. Harley is a terrible out of date bike and I am tied of listening to the Harley riders with there "everybody copies Harley bullshit. If everybody copied Harley we would not have any modern motorcycles with advancements like traction control and ESA. The Harley guys better put on there do-rags start up there shit bikes and ride down to the HOG meeting and piss and moan. No matter what HD does every year always remember - A PIG IS STILL A PIG.
To Smart -Hog Shit  January 24, 2010 06:32 PM
The United States is a world leader and yet we manufacture the worlds most out of date and backward motorcycle. I am tired of the Harley guys and there stupid HOG crap. They are right that bike is a big overweight pig of a motorcycle. I would be ashamed to own one. I do not want to ride just in town as I like to tour. This stupid 48 thing is useless. What in the hell is this thing good for. It has one seat and a 2 gallon gas tank and tires that are dangerous for that old frame design. What a stupid bike.
MD Tom -Sell Your Harley  January 24, 2010 06:22 PM
Harley guys like Mike D make me laugh. I really do not think what someone can afford has anything to do with Harleys. If you can afford to overpay for a Harley than so be it. The point everyone is making is that Harleys have pretty much seen there day. They are outdated and overpriced. I think the American public is just plain sick and tired of Harley Davidson. Every Harley I see has no muffler and a rider that is dressed like the Village People. Harley Davidson continues to manufacture the same bike every year with little or no improvements. They are heavy, have poor brakes, poor handling, very old engine design and Harley Davidson just chooses to look the other way and pretend. They dumped Buell when that was the bike line they should have kept. They were finally getting rid of the ridiculous 1200 motor in the Buell in favor of a more modern Rotax motor. Buells biggest problem was the stupid 1200 antique motor and the stupid Harley dealers. One person said it is the 20 year olds doing all the bitch on this subject. Well, that just goes to the point that Harley better wake up. The baby boomer bunch is just about out of the market and when they are gone I can not see how Harley can survive. I am in my mid 30's and I would never consider a Harley. There is so much more to pick from so why would I want a bike that is almost dangerous to ride unless it is just going around town. I would not trust a Harley on a road trip. This so call new 48 is a joke. Why would I pay $10,500 to $11,000 for a worked over out dated sportster? Buy the way I ride a $35,000 Ducatti and I also own 4 other bikes - BMW, Honda, Moto Guzzi). Harley is a overpriced and outdated motorcycle and I do not care what kind of fancy names HD comes up with it does not change the truth.
DucMan -It's the noise  January 24, 2010 06:01 PM
The reason there is so much Harley bashing has much less to do with the attributes of the bikes than it does with the attitude of the "outlaw" riders. I am an avid motorcyclist who has ridden for 40+ years. I've owned Japanese and European bikes (still do), dirt bikes, sport bikes and touring bikes. I might consider a Harley as a mellow touring bike except for one thing - the cult "outlaw" mentality. When I meet non-riders, and they learn that I ride, the first thing I assure them is that I don't ride a Harley (which - thanks to Harley branding, equates to obnoxious noise). It's unbelievable that such a large percentage of Harley riders ride with straight pipes. Not only that, they typically open them up in public places, intersections, shopping malls, etc. Car alarms are set off, little kids cry, and the general public is really pissed off. I have aftermarket pipes on both of my street bikes (Staintunes) which are supposed to be street legal, but might not be. They are reasonably well muffled, and I certainly go out of my way not to make excess noise in areas where people might be offended. I would like to keep the right to buy aftermarket pipes in the future, but I think the straight pipes on Harleys will ruin it for the rest of us. The "outlaw" behavior screams "look at us, look at us - we're so cool!" Well - many of us are looking, we don't like what we see, and we wish the "outlaw" cult would grow up, and stop ruining the image of motorcyclists in general. It would also help Harley to sell bikes to people who have no interest in belonging to a cult.
Wiley Coyote -Sell Your Harley  January 24, 2010 05:52 PM
Locally, Harleys have great resale value. Rode my Honda 1 year, and was worth half what I paid. Put 10000 miles on my 883C over 2 years, and only lost $500 in trade in on a Superglide Custom. Rode another Sportster 1 year, 7500 miles and Harley eve me back every dime on a Niht Train. Will probably keep forever. Try that with any other brand. I was a Harley hater, but saw the light. Add the amazing unlimited milleage warranty, Free HOG membership where you're treated as family, and you have a new experience. Dont see people hanging at the Yamaha or Honda dealership,for beers, concerts, and general fun. Yamahe never discounted me a 4 star hotel for $50 per night to ride the Dragon's Tale. Still love my old cafe racers, but its a whole different environment. Lot nicer not to be filled with hate for other bikers and their rides. CYA on the road, bros.
Wiley Coyote -Sell Your Harley  January 24, 2010 05:50 PM
Locally, Harleys have great resale value. Rode my Honda 1 year, and was worth half what I paid. Put 10000 miles on my 883C over 2 years, and only lost $500 in trade in on a Superglide Custom. Rode another Sportster 1 year, 7500 miles and Harley eve me back every dime on a Niht Train. Will probably keep forever. Try that with any other brand. I was a Harley hater, but saw the light. Add the amazing unlimited milleage warranty, Free HOG membership where you're treated as family, and you have a new experience. Dont see people hanging at the Yamaha or Honda dealership,for beers, concerts, and general fun. Yamahe never discounted me a 4 star hotel for $50 per night to ride the Dragon's Tale. Still love my old cafe racers, but its a whole different environment. Lot nicer not to be filled with hate for other bikers and their rides. CYA on the road, bros.
citizenx -Daaaannnngggg!  January 24, 2010 05:46 PM
Is there anyone else that likes all motorcycles or am I alone in a cold, cruel world? I own beamers and harleys, and each has its specific uses, high points and low points. Buell for knee dragging, R12GS for touring, R12C for put-putting, Cross Bones for rallies...all fun.
Leeam -Mike D  January 24, 2010 04:15 PM
Mike D please. The “you can’t afford a Harley” argument is lame. Many import bikes cost as much as a Harley or more and when those bikes get reviewed there is not even a tenth as much bashing on those bikes. What makes Harley a “mans” bike anyways? Is that what you need to be a man Mike D an overpriced pile of parts bin specials? Clearly Harley owners need something to cling to in order to justify their foolish and regretful decision in buying a Harley. I think Mike D you meant Harley is an OLD mans bike because technology and progress scare old men.
Zed -Harley lifestyle  January 24, 2010 04:00 PM
Sure sounds backwards hearing Harley owners and apologists saying stuff like “ride what you like” “if you don’t like it don’t buy it” “why all the hate” “what do you care what I do with my money” “we need to stick together”. Yeah well, when Harley was in the peak of its fad and there were more boomer-farts riding around, all non-Harley riders would hear is “buy a Harley” “Jap bikes suck” “your un-American” “Jap bike owners have small d**ks” “if it ain’t a Harley it ain’t nothing”. But now that most people and most motorcyclist have come to realize how much of a piece junk Harleys are and how ridiculous the pirate/S&M club looks and acts Harley owners are saying stop…stop…leave us alone.

Harley owners are slowly becoming the minority of riders and their fantasy life style is just as stale and embarrassing as the Harleys they ride. So now we hear “can’t we all get along”. No we can’t. You guys are not motorcyclists you are zombies who belong to the “retarded brotherhood”.

There is still hope for you if you are a Harley adherent. Sell your Harley (good luck the paper is full of them). Buy a good bike, notice I didn’t say “real” bike because how do you measure that and besides that is just something stupid Harley guys say anyways. Ride with people who actually ride their bikes to places other than other Harley dealers and bars. Presto you are a motorcyclist enjoying motorcycling.
Mike D -Grow Up Please  January 24, 2010 03:53 PM
Clearly the Harley haters are 22 to 29 year-olds on this site who make less than $35,000-$50,000 a year and simply cannot afford a Harley, thus, hate them. It's a man's bike - if you want to ride a toy, try a Suzuki or Honda. I find Harley customer service caters to it's riders and an enjoyable ownership experience - not to mention plenty of dealers available if one is needed. My Harley has been as reliable as any Japanese bike I've owned, except my servicing has been extraordinarily good. When I walk into Japanese motorcycle shops - it's like walking thru a Home Depot lawnmower section with high school aged salesmen and little knowledge of the bikes. Most of you are clearly a bunch of little kids with opinions but little cash. Work hard and you may be lucky enough to have nicer things.
John -Harley is a bless  January 24, 2010 03:18 PM
Be happy to have a bike and co. like that around. It means people still stand for tradition, values and passion!! All japs are out there trying for all these years to bring something new that overtake Harley attention, but in the end non of them get even closer in style and soul!
who cares about price.. When u buy a Rolex you pay for their brand, for the name on!!! many companies try to bring something new every year in order to give Harley a bad time, but in the end Harley is around almost 110 years!!! Bow down wanna bes!
William Davidson and Nostradamus -My own bike  January 24, 2010 02:50 PM
I love Harleys.. They have heart, soul and temper (God knows what kind of temper...)!!!I know the sportster family are stuck and only trying to move forward with some accessorize ideas. This bike soon will go for a major refurbishment, new engine, new rear suspension, thean will become a slightly bigger bike. Price will stay the same.. But these changes will happen only for 2012. Give a damn rest to HD fans. I bet you with your BMW or Triumph bikes are a bunch of wanna besss that think your bike needs to be as up to date as your IPhone!!!

Get a life playboy!!
Reality -Cool Bike - ummm?  January 24, 2010 02:03 PM
Yea that is a real cool bike. Keep em coming Harley there are still plenty of fools out there that will overpay for an out of date motorcycle.
coolingfin -cool lil' run-a-bout  January 24, 2010 01:55 PM
Cool bike... keep 'em comming Harley...
If Harleys are not for you, relax, there are plenty of other bikes to choose from.
Observer -Stupid People  January 24, 2010 01:38 PM
God this Ron Jeremy character sure sounds like a typical Harley rider. Stupid and gross - he doesn't even know what Pirate refers to. LOL
Ron Jeremy -Pirate Suits  January 24, 2010 12:36 PM
And why the hell is everyone giving pirates such a hard time? They weren't riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles.
To Smart to Buy A Harley -Euro Review of your Glide  January 24, 2010 11:43 AM
Although the ride quality is very good cruising in a straight line, the big Harley hates corners. Due to its ridiculous bulk there’s very little feeling for what’s going with the tyres and corning in the wet at any kind of speed is plain frightening. Brakes are very poor. The Ultra Classic gets a bigger 1690cc V-twin engine (the Electra The major problem with this bike is its massive £21,222 price tag. For that sort of money it needs to be perfect, but it’s far from that. A Victory Vision Tour, Kawasaki VN1700 Classis or BMW K1200LT will offer a far superior riding experience for much less money. Glide has a 1584cc motor), although Harley, according to its tradition doesn’t give claimed power figures. They do say it makes 6ftlb more torque (up to 100ftlb) at the same lazy 3500rpm. The engine is smooth enough on the move and offers decent acceleration, given the machine’s horrendous 400kg (dry!) bulk. What really lets the motor down is its painfully agricultural six-speed gearbox. It’s hard to see where all your money goes with the Electra Glide Ultra Limited. It’s a lot of money for a dynamically poor machine, when you compare it to its cheaper competition. At the end of the day you’re simply paying for the Harley Davidson badge and all the history and heritage that goes with it.
Wiley Coyote -Old is Really New.  January 24, 2010 11:31 AM
Officially "Forty-Eight" refers to the date the peanut tank was first introduced. Also I agreed with most of you. My 86 Harley was the worst bike I ever owned. Shakes rattles, losin parts, leaks, etc. Swore would never buy another. Three years ago, my wife took me to Killer Creek HD. Cannot believe the changes. Other than V-Twin design, nothing is the same. If you like vinyl, plastic, and complications, Buy a crotch rocket, as I bought many. But as you grow older, you appreciate "retro tech". Solid, old school styling with modern technology. I learned that just because it looks old doesnt mean it is old. BTW None of the six I've owned vibrate. Everyone hates these until they actually ride one. This is NOT your dad's Harley. BTW I don;t dress like a pirate, and spent most of my adulthood racing Yamaha.
Just Looking For Now -09 Ultra Classic  January 24, 2010 11:26 AM
I just priced a 09 Ultra Classic Electra Glide. The dealer wanted $23,800 plus tax, lic etc. He would not deal on the price because he said he has a lot of buyers now that spring is just around the corner. I thought that was a lot for a 2009. He gave me a $1,200 discount. I am now getting prices on my pirate outfit. I already have the HD belt buckle and t-shirt. I still need the chaps, boots, vest with a eagle on the back and a do-rag. I haven't made my mind up on which exhaust to get yet. I don't know which one is the loudest. I want as much attention as I can get so I might have to wait until I actually get the bike so I can test each exhaust system to see which one is louder. When I pull up to the stop lights I want to make sure everyone knows I am there and be sure and look at me and my new Harley. Can't wait to ride around town with my fellow Harley riders making a lot of noise and getting noticed by everyone. Sure makes me feel real important.
WingMan -Old Timer is Right  January 24, 2010 10:45 AM
Harley's touring line will be in big trouble next spring. Both Honda and BMW are releasing there new touring bikes. The new Goldwing and the new 6 cylinder LT BMW. Both these bikes will be light years ahead of the Harley line-up. If you think they might be in trouble now wait until next year. Both bikes are scheduled to have traction control, electronic on-the-fly suspension adjustment (ESA) and other features like satellite radio. Harley will never be able to compete with these bikes with there present antique platform and engine. The old bat wing faring and tractor radio has seen its day. I have a 09 loaded Goldwing and my Harley friends are ALL planning on a new 2011 Goldwing. There are 7 Harley riders in our club and all 7 are leaving the Harley fold.
Old Timer -Baby Boomer's  January 24, 2010 10:33 AM
I am a "baby boomer" and have been riding for over 40 years. I have had 8 new Harleys, the last being a 07 Electra Glide. In the summer of 2008 I was in the process of trading in the Glide on a new one and my riding friends convinced me to test ride a Honda Goldwing and a BMW 1200LT. I rode both bikes and was amazed at the difference. No vibration and they booth had amazing power compared to my HD. I will admit that I was a Harley fan and was loyal to the brand for years. I will also admit that I was a little pissed at Harley because everybody else that I rode with had a better bike than I did. I would never admit that to them though. I ended up with a 08 Goldwing and in that summer alone I put 12,000 miles on it. I would never consider that much riding on my Harleys. They were just too uncomfortable. The Harley were a cruiser that was converted to a touring bike. Last year I bought a new BMW 1200LT and that is the absolute king of the hill as far as touring bikes go. Harley makes a good product but they are loosing customers as a pretty good clip. I attend many rallies and see a lot of my old Harley buddies riding Goldwings and Yamaha's. They, like me have found out that the Electra Glides are just too much money for what you get. I agree with a lot of the posters here that HD better wake up fire old Willie. I think HD is putting too much emphasis on the "Outlaw" image. Of course maybe the bunch that likes loud exhaust and funny clothes are the few buyers Harley has left. I know HD lost a good loyal customer when they lost me.
WOLF51 -XXX  January 24, 2010 09:29 AM
HD OFTEN COPIED NEVER DUPLICATED. Ride what you choose. Encourage everyone to do the same. It's not about what you ride or where you ride to, or what other people think about you or your bike. It's about the ride itself, the freedom you feel from being in tune with yourself. If you are unhappy with yourself you will spend many unhappy days whinning about shit you can't change.Fxxk it lets RIDE.
Sportster rider -Sportsters  January 24, 2010 09:27 AM
Really now, if you ask most hard core Harley-Davidson riders they will all insist that the Sportster is a girls bike. Granted the company has the "Retro" look nailed with the 48, but just how many girls are going to buy a $10,000 Sportster for their first, second or last bike? I have a friend that is the safety captain of his local HOG chapter and would only insist on his 55 year old 120 lb wife riding a Heritage Classic. Of course her first ride on the highway resulted in a twisted ankle when she made for an exit ramp, and some bent chrome and a twisted ankle and broken wrist when she hit the curb in the neighborhood.
This is truly self defeating from the motorcompany, they should have remade those old 250cc singles from the 60's, that would have been a cool scoot to run down to the grocery store with.
Oh well...maybe when the plant in India opens they will build a bike that can compete with the Enfield.

Legal Eagle -I got a clue for you!  January 24, 2010 07:03 AM
That bike is just asking for a lawsuit. With that old frame and the fat tires some guy will take it out on the twistys and run it off the road and get killed. That antique should come with a buyer signing a statement that he will only use it for showing off on straight city streets.
froryde -The Spirit - Get A Pair Of Reading Glasses  January 24, 2010 06:59 AM
48 cubic inches? This is a 1200 engine, so it's 73.40 cubic inches listed, er... right there on the spec list quite clearly. BTW, I think GB was being sarcastic with the 48 hp. You don't do sarcasm well, do you? ;)
The Spirit -Get a Clue  January 24, 2010 06:30 AM
"does the 48 stand for horsepower?" Jesus Christ dude, get a clue! Cubic Inches! The bike looks good. I wouldn't call it "custom" but it does look nice with the meaty front tire. Hell, I'd buy one and I ride a Honda!
HD Investor -In full agreement  January 24, 2010 06:20 AM
I agree with Investor. When a company like Harley Davidson brings new and exciting motorcycles like this to the eager market there efforts should be rewarded. I think Harley Davidson should get the award for being the most innovative company for recycling there past junk. I know times are hard and HD probably had to lay off there entire design team so this is all they can come up with. Oh wait, HD does not have a design team as is noted by there motorcycle lineup. They have been selling the same bikes for 100 years. I think asphalt ripping is a little of an exaggeration. I know Harley have balls busting horsepower but maybe you could state that they are so powerful and fast that a typical Harley rider can't keep his do-rag from blowing off. Of course is he suckered for an official HD do-rag then it would be designed for the Harleys blistering speeds.
Tom -...  January 23, 2010 05:57 PM
I love sarcasm :p
Investor -Hot Tip  January 23, 2010 04:26 PM
I am buying as much HD stock as I can afford on Monday morning. When the American public sees this all new 48 Harley's sales are going to sky rocket and there stock should double or triple. It isn't very often that we get innovative new products like this. I am really impressed with the HD design team. I am sure they will get a new product of the year award for the new 48. I wonder what else Harley has been hiding from us.
Leadfoot -stupid  January 23, 2010 04:21 PM
your all retards
beemer guy -the twilight zone  January 23, 2010 04:20 PM
If I never road a bike and read this post I would swear Harley must not sell many bikes. Poor sales or not they sell more cruisers than some of the japs combined. I have road dozens of bikes H.D's included and I think a sportster is one of the few that I would buy, but make mine the one knowbody buy's a XR1200. Pirate suit and flat tracker don't mix. But not to worry they must sell that costume too? Buy the way in the add you can't tell what their drinking other than water in the bottle you can assume anything you want
Impressed -Boy I want One  January 23, 2010 04:19 PM
Boy this is just what I was looking for. I really like the 48 sportster with its asphalt ripping horsepower and futuristic styling. Man, Harley is years ahead of its competitors with this all new bike. Boy, I'll bet the Japs are jealous as hell and saying "why didn't we think of this". Why we are spending millions every year improving our motorcycles when we should be copying H-D. All we have to do is just change the paint, move the seat around, put a different tire on it and Presto - we have a "New Model".
Mistified -Peanut Tank?  January 23, 2010 04:00 PM
What the hell! A peanut gas tank with 2 gallons. That must mean you have to have a peanut brain to buy one of these things. I think "48" means the IQ of the average Harley rider. That fits well with a IQ of 48 and a peanut brain that person would be a well qualified Harley customer. Nobody else would even consider paying $10,500 for a new 50 year old motorcycle. Maybe Harley could sell these things to Lowe's and they can use them for paint shakers.
Happy Biker -Thunderbird  January 23, 2010 03:49 PM
I will take a pass on the new (old) 48 in favor of the Thunderbird. I want a bike that is really "new". The Thunderbird has Harley so outclassed it isn't even a worth comparing the two. I am tired of Harley and there marketing ploys. The sportster belongs in a museum not on the streets. Why can't HD design something new for once instead of repainting last years bikes and calling them new. I bought a new Thunderbird and I can't wait until summer. I have it set up for touring which is something I did not enjoy on my Harley. Just buying the Triumph was a good experience. I did not have to put up with the Harley dealer BS. I traded my Harley in and the Triumph dealer had to wholesale it to get rid of it. He told me a few weeks later that the market is flooded with used Harleys. I am glad I got rid of my Harley and I will never buy another one. I got tired of getting ripped off by the dealer and I just did not fit the Harley rider picture. I like to tour on my motorcycle and the Harley guys just want to ride around town and show off.
Dunk -What?!  January 23, 2010 03:39 PM
Are you serious? Latest in the "custom line"? WTF. This bike was ugly 20 years ago. It would be good in the mud with that front tire.
Been There -48 = Worthless  January 23, 2010 03:28 PM
Unless the government gives Harley Davidson more money OR Harley Davidson gets its head out of its ass they will be out of business. As for me I could care less. I am not interested in an out of date over weight and over priced motorcycle. I do not want to show off or dress up like a pirate and I do not want loud exhaust to make people think I have a hot motorcycle. Harley spent millions on the V Rod. What did they end up with? A water cooled Sportster that no body wants. That is what Harley Davidson considers a new model. The same old shit only water cooled and the lets play dress up like a pirate crowd doesn't even consider it a Harley.
Ron Jeremy -Big and Heavy  January 23, 2010 02:05 PM
You see, we need big and heavy because it coordinates with the massive girth of our huge American heat-seeking missile pricks. I don't really think there is much more to discuss concerning the matter.
3rd World Rider -You Don't Need a Big Bike To Go That Slow  January 23, 2010 01:57 PM
My thing is throttle and handling response. I don't like to hang off a bike to corner, and I like the engine to have some relationship to the accelerator. I had a Honda 400 naked four, but it was a heavy pig and understeered, choked on throttle at low revs, but when up and running it took off way faster than I wanted. I now have a 223cc Yamaha Scorpio single, which handles absolutely effortlessly, is comfortable for over three hours of non stop riding, and has enough grunt for 100 - 110 kph cruising. I get 90 mpg, and laugh my head off at Harley riders who wrestle with their overweight vibrators, and I always get to my destination way ahead of them. Price? Under $2k for a year old, perfect condition machine. Who's smarter?
riding guy -little too little too late.  January 23, 2010 01:29 PM
the more Harley does the better a Victory looks to me. You see the new Vegas LE?
GB -dudes  January 23, 2010 01:16 PM
does the 48 stand for horsepower?
Tom -@denver  January 23, 2010 12:52 PM
Not saying no one can enjoy a Sportster. I'm just having a difficult time understanding the motivation for ever wanting to buy one in the first place. But that's just me and a personal thought. Obviously everyone is different and I respect all bikers (except for the real caricature douche bags out there)

I like the retro heritage bikes myself, especially the new classic line triumph offers. that' also precisely what I would have bought if I were in the market for such a bike. At least, it's something different than the same old tired Vtwin concept, and a bit more flash and pedigree for me.

I know HD history, know what they're all about, and applaud them for still making it work in the current market. Own the books, etc... But it's not for me anymore. I will still look at them on a show or on the road, from a bikers enthousiast perspective, but that's about it. Old, overpriced, heavy and not inovating at all. I'm telling you, killing of Buell was the final straw for me, as well as not improving or innovating on their products. Unless they're planning to give Eric Buell a line under the harley umbrella, which could be interesting.

I wonder if putting forward pegs on the sportster makes it a little roomier. But then again, i'm cramped on 90% of the bikes out there.

In terms of cruisers, it M109 or thunderbird for me all the way. Value for money, and unique and full of character in their own way. (sure, a cruiser will still always be a cruiser, and how much leeway do you really have in designing a cruiser. Still, Harley hasn't showed a single concept in years to show the public they're working on new stuff, still no watercooling in sight for every model, whereas other brands succeed in making their stuff stand out from the crowd.)

Nope, for young people such as myself, there's nothing worth taking a look at. But I do sincerely hope they are working on new and exciting stuff. Until then, no Harley for me.
Past Harley Owner -Here's What I Think  January 23, 2010 12:47 PM
Real good point Tom. I had a 2003 Duce that I rode until the fall of 2005. I just got tired of the numb hands, fingers and butt from the vibration. It was cool at first but I soon got tired of the poor handling and performance. It seemed when I twisted the throttle all I got was a bunch of noise and no go. My friends rode Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki cruisers. I was the only Harley. The local Harley riders all looked like a bunch of outlaws and had loud exhaust so I ignored them. I bought a Yamaha Roadstar Silverado S last year and it is a good ride. Quiet, vibration free, handles well and most of all I do not have to put up with going in a Harley dealer. That was the worst thing about my Duce - getting service. The dealer was terrible. He went broke last spring but the new guy is not any better. He now has a Harley Boutique store. His sales people really try and push the aftermarket stuff on you. The local Honda/Yamaha/Kawasaki dealer has been in business for 48 years and is great to work with. I don't know who HD plans on selling the 48 to. The Harley bunch will never consider the V Rod or the Sportster as a "real" Harley. That leaves people like you and me. I am 28 and I have already had my "Harley Experience". I absolutely know of now one in the area that is in my age group that would even consider buying a Harley. As you said "people are easily impressed with shiny things". Harley used to have a waiting list when the baby boomers were in there 40's and early 50's. Now they are in there early 60's and late 70's. HD better wake up and smell the roses. They were giving credit to anyone that could walk or crawl in the door to buy a new bike. Well, uncle sam had to bail them out of that mess. They have to realize that the cruiser is not the only motorcycle out there. They had Buell going and as it was stated Buell was just starting to get rid of the terrible Sportster motor and they axed the line. Of course no one wanted to buy a Buell. First of all if you want a sport motorcycle you sure as hell do not want one with a Harley Sportster motor in it. Second they should have had separate dealerships for the Buell line. The moron Harley salesmen did not want to sell a Buell. Buell buyers did not need all the Harley Boutique stuff so the Buell buyers were ignored. I know the Harley guys spout the made in America and everybody copies Harley so they must be good BS. They forget that Harley copied Indian and I would rather have a copy that is better than the so called real thing that is just past its day.
denver -clarification  January 23, 2010 12:47 PM
I meant I agree with the statement about young people being marketed to successfully via booze and cigarettes being ridiculous. That read a bit weird in my post.
denver -ride what you like  January 23, 2010 12:25 PM
I bought a sporty used years ago and love it. I'm not interested in the 'rocket' style bikes and I actually love the look and history of Triumphs and Royal Enfields (really dig the military bike!) for that matter. But what it gets down to is that it doesn't matter what I think about other bikes. If you like crotch rockets, then rock that sh*t out. If you like Triumphs then rock that sh*t out too! I like motorcycles, period. I ride a Harley Davidson Sportster. I like it. I am not old (30). I am not a pirate (though I enjoy pirate movies and grew up sailing on the East Coast). I wear a real helmet (DOT and safety approved). I give a nod and wave to everyone on 2 wheels I pass on the road. As for the 48, no there's not much new, save for the look. I really dig the new front end with the extended triple-trees and beefy front wheel. I like the blacked out engine like the 883 Iron too, and I really get down with the shopped fenders. This bike was modeled for people who like the vintage look of the old Sportsters...that's it. It's cool if you don't like it, no big deal. But there are lots of people who do as well. Where's the crime in that? I DO agree with the whole imagery of "booze and cigarettes" being the natural fit for someone who rides a dark custom bike. That's a bit ridiculous. In any case, American, British, German, Italian, Japanese bike owners...ride what you like and like what you ride. Stay safe, ride responsibly and look out for each other out there.
Tom -what to think  January 23, 2010 12:03 PM
First off, the bike looks a bit awkward with such a big front tire on such a tiny frame.

But then... Why do people keep buying these sportsters. For the 10k this will probably retail for, plus all the upgrades you need and want, you could buy any other bike with more power, less vibration, bigger frame, lighter, better everything with any other company.

Even some harley-istas don't consider it a true harley, and most sportsters riders end up upgrading to a softail or bigger HD bike. Sportsters are underpowered and heavy. Sportsters do have a certain charm but are difficult to live with on a daily basis.

As for me, I used to like harleys as a kid and teenager. Then I grew up. That's also a big part of their audience, people who are easily impressed with shiny things

Now, at 25, I would never ever consider buying a Harley at all, except for the V-Rod. And since they killed of the only american motorcyce worth buying as a European (Buell) I dislike them even more.

Went to a bike show couple of weeks ago. All brands were there, so was Harley. At 6'4" all of them were to small, so they need to fix that too. Further, overpriced, pushing accessoiries (if your bike needs junk to make it worth buying, then there's something wrong with your bikes) whereas I could buy M109's for less than a entry level dyna would set me back. Not even talking about the VN2000 and many others.

I even like cruisers, always did, but harley is out of the picture for me. They need to come up with something REALLY REALLY fresh and new, modern and appealing to young people like us. (more than only a v-rod anyway) Until then, bye bye Harley. The market will sort it out for them. As they will keep loosing sales bigtime, once more and more babyboomers die, they will need to evolve or go away. Lets see how it turns out.
Real World -Poor Resale For Sure  January 23, 2010 11:50 AM
Ryan you better wake up. We are not Harley haters. We are just tired of the same old same old from Harley. They better get rid of Willie and get someone in there that can put some life into that company. HD is real good at selling there "lifestyle" but the buyers that sucker for that are just about to old to ride and buy. I am not interested in buying a motorcycles that has matching belt buckles, underware, clocks, dog dishes and do-rags. Harley seems to think that they have it made. Just keep selling the same old stuff every year with a different paint job and more or less chrome and we will just rush on in buy it because it is a Harley. No thanks, there are a lot of other brands of motorcycles out there that offer much more for less money. I am tired of the Harley BS and the people that ride them with there made in America BS. The resale remark was way off base. I checked todays wantads and there are 5 sportsters for sale. I can buy a 2008 1200 sporster with 2300 miles on it in like new condition for $6,000 OBO. Or how about a 2009 for $8,500 OBO or a 2003 for $5,000 OBO. All these bikes in the paper also have a lot of extras that the owners suckered for that they are not getting a dime for. If I was stupid enough to buy a Harley I sure as hell would not buy a new one when I can buy a almost new used one with thousands in extras for about 1/2 price. But half price is still too much for an out of date bike. Maybe that is why there are so many used ones for sale. Check your local newspaper. 90% of the bikes for sale are used harleys and the ads real "must sell or make an offer". Hell the seller will probably even throw in his pirate outfit with it.
Bobby Adkins -backwards  January 23, 2010 11:25 AM
why would anyone want a motorcycle with a two gallon tank? A 90 mile range. Harley needs to come out with something new instead of 1948 M/C's if they want o survive.I've been riding for Over 40 years Had three new HD's.My brother has been riding over 60 years, He's 83 and still rides. He's probably bought over 20 new HD's. And not one time has harley ask us what we'ed like to see in a motorcycle. They just keep on making what willie G wants and thats fine , Let willie G buy Them Because me nor My brother will buy them now.
Ryan -Hating Harley is the new black.  January 23, 2010 11:24 AM
So many Harley haters. The fit and finish on the sportsters are above any Japanese par, and a little better than Triumph. Before you spew crap - go to a dealer and check - I'm not kidding. The motor is old and slow - it's also dead nuts reliable for anyone who changes oil and has a nearly infinite life due to unmatched aftermarket of parts and knowledge. This bike you can sell at little loss 5 years from now, while your Ninja will lose half of its value. Stop it with the 'Harley makes old crap' whining. Harley makes old-style bikes. That's what they sell. You morons would walk into an antique car club and start whining there we're no Nissan GTRs.
Still Laughing -All New Model 48  January 23, 2010 11:07 AM
Ha Ha Ha. I really have to laugh at Harley. They must think the American public is pretty stupid. Lets see - take a old out of date product - put a tiny gas tank on it - single seat - fancy paint - more chrome - and viola !!!! ta da - the all new never seen before for 2010 Harley Davidson Model 48 Sportster. Gee I am going to rush right out and get one of those before everybody else does.
Fred O -Ditto  January 23, 2010 10:48 AM
Ditto Stephen.....
Stephen -Young Harley Riders?  January 23, 2010 10:47 AM
It has been noted here that HD is trying to attract younger buyers. Well, I am a 26 year old biker and HD does not make anything that I would be interested in and I do not know 1 person who rides a Harley. I personally would be to embarrassed to seen on a Harley as I do not want to be associated in any way with the Harley image. Most of all though, HD just does not make a motorcycle that trips my hammer. There stuff is just to - well Harley looking for me. I want a light weight bike that is comfortable and good for touring. I am not interested in riding around my town "showing off and making noise" which is what the majority of the Harley riders do here.
Frank B -STUPID HD  January 23, 2010 10:34 AM
"It's always a group of pirate-wanna-be making noise to rattle the windows and scares little kids, and they are so proud of doing that...." Man, you hit the nail right on the head. That is my main complaint about Harley Davidson. They have to have the "outlaw" image and the stupid dealers promote it as does Harley itself. Just take a look at there web site. You almost have to be a convicted felon to own a Harley and feel like your one of the group. Well, they can keep there image and or lifestyle. I am not interested in anything Harley Davidson manufactures until they become a little more responsible. I checked out there web site on the 48. They do show young kids smoking, drinking beer and riding with out good protective gear. Stupid - real real Stupid.....
skl -hmm...  January 23, 2010 10:19 AM
I actually love the look of this bike. My only problem with H-D is not their low performance, but the image (or reality) associated with them. It's always a group of pirate-wanna-be making noise to rattle the windows and scares little kids, and they are so proud of doing that....
Puddy Nose -Peanut tank  January 23, 2010 10:01 AM
They stopped making the 2.x gallon peanut tank long for 2007 as the writer of the article suggests. Correct me if I am wrong but I seriously doubt it.
Not Interested In A Harley -Poor Advertising  January 23, 2010 09:17 AM
I guess HD just assumes that everyone that rides a motorcycle smokes cigarettes, drinks beer and rides wearing only a helmet. Well, maybe the morons that already own a Harley do but it is very poor business to advertise there motorcycles showing youth riders smoking and drinking. I know I will never buy a Harley and I am sure the youth of America can make a much better choice of a bike to ride than a Harley Davidson. These bikes are so out of date it is pitiful and to insinuate that today's youth are stupid enough to buy a Harley is an insult to there intelligence. I do not think that my friends would think that I was a "real cool guy" if they saw me riding a Harley, smoking and smelled of beer. I see enough of the Harley bunch with there tall handle bars, loud exhaust and gay outfits to realize that I do not want to be associated with that type of rider or manufacture.
Canyon Man -Mr Harley & Mr Davidson - GET REAL  January 23, 2010 08:24 AM
I checked out your web site. What a lame excuse - you are falsely implying that young motorcycle riders are interested in and buying your motorcycles. Don't you people do market research? I guess not. I am 24 years old and I am not the least bit interested in smoking cigarettes, drinking beer and riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle. ALSO, I ride with a large number of bikers here in LA and NONE of them ride a Harley. We get a lot of enjoyment making fun of them though. I must admit that there are some pretty colorful characters riding them. We wear full face helmets and armored jackets and pants. Please do not represent us riding your junk wearing no protective gear.
Quad Cam -Young Riders  January 23, 2010 08:02 AM
Right on!
Young Riders -FALSE ADVERTISING FOR SURE  January 23, 2010 07:56 AM
I am 22 years old and hang and ride with a group that are between 20 and 23 years old. We were reading this post so we looked up this bike on the HD web site. What a shock! It shows guys and girls in my age group sitting around SMOKING and DRINKING. When they are riding the only protective gear they have on is a small helmet. Just jeans and a jacket flapping in the wind. We were calling everybody we know to protest this joke of a web site ad and laugh at it for what it is. First of all Mr Harley Davidson, we are not the least bit interested in your shit motorcycle so do not imply on your web site that we (my age group) are. Second, when you want to pretend that my age group is interested in this crap then please represent us in a safe riding manner. We are not your typical beer drinking, smoking, play dress up like an idiot in your stupid clothes you sell bike rider. We ride both cruisers and as you like to call them, crotch rockets, and not one is a Harley rider and never will be. We get much entertainment watching the local Harley riders cruising around making a lot of noise and not much else. They wear no protective gear and by the looks of it, never bathe either. If you are going to pretend and or wish that my age group is interested in your crap motorcycles then at least show us not riding a motorcycle and drinking beer and smoking. Your bikes are lame.....
Sporty_guy -RE: Zach  January 23, 2010 07:44 AM
It is a new model just by the fact that it is a variation of the sportster..If you don't like, don't buy one! get your four wheel loving ass off a motorcyle website! And those that think that Harley rapes you on the accesories, have you ever shopped for Yamaha stuff? that stuff is twice the price! I should know i have a roadstar and a couple of Harley's..most you sound like a bunch of douchebags that have nothing better to do then gel your hair and stand next to your bike!! get a life, and actually ride instead of bitch!!
Quad Cam -XL  January 23, 2010 07:09 AM
Let's think about this for a minute. If there were no Sportsters then there probably wouldn't be a Harley-Davidson dealership around these days. And for all you folks that think Sportsters are motorcycles for girls, can you tell me what Evel Knievel used to jump on? That would be an XR750. (He did jump on other brands as well-I don't want those folks to feel left out) So, does that make Evel Knievel a girl. I would surely like to think not. He's a goddam American Hero as far as I'm concerned! If you want a hot-rod Harley-Davidson motorcycle (I use the term hot-rod loosely here) then you are riding a Sportster. Take a big twin and dump and extra $5000 in the engine and what do you have? A big twin that still gets smoked by a stock showroom floor Sporty!
Booth -Harley  January 23, 2010 06:47 AM
I believe the name Forty-Eight is in honor of the 1948 125-S. The significance is this is the first year that Harley Davidson has brought back the Peanut tank since it was discontinued in 2007. The 1948 125-S was the first bike that brought the Peanut tank out into the world.
Woodman -48  January 23, 2010 04:49 AM
You don't need mo then fawty-eight horse-a-mus pawer to cruise on down da road.

Good lookin bike, could use some 16 inch apes. It is what it is.
Woodman -48-40.8  January 23, 2010 04:48 AM
Consider the irony that they release the 48 the same day they anouce that sales are down 40.8%. Coincidence (sic) I THINK NOT!
frostbite -Mr.  January 23, 2010 03:52 AM
What the hell is wrong with some of you freaks - you know who you are - the one's with the Bad Attitude ... It is no wonder the governments are set against "Bikers" with the bad attitudes displayed here.... To the knockers of any motorcycle, what the hell does it matter what you ride, so long as you do .... It is NO concern of anyone what someone else chooses to ride, just go about your business, enjoy what you have and stop mouthing off - if you want to do something usefull, go fight a war or something - one day you might understand what "Brotherhood" IS .... you have no concept of it at present. As the Old saying refers to - "LET THOSE WHO RIDE DECIDE" - Freedom of CHOICE is EVERYONE'S DEMOCRATIC RIGHT !!! You make me want to PUKE!!! you REDNECKS !!! Go join the CLAN or something - perhaps find the nearest Freeway and Head Butt a KENWORTH!
Arnie -Am I an Anti American now??  January 23, 2010 03:40 AM
I am talking about a specific bike named by them as 'new'!!!

Harleys are cool. If you are into the feel and sound, as I am, that's the bike to get, period! U don't need to be an american to enjoy it. Part of america is in trouble cause u hillbillys want to eat bacon with ice cream!! open up your eyes, crispy!
Wot I am saying is that bike model had enough! Too small, to expensive yet too basic!! Harley had talent to develop this bike in 57 ,but even more now in marketing it over and over, making it survive for all these years just adding blacks, chromes, holes and cuts here and there!! It's a poor bike all around (engine, gears, comfort) and it might only works for a small woman or man, who's affraid to have a 300Kg bike between the legs!

By the way.. with the new fat front tire, it might look the bike is running on reverse!!!
jr -Pirate  January 23, 2010 01:02 AM
If I were new to motorcycles I think I would buy a Harley just because of the number of people here that really hate them.
good god I have never seena blog whee so many peopel read the reviews about a bike that they are "not interested in" yet read about it and take the time to ride a hateful bunch of crap about not nly the bike but everyone who rides one".
Good thing we have the "noice police" out in Col. Would not want anyone to exercize their right as an American to live thier own life. that would be way to much to ask.
Where in the h-- did this pirate stuff come from???
I guess because everyone does not want to ride a crotch rocket we should al be taken out and shot!!!??? That is what these people make it out to be. Never seen so much hate overe what other people do??
does it bother you people so much that I want to in your mind "waste my money? Does it bother you so much that rather than cut in and out of traffic and basically ignore all speed laws, I take my time going from point A to point B????
Dirk -Bob  January 22, 2010 10:36 PM
Bob I want to thank you for posting such a typical Harley owner response. Reading your obtuse thoughts further supports my utter dislike for Harley and their owners.
DucMan -Lets be fair  January 22, 2010 10:33 PM
48 does not refer to 1948. No, this bike first appeared in 1957 - the design is only 53 years old. Is it an American bike or a '57 Chevy made in Asia? It would be very interesting to disassemble a new Sportster and form two piles of parts - those made in the USA, and those sourced offshore. I'll bet the "offshore" pile would be larger. The engineers who designed this bike are long gone - only the marketing geniuses are left. It is a sad commentary that Harley can't do what Triumph has done, and modernize their bikes while retaining a nostalgic link to the past. Oh well, I guess we'll have to settle for straight pipes and pirate costumes.
Bob -If it ain't a Harley......  January 22, 2010 07:53 PM
By the way. It is obvious that the Harley haters are not able to put enough pennies together. Me ? I will get a new 48 as soon as it hits the dealers. With my 790 credit score, Amex Black card and good relations with Harley, I think I'll just have it delivered. Try that with a foreign bike.
Bob -Hey, screw your rice burner  January 22, 2010 07:39 PM
I have had so many bikes that I can't remember them all. Yes I had jap crap. Finally decided to try a Harley. I relate this to what the born again Christian must feel. If you talk bad about a Harley, you are not an American, don't know what the 4th of July means, you have a microscopic penis and obviously hated your Mother. When your japster burns out, I'll be giving you the finger as I drive by, loving every sound of my American made bike. As soon as my dealership gets the new Harley, I'll be ordering one, to park next to my Sportster 883 Custom, in the driveway with my American made Buick as soon as it gets above 50 degrees here in Minnesota, the heartland of America ! If you don't buy American, say bye to America !
ARNIE -48 dollars is enough  January 22, 2010 06:53 PM
well... They don't know what to do with this turtle. maybe I think they are happy just to be listed on the world book of records with that crap. They will be listed for sure as well in how many make-ups they can put on to the same old bitch! These Harleys are getting like a salad fruit... get a front end from one bike, add to another and call it a new bike?? by the way, 10 gran??? nowadays I can buy a Lambo with this money!!!!!Wake up to the invasion!!

Old Fart -48  January 22, 2010 05:40 PM
"48" as in 1948, the year the bike was designed and first built. This is the new and improved model and a tribute to the first 48.
Pete -48  January 22, 2010 05:37 PM
Wait a minute, are you telling me that this 48 sportster is selling for the same price as the 2010 Kawasaki Z1000. Wow, suddenly the Kawasaki looks like the deal of the century and the sportster looks like…well what it is, over priced, overdressed, overweight, outdated junk.
Quad Man -High Price  January 22, 2010 05:23 PM
Why would I pay $10,500 for a new 48? The newspaper is full of used Harleys for sale cheap. People buy them and then realize what a piece of trash they bought so they want to get rid of them. I can buy a used late model 1200 sportster here with low miles for less than $6,000. In today's paper there are 18 Harleys for sale, 1 Honda and 2 Kawasaki.
Slim Jim -Cool Names?  January 22, 2010 05:17 PM
"The Forty-Eight joins the Nightster, Cross Bones, Fat Bob, Street Bob, and Iron 883 in Harley’s Dark Custom line". Wow, such imaginative names. Hey honey want to go motorcycle riding with me? Yes, good, I'll be over in a few minutes on my fat bob to pick you up. Hey wait, don't hang up, no I am not a fag its just the name of my motorcycle. Of course I prefer the less fag names like cross bones or iron or nightster. That sounds more in tune with my new pirate outfit.
Louis -Why not?  January 22, 2010 05:15 PM
Welcome to the bitch forum? Geeze, since the majority of the bikes I see out there are cruisers, I guess there must be quite a few riders who would like this, ok, "remodeled" Sportster. I have never had a Harley or a cruiser, but I think this bike looks very cool with many interesting bits. Harley knows their customers and their niche, and they stick with it. Nothing wrong with that...
Just Wondering -Sportster?  January 22, 2010 04:47 PM
I wonder why HD is trying to dress up the sportster? The real Harley riders (the guys that play dress up like a pirate) do not even consider the sportster a real motorcycle.
GSA Rider -Sporster ?  January 22, 2010 04:37 PM
Man I will take the Ducatti 796 for $500 less any day. The sportster is an out of date piece of history no matter what color you paint it. When is HD going to get there head out of there ass and design and build a "real" new motorcycle. The Harley dealer here went bankrupt and closed last spring. An out of town Harley dealer bought the building and reopened this summer. He has a "Harley Boutique" now with about 70% of the showroom devoted to Harley do dads. Ash trays, clocks, belt buckles, dog dishes, you name it. I was in there looking to test ride a Buell and while I was waiting I overheard the owner tell one of his employees to "get rid of the asshole looking at the god dam Buells". Of course I left and now I am glad I did as I was ready to buy a XB12XT which would have been a mistake. I bought a used BMW R1200GSA and could not be happier. Nobody knows how long HD can continue to "re-market" the same bike every year. I predict that when the baby boomer group can no longer ride and buy a bike then HD will be out of business. When the dealer cares more about selling a t-shirt or a belt buckle then that company is in trouble. It seems that a certain type of rider wants to buy a Harley. They almost always take the mufflers off and install a straight pipe or something similar. The dealer makes lots of money selling engine performance kits. A stock Harley engine, being such an old design, only puts out around 65 maybe 70 horsepower. Not much horsepower to haul around a heavy bike, especially if there are 2 people on board. Maybe that is why the 48 only has 1 seat. My friend has a Yamaha Majesty 400cc scooter. My neighbor across the street was making fun of it so my friend told him his scooter would blow his 1200cc sportster off the street. They ended up going out to the local drag racing road and racing. I will not tell you how that came out but my neighbor came home with $100 less in his pocket.
Superlight -Sportster  January 22, 2010 03:05 PM
For the same money you can buy a new Ducati Monster 696 or Hypermotard 796. Compare either to this Harley; there is no comparison.
Bald Knob -New?  January 22, 2010 03:03 PM
Wow, lots of Harley haters in here. For good reason. Thanks for investing in the past instead of Buell. America could use some innovation these days and the Buell boys were doing it only to get liquidated by a stock and bond marketing group. Pathetic.
mixemongpete -mc davidson  January 22, 2010 02:45 PM
haha i just love that comparison between the burger and hd. very eloquently put
DucMan -Some additional suggestions before I buy  January 22, 2010 02:40 PM
With only 1.6" of rear wheel travel, a fat guy will probably be left with only 0.8" or so of remaining bump absorption. Why not go to a rigid rear end, and lower it another 1.6". One of the real benefits of the peanut tank is room for artwork. A nice skull and cross bones would really top it off!
irksome -In other news...  January 22, 2010 02:21 PM
The other current HD story has them losing $55 million. Good thing there's this here "new" Sportster to bring in the customers! More proof of my contention that Harley is a marketing firm that happens to still make motorcycles. Their core market is moving into RVs and nursing homes. In other news, Triumph sales and profits are up...
Want One -Such a Buy  January 22, 2010 02:05 PM
$10,500 with a 2 gallon gas tank, 1 person seat and 65 horsepower. Oh boy I just can't wait to get one. The 48 must mean it will go 48 miles before is runs out of gas and the year the bike was first manufactured.
JimM -HD  January 22, 2010 01:55 PM
"while a passenger pillion, footpegs and backrest are some of the many accessories that can be added.” That is what Harley is all about. Sell you a bike and then rape you for the extra crap. Might be interested if I was a poser and wanted to make a lot of racket.
Ryder -Nice, but not nice enough  January 22, 2010 01:50 PM
Nice looking retro bike, but not really new in my book. Like Gobietta said, Harley likes to see how many ways they can mix the same old ingredients. If somebody gave me one of these I'd be happy to ride it (for a while), but for my money there is better value to be had with other brands. Value is crucially important in the current economy.
RTrider -New Shortster  January 22, 2010 01:40 PM
Dam - here I was waiting for the new Harleys and all I get is last years bike painted over and lowered with a smaller gas tank. Well, gas prices are going up so that is a smart move for HD.
Finally No Noise -HD Noise  January 22, 2010 01:35 PM
Zach hit the nail right on the head. HD buyers could care less if the bike is a new model or not. They keep buying that crap because they think they sound cool with out mufflers. Well, here in Denver we now have a noise ordinance. I expect the HD dealer will go out of business. My neighbor sold his nightster because he could not ride it with the loud pipes. I asked him why he just didn't put the stock mufflers on and ride it that way. He said the dealer kept the stock mufflers and wanted over $1,500 for them plus he said it was not fun to ride it without making all the noise. That is typical of a Harley rider. They just want to "Show Off" and make noise.
Joe -Gobietta  January 22, 2010 01:31 PM
Go Gobietta. Brilliant! Can almost see H-D brass get quiet as they read your post. McDonalds, another dominant brand, for what reason?...
Observer -Harley  January 22, 2010 01:25 PM
Zach -New HD?  January 22, 2010 01:25 PM
A NEW HD? Hehehe. I giggle at such a fallacy. If I go outside and lower the adjustable coils on my GTI, it does not make it a new car. If I install a new Recaro seat, it does not make it a new car. If I repaint it or put a body kit on it, it does not make it a new car. On what grounds is this a new motorcycle? I'm sure this will make a lovely noise-maker for the three remaining HD loyalists.
Bought Elsewhere -Tired of HD  January 22, 2010 01:23 PM
For a real "new" bike take a look at the Triumph Thunderbird. I will have one parked in my garage soon. Maybe HD should look at the market and wake up there design guys. I'll agree with "Get Real". I am in my late 30's and I will not consider a Harley. First the line up is the same for the last 40 years and 2nd it is not much fun going into a Harley dealership and listening to there line of BS. How can HD expect to survive trying to pass this out of date crap on the public. New paint color, lower the seat, new older gas tank, move the chrome around, change the tires and call it the all new for 2010. Yea right!!!!
Get Real -The All "New" Harley (again)  January 22, 2010 01:07 PM
Good God! another Harley boat anchor. Can't these people come up with something that is really new instead of a warmed over shortster. Well, when they are selling bikes to the over 50 crowd they don't have to come up with any new stuff. A two gallon gas tank is about perfect for that piece of crap. At about 30 miles to the gallon that would give you a 60 mile or so ride. By that time you would be numb from the vibration and you would need a break anyway. 2 gallon tank is perfect for going to the bar and back home again.
Not Fooled Again -Same Old Same Old  January 22, 2010 12:51 PM
Gee, here we go again with the "New" Harley. This is the same old same old crap that HD has been pushing on the public for years. HD spends more R&D money on there belt buckles and crap than they do there motorcycles. Same old stuff with a different paint job or a "new" name. Tiny little gas tank should be great for the trips to the bar and back home again.
Vtec -The name?  January 22, 2010 12:21 PM
Why is it called "48"? It doesn't mention it anywhere in the article.
Is it a reference to the 48% drop in sales?
Gobietta -Mc'Davidson  January 22, 2010 12:15 PM
The way in which HD comes up with “new” models reminds me of McDonalds. First you start out with a basic platform burger/cruiser then you just use the same meat on the big burgers ¼ lb’er/TC96 and regular burger/EVO 1200. From here you change the name of the burger/bike model Big Mac, Quarter pounder, Nightster, Forty-Eight because that is the only real difference between the bikes. Then you arrange the buns/fenders differently (sesame seed, non-sesame seed, bobbed, chopped, valanced). Next comes sauce/finish (special sauce, mayo, ketchup etc. blacked out, powder coated, more chrome). Then you offer different toppings/features (lettuce, tomato, pickles, lower seat height, different wheels and mirrors ect.). Finally, you market the burger/bike (I’m loven it, broken-in look that is raw and authentic). Either way you look at it, it’s just the same warmed over crap burger with a different name.

I don’t eat at McDonalds for the same reasons I don’t own a Harley.
John -HD - same old, same old  January 22, 2010 12:12 PM
What's so new again?
MV Man -"48"  January 22, 2010 11:40 AM
I like it, I think it's a badass round towner.